Naval and Military Memoirs of Great Britain, from 1727 to 1783, Volume 4

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Longman, Hurst, Rees and Orme, 1804
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Pagina 56 - By the Commissioners for executing the Office of Lord " High Admiral of Great Britain and Ireland, &c.
Pagina 204 - The army embarks to-morrow, to approach, " the enemy. The services required of this particular " expedition are critical and conspicuous. During our " progress, occasions may occur in which nor difficulty, " nor labour, nor life, are to be regarded. This army must "not retreat!
Pagina 298 - ... so unprovoked and so unjust an aggression on the honour of his Crown, and the essential interests of his kingdoms, contrary to the most solemn assurances, subversive of the law of nations, and injurious to the Rights of every sovereign power in Europe.
Pagina 372 - ... Having no intelligence that could be depended upon with respect to the military force of Georgia, or the dispositions formed for its defence, Sir James Baird's Highland company of light infantry, in two flat-boats, with Lieutenant Clarke, of the Navy, was dispatched in the night of the 25th, to seize any of the inhabitants they might find on the banks of Wilmington River. Two men were taken, from whom the enemy derived information which they considered satisfactory, and induced them to resolve...
Pagina 552 - I called for the boarders and ordered them to board her, which they did ; but the moment they were on board her, they discovered a superior number lying under cover with pikes in their hands ready to receive them ; our people retreated instantly into our own ship, and returned to their guns...
Pagina 129 - ... to have changed their colours, from a plain red ground, which they had hitherto ufed, to a flag with thirteen ftripes, as a fyrabol of the number and union of the colonies.
Pagina 551 - At the same time the largest of the two frigates kept sailing round us the whole action and raking us fore and aft, by which means she killed or wounded almost every man on the quarter and main decks. "About...
Pagina 119 - Georgia, and for other purpofes therein mentioned, it is enacted, that " it (hall and may be lawful to and for any perfon or perfons appointed and authorifed by his majefty, to grant a pardon or pardons to any number or defcription of perfons, by proclamation in his...
Pagina 562 - Fiench frigate and a cutter : at nine the enemy's frigate began to fire at the Quebec, but at too great a diftance to do any execution. At ten the Quebec...
Pagina 199 - If their treafon be fuffered to take root, much mifchief muft grow from it, to the fafety of my loyal colonies, to the commerce of my kingdoms, and indeed to the prefent fyftem of all Europe.

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