Fernando Pessoa and Nineteenth-century Anglo-American Literature

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University Press of Kentucky, 2000 - 182 pagine
Both in his own poetry and the poetry he attributed to his "other identities", the great modernist poet Fernando Pessoa (1888-1935) was strongly influenced by his reading of nineteenth-century British and American writers. Without resorting to jargon or special language, George Monteiro has written the first book to analyze Pessoa's intertextual links to his English-language predecessors.

From Wordsworth, Ruskin, and Robert Browning, Pessoa drew ideas that helped shape his thinking about poetry. In some poems he borrowed Walt Whitman's larger-than-life pose; in others he responded to specific works by Edgar Allan Poe. The minister in Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter inspired one of the major voices of Alvaro de Campos.

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George Monteiro is professor emeritus of English, American, and Portuguese literatures at Brown University.

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