The New York Medical and Physical Journal, Volume 6

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E. Bliss and E. White, 1827

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Pagina 176 - Viselli : 105 est modus in rebus, sunt certi denique fines, quos ultra citraque nequit consistere rectum.
Pagina 624 - ... governors of the College of the Province of New York, in the city of New York, in America...
Pagina 627 - ... of the said university, or any other person or persons by them authorized or appointed, to give and grant to any of the students of the said university, or to any person or persons thought worthy thereof all such degrees as well in divinity, philosophy, civil and municipal laws, as in every other art, science and faculty whatsoever as are or may be conferred by all or any of the universities in Europe...
Pagina 630 - ... as require the taking of oaths, and subscribing the declaration therein mentioned ; and which render a person ineligible to the office of president of the college, on account of his religious tenets...
Pagina 301 - ... taking care that not only every part of the inflamed skin be touched, but the surrounding healthy skin, to the extent of an inch or more.
Pagina 635 - ... a misdemeanor, punishable by fine or imprisonment, or both, in the discretion of the court by which he shall be tried.
Pagina 227 - I have known a woman bear a living child, in a perfectly natural way, fourteen days later than nine calendar months; and believe two women to have been delivered of a child alive, in a natural way, above ten calendar months from the hour of conception.
Pagina 626 - ... of the university, and a certain number of the regents, to be appointed by a majority of the said regents, a right to visit and examine into the state of literature in such college, and to report to the regents at large any deficiency in the laws of such college or neglect in the execution thereof, every such school or college being at all times to be deemed a part of the university, and as such, subject to the controul and direction of the said regents...
Pagina v - A Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Physic. By George Gregory, MD With Notes and Additions, adapted to the Practice of the United States, by Nathaniel Patten, MD and S.
Pagina 629 - That the said regents shall have the right of conferring by diplomas, under their common seal, on any person or persons whom they may think worthy thereof, all such...

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