An Account of the Manners and Customs of Italy: With Observations on the Mistakes of Some Travellers, with Regard to that Country, Volume 2

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Pagina 174 - Erminia infra l'ombrose piante d'antica selva dal cavallo è scòrta, né più governa il fren la man tremante, e mezza quasi par tra viva e morta.
Pagina 172 - Cnce been to all the weftern world; " and this little province may juftly boaft of " having produced (and nearly at one time) a "greater number of ^extraordinary men than " perhaps any of the moft extenfive European
Pagina 175 - Tuscans, 1 have already touched upon their love of poetry ; and, what is altogether singular in them, their common custom of improvisare; that is, of singing verses extempore to the guitar, and other stringed instruments. I can aver that it is a very great entertainment, and what cannot fail of exciting very great surprise, to hear two of their best improvisator!
Pagina 177 - Ficinus, and other learned men, familiarly admitted to the table of that famous patron of learning; and that the Morgante Maggiore was thus formed, a long poem of the Epic kind, incoherent indeed and full of extravagancies, yet no less delightful than the Furioso itself.
Pagina 135 - Galbiate in this province, feven of thofe lakes are feen, their vifitors who are always welcome, provided they come fully refolved to eat plentifully, to talk loud, and to be very merry. Of the Mantuans, whofe country forms another part of Auftrian Lombardy, I have little to fay, but that they refemble the Milanefe as little things refemble great things.
Pagina 83 - Cere" monies as they fhall think beft, to the cc fetting forth of God's Honour and " Glory, and to the reducing of the " People to a moft perfect and Godly " Living, without Error or Superftiti
Pagina 134 - There they retire as foon as the feafon begins to grow hot, and pafs the time in a perpetual round of merriment, eating, drinking, dancing, and vifiting } and contributing...
Pagina 87 - Greenlanders, and make them embrace the gofpel ; and when this work is effected, fuppofe the Greenlanders intirely cut off from all intercourfe with Europe; would it not then be eafy, efpe•cially for fuch deep critics as Mr.
Pagina 86 - And why mould our bowings and kneelings, fittings and rifings, praying fbmetimes with a low and fometimes with a loud voice, infpire him with fuch an uncommon rage, more than the fimilar practices which are ufed in his own church ? There are people in thefe kingdoms who blame with equal fury many of thofe religious ceremonies that are ufed by the church of England; and juft with us much rcafon as Mr.
Pagina 79 - ... it proves that the eradication of ancient cuftoms is fo very difficult, that no change of religion can totally efface...

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