A Practicum in TESOL: Professional Development Through Teaching Practice

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Cambridge University Press, 21 lug 2003 - 303 pagine
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Besides covering practical issues such as lesson planning, motivation, classroom management, and the role of teacher development groups, this book delves into the moral and political dimensions of teaching. The paperback edition is a valuable source book for both teacher educators and classroom teachers. It covers a wide range of key areas, including lesson planning, classroom management, and motivation. It also delves into the moral and political dimensions of teaching. Discussion of these areas is supported by extensive quotes from real teachers and is well grounded in academic theory. The treatment is sufficiently challenging to interest the experienced teacher, but covers matters of basic practice of concern to the beginner. This is an invaluable tool for both in-service teachers and those wishing to further their professional development. A Practicum in TESOL can be used individually or in groups.

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