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hew. With many hundred illustrations by George Cruikshank and other Ar-
tists. Both series. 2 vols., 12mo, cloth, uncut.
London, [1871]

Original printing of this edition, with the Hotten imprint.

214. CRUIKSHANK (GEORGE AND ROBERT). The Universal Songs-
ter; or, Museum of Mirth. With engraved titles, frontispiece and woodcuts by
George and Robert Cruikshank. 3 vols., 8vo, cloth, uncut.

London: Jones and Co., n.d.

215. CURIOUS. Three Tracts concerning the Torpedo. Illustrations. 4to,
London, 1775
The first tract is in the form of a letter from John Walsh to Ben-
jamin Franklin, and is a presentation copy from the author to Thomas
Pennant, the traveler and naturalist.

216. CURIOUS. "The Book," Complete. Being the whole of the Depo-
sitions on the Investigation of the Conduct of the Princess of Wales. Lon-
don, 1813; The Farmer's Daughter of Essex. Written by Herself. New
York, 1802 (title mutilated). 2 vols., 18mo and 8vo, sheep and boards.

219. CYCLOPÆDIAS. The American Cyclopædia: A Popular Dictionary of General Knowledge, with Index. 17 vols.; Appleton's Annual Cyclopædia and Register of Important Events. New Series. Vols. 1 to 15 inclusive. Together 32 vols. Royal 8vo, half morocco. New York, 1883-91 220. DANCE OF DEATH. The Dance of Death; Painted by H. Holbein, and engraved by W. Hollar. Illustrated with 30 plates from the original coppers. 8vo, full crimson levant morocco, gilt and blind-tooled back and sides, gilt edges, in half vellum slip case. [London, 1790]

Fine copy of this very scarce edition, PRINTED THROUGHOUT ON THICK PAPER. The Preface and descriptions of the plates are by Francis Douce.

221. [DANIEL (GEORGE).] Poetical Works, including: The Modern Dunciad, Virgil in London and other Poems; Democritus in London. 2 vols., 8vo, full red straight-grain morocco, blind tooling, gilt edges, by Hayday. London: Pickering, 1835-52

Very fine copy. Democritus in London is FIRST EDITION.

222. DANTE. Life of Dante. cloth, gilt tops.

The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri. 3 vols. The New 1 vol. Translated by Charles Eliot Norton. 4 vols., 12mo, Boston, 1893-95

223. DANTE. The Banquet of Dante Alighieri. Translated by Katherine Hillard. London, 1889; Dante and his Time (Federn), London, 1902. FIRST EDITIONS. 2 vols., 12mo, cloth, uncut.

224. D'ARBLAY (Madame). Diary and Letters of Madame D'Arblay. New Edition, revised, with portraits. 4 vols., 8vo, cloth, uncut.

London, n.d.

225. DAUDET (ALPHONSE). L'Arlésienne. Pièce en cinq tableaux. Full-page and vignette illustrations by Gambard et Marold. 18mo, full erushed maroon levant morocco, gilt floral sprays on back; tooled centre ornament on covers, gilt inside borders, gilt top, uncut, original wrappers bound in. Paris: E. Dentu, 1892

"Petite Collection Guillaume.'

226. DAUDET (ERNEST). Souvenirs et Revelations. Histoire Diplomatique de l'Alliance Franco-Russe (1873-1893). 8vo, boards, cloth back, original wrappers bound in. Paris, 1894

FIRST EDITION. With fine autograph inscription in French on halftitle by the author, the following being a translation: "The relation given in this book is well made to rejoice French patriots and friends of peace. Happening twenty years after the war, the Franco-Russian Alliance has been the first great joy they have had since the misfortunes of France. . . . Ernest Daudet.”

227. DEFINICOENS, e Estatutos dos Cavellieiros e Freires da Ordem de Nosso Senhor Jehu Christo, etc. Folio, old calf. Lisboa, 1671

228. DEFOE (DANIEL). The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, of York, Mariner. Illustrated with engraved plates by Medland after Stothard. 2 vols., royal 8vo, half green straight-grain morocco, gilt tops, uncut. London: Printed for John Stockdale, 1790


229. [DEFOE (DANIEL).] Jure Divino. A Satyr. Woodcut portrait on two titles. Twelve books in one volume. Small 8vo, half calf (one cover loose, and some edges cut into). London: Printed by P. Hills, n.d.

230. DE LAVERGNE (LOUIS ELISABETH, Comte de Tressan). Histoire de Robert, surnomme le Brave. FIRST EDITION. With portrait of the author after A. Borel. 8vo, old straight-grained blue morocco, sides line tooled in gold, with inner wavy line broken by circles and flowers, back richly tooled with gold network, divided by gold lines, inside borders, gilt top.

Londres: a Dulau et Cie. 1800

Contains a memoir of the author. Deals with the early history of Languedoc. Robert le Brave was made a Knight by Raimond Comte de Toulouse, who died in 1105 while on an expedition to the Holy Land.

231. DE QUINCEY (THOMAS). Collected Writings. New and enlarged edition by David Masson. Frontispieces. 14 vols., 12mo, half green calf, gilt backs, leather labels, gilt tops, uncut. Edinburgh: 4. and C. Black, 1889

232. DE VRIESE (PAUL VREDEMAN). Plusieurs Menuiseries. Illustrated with 39 photolithograph plates of furniture. Small folio, half parchment. Amsterdam [Brussells], n.d. Reproduction of the First Part, from the Edition published by Vischer in 1630.

233. DIBDIN (THOMAS F.). An Introduction to the Knowledge of Rare and Valuable Editions of the Greek and Roman Classics. Facsimile. 2 vols., 8vo, old half russia, uncut. London, 1808

234. [DICKENS (CHARLES).] A Select and Impartial Account of the Lives, Behaviour, and Dying-Words, of the most Remarkable Convicts, from the Year 1700, down to the present Time. 2 vols., 12mo, calf.

London, 1745-46 Charles Dickens' copy, with his bookplate in the first volume, and the Gadshill label in both.

235. [DICKENS (CHARLES).] Memoirs of Joseph Grimaldi. Edited by "Boz. "" With illustrations by George Cruikshank. 2 vols., 8vo, half green morocco, gilt tops, uncut. London, 1838.

FIRST ISSUE OF THE FIRST EDITION, with the plate "The Last Song," without the border. Inserted is A DUPLICATE SET OF THE PLATES IN COLOR. Fine copy. SCARCE.

236. DICKENS (CHARLES). Sketches by Boz. Illustrative of EveryDay Life and Every-Day People. With 40 illustrations by George Cruikshank. 8vo, full red levant morocco, gilt line and blind border, gilt edges, by Mansell. London, 1839 Fine copy, with an extra set of the plates, proofs, all finely colored by hand.

237. DICKENS (CHARLES). American Notes for General Circulation. 2 vols., 8vo, original cloth, uncut. London, 1842

FIRST EDITION. First issue, with pagination in volume one commencing XVI. A crisp and clean copy in uncut condition.

238. DICKENS (CHARLES). Dombey and Son. With illustrations by H. K. Browne. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, half green morocco, gilt top, specimen wrappers bound in. London, 1848 The Uncommercial Traveller. 8vo, original London, 1861

239. DICKENS (CHARLES). cloth, uncut.

FIRST EDITION. Fine copy. With H. E. Widener bookplate.

240. DICKENS (CHARLES). A Cyclopedia of the Best Thoughts of Charles Dickens. Compiled and alphabetically arranged by F. G. de Fontaine. Royal 8vo, half blue morocco, gilt top. New York, 1873 241. DICKENS (CHARLES). The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club. With 43 illustrations by R. Seymour and Phiz. vols., 8vo, half green morocco, gilt edges. London, 1837 FIRST EDITION. EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED with an extra set of plates, colored, and showing the variations; and a set of 32 of the Sam Weller plates.

242. DICKENS (CHARLES). The Works of Dickens. Illustrated by George Cruikshank, John Leech, Marcus Stone, and others. 45 vols., 8vo, cloth, gilt tops, uncut. Boston: Estes & Lauriat, 1890


243. DICKENS (CHARLES). The Works of Charles Dickens. With Introductions, General Essay, and Notes by Andrew Lang. With the original illustrations. 36 vols., 8vo, half crimson levant morocco, gilt backs, gilt tops, uncut, by Stikeman. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1898-1911

244. DICKENS (CHARLES). The Works of Charles Dickens. With all the usual illustrations and very many rare plates. 40 vols., 8vo, half brown levant morocco, hand-colored cloth sides, gilt and inlaid backs, gilt tops, uncut. London: Macdonald & Sons, n.d.

A very handsomely printed edition, with frontispieces colored by hand and the other plates on Japan paper.

245. DICKINSON (JOHN). Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania, To the Inhabitants of the British Colonies. 8vo, half calf (one over loose). Philadelphia, 1774

246. DIGBY (KENELM). Private Memoirs of Sir Kenelm Digby, written by himself. Portrait. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, tree-calf. London, 1827

247. DISRAELI (BENJAMIN). The Revolutionary Epick. The Work of Disraeli the Younger. 4to, full polished calf, gilt tooled back and inside borders, gilt edges, by F. Bedford. London: Edward Moxon, 1834 FIRST EDITION. One of only fifty copies published. Laid in is a sheet with 9 lines of manuscript: The Hon. Benjamin Disraeli to Lord Stanley. Easter 1864. Thirty years ago I printed a few copies of a portion of a poem called the Revolutionary Epick. Only fifty copies were printed at the time, and probably many of these are now destroyed," &c. He mentions Mr. Coleridge. The short preface by the author is of peculiar interest to the Disraeli student or collector. The Robert Hoe copy, with book label.


248. DOBSON (AUSTIN). Old Kensington Palace and other papers. frontispiece. 12mo, cloth, gilt top, uncut. New York, n.d.

With autograph inscription by the author, signed: "The best inscription I can place in this volume, is to note certain 'Errata.'" Then follow the corrections and his signature.

249. DODGSON (CHARLES L., "Lewis Carroll'). The New Belfry of Christ Church, Oxford, 1872; The Vision of the Three T's, 1873; The Blank Cheque, A Fable, 1874. 3 vols., 16mo, stitched. A. L. S. by F. Madan, librarian of Bodleian Library. Oxford, 1872-74

FIRST EDITIONS of these very scarce little pamphlets by the author of "Alice in Wonderland."

250. DORAN (DR. JOHN). "Their Majesties' Servants." Annals of the English Stage, from Thomas Betterton to Edmund Kean. Actors-AuthorsAudiences. Frontispiece portraits. 2 vols., 8vo, full new brown levant morocco, gilt backs with emblematic tooling, gilt inside borders, gilt tops, uncut, by Riviere. London, 1864 An unusually fine copy of the FIRST EDITION, in a handsome binding. PRESENTATION COPY, with inscription on the half-title in the handwriting of the author: "To Henry T. Riley, with the kind regards of John Doran."

251. DOUGHARTY (JOHN). Mathematical Digests. Containing the Elements and Application of Geometry and Plane Trigonometry. Illustrated with numerous diagrams. 4to, old panelled calf. London, n.d.

At the end of the book is a treatise on Dialling.

252. DOYLE (JAMES E.). A Chronicle of England. B.C. 55—A.D. 1485. Illustrated by the Author. The designs engraved and printed in colours by Edmund Evans. 4to, full green levant morocco, gilt back and sides, gilt edges, by Riviere. London, 1864

Very choice copy of the FIRST EDITION.


LOTS 253-505

253. DRAKE (DANIEL). Natural and Statistical View; or, Picture of Cincinnati and the Miami Country. With an Appendix, containing observations on the late Earthquakes, the Aurora Borealis, and South-west Wind. 2 folding maps. 12mo, half calf. Cincinnati, 1815

FINE COPY. VERY SCARCE. A very interesting and valuable volume on the early western section of the United States.

254. DRAKE (FRANCIS S). Life and Correspondence of Henry Knox. Portrait and illustration. Svo, cloth. Boston, 1873

FIRST EDITION. One of 300 copies.

255. DRAMA. Drama and Life (Walkley), N. Y., 1908; The Stage in America, 1897-1900 (Hapgood), N. Y., 1901; On the Art of the Theatre (Craig), Chicago, n.d.; The English Stage of To-day (Borsa), London, 1908; Appreciation of the Drama (Caffin), N. Y., 1908. Illustrations. 5 vols., 12mo and 8vo, various bindings.

256. DRAMATIC. The Life of Charles James Mathews, chiefly autobiographical, with selections from his Correspondence and Speeches. Portraits. FIRST EDITION. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1879

257. DRAMATIC TABLE-TALK; or, Scenes, Situations & Adventures, Serious and Comic, in Theatrical History and Biography. Engraved titles, frontispieces and facsimiles. 3 vols., 12mo, half green morocco, gilt tops, uncut. London, 1825-30

A nice copy of this interesting dramatic work, containing incidents, anecdotes, stories, etc., not to be found elsewhere. A few additional portraits have been inserted.

258. DRAYTON (MICHAEL). Poems. Containing The Barons Warres, Englands Heroicall Epistles, Idea. Engraved title. Small 8vo, scored calf (hinges weak).

London: Printed by Willi. Stansby for John Smethwick, n.d. [1630]
The title to "Englands Heroicall Epistles' is dated 1630.

259. DRYDEN (JOHN). Annus Mirabilis. The Year of Wonders, M. DC. LXVI. An Historical Poem. Also, a Poem on the Happy Restoration and Return of His Late Sacred Majesty Charles the Second, likewise a Panegyrick on his Coronation. Together with a Poem to my Lord Chancellor, Presented on New-Years-Day. 1662. Small 4to, half green straight-grain morocco, gilt edges. London: Printed for Henry Herringman, 1688 This is the First Collected Edition of Dryden's poems. His early poem on the death of Cromwell is omitted for reasons readily understood.

260. DRYDEN (JOHN). King Arthur; or, The British Worthy. A Drammatick Opera. Perform 'd at the Queens Theatre By Their Majesties Servants. Small 4to, half green calf.

London: Printed for Jacob Tonson, 1691 FIRST EDITION. Very Scarce. Has the half-title, with the list of Dryden's Plays on verso.

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