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157. CHURCHYARD (THOMAS). The Mirror of Man, And manners of Men: A sad and solemne Funerall, of the right Honorable sir Francis Knowles; A pleasant Discourse of Court and Wars. 4to, old morocco, by Hayday.

Auchinleck, 1816 Privately printed at the Auchinleck Press by Sir Alexander Bogwell. One of a series of reprints of the early English classics issued privately under the title of “Frondes Caducae. Presentation in

scription by Alexander Boswell on the fly-leaf. 158. CIBBER (COLLEY). Another Occasional Letter from Mr. Cibber to Mr. Pope. 8vo, full calf, blind-tooling.

London, 1744 FIRST EDITION. 159. CINCINNATI. The Cincinnati Directory, containing the Names, Profession and Occupation of the Inhabitants of the Town with an Interesting Sketch of its Local Situation and Improvements. Large folding map. 12mo, full polished calf, by Morrell.

[Cincinnati], 1819 Fine copy of THE FIRST CINCINNATI DIRECTORY. 160. CIVIL WAR. McClellan (George B.). Report on the Organization and Campaigns of the Army of the Potomac: to which is added an account of the Campaign in Western Virginia, with plans of Battle Fields. Maps. Svo, half crimson morocco, gilt top.

New York, 1864 161, CIVIL WAR. Maguire (T. Miller). The Campaigns in Virginia, 1861-62. Maps. 8vo, half polished calf, gilt top, original front wrapper bound in.

London, 1891 162. CIVIL WAR. The Photographic History of the Civil War. Thousands of scenes photographed in 1861-65, with text by many special authorities. 10 vols. Imperial 8vo, three-quarter green levant morocco, gilt backs, gilt tops, by Stikeman.

New York, 1911 163. CLARKE (Mary Anne). The Rival Princes; or, A Faithful Narrative of Facts relating to Mrs. M. A. Clarke's political acquaintance with Colonel Wardle, Major Dodd, etc., who were concerned in the charges against the Duke of York; together with a variety of authentic and important letters and curious and interesting Anecdotes of several persons of political notoriety. 2 vols., full mottled calf, gilt sides and backs, inside dentelle borders, gilt tops, uncut, by Riviere.

London, 1810 CHOICE, UNCUT Copy of this Scarce work, illustrated with a fine portrait of Mrs. Clarke engraved by Freeman.

A very extraordinary narrative which throws a strong light on Court Society during the famous scandal.

Mrs. Clarke was the mistress of the Duke of York from 1803-09 and her indiscretions resulted in his being obliged to resign the office of

Commander in chief of the British Army. 164. CLASSICS. The Æneid of Virgil, London, 1888; The Poems of Virgil, London, 1893; The Works of Xenophon, Vol. 1, London, 1890; Lucretius' De Rerum Natura, Cambridge, 1891. 4 vols., 12mo and 8vo, cloth.

165, CLASSICS. The Phaedrus, Lysis and Protagoras of Plato, London, 1893; Cicero's Ethical Writings, Boston, 1887; Demosthenes upon the Crown, London, 1893; The Comedies of Aristophanes, 2 vols. London, 1893. 5 vols., 12mo and 16mo, cloth.

166. CLASSICS. The Works of Epictetus, 2 vols., Boston, 1891; The Thoughts of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, Boston, 1894; The Minor Works of Tacitus, London, 1893. 4 vols., 12mo, cloth.

167. CLERKE (AGNES M.). The System of the Stars. Map and plates. 870, cloth, uncut.

London, 1905 168. COBBETT (WILLIAM). Rural Rides in the Counties of Surrey, Kent, Sussex, etc. À New Edition with Notes by Pitt Cobbett. 2 vols., 12mo, eloth, uncut (name on titles).

London, 1885

169. COKE (HENRY J.). A Ride over the Rocky Mountains to Oregon and California. With a glance at some of the Tropical Islands, including the West Indies and the Sandwich Isles. Frontispiece portrait on India paper. 8vo, half brown morocco, gilt top, uncut.

London, 1852 FIRST EDITION.

170. COLE (TIMOTHY). Old Spanish Masters, Engraved by Timothy Cole. With Historical Notes by Charles H. Caffin and Comments by the Engraver. With 31 fine woodcuts printed on thin Japan paper. Folio, boards, vellum back, uncut.

New York, 1907 One of 100 copies printed on hand-made paper at the De Vinne Press. 171. COLERIDGE (SAMUEL TAYLOR). The Keepsake for 1829 and 1830. Illustrated with engraved titles, frontispieces and plates. 2 vols., 8vo, full red straight-grain morocco, gilt edges, by Lloyd, Wallis and Lloyd.

London, [1829-1830] Contains 11 contributions by Coleridge, viz.: Eight Epigrams; “The Garden of Boccaccio,” “Song,” and “The Poet's Answer to a Lady's

Question.'' 172. COLERIDGE (SAMUEL TAYLOR). Essays on his own Times. Forming a Second Serie of The Friend. Edited by his Daughter. 3 vols., 12mo, cloth, paper labels, uncut.

London: Pickering, 1850 FIRST EDITION. Autograph presentation copy from Sara Coleridge

to Mrs. Henry M. Jones, with inscription on title-page. 173. [COLLIER (JOHN).] Tim Bobbin's Toy-Shop open’d or, his Whimsical Amusements. Containing his View of the Lancashire Dialect; The Poem of the Black Bird; The Goose, etc. Illustrated with very brilliant plates designed by the author, and engraved by Mr. Barlow, of Bolton. 8vo, full sprinkled calf, gilt back, gilt edges.

Manchester, 1763 Fine copy of the FIRST Edition. 174. COLONIAL. Acts of Parliament. 6 pieces, folio, new paper covers.

London, 1750-82 Act for encouraging the Culture of Raw silk, 1750-1769; Sugar Trade in America, 1761; Abolishing Paper Bills of Credit as Legal Tender,

1764; Disorders in Colonies, 1778; Act to conclude peace, 1782. 175. COLORED CARICATURES. A series of hand-colored woodcut cari. catures entitled “Radical Reformers." 32 plates, including frontispiece portrait of Queen Victoria. 8vo, half red calf, gilt top, uncut.

London: Published by J. L. Marks, n.d.

176. COLORED PLATES. Remarks on the Antiquities of Rome and its Environs: Being a Classical and Topographical Survey of the Ruins of that Celebrated City. By Andrew Lumisden. Illustrated with the fine series of engraved aquatint plates, in the most brilliant colorings. 4to, full red straightgrain morocco, gilt back and sides, gilt edges.

London, 1797 First Edition. Very fine copy. With bookplate of John Wilmot, also autograph note by Wilmot.

177. COLORED PLATES. Gillray (James). Egyptian Sketches. A collection of y brilliantly colored plates, including the title, all mounted. Oblong 4to, half red morocco.

London: Humphrey, 1799 The complete series of these highly humorous sketches in fine clean state.

178. COLORED PLATES. Italian Scenery; representing the Manners, Customs, and Amusements of the Different States of Italy. Containing 32 colored engravings by James Godby from original drawings by P. Van Lerberghi. The Narrative by M. Buonaiuti. Folio, original boards, rebacked with leather, uncut.

London, 1806

179. COLORED PLATES. The Passions Humourously Delineated. By Timothy Bobbin, Esq., Author of the Lancashire Dialect. Portrait and 26 colored plates. 4to, contemporary blue morocco, gilt edges (one lower margin torn).

London: Edward Orme, 1810 FIRST EDITION. Very scarce. The plates and text are both in very

clean condition. 180. COLORED PLATES. Gambado (Geoffrey). An Academy for Grown Horsemen; Containing the completest Instructions for Walking, Trotting, Cantering, Galloping, Stumbling, and Tumbling. Illustrated with 10 colored plates by Dickinson (ink spot on back of one plate). 4to, half red morocco.

London: John Stockdale, 1812 181. COLORED PLATES. Real Life in Ireland; or, the Day and Night Scenes, Rovings, Rambles, and Sprees, Bull, Blunders, Bodderations and Blarny, of Brian Boru, etc. By a Real Paddy. Embellished with humorous coloured engravings, from Original Designs by the most eminent Artists. 8vo, full green straight-grain morocco, back and sides handsomely gilt-tooled, silk doublures and flies, gilt edges.

London, 1822 Scarce. A most amusing work, with full-page colored plates by

Henry Alken, F. Heath, and others. 182, COLORED PLATES. Illustrations of Harriette Wilson's Memoirs. 19 colored plates, by H. H. Oblong 4to, cloth, leather back. [London, 1825]

FIRST EDITION. A very rare series of plates of a rather free character. Two portraits of Harriette Wilson are laid in. A few of the

plates are inlaid, but most of them are uncut. 183. COLORED PLATES. Much Ado about Nothing; or, Illustrations of Old Sayings. Illustrated title-page and 5 pages of illustrations containing 21 separate plates, in colors, designed and etched by John Phillips. Oblong 4to, original pictorial wrappers, uncut. In a cloth cover.

lon: R. Ackermann, 1828 FIRST EDITION. An exceptionally fine copy of this scarce colored plate item.

184. COLORED PLATES. The March of Intellect. Six pages, containing 36 separate illustrations, in colors, designed and etched by R. Seymour. Oblong 4to, full sprinkled calf, by Zaehnsdorf.

London: Thomas McLean, 1829 FIRST EDITION. Very scarce. Contains some of the artist's best work.

185. COLORED PLATES. Rural residences, consisting of a series of designs for cottages, small villas and other ornamental buildings, interspersed with some observations on Landscape gardening by J. B. Papworth. Full 8vo, half morocco, uncut.

London, 1832 One of Ackermann's interesting publications; illustrated with 26

aquatints in Colors. Beautiful copy. 186. COLTON (WALTER). Deck and Port; or, Incidents of a Cruise to California. With sketches of Rio de Janeiro, Valparaiso, Lima, Honolulu, and San Francisco. Tinted lithograph frontispiece. 12mo, half brown calf (stamp removed from title).

London, 1851 187. COMPLEAT HISTORY of the Late War; or, Annual Register of its Rise, Progress, and Events in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. And Exhibiting the State of the Belligerent Powers at the Commencement of the War their Interests and Objects in its Continuance, etc. Illustrated with a variety of Heads, Plans, Maps and Charts. 8vo, old calf (hinges weak).

Dublin, 1763 A RARE WORK ON THE FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR. The illustrations consist of 10 portraits, including Gens. Amherst, Wolfe and Monck. ton; 5 maps and plans. The map of Germany at the end is wanting.

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188. CONFESSIONS of St. Augustine, London, 1878; Bryant's Homer's Iliad-Odyssey, Boston, n.d.; Europe during the Middle Ages (Hallam), London, n.d. 4 vols., 12mo, cloth.

189. CONJUROR'S Repository (The); or, The Whole Art and Mystery of Magic Displayed. Frontispiece, colored. 8vo, boards (rebacked), uncut.

London, n.d. 190. CONSTITUTION. Secret Proceedings and Debates of the Convention assembled at Philadelphia for the purpose of forming the Constitution, etc. Small 8vo, cloth.

Richmond, Va., 1839 191. CONSTITUTIONS of the Several Independent States of America, etc. Arranged with a Preface by Rev. William Jackson. 8vo, half crimson levant morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Zaehnsdorf. London: J. Stockdale, 1783

Scarce. 192. COOPER (JAMES FENIMORE). The Wept of Wish Ton-Wish. 2 vols., 12mo, original boards, paper labels, uncut.

Philadelphia, 1829 FIRST EDITION.

193. COOPER (JAMES FENIMORE). The Novels of Cooper. Illustrated by F. 0. C. Darley with frontispieces and engraved titles on steel, and vignettes on wood. 32 vols., 8vo, half maroon calf, gilt.

New York, 1859-61 The Famous and Scarce Townsend Edition, with the first impressions of the Darley plates. Every volume has the imprint of W. A. Townsend & Co. Sets of these first issues are exceedingly difficult to com

plète. 194. CORELLI (MARIE). The Treasure of Heaven. 12mo, cloth.

London, 1907 Presentation copy. 195. CORSER (THOMAS). Collectanea Anglo-Poetica: or, a Bibliographical and Descriptive Catalogue of a portion of a collection of Early English Poetry. 11 vols., small 4to, cloth.

London, 1860-83 Very Scarce. Only 350 copies printed for members of the Chetham

Society. 196. COSTUMES. Nuova Raccolta di cinquanta Costumi pittoreschi incisi all'acquaforte da Bartolomeo Pinelli Romano. Splendid impressions of the plates. Small oblong 4to, old calf.

Roma, 1817 197. COSTUMES. The Book of Costume: or, Annals of Fashion from the Earliest Period to the Present Time. By A Lady of Rank. Over two hun. dred vignette illustrations, nicely colored by hand. Svo, original green cloth.

London: Henry Colburn, 1847 198. COTTON (JOHN). The Grounds and Ends of the Baptisme of the Children of the Faithfull opened in a familiar Discourse by way of a Dialogue, or Brotherly Conference. Small 4to, original calf (writing on title).

London, 1647 FIRST EDITION. Scarce. On the title-page is the autograph of John Allen, the friend of Cotton, and that of Joseph Smith, the book col

lector. 199. CRUIKSHANK (GEORGE). Metropolitan Grievances; or, a SerioComic Glance at Minor Mischiefs in London and its Vicinity. By One Who Thinks for Himself. Folding frontispiece by George Cruikshank. 8vo, half citron morocco, gilt top.

London, 1812 FIRST EDITION. Rare. 200. CRUIKSHANK. Maturin (Rev. R. C.). Bertram; or, the Castle of St. Aldobrand, being the Romance of the Tragedy. With fine colored frontispiece of Edmund Kean as Count Bertram, and vignette of Count Bertram's

Shipureck on title by George Cruikshank. 12mo, original yellow paper wrappers, uncut, with Hone's advertisements.

London: W. Hone, 1816 A FINE COPY OF AN EXCESSIVELY RARE CRUIKSHANK ITEM, particularly interesting for the fine portrait of Edmund Kean as Count Ber

tram. 201. CRU'IKSHANK (GEORGE). The Greeks: A Poem. ... Dedicated to all the Legs! 6 colored plates by George Cruikshank. 8vo, half green morocco, gilt top, uncut.

London, 1817 FIRST EDITION with the plates. Rare. 202. CRUIKSHANK (GEORGE). Combe (William). The Life of Napoleon, a Hudibrastic Poem in Fifteen Cantos. Embellished with 30 engravinge, all in colors, by George Cruikshank. Royal 8vo, half citron straightgrain morocco, gilt back.

London, 1817 A very fine copy of this rare work, with the plates in brilliant col

orings. 203. CRUIKSHANK. Modern Belles. Dedicated to all the Beaux. With sir humorous colored plates. 8vo, half citron morocco, gilt tops.

London, 1818 FIRST Edition, with these illustrations. Cohn says that George Cruikshank repudiated these plates, and attributes them to Robert Cruikshank.

DRAWINGS BY CRUIKSHANK 204. CRUIKSHANK (GEORGE). An Album containing twenty-three Original Drawings by George Cruikshank, executed in Water Colours, wash and sepia upon thick cards loosely mounted into the volume, which contains also 36 Etchings by Jones, 4 Etchings by George Cruikshank' and 4 unidentified Etchings; square 8vo, full red levant morocco, gilt back and sides, by Riviere.

Circa, 1820-30 All are book illustrations: The first drawing by George Cruikshank is a particularly fine example in water colors of a compartment frontispiece. It is probably unpublished.

Other Cruikshank drawings are illustrations for “The Mountain Sylph” and “The Bottle Imp.

The Etchings by Jones are original trial proofs for “Adventures of a Highwayman,

2,66 Notorious Pirates,'' etc. 203. CRUIKSHANK. Life in Paris; comprising the Rambles, Sprees, and Amours of Dick Wildfire, of Corinthian Celebrity, And his Bang-up Companions, Squire Jenkins and Captain O 'Shuffleton, etc. By David Carey. Embellished with 21 colored plates designed by George Cruikshank, and 22 woodcute. Sro, contemporary calf, gilt.

London, 1822 The Very Scarce First Edition. A large and clean copy, with the

plates in brilliant impressions. 206. CRUIKSHANK (GEORGE). Der Freischutz. Travestie; By Septimus Globus, Esq. Illustrated with 12 etchings in color, by George Cruiseshank. Royal 8vo, scored green calf (rubbed).

London: Printed for C. Baldwyn, 1824 First Edition. A duplicate of plate 10, on India paper, has been

inserted as an extra frontispiece. 207. CRUIKSHANK (GEORGE). Philosophy in Sport made Science in Earnest. Ilustrated with woodcuts by George Cruikshank. 3 vols., 8vo, half green morocco, gilt tops, uncut.

London, 1827 FIRST EDITION. 208. CRUIKSHANK (GEORGE). The Comic Almanack. An Ephemeris in jest and earnest, containing Merry Tales, Humorous Poetry, Quips and Oddities. By Thackeray, Albert Smith, Gilbert A 'Beckett, the Brothers May

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