Richardsoniana: Or, Occasional Reflections on the Moral Nature of Man

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J. Dodsley, 1776 - 336 pagine
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Pagina 316 - He could never be brought to. pay bills without much following and importunity ; nor then if there appeared any chance of wearying them out. — A paviour, after long and fruitless attempts, caught him just getting out of his chariot at his own door, in Bloomsbury-square, and set upon him.
Pagina 316 - said the Doctor, 'do you pretend to be paid for such a piece of work ? Why, you have spoiled my pavement, and then covered it over with earth, to hide your bad work ! ' ' Doctor ! ' said the paviour, ' mine is not the only bad work the earth hides.
Pagina 264 - -'written in imitation of that irregularity," which he even admired, and faid was beautiful. As for his Effay on Man, as I was witnefs to the 'whole conduit of it in writing, and actually have his original MSS. for it, from the firft fcratches of the four books, to the feveral finifhed copies, (of his own neat and elegant writing thefe laft) all which, with the MS.
Pagina 144 - ... (viz. that Cromwell should be lord lieutenant of Ireland for life without account ; that that kingdom should be in the hands of the party, with an army there kept which should know no head but the lieutenant; that Cromwell should have a garter, &c.).
Pagina 58 - Now the fame vilenefs of heart that made this wretch demean his greatnefs to the fchemes of a pick pocket and a murderer, made him deal with the Virgin Mary as with a little court-favourite, who fold her intereft, and chaffered her bribe ; and with God as a •weak prince, who was to be cajoled and tricked out of his...
Pagina 228 - Give me neither poverty nor riches ; feed me with food convenient for me.
Pagina 89 - the awe of fo noble an audience, where he faw nothing that was not greatly fuperior to -him ; but chiefly, the feeing before him fo great and wife a prince, made him afraid to truft himfelf.
Pagina 90 - With which anfwer the King was very well contented. "But priy," fays Stillingfleet, " will your Majefty give me leave to alk you a queftion too } Why you read your fpeeches, when you can have none of the fame reafons?
Pagina 142 - The servant not bringing it immediately, he Called for it again. The servant, being embarrassed with the straps and buckles, did not come up to him. At last, it raining very hard, the duke called to him again, and asked him what he was about, that he did not bring his cloak. " You -must stay, Sir (grumbles the fellow,) if it rains cats and dogs, till I can get at it.
Pagina 204 - Ay, Mr. Gay, all what you have said is very fine, and very true ; but you have forgot one thing, my good friend, by G — , I should have been a general of an army ; for when I was at Venice, there was a Girandole, and all the Place St. Mark was in a smoke of gunpowder, and I did like the smell, Mr. Gay ; I should have been a great general, Mr. Gay ! "

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