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hymns for Christian Worship



Christian Worship



L. A. B.

Louisa Adams Beal



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In making this collection, hymns have been sought, not religious poetry, so much of which has recently found its way into hymnals. Religious poems, even though beautiful in thought and excellent as literature, often lose their fine uplift if set to music. Hymns, being that portion of the service in which all may join, should be simple and stirring; they are to be sung, not read; they should be praise and prayer.

There have been hymn-writing ages, when many grand religious lyrics were given to the world. The aim, in this book, has been to gather the best from every age; but no book can contain them all.

The tunes are, as far as possible, those written for hymns, - not adaptations from operas, instrumental numbers, or love-songs, etc. In an appendix will be found some familiar tunes which may at times be wanted, though it was regarded as inadvisable to associate them with any of the hymns in the body of the work. It seemed desirable to repeat the best, rather than to make additions merely for variety.

Another appendix contains hymns to be read, - hymns which, because of their peculiar metre, or because of the nature of the thought or its expression, were not adapted to musical setting.

In selecting the music, the late Lewis S. Thompson, Mr. Benjamin L. Whelpley, Mr. William Alden Paull, and Professor Leo R. Lewis rendered valuable assistance.

For permission to use copyrighted hymns, grateful acknowledgment is made to the following: Messrs. D. Appleton & Company, Messrs. A. S. Barnes & Company, Rev. Seth C. Beach, Mr. J. W. Bischoff, Mr. , Cecil Burleigh, Mrs. John W. Chadwick, Mr. Eliot C. Clarke, Bishop William C. Doane, Dr. Horace H. Furness, Rev. William C. Gannett, Rev. Frederick L. Hosmer, Messrs. Houghton, Mifflin & Company, Messrs. Little, Brown & Company, Mrs. Emma E. Marean, Mr. George S. Wasson.

Permission to use copyrighted tunes has been kindly given by the following: The John Church Company, Mrs. Franklin Estabrook, Mr. Arthur

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