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Intuitive knowledge-Its independence with respect to intellectual know-

ledge—Intuition and perception—Intuition and the concepts of
space and time-Intuition and sensation-Intuition and association
-Intuition and representation—Intuition and expression—Illusion
as to their difference--Identity of intuition and expression


Corollaries and explanations—Identity of art and intuitive knowledge-

No specific difference-No difference of intensity-The difference
is extensive and empirical-Artistic genius-Content and form
in Æsthetic--Criticism of the imitation of nature and of the artistic
illusion-Criticism of art conceived as a fact of feeling, not a
theoretical fact-Æsthetic appearance, and feeling-Criticism of the
theory of æsthetic senses—Unity and indivisibility of the work
of art-Art as liberator


Inseparability of intellectual from intuitive knowledge--Criticism of
the negations of this thesis-Art and science-Content and form :


The two forms of the practical activity—The economically useful-

Distinction between the useful and the technical-Distinction of

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