The fall of the Roman Empire: a reappraisal

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Annenberg School Press, 1976 - 336 pagine
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A reinterpretation of the events leading up to and comprising the Roman Empire's collapse in 476, presented in the light of information and knowledge acquired since Gibbon and of present-day events and tendancies

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Recensione dell'utente  - kaitanya64 - LibraryThing

If you are a non-specialist like me (the target reader of this book, I think) you may find the first chapter or two a little rough going, as Grant lays out the entire time frame he will be discussing ... Leggi recensione completa

LibraryThing Review

Recensione dell'utente  - DinadansFriend - LibraryThing

A sturdy and Generalised account of a serious setback for bureaucracy everywhere. Mr. Grant is usually worth reading, and his parameters for the survey are well chosen. Leggi recensione completa


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