The New Monthly Magazine and Literary Journal, Volume 18

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Henry Colburn and Company, 1826

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Pagina 427 - ... standing in the name of the Accountant-General of the Court of Chancery, or the Accountant-General of the Court of Exchequer, or in, to...
Pagina 111 - I consider the system of our Common Schools as the palladium of our freedom, for no reasonable apprehension can be entertained of its subversion, as long as the great body of the people are enlightened by education.
Pagina 311 - The Surrender of Napoleon. Being the Narrative of the Surrender of Buonaparte, and of his residence on board HMS Bellerophon...
Pagina 384 - The attack on the establishment of a dominant religion, was first made by myself. It could be carried at first only by a suspension of salaries for one year, by battling it again at the next session for another year, and so from year to year, until the public mind was ripened for the bill for establishing religious freedom, which...
Pagina 341 - Then shall the infirm persons, one by one, be presented to the Queen, upon their knees, and as every one is presented, and while the Queen is laying her hands upon them, and putting the gold about their necks, the chaplain that officiates, turning himself to Her Majesty, shall say these words following: " God give a blessing to this work ; and grant that these sick persons on whom the Queen lays her hands may recover through Jesus Christ, our Lord.
Pagina 352 - A Treatise on the Physiology and Diseases of the Ear, containing a Comparative View of its Structure and Functions, and of its various Diseases...
Pagina 201 - Mix a pint of drying oil, two ounces of yellow wax, two ounces of turpentine, and half an ounce of Burgundy pitch, carefully over a slow fire.
Pagina 354 - God, who the universe doth hold In his fold, Is my shepherd, kind and heedful, Is my shepherd, and doth keep Me, his sheep, Still supplied with all things needfuL He feeds me in fields, which been Fresh and green, Mottled with Spring's flowery painting, Through which creep, with murmuring crooks, Crystal brooks, To refresh my spirits fainting.
Pagina 384 - If legislative services are worth mentioning, and the stamp of liberality and equality, which was necessary to be impressed on our laws in the first crisis of our birth as a nation, was of any value, they will find that the leading and most important laws of that day were prepared by myself, and carried chiefly by my efforts ; supported, indeed, by able and faithful coadjutors from the ranks of the House, very effective as seconds, but who would not have taken the field as leaders.
Pagina 120 - Dr. Smith's annual prizes of 251. each, to the two best proficients in mathematics and natural philosophy among the commencing Bachelors of Arts, were on Friday last adjudged to Mr. Humnett Holtlitch, of Caiu

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