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479. LOUISIANA, Fortier (Alcee). A History of Louisiana. Illustrated with map, and numerous Goupil photogravures, the frontispieces beautifully colored. vols., imp. 8vo, half red morocco, gilt tops, uncut.

Paris and New York: Goupil, 1904

EDITION ROYALE, one of 200 copies.

480. LOWELL (JAMES RUSSELL). The Works of Lowell, including a Biography by Horace E. Scudder. Illustrated with steel portraits and photogravures. 13 vols., 8vo, half olive green morocco, gilt tops, uncut.

Boston: Houghton, Mifflin & Co., n.d.


481. LOWNDES (WILLIAM THOMAS). The Bibliographer's Manual of English Literature. 4 vols., 8vo, half leather (rubbed).

London: William Pickering, 1834

482. LOWNDES (WILLIAM T.). The Bibliographer's Manual of English Literature. 6 vols., 12mo, half morocco. London, 1864

483. LUYKEN (JAN). A Collection of 44 copper-plates by Jan Luyken illustrating Martyrdoms, Cruelties, etc., inflicted on the early Christians. Oblong 12mo, boards, vellum back (portion of an old manuscript).

484. LYTTLETON (LORD). Dialogues of the Dead. 8vo, original calf. London, 1760


485. LYTTON (EDWARD BULWER, Lord). Speeches of Edward Lord Lytton, Now First Collected, with some of his Political Writings hitherto unpublished, and a Prefatory Memoir by his Son. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth, uncut. Edinburgh, 1874 Inscribed on the half-title to "My dear Kent" with a note of appreciation, in the handwriting of the younger Lord Lytton, signed and dated June, 1875. Publisher's presentation stamp on title.

486. MCCLELLAN (GEORGE). Anatomy in its Relation to Art. Illustrated by 338 original drawings and photographs made by the author. 4to, eloth, gilt top, uncut. Philadelphia, 1901

With bookplate of Frederic Warnecke.

487. MAIR (JOHN). Book-keeping Methodiz'd: or, A Methodical Treatise of Merchant-Accompt, according to the Italian Form. 8vo, old calf (name on title). Edinburgh, 1749

488. MANUSCRIPT. Arabic Book of prayers. Manuscript on native glazed paper, neatly written in red and black, towards the end of the 17th Century. Small 4to, native binding in brown morocco, panelled sides, with blind centre ornaments (back worn). Sæc. XVII

489. MANUSCRIPT. Sermones de Tempore et Sanctis a Dominica prima Adventus Domini, etc. By Johannis Pfefferi. German Manuscript of the XV Century. Bound in original monastic calf, with one of the straps and fasteners remaining.

Two early manuscript notes state that the book belonged to the monastery of St. Giles of Nuremberg and that it had once been the property of Master John, professor at the monastery.

490. MANUSCRIPT. Estaciones de la sagranda Passion de Neustro Senor Jesu Christo. Dispuestas en Verso por Don Luis de Oviedo Conde de la Granja Peruano. 80 leaves, 4to, old calf (loose in covers).

C., 1700

A curious old manuscript, neatly written in the Spanish style, with initials in red.

491. MANUSCRIPT. Variae Sententiae Ex operibus S. Augustini et Quaedam. S. Leonis, Sanctique Bernardi ad vsum Quatidianum Adaptae. Pars Altera pro sex Alteris Mensibus. 18mo, full old French brown morocco, gilt edges. Scriptum Parisiis, 1740

Vol. 2 only of this beautifully written Manuscript, each page being ruled in red.

492. MARSTON (JOHN). The Workes of Mr. Iohn Marston, Being Tragedies and Comedies, Collected into one Volume. Small 8vo, full dark red levant morocco, gilt edges, by The Club Bindery.

London: Printed for William Sheares, 1633 SECOND ISSUE OF THE FIRST EDITION. The separate titles all bear the same date and imprint. This copy contains the "Dedication by the Publisher to Lady Elizabeth Carie, Viscountesse Faulkland," which is usually missing in most copies. Bound in at the end of the present copy, is "The Insatiate Countess," of the issue of 1820, which is attributed to Marston.

493. MARTIN (R. MONTGOMERY). The Indian Empire. Illustrated with maps, portraits, and views. 3 vols., imperial 8vo, half brown levant morocco, gilt backs, gilt tops, uncut, by Stikeman. London, n.d.

A very handsome copy.

494. MARTIN (WILLIAM). The Historie and Lives of Twentie Kings of England. With the Succession of the Dykes, and Earles, of this Realme; from the Conqvest, vntill the Twelfth years of the Famous Raigne of the most Admired Prince King Iames the First. Together with the times of the Creations of the Barons, and Baronets, of this Kingdome. Title within elaborate woodcut border, and ornamental woodcut initials. Folio, contemporary calf, carmine edges. London: Printed for W. Stansby, 1615

FIRST EDITION. Very Rare. With the autograph of the author's daughter, Susanna Beavis, on fly-leaf.

495. MARTINEAU (HARRIET). Eastern Life, Present and Past. FIRST EDITION. 3 vols., 12mo, half calf. London, 1848 496. MARYLAND. Proceedings of the Conventions of the Province of Maryland, held at the City of Annapolis, June 22, 1774 (1774-1776). 8vo, sheep (title wanting). [Baltimore, 1836]

There is no indication in this work of whether it was printed from a manuscript or from an older edition, it having neither introduction nor preface.

497. MASSACHUSETTS. Debates, Resolutions and other Proceedings of the Convention of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Convened at Boston on the 9th of January, 1788 and continuing until the 7th of February following, for the purpose of assenting to and ratifying the Constitution recommended by the Grand Federal Convention. 12mo, original boards (worn). Boston, 1809

498. MAY (THOMAS). Lucan's Pharsalia: Or, The Civil Warres of Rome, betweene Pompey the great, and Iulius Caesar. The whole ten Bookes. Englished by Thomas May. Engraved title. 8vo, full old calf.

London: Printed for Thomas Iones and Iohn Marriott, 1627 THE VERY RARE FIRST EDITION. In this copy, as in the copy collated for the Grolier Club, Sigs. B6, D5, F2, H1, K1, M1, 01 and Q2 have been cancelled and removed. No copy of the work containing

all these leaves is known.

Bound in with the above is: "A Continuation of Lucan's Historical Poem till the death of Iulius Caesar. By T. M." London, 1630

499. MEDICAL ESSAYS. Essai sur le Goître, Essai sur le Cancer de l'Utérine. Observations sur les Crachats. Eloge de Henry Fouguet. De l'homme considéré sous le rapport physiologique et Médical. 5 vols., 4to Montpellier, 1806


Five rare medical pamphlets.

500. MEMOIRS of Lady Hamilton (Long), New York, 1896; Marie Tarnowska (Chartres), London, n.d.; Tolstoy (Rolland), New York, n.d.; My Recollections. By the Countess of Cardigan, London, 1909. 4 vols., 12mo and 8vo, cloth.

501. MENASSEH Ben Israel Conciliator. Amsterdam, 1633; Austriana Regina Arabiae (Ertelius), 1687; Ethica, sive Summa Moralis Disciplinae (Fr. Eustachio As. Paulo), London, 1666. 3 vols., various sizes and bindings.

502. MEREDITH (GEORGE). The Shaving of Shagpat. An Arabian Entertainment. FIRST EDITION. 12mo, cloth.

503. MERRICK (GEORGE B.). Old Times on the The Recollections of a Steamboat Pilot from 1854 to 1863. cloth, gilt top, uncut.

504. MEYNELL (ALICE). The Colour of Life and Things Seen and Heard. 12mo, cloth, uncut.

London, 1856

Upper Mississippi.
Illustrated. 8vo,
Cleveland, 1909

Other Essays on
London, 1896

FIRST EDITION. Presentation inscription by the author: mund Mariott Watson, with the Author's love, July, 1896.

To Rosa

505. MEXICO. Life in Mexico, during a Residence of Two Years in that Country. By Madame C. de la B[arca]. Preface by W. H. Prescott. 8vo, half calf.


London, 1843


LOTS 506-758

506. MILLER (JOAQUIN). Collected set of First Editions and Variations of the works of Joaquin Miller. 25 vols., Svo and 12mo, original bindings, cloth and paper. v.p.v.d. The set comprises the following titles:

Songs of the Sierras.

London, 1871
Boston, 1873

Songs of the Sun Lands (slight tear on back).
Life Amongst the Modocs: Unwritten History (slight tear on back).

London, 1873 London, 1873

Songs of the Sun-Lands.
Unwritten History: Life among the Modocs (binding frayed).

First Fam 'lies of the Sierras.

One Fair Woman.

The Baroness of New York.

Songs of Far-Away Lands.

Hartford, 1874 Chicago, 1876 New York, 1876 New York, 1877 London, 1878

The Danites; and other choice Selections (cover slightly soiled).

Songs of Italy.

The Poet's Tribute to Garfield (contains the poem "Rejoice by

Joaquin Miller).

Shadows of Shasta.

Forty-Nine: A California Drama in Four Acts.
'49, The Gold-Seeker of the Sierras.

Memorie and Rime.

The Destruction of Gotham.

Songs of the Mexican Seas.

In Classic Shades and other Poems.

My Own Story (lacks cover).

Songs of Summer Lands.

Songs of the Sierras and Sun Lands.
True Bear Stories.

As it was in the Beginning.

The Building of the City Beautiful.

New York, 1878 Boston, 1878 Cambridge, 1881 Chicago, 1881 San Francisco, 1882

New York, 1884 New York, 1884 New York, 1886

Boston, 1887

[blocks in formation]

507. MILTON (JOHN). Paradise Lost. With mezzotint plates, designed and engraved by John Martin. 2 vols., royal 8vo, half morocco (backs rubbed and faded, and some pp. spotted), uncut. London: Septimus Prowett, 1827 Laid in are 7 additional plates, consisting of a portrait of Milton, by Vertue, 4 plates by Grignion, and 2 by Ravenet.

508. MILTON (JOHN). The Poetical Works of John Milton. Edited by Sir Egerton Brydges. With imaginative illustrations by J. M. W. Turner. 6 vols., 12mo, half brown morocco, gilt tops. London, 1835

509. MINOT (GEORGE R.). Continuation of the History of the Province of Massachusetts Bay, from the Year 1748, with an Introductory Sketch of Events from its Original Settlement. 2 vols. in one. No portrait. 8vo, half calf. Boston, 1798-1803

This work brings the history of Massachusetts down to 1765 and was apparently intended as a continuation of Hutchinson.

510. MOLIÈRE. 2 portraits and 12 plates illustrating the works of Molière, etched by François Flameng after the designs of Louis Leloir.

Fine proofs on Holland paper.


511. [MONARDUS (NICOLAS).] Joyfull Newes out of the New-Found World. Title to the second part within woodcut border, and numerous woodcuts. Printed in Black Letter. Small 4to, old half calf (back strip loose, and title to the first part wanting).

[London, 1580] THE VERY RARE SECOND EDITION. Robert Southey's copy, with his autograph on fly-leaf, dated Bristol, 1802. The author was one of the most distinguished Spanish physicians of his time. This translation, by John Frampton, contains accounts of the curative plants of the New World. The work opens with a long notice on Columbus' discovery, and among other curious things contains a long article on tobacco. The Third Edition was the only edition in Church.

512. MONTAGU (MRS. ELIZABETH). An Essay on the Writings and Genius of Shakespear, compared with the Greek and French Dramatic Poets. With Remarks upon the Misrepresentations of Mons. de Voltaire. 8vo, original calf (hinges weak). London, 1769

FIRST EDITION. "The most elegant and judicious piece of criticism this world has produced." Wharton.

513. MONTAGUE (EDWARD). The Citizen; a Hudibrastic Poem. Five Cantos. To which is added Nelson's Ghost; a Poem. With 2 colored caricatures. 8vo, half blue morocco, gilt top.


In Two Parts.
London, 1806

514. MONTAIGNE. Essays of Michael Lord of Montaigne. Written by him in French and done into English by John Florio. Portrait. 3 vols. Folio, three-quarter lavender levant morocco, gilt backs, gilt tops, uncut, by Stikeman. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1902-04

One of 265 copies printed at the Riverside Press. One of the finest specimens of modern printing.

515. MONTAIGNE. The Works of Michael de Montaigne. With Notes, Life and Letters. The Essays of Montaigne translated by Charles Cotton; The Life and Letters, with Notes and Index. Colored frontispieces and other illustrations on Japan paper. 10 vols., large 8vo, three-quarter green levant morocco, gilt backs, gilt tops, uncut, by Stikeman.


New York: Edwin C. Hill, n.d.

516. MOORE (GEORGE). The Brook Kerith. A Syrian Story. 8vo, boards, uncut. Edinburgh, 1916

FIRST EDITION. One of 250 copies printed and signed by the author. 517. MORE (SIR THOMAS). The Historie of the Pitifvll Life, and unfortunate Death of Edward the fifth, and the then Duke of Yorke his brother: With the troublesome and tyrannical government of usurping Richard the third, and his miserable end. Portraits wanting. Small 12mo, old calf (one eover loose). London: Printed by Thomas Payne, 1641

The only extant edition. More's life of Edward and Richard, with a continuation from Hall and Holinshed's Chronicles, will be found in the first volume of Kennett's "History of England," and his Richard III. in Cayley's "Life of Sir Thos. More."

518. MORRIS (MAURICE O'CONNOR). Rambles in the Rocky Mountains: with a visit to the Gold Fields of Colorado. 12mo, cloth, uncut.


London, 1864

519. MORRIS (WILLIAM). Poems by the War. 4to, full brown levant morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bickers. London: Reeves and Turner, 1891 LARGE PAPER COPY OF THE FIRST EDITION. Laid in are four pages of Manuscript verse, written in pencil in the hand of William Morris, and apparently the original jottings of one of his Icelandic translations. Autographic specimens by Morris are very scarce.

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