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University of the State of New York, 1902
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Pagina 69 - Mercury! c That father perish'd at the stake For tenets he would not forsake; And for the same his lineal race In darkness found a dwelling-place. d At this hour Lie at my mercy all mine enemies: Shortly shall all my labors end, and thou Shalt have the air at freedom: for a little Follow, and do me service.
Pagina 14 - George, bring your sister her book. 10 Explain the meaning of five of the italicized words in the following: a Down the long street she passed, with her chaplet of beads and her missal. • b And a staircase. Under the sheltering eaves, led up to the odorous corn-loft c Late, with
Pagina 30 - the pleugh, some herd, some tentie rin A cannie errand to a neebor town. io Write the description of winter as given in Lowell's Vision of Sir Launfal. ii Give an account of Mrs Winthrop's first visit to Silas Marner. 12 Describe the meeting between Antony and the conspirators immediately after the death of Caesar.
Pagina 65 - a Neptune, besides the sway Of every salt flood and each ebbing stream, Took in, by lot 'twixt high and nether Jove, Imperial rule of all the sea-girt isles. b Who, ripe and frolic of his full-grown age, Roving the Celtic and Iberian fields. At last betakes him to this ominous wood. c Offering to every weary traveler
Pagina 173 - Concidit, ac multo vitam cum sanguine fudit. Hie Priamus, quamquam in media iam morte tenetur, Non tamen abstinuit, nee voci iraeque pepercit: At tibi pro see/ere, exclamat, pro talibus ausis, Di, si qua est caelo pietas, quae talia curet, Persolvant grates dignas et praemia reddant Debita, qui nati coram me cernere letum Fecisti et patrios foedasti
Pagina 159 - ut rei militaris ratio, maxime ut maritimae res postularent, ut cum celerem atque instabilem motum haberent, ad nutum et ad tempus omnes res ab iis administrarentur. His dimissis et ventum et aestum uno tempore nactus secundum, dato signo et sublatis ancoris, circiter milia passuum septem ab eo loco progressus aperto ac piano litore naves
Pagina 181 - minus fuit emax, minus aedificator. Neque tamen non in primis bene habitavit omnibusque optimis rebus usus est. Nam domum habuit in colle Quirinali Tamphilianam, ab avunculo hereditate relictam; cuius amoenitas non aedificio, sed silva constabat. Ipsum enim tectum antiquitus constitutum plus salis quam sumptus habebat; in quo nihil commutavit, nisi si quid vetustate coactus
Pagina 32 - On such a full sea are we now afloat; And we must take the current when it serves, Or lose our ventures. High School Department
Pagina 183 - datum. Quo factum est, ut et Parii a deditione deterrerentur, et Miltiades, timens ne classis regia adventaret, incensis operibus, quae statuerat, cum totidem navibus atque erat profectus, Athenas magna cum offensione civium suorum rediret. Accusatus ergo est proditionis, quod, cum Parum expugnare posset, a rege corruptus infectis rebus discessisset. Eo tempore aeger erat vulneribus, quae in oppugnando oppido
Pagina 27 - I looked after them with a feeling in which I do not know whether pleasure or melancholy predominated; for I was reminded of those days, when, like them, I had known neither care nor sorrow, and a holiday was the summit of earthly felicity. 2 Parse, from the quotation in question

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