Allgemeines repertorium der literatur, Volume 1

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Johann Samuel Ersch
Allgemeinen Literatur-Zeitung, 1793

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Pagina xxvii - Christ worthy of all Acceptation ; or, The Obligations of Men, fully to credit, and cordially to approve whatever God makes Known...
Pagina xxvii - A system of anatomy and physiology , from the latest and best authors ; arranged as nearly as the nature of the work would admit, in •the order of the lectures delivered by the professor of anatomy in the university of Edinburgh.
Pagina xxvii - A dissertation on the theory and cure of the cataract, in which the practice of extraction is supported, and that operation in its present improved state is particularly described.
Pagina xxvii - Catalogue raisonné des ouvrages qui ont été publiés sur les eaux minérales en général, et sur celles de la France en particulier, avec une Notice de toutes les eaux minérales de ce royaume , et un tableau des différents degrés de température de celles qui sont thermales.
Pagina xxvii - Les Délices de la religion , ou le Pouvoir de l'Evangile pour nous rendre heureux , 1788,14-12; trad, en espagnol , Madrid, i jg i , in 8".
Pagina xxvii - Capsular Ligaments of the Joints, and of Those Sacs Which Line the Cavities of the Thorax and Abdomen: With Remarks on the Accidents and Diseases Which Affect Those Several Sacs, and on the Operations Necessary for Their Cure (London, 1788), trans, into German by JC Rosenmuller (Leipzig, 1799), was a practical manual for direct use in surgery.
Pagina xxvii - EffeRs of Fixed Air In Mortifications of the Extremities ; to which is added the Hiftory of fume Worm Cafes.
Pagina xxvii - Apology for thoie who confcientioufly fubfcribe to the Articles of the CHURCH OF ENGLAND ; and, in particular, to the Doftrincs of the Trinity, &c.
Pagina xxvii - Dictionnaire hist. et judiciaire, cont. les anecdotes piquantes et les jugements fameux des tribunaux de tous les temps et de toutes les nations.
Pagina xxvii - Meeting-House in the Old Jewry, to the Society for Commemorating the Revolution in Great Britain. With an Appendix, containing the Report of the Committee of the Society; an Account of the Population of France; and the Declaration of Rights by the National Assembly of Prance.

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