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Abbott, Judge and Jury Page 785

Advent of Chrtst, The 37S

Africa, Eche** from 88

The colored Exodus from the South 6S

Opinions concerning the colored race..... SO
Work of American Missionary Asso-
ciation J5

Protest against use of certain phrases 97

Liberia, its extent and trade 103

Importance of colonization in Africa 105

Africa, Equatorial £32

Long. and his work on Central Africa 233

Comparison of writings of Speke, Long,

and Stanley.

Hi thin

Stanley's entnu>lasm and explorations...

His opinion of Mtesa's lnfluence

Cameron's expedition

Conflicts with Cannibals, sufferings, etc..

Alzog's Church History

Truest church history mnst be sought out-
side of the Cathelic communion

Early church historians

Scope and value of Alr.og's History ....

His treatment of a celibate priestheod

His treatment of the lnquisition

The Reformation under Luther

American Antiquarian

American Bookseller for Christmas, The...
American Cath. Quarterly Review..107, 353,
Amos. Political and Legal Remedies for


Anderson: An English Version of the

Younger, or Prose Edda

Andrea: Ur>prung underste Entwickelung
der Kirche Christ! in Vortriigen urber

die Apostclgeschichte des Lucas

Archibald: The Library Key

Annitage: The Wesley an Mission in New

• Zealand

Atonement in Christ, The

Austin: Popular Series: A Series <T Ser-
mons Against thr?Sinsof the Times ...
Australians, Susceptibility to Education...
Ayres: Lin and Work of Wm. Augustus

Badley: The Great Epic of India

Bagehet: Literary Studies

Baird: History of the Rise of the Huguenots

of Franco

ir 160,

of the Evangelical Alliance.

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Baptist E
Basle Sessior

The Allian

Doctrinal t

General so

Religious c

Christian defense agi

Education— I nliueiu



is—diites and places

tion of the various countries
.t skeptical attacks,
f the press

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Blescnthat: Das Trostscbrelben des Arms-
teTs Pan I us an die Hebraer, etc... .Page 7S9

Black: White Wings 796

Blackburn: History of the Christian Church
from Its Origin to the Present Time... 193

Blackmore: Mary Anerley 796

Bloornfleld: Glenwood 203

Blossom Books, The 203

Blyden: Echees from Africa 88

Biyden's Writings, Concerning 202

Bowen: Malthuslanl-m, Darwinism, and

Pessimism 161

Bnwne: The Ethics of Evolution 430

Boys' Pocket Library 20..>, 203

Bminerd: Life of Rev. Tims. Bra!nerd, D.D. 195
Brieger: The Religious Policy of Constan-
tino the Great 758

British and Foreign Evangelical Review...

ICS, 360, 505, 747

British Quarterly Review 163, 360. 504, 751

Buckley: The 'Itinerant Ministry of the

Methedist Episcopal Church 131, 316

Bushnell, Horace, Life and Letters of 596

Canadian Element in the United States 167

Cathelic Woild, The 735

Channing: Lile of William Ellery Chancing 599

Chaplain: Milev on the Atonement 69S

Chautauqua Text Books, The 403

Church Extension Annual, etc 400

Church Law, Administration of 605

Comprehensiveness of tho book, "Eccle-
siastical Law,' etc 606

The law of evidence 607

Disciplinary methed of Church trials 608

Eolation of preacher to Church trials 611

Interested parties as witnesses 612

Evidence, presumptive or circumstantial. 619

Civil Service in Great Britain 391

Communism and Socialism, etc 386

Conflict of Christianity with Heathenism.. 196
Congregationalism of the Last Thrce Hun-
dred Years, as Seen in its Literature.. 773
Constantino the Great, Religious Policy of. 753

Cotemporary Review, 354

Cooksey: Fifty Bible Reasons for Continu-
ing a Methodist, Stated, Proved, and Il-
lustrated 403

Coxe: The Daily Round 778

Cumberland Presbyterian Quarterly 353,563

Curry: Fragments, Religious and Theolog-
ical 577

Curry: Platform Papers 577

Curry, Writings of 577, 788

Daniels: Illustrated History of Methedism
in Great Britain and America, from the
Days of the Woslevs to the Present

Time 395

Davies: A Compendious and Complete He-
brew Lexicon to the Old Testament,

with an English-Hebrew Index... 186

Davis' The Theory of Theught 592

Dawson: Fossil Men and their Modern Rep-
resentatives 748

Dean: Gibbon's History of the Decline and

Fall of the Roman Empire 796

Do ftfortfUet, on Early Traces of Man 200

Deshier: Afternoons with the Poets 303

Dexter: Congregationalism of the Last
Thrce Hundred Years, as Scen in its Lit-
erature 773

District Conference* Page 879

Conference optional in IU organization... 2S1

The principle in different Churches 281

History of Its introduction 283

Disciplinary plan stated JJJ

Oppositions to conference considered 292

Efforts for modtflcation of the plan 494

Utility of District Conferences 297

Doctrine of Man, The 38!

Da Moncel: The Telephene, the Micro-
phene, and the Phenograph 803

Dwight: Elements of Pormanency in Our
National Institution*. 795

Earlv Traces of Man

Eaton: Civil Service in Great Britain

Echees from Africa

Ecumenical Methodism

Action of General Conference of 1876

Preparatory mceting of ecumenical repre-
sentatives -at Cincinnati

Extracts from address of British Wesley-
an Conference aud Irish Methedist


Extracts from speeches of Rev. William

Arthur and Dr. Haygeod

Utility of an ecumenical conference

Edinburgh Review 188, 300, 505,

Editorial Note

Education hy the Btate be Exclusively Sec-
ular! Shall.

Ends sought in our system of common

scheol education

Complete secularization of public instruc-
tion unphilosophical

Moral welfare of the nation demands edu-

Moral training the work of the State

Theory of pure secularism in education


Shall the State become unqualifiedly


Egyptian and Mosaic Records, A Harmony

of the,

Chronological contradictions among Egyp-

The earliest inscribed monuments

Em of Abraham

Era of Israel's sojourn

Era of Joseph

Era of Israel's Egyptian bondage

Pharaoh's daughter

Era of the Exmtus

Electricity in its Kelations to Medicine and

Emotions, The.

Encyclical Letter of Pope Leo XIII., The


English Men of Letters:

Bunvan, Cowper, Pope

Burke, Milton


Hawthorne, Southev

Epic of India, The Great.

The poem described

The revisions

Historic outlines

The popular version

Equatorial Africa ..

Erinnerungen an Amalie Von Lasaulx

Schwester Augustine, etc

Ethies of Sincerity

Evolution, Ethics of The

Materialism defined

Spencer a materialist

Relation of neurosis and psychesis

Mental states produce no physical changes.

Argument with Spencerians

SIieciflo features of Spenoer's Ethlos

Defects of his theory

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Exodus, The Page 601

Expositor, The 404, 604, 795

Fairbatm: The Typology of Scripture 383

Faith and Character 381

Farrar: The Life and Work of St. Paul 591

Ford: Studies on the Baptismal Question.. 3S4

Foreign Literary Intelligence 178, 576, 764

France 765

Germany 178, 764

Foreign Religious Intelligence. 175, 374, 572, 759

Christianity in India 759

Mohammedanism and Christianity in
Turkey and the New Balkan States.... 374

Parsees, The 571

Protestant Churches of Germany, The... 175
Fossil Men and their Modern Representatives 749

Fox: The Student's Shakspeare 795

France, Unsectarian Scheols in 571

Fronkltn Square Library 804, 404, 604, 796

Freedmen's Aid Society of the M. E. Church,

Report of 401

French Protestantism and Evangelical Mis-
sions 171

French Reformed Church, Its Synod of 1872,

and Subsequent Events, The 455

The debates and conclusions of the Synod. 455
The subsequent attitude of the two par-
ties in the Church 46T

Recent status of French Protestantism in

the work of education and evangelization 475
Prospects of Protestantism in France 465

Gaddls: Last Words and Old-Time Mem-
ories 795

Garrison, William Lloyd, and His Times... 390
Geddes: History of the Administration of

John De Witt T95

George: Ecumenical Methedism 667

German Principle, The 204

Gibbon: The History of the Decline and
Fall of the Roman Empire (Two books)


Godot: Studies in the New Testament 180

Goodwin: The Mode of Man's Immortality. 203

Granberry: The Ethics of Sincerity 625

Gray: Natural Science and Religion 354

Greece of To-day, The 681

Athens, its objects of interest 687

Signs of national resuscitation 692

Manufactories—government—education.. 693

Religion 694

Grcen: Hlstory of the English People, Vol.

IV 796

Green: Readings from English History 904

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Henrv and Harris: Ecclesiastical Law nnd
Rni< is of Evidence, with Special Refer-
ence to the Jurisprudence of the Meth-

Inbu Episcopal Church Pages 3S9, 605

llibbard: Biography of Bishop Hamlino... 794
Hilgenfeld on The Gnostic Valentinus and

his Writings 567

milebrand: The Eighteenth Century 354

History of the Christian Church, etc 193

History of England from the Accession of

James the Second 194

Hofmann: Theologische Ethlk 791

Holtzmann: St. James the Just and hi*

Namesakes 369

Holy Bible, The, According to the Auther-
ized Version 404

Hume: The History of England from the
Invasion of Julius Cfesar to the Revolu-
tion in 168S 196

Hunt: Philosophy of Methedism 404

Hurst: Christian Union Necessary for Re-
ligious Progress and Defense 404

Hurst: The Basle Session of the Evangellcal

Alliance 257

Hymn Book, The Old, Notes to Editor in
regard to 157

Ignatius and His Epistles 31

Personal history and characteristics 31

Epistles 35

Epistie to the Romans 36

Genuineness of the Ignattan literature 39

The teaching of the Kplstles 43

Illustrated Cathelic Family Annual for 1SS0. 203
■'Independent," The "New Orthedoxy."... 742

Indian Evangelical Review 747

Influence of Stoicism upon the Earliest

Formation of Christian Doctrines. 756

Isaiah's Vision of the Cross 45

Rhythmic version of Isaiah Hi, 13; 1111,12. 46

Critical notes. 46

Exposition 54

Disquisition 65

Israel, True Story of Exodus of. 779

Itinerant Ministry of the Methedist Episco-
pal Church 131, 316

Origin and growth of the itinerant system. 131

Peculiar advantages of the itinerancy 136

An exiierience mceting 137

Evils incident to the system. 144

Proposals to remove the limitation 147

A possible amendment 155

Method of final adjustment of appoint-
ments in the Methedist Episcopal

Church. 817

Be-examination of the reasoning of for-
mer article 320

History of the adoption of the two years'

rule in the words of its mover 333

A possible amendment 335

Jacobt, F. H 486

Early history 4S7

His writings 488

His doctrines..... 491

His claim to recognition among philoso-
phers 495

John, A Transposition in the Gospel of.... 371

Johnson: Garrison and His Times 390

Judge and Jury 760

Kincaid: District Conferences. 279

King: The Egetist 204

Knox: The Boy Travelers in the Far East. 203
Kopp: Die Deutsch-Amerikmisohe Kanzel. 394
Kraus: Roma Sotterancu, Die Romtschen
Katakombeu 401

Lacrolx: Wesleyan Synergl m an Essential
of Orthodox Catholicity 6

Laldlaw: The Doctrine of Man Page 3S2

Lanalian and Book Concern Troubles 204

Latimer: The Three Brothers 404

Latin Dictionary, A New 197

Latrobe: Liberia 601

Leslie: Cecily—Coarad—Margarethe 203

Lesson Commentary of the International

Sunday-School Lessons for 1880 202

Liberia 601

Lindsay on M Mind in the Lower Anirnals." 731

Lltch: Christ Yet to Come. 796

Literary Studies. 193

Local Preachers, National Association of.. 400

Logic of Christian Evidences, The 394

London Quarterly Review (London).. .16S. 361,

565, 747

London Quarterly Review (New York) 168,

361, 565, 747

Lowroy: The Greece of To-day 681

Luke and Josephus 170

Lutheran Quarterly.. 160, 353

Macaulay: History of England from the Ac-
cession of James the Second 194

Macdonald: Lire and Writings of St. John. 778
Mahaffy: History of Classical Greek Liter-
ature 604

Malthuslanlsm, Darwinism, and Pessimism. 161

Marshall, C. K.: The Exodus 601

Marshall, J. W.: Harper's Latin Dictionary 5j3
M'Carthy: A History of Our Own Times... 403

M'Cosh: The Emotions 3SS

Metaphysies of Science, The 357

Methedist Year-Book for 1SS0 203

Meyer: Critical and Exegctical Commentary

on the New Testament 604

Mlley on the Atonement 698

The book nceded 699

The fact of atonement admitted 700

True theory of the atonement 702

Phenomena of atonement 704

Mlley: The Atonement in Christ 1»4

Mlllor: Plain Talk to the Sick 204

Minutes of the Annual Conferences, etc 404

Mourad: The World of Prayer 403

Motloy: History of the United Netherlands, 197
Motley: Life and Death of John of Barne-

veld. etc 197

Motley: Rise of the Dutch Republic 194

Muhlenberg, Life and Work of 598

Murphy: Sporting Adventures in the Far
Wwt..V....:. 404

Nagler: The Advent of Christ 378

National Association of Local Preachers.... 400

National Quarterly Review 746

National RejKisltory 004,786

Neolithic Implements Found )n Gravel Beds

in California 745

New Englander 160, 563, 730

New England Historical and Genealogical

Register 563, 730

New Testament an Organic Book, The 751

Newton: The Interpreter's House 403

Nlcoles: Chapters from the Physical His-
tory of the Earth 695

North American Review 161, 357, 730

Oldboy: George Bailey 795

Oriental and Biblical Journal. 664, 744

Otheman: The French Reformed Church,
etc. 485

Palestine, The Regeneration of. 646

Palestine a land of ruins 646

Conditions of the country 648

Efforts toward Improvement 656

Colonies established, and results 659

Imports and Exports 662

Payne: Shall Education by the State be Ex-
clusively Secular? Pago 299

Perry: St. Hugh of Avalon 361

Phinney: Letters on the Eucharist 775

Pierce: Character and Work of a Gospel

Minister 604

Pilcher: Protestantism in Michigan 195

ropular Science Monthiy, The 200

Prepense on Literary Productions of M.

Zola 174

Princeton Review 564, 730

Quarterly Review of the Methodist Epis-
copal Church, South 360, 064, 730

Reformed Episcopal Church, The 735

Reld: Bishep Wiley's Visitation of China

and Japan 405

Reld: Missions and Missionary Society of

the Methodist Episcopal Church 398

Renonf: Origin and Growth of Religion as

Illustrated by the Religion of Ancient

Egypt 5S9

Revue Chretlenne 171. 373, 571

Reynolds: Administration of Church Law.. 6i>5
Rockwell: Lectures on Electricity in its

Relations to Medicine and Surgery 191

Sanskrit Grammar. A 395

Sawyer: F. 11. Jucobi 486

Science of Life, The 7S>1

Scott: The Science of Logic 596

Scull: Greek Mythelogy Systematized 795

Senior Lesson Book, The 202

Shakspeare's Coniedv of the Winter's Tale.. 204
Shakspeare's Tragedy of King Richard the

Third 604

Shakspoare, The Student's 795

Shert: The North Americans of Antiquity. 186
Sluia: Life of Rov. Themas M. Eddy, D.1). '2U3

Sincerity, Ethics of 6-25

lienson and conscience as guides 627

Does sincerity justify? 631

Sincerity denned G33

Lock of sinoeritv—hew shewn &*>

Responsibility for belief 840

Saul the Pharisee and Paul the Chrlstlsn. 041
Smnlley: Analysis and Formation of Latin

Words 204

st&helin on the History of the Swiss Refor-
mation 367

Standard Series, The 796

Stevens: Glorious Return of the Vaudols.. 20o

St. Hugh of Avalon 361

Stiekney: A True Republic 203

Btudles'in the New Testament 180

Sulzberger: Erklarung der Glaubensartlkel
una Hauptlehren der Methedisten-

klrche 793

Sunday, 1880, Pictures and Pages for Old and

Young 706

Swett: Metheds of Teaching 796

Swinton: Masterpieces of English Litera-
ture 604

Symington: Themas Moore, the Poet, etc.. 796
Symonds: Sketches and Studies in Southern

Europe 604

Symonds: Studies of the Greek Poota 404

Taneyhill: The Young Folks of Renfrew... 203
Tennyson, Songs from the Published Writ-
ings of, Set to Music, etc 403

Terry: Isaiah's Vision of the Cross 45

Theologische Studlen und Eritiken.169,371, 756

Theory of Theught, The 592

Third Gospel, Origin of the 169, 170

Thwing: Ignatius and his Epistles 31

Todd: Harmau's Introduction 72

Tomes: My College Days Page 794

Trumbull: A Model Superintendent 604

TJhlhern, On Preparatory Studies for a nis-
tory of Christian Charity in the Middle
Ages 565

Uhlhern: The Conflict of Christianity with
Heathenism 120

Underwood: The Truo Story of the Exodus
of Israel TW

Universalis! Quarterly, The 742

Vaudols: The Glorious Return of the 205

Allusions to the early history 206

Revocation of the Edict of Nantes 208

Persecution of Protes'ants 208

March of the Vaudois, privations, battles. 213
"Dav of consolation "—first public wor-
ship 221

Fighting against fir-eat numbers 223

Overtures to the Vaudois 225, 227

Victory and liberty 230

Vincent: Faith and Character 381

Wadstein: Influence of Stoicism Upon the
Earliest Formation of Christian Doc-
trines 756

Walker, A. D.: Mordecai's Tenants 203

Walker, .1. B.: The Doctrine of the Holy

Spirit 776

Walter: Perception of Space and Matter... 594
Waring: Tyrol and the Skirl of the Alps.. 204

Wells: The Regeneration of Palestine 646

Wentworth: Equatorial Africa 232

Wentworth: Gilbert Haven 782

Wesley and the Methodist Movement 354

Wesleyan Mission in New Zealand, The... 338

Early difficulties. 339

Historic notes 343

Testimonies from impartial sources 347

Great success of missionary work 348

Causes of later disaffection 348

Wesleyan Synergism an Essential of Orthe-
dox Catholicity 6

Synergism defined. Doctrineof the prim-
itive Church T

Testimony of the Greek Fathers 9

Of Greek 'theologians of the Middle Ages. 13

Of the Cathelic Eastern Church 14

Views of the Latin Church 15

Views of the Protestant Reformers 29

WestAfrl. nn Reporter, The 202

Westminster Review 16S. 360, 505, 747

Whedon: Commentary on the New Testa-
ment SS3

'Whedon on Curry." 786

Whitney: A Sanskrit Grammar 395

Wiley's' (BUhep) Visitation of China and

.la|ian 405

His heok on China and Japan 406

Outline of his visits in China 406

His description of Buddhism 426

Introduction of Christianity into China... 427

Historic summary 429

Japan 430

Winchell: Pic-Adamites 766

Winchell: "The Metaphysics of Science.".. 357
Woolsey: Communism and Socialism in

Their History and Theory 38*

Wright: Logic of Christian Evidence 394

Wythe: The Science of Life 781

Yonge: Young Folks'History of Rome... 203

Zeitschrift fur Kirehengeschirhte.. .367. 565, 758
Zeitachrlft fur Wissenschaftlicne Tlieologie

170, 3«9, 567

Zola, Literary Productions of. 174

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