Ancient Scottish ballads, recovered from tradition: with notes

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Longman, 1827 - 270 pagine

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Pagina 111 - What will ye leave to your true-love, Lord Donald, my son? What will ye leave to your true-love, my jollie young man?" *' The tow and the halter, for to hang on yon tree, And lat her hang there for the poysoning o
Pagina 187 - When first she look'd the letter on, She was baith red and rosy; '° But she had na read a word but twa, Till she wallow't like a lily. Gar get to me my gude grey steed, My menzie a' gae wi' me; For I shall neither eat nor drink, 15 Till Enbrugh town shall see me.
Pagina 122 - He has tane her in his arms twa, lo, lifted her cannie, He has laid her on a bed of down, his ain dear Annie. " What can a woman do, love, I'll do for ye;" Muckle can a woman do, ye canna do for me." — " Lay about, steer about, lay our ship cannie, Do all ye can to save my dear Annie.
Pagina 85 - ... and who fled to the tolbooth for shelter, where the mob attacked them, battering the doors, and pouring stones through the windows. Application was made to the deacons of the corporations to appease the tumult. Remaining, however, unconcerned spectators, they made this answer. " They will be magistrates alone ; let them rule the multitude alone.
Pagina 255 - But wae be to the Queen hersel, She micht hae pardon'd me ; But sair she's striven for me to hang Upon the gallows tree. Yestreen the Queen had four maries, » The nicht she'll hae but three; There was Mary Beatoun, Mary Seaton, And Mary Carmichael, and me. Aft hae I set pearls in her hair, Aft hae I lac'd her gown, And this is the reward I now get, To be hang'd in Edinbruch town! O a...
Pagina 254 - What need ye hech ! and how ! ladies, What need ye how ! for me ; Ye never saw grace at a graceless face, — Queen Mary has nane to gie." "Gae forward, gae forward," the Queen she said, " Gae forward, that ye may see; For the very same words that ye hae said, Sail hang ye on the gallows tree.
Pagina 250 - I, mysel, am a daintie dame, And the king desired me. He shaw'd me up, he shaw'd me doun, He shaw'd me to the ha', He shaw'd me to the low cellars, And that was warst of a'.
Pagina 75 - O ladie can ye fancy me, For to be my bride ; Ye'se get a' the flowers in my garden, To be to you a weed.
Pagina 58 - The game of Robin Hood was celebrated in the month of May. The populace assembled previous to the celebration of this festival, and chose some respectable member of the corporation to officiate in the character of Robin Hood, and another in that of Little John, his squire. Upon the day appointed, which was a Sunday or...
Pagina 124 - ... becomes unmanageable, and will not sail till the offender be removed : to discover whom, they usually resort to the trial of those on board, by casting lots ; and the individual upon whom the lot falls, is declared the criminal, it being believed that Divine Providence interposes in this manner to point out the guilty person.

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