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the china study

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Very very interesting. Make so much sense. Not only have I read he book but have recommended it to several friends. Would tell everyone to read and follow what they say you dont have to be a ... Leggi recensione completa

u need this info

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if u really understand how important is what what u eat read this masterpiece. The info from this this book applied to your daily life will extend your life with soo many happy healthy days Leggi recensione completa

Life saving information

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I feel super now that I have been earting a natural food diet. I had no diificulty eliminating animal protein after reading the facts revealed by the study. The choice was apparent. Leggi recensione completa

The China Study

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Very informative excellent writing and research.I purchased multiple copies to give to family and friends to help them make informed decisions about their health and the part that nutrition plays in ... Leggi recensione completa

Very Informative

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I first read this book from the public library. It was very informative about eating properly to avoid diseases that I wanted to have my own copy. This is a very interesting read. The diet is plant ... Leggi recensione completa

Be Careful of the Scientific Facts First

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Be careful.If you read this book youll be converted to a vegetarian or a strict vegan. If you read this book youll be convinced cancer and heart disease are caused by meat and fish. If you read this ... Leggi recensione completa

Groundbreaking researchdietary cause of illness

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This is an important scientific book detailing 40 years of wellfunded research studies into nutrition and the kinds of foods that promote cancer diabetes Types I and II immunosuppressive diseases such ... Leggi recensione completa

The China Study

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If you care about your health and reducing your chances of cancer diabetes MS osteoporosis cataracts heart disease Alheimers etc well into your 80s read this book. A friend gave it to me thinking I ... Leggi recensione completa

The China Study

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This is THE book to read if you are seriously interested in improving your health. It lays out clearly what it takes to maintain a state of wellness and what will undermine wellness. Based on a ... Leggi recensione completa

China Study

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Very informative book on nutrition. Eye opening on how the food industry can conspire to mislead the public. Leggi recensione completa

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