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520. MOTLEY (JOHN LOTHROP). The Rise of the Dutch Republic. A History. 3 vols., 8vo, half calf, gilt backs. New York, 1856


521. MOTLEY (JOHN LOTHROP). History of the United Netherlands. 4 vols.; The Life and Death of John of Barneveld. 2 vols., illustrations. Together 6 vols., 8vo, cloth, gilt tops. New York, 1880 522. MUDIE (ROBERT). Summer; The Air; The Heavens; The Earth. Colored frontispieces and titles, 4 vols. London, v.d.; Gale's Cabinet of Knowledge. London, 1808. 5 vols., 12mo, cloth and half calf.


523. MUNDEN (JOSEPH SHEPHERD). Memoirs of Joseph Shepherd Munden, Comedian, by his Son. Svo, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut. London, 1844 FIRST EDITION. EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of 68 fine portraits, some in color, of the contemporary Thespians of Munden, among which may be mentioned character portraits of Munden; India Proof portrait of Quick; portrait of Wilson, by Leney; the Countess of Derby, by Knight; G. F. Cooke, on India paper; Mr. Macklin, as Macbeth; Louisa Countess Craven by Bourlier; Mrs. Orger as Lorezza, by Cook, on India paper; Mrs. Siddons, by Ridley; Mrs. Billington, in the Character of Mandane, by Heath, and others, many inlaid to size. 524. MUNTZ (EUGENE). Les Tapisseries de Raphael au Vatican et dans les Principaux Musées ou Collections de l'Europe. Étude Historique et Critique. Accompagnée de neuf eaux-fortes ou planches sur cuivre et de 125 illustrations. Folio, boards, morocco back, gilt top.

Edition limited to 315 copies.

Paris, 1897

525. MUSSET (ALFRED DE). The Complete Writings of Alfred de Musset. Colored frontispieces and other illustrations. 10 vols., large 8vo, three-quarter brown levant morocco, gilt backs, gilt tops, uncut, by Stikeman. [New York], Edwin C. Hill Co., 1905

Large Paper Edition, limited.


526. NAPOLEON. Original register of the grand Army. document containing 23,730 Names, with the date of birth, of wounded Soldiers of all ranks. For the year 1804, folio, original boards.

Of unusual interest.

527. NAPOLEON. Campagnes de la grande Armée et de l'Armée d'Italie en l'an XIV (1805). 8vo, original paper cover, uncut. Paris, 1806

528. NAPOLEON. Discours prononcé dans la Séance publique de la faculté de Medecine de Montpellier, le 20 Novembre 1809, pour l'inauguration du Buste de Napoléon le Grand, par Charles Louis Dumas. Vignette, coat of arms of Napoleon on title page, 4to, paper cover, Montpellier, 1809.

Very rare pamphlet relative to a bust of Napoleon, presented to the town of Montpellier.

529. NAPOLEON. Duos de F. Naderman. Piano music for three pieces, composed by the author in honor of Madame la maréchale Duroc, Madame Junot and Madame Récamier respectively. 4to, half green Cloth, gilt Edges. Paris, 1810

Interesting as having been composed for three of the most celebrated women of the first empire.

530. NAPOLEON. Calendar 1811. 32mo, full light pink silk greek gilt borders, gilt edges. Offenbach, by C. L. Brede, 1811 Choice Copy, illustrated with a portrait of Marie Louise, an engraved title-page and 10 charming plates, including one representing Napoleon at the tomb of Frederick the Great, all engraved by H. Ritter.

531. NAPOLEON. History of the wars resulting from the French revolution, including the life of Napoleon Bonaparte, from the Commencement of his Military Career to his final departure for St. Helena, by Edward Seymour. 2 vols, Svo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut.

London, 1815

Fine Copy containing all the maps in Colors, beautiful impressions of the portraits, which include: Napoleon, Bernardotte, Alexander of Russia, Murat, Duke of Wellington.

532, NAPOLEON. A Collection of 348 plates illustrating Thier's History of the Consulat and Empire, engraved on wood, after the designs of Philippoteaux, consisting of Portraits, Views, Battle scenes, historical events, etc., loose in Svo, portfolio. Paris, n.d.


533. NAPOLEON. Original Journals of the eighteen Campaigns of Napoleon Bonaparte; comprising all those in which he personally commanded in chief, to which are added all the bulletins relating to each Campaign now first published complete. 2 vols. 8vo, half green levant, richly tooled backs, gilt tops, uncut. London [1815]

Choice Copy in a handsome binding. This work contains much valuable information secured by the author's own personal knowledge and participation.

534. NAPOLEON. Interesting Facts relating to the Fall and Death of Joachim Murat, King of Naples, etc. By Francis Macirone. 8vo, half brown levant morocco, gilt, gilt top, uncut, by Riviere. Scarce. London, 1817

535. NAPOLEON. Histoire des Cent Jours, ou dernier règne de l'Empéreur Napoléon, by J. Hobhouse. Svo, half calf, yellow edges. Paris, 1819

536. NAPOLEON. Epître du Diable à Bonaparte, mai 1814; Le petit homme rouge; adieux de Buonaparte: La lanterne magique de la rue Impériale; Notice historique sur l'assasinat de Bourbon: Condé, Duc d'Enghien, etc. Various rare and interesting pamphlets relative to Napoleon, bound in one volume, 8vo, marble paper, uncut.

Paris, v.d.

537. NAPOLEON. Histoire de Napoleon, par M. de Norvins. Illustrated with 57 portraits, maps, battle scenes, etc., after Gros, Horace Vernet, Bellanger, and others. 4 vols., 8vo, original boards, cloth backs, entirlye uncut.

Paris, 1829 Fine copy. Rare in uncut state. The portraits include: Josephine, Lannes, Davoust, Suchet, Massena, Kleber, etc., etc.

538. NAPOLEON. Galeries historiques de Versailles, et Galerie Napoleon, illustrated with about 45 plates in outline, of which 35 are relative to Napoleon and representing some of his most celebrated Battles. 8vo, original boards, uncut. Paris, 1838

539. NAPOLEON. The Napoleon Museum. The history of France illustrated from Louis XIV to the end of the reign, and death of the Emperor, Comprising marbles, bronzes, carvings, gems, decorations, medallions, drawings, miniatures, portraits, prints, states' papers, manuscripts, coins, medals, Books, etc., collected, arranged and described by John Sainsbury. Thick 4to, full cloth. London, 1845

Monumental work, describing the greatest Napoleonic Collection ever assembled, illustrated with many facsimiles of signatures and letters. Portrait of the author, and a fine lithograph, representing a Corner of the Sainsbury Museum. Searce.

540. NAPOLEON. Raconté par l'Image. d'aprés les sculpteurs, les graveurs et les peintres, Armaud Dayot. 4to, full green publisher's Binding, gilt, Empire emblems, gilt edges. Paris, 1902

Indispensable work to the admirer of Napoleon, illustrated with hundreds of reproductions of rare engravings, medals, paintings, drawings, miniatures, busts, statues, caricatures, facsimile signatures, etc.

It also mentions the names of the collectors who own the original, from which the reproductions were made. The author has admirably written a short biography of Napoleon and has given valuable information in reference to many relics of Napoleon.

541. NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY of Illustrious and Eminent Personages of the Nineteenth Century. With Memoirs by William Jerdan. Numerous engraved portraits, with facsimile signatures. 4 vols. royal 8vo, polished calf. London, 1830-33


542. NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY of Illustrious and Eminent Personages of the Nineteenth Century. With Memoirs, by William Jerdan. Illustrated with fine portraits and facsimile signatures. 5 vols. 8vo, half London: Fisher, Son, and Jackson, 1830-1834


FIRST EDITION, with brilliant impressions of the portraits. 543. NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY of Distinguished Americans. With Biographical Sketches. Portraits and facsimile signatures. 5 vols. 8vo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1852

544. NAVIGATION. Le Compost Manuel Calendier, et Almanach Perpetuel. Par I. De Seville. Illustrations and tables. 4to, original limp vellum. A Rouen, Chez Thomas Mallard, 1595

A curious old book mentioning America.

545. NEAL (DANIEL). The History of New England Containing an Impartial Account of the Civil and Ecclesiastical Affairs of the Country to the Year of our Lord, 1700. To which is added The Present State of New England. With a New and Accurate Map of the Country, and an Appendix containing their Present Charter, their Ecclesiastical Discipline, and their Municipal Laws. 2 vols. 8vo, old calf, rebacked. London, 1720

FIRST EDITION. Fine clean copy inside.

546. NELL GWYN. The Story of Nell Gwyn, and the Sayings of Charles the Second. Related and collected by Peter Cunningham. Etched portraits of the author and Nell Gwyn. Royal 8vo, cloth, uncut. New York, 1883


547. NEW TESTAMENT. The New Testament of our Saviour Jesus Christ. Faithfully translated out of the Greeke, with the Notes and expositions of the darke places therein. BLACK LETTER, preface, notes, and headlines in roman, title in red and black within fine woodcut border containing the four Evangelists, royal arms, etc. Kalendar and Almanacke for XXXIII yeeres, in red and black. Small 8vo, old calf (worn, small hole and tear in Al, bit torn out at the bottom of A4, injuring several words of text, margins of several leaves in St. Matthew's Gospel injured by thumbing and trimmed, hurting a few side notes, a few headlines and side notes cut into at the beginning, and some old writing in places, but otherwise a perfect and large sound copy). Lond. Robert Barker, printer to the King, 1613 [Colophon at end dated, 1614]

AN EXTREMELY RARE EDITION OF THE CELEBRATED BISHOP'S VERSION, so rare in fact that Lowndes states that the only perfect one known was the Stevens copy, which is now in the Lenox Library in New York. The Bible Society possesses an imperfect copy wanting 19 leaves. There is no entry of it in the printed catalogue of the British Museum. THE PRESENT COPY IS QUITE COMPLETE, and, save for the few defects above mentioned, in good sound state throughout. At the end is bound with it a copy of The Whole Book of Psalmes, collected into English Meeter by T. Sternhold, J. Hopk. and others. Stationer's Company, 1616, printed in BLACK and Roman letter, with the music, fine ornamental border to title, but wanting the last leaf.

548. NEW YORK. A Gazetteer of the State of New-York. By H. G. Spofford. Folding map. 8vo, original sheep (name on title). Albany, 1813

549. NORGES HISTORIE. Fremstillet for det Norske Folk. Af Prof. Dr. A. Bugge and others. Profusely illustrated. Vols. 1, sec. 2.; 4, sec. 1 and 2; 6, sec. 2 only. 4 vols. royal 8vo, half morocco, red edges.

Kristiania, 1910-09

550. NORMAND (M. A. LE). The Historical and Secret Memoirs of the Empress Josephine. Frontispieces. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut.

Limited edition.

London, 1895

551. NORTHERN ANTIQUITIES (Percy), London, 1859; The Bachelor's Christmas (Grant), N. Y., 1906; An English Commentary on Dante's Divina Commedia (Tozer), Oxford, 1901; Madame Bovary (Flaubert), London, 1886; Outlines of a Philosophy of Religion (Sabatier), N. Y. 1899. 5 vols. various sizes and bindings.

552. NORWEGIAN. Novels and Criticisms: Den Sidste Glaede (Hamsun), 1912; Litteraturhist Smaaskritter (Irgens), 1906; Norske Kvad, 18141905 (Prestgard), 1906, and others. 13 vols. 12mo and 8vo, various bindings.

553. NOTES AND QUERIES. Vols. 1-12; New Series, Vols. 1-12; Third Series, Vols. 1-12; General Index to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Series; Fourth Series; Vols. 1-12 and Index; Fifth Series; Vols. 1-12; Sixth Series; Vols. 1-4. Together 66 vols. square 8vo, half calf (rubbed and a few bindings cracked). London, 1850-81

554. NOVUM TESTAMENTUM Graece. Ad antiquissimos testes denuo recensuit. Apparatum criticum omni studio perfectum apposuit commentationem isagogicam praetextuit Constantinus Tischendorf. 2 vols., full crushed crimson levant morocco, gilt backs, inside dentelles, gilt edges.

Lipsiae: Giesecke & Devrient, 1869 A handsome copy. The title and the list of MSS., have not been bound in the second volume, but the text is complete.

555. NOYES (ALFRED). The Forest of Wild Thyme. A Tale for Children under Ninety. FIRST EDITION. 12mo, cloth, gilt top, uncut.

Edinburgh, 1905 556. OGILVIE (JOHN). Poems on Several Subjects. Engraved plates. 2 vols. 8vo, old calf. London, 1769

557. OLMSTED (FREDERICK LAW). A Journey through Texas; or, A Winter of Saddle and Camp Life, etc. Frontispiece and folding map. Small 8vo, half polished brown morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Riviere. London, 1857 558. OREGON. The Oregon Question; or, a Statement of the British claims to the Oregon Territory. By Thomas Falconer. 8vo, new cloth.

London, 1845

559. ORIGINAL WATER COLOR and pen and ink drawings, of sea scapes with old shipping, landscapes, studies of trees, early railway water color drawing, pen and ink sketch of eagles by Sir E. Landseer, R. A., Colored aquatints, caricatures, views, etchings, mezzotints, some humorous, etc., etc. The whole mounted in a folio volume, half bound.

A very interesting scrap book containing among many other noteworthy items a curious contemporary water color portrait of Napoleon beneath a gallows with the inscription, "Napoleon Chef de Brigands at his post of honor, " dated 23 Jan. 1814, and an early print showing quaintly designed flying machines, dated 1829.

560. ORIGIN of Species (Darwin), 2 vols. London, 1891; Selections from Berkeley (Fraser), Oxford, 1884; Biographical History of Philosophy (Lewes), N. Y., 1893. 4 vols. 12mo and 8vo, cloth.

561. OSSIAN. The Poems of Ossian. Translated by James Macpherson. Engraved portrait and plates. 2 vols. 8vo, half green morocco, gilt tops, uncut. London, 1806

562. OVID. Ovid's Epistles. Translated by Several Hands. Engraved frontispiece. 8vo, contemporary calf. London: Printed for Jacob Tonson, 1680 FIRST EDITION. The Preface is signed by Dryden. Among the other contributors were Tate, Flatman, Mrs. Behn, Settle, Lord Mulgrave, Rhymer, and Otway. The translation gave occasion for several burlesques. With bookplates of G. W. F. Gregor, and Marshall C. Lefferts. 563. PAINE (THOMAS). Writings. Collected and Edited by Moncure D. Conway. 4 vols. royal 8vo, cloth, leather backs (rubbed), gilt tops, uncut. New York, 1894

One of 150 copies.

564. PAINTING. A New History of Painting in Italy. From the II to the XVI Century. By Crowe and Cavalcaselle. Edited by Edward Hutton. With 300 illustrations. 3 vols. Square 8vo, half crimson levant morocco, gilt backs, gilt tops, uncut, by Stikeman.

London, 1908 565. PALFREY (JOHN G.). History of New England during the Stuart Dynasty. Maps. 4 vols. Large 8vo, cloth. Boston, v.y. 566. PARDOE (MISS). Lady Arabella; or, The Adventures of a Doll. With 2 plates in color by 'Phiz," each plate in three states. Square 12mo, half red morocco, gilt top, by Mansell. London: Kerby and Son, n.d. Scarce.


567. PARKMAN (FRANCIS). The Historical Writings. Profusely illustrated with Goupil photogravure plates on Japan paper. 20 vols. 8vo, cloth, gilt tops, uncut paper labels.

Fine copy of the Champlain Edition.

Boston, 1897

568. PAROISSIEN ROMAIN, contenant les Offices de tous les dimanches et des Principales fêtes de l'année, en Latin et en Français. Printed within ornamental borders. Engraved plates. 12mo, handsomely bound in full brown morocco, with elaborate silver-plated clasps and fittings, in handsome filigree, design, gilt edges. Paris, n.d.

569. PATENTS. U. S. Patent Office Bulletins covering inventions of Printing and Stationery Machinery. Hundreds of diagrams. 6 vols. thick imp. 8vo, sheep, leather labels. Washington, v.d. 570. PECORONE of Ser Giovanni (The) 3 vols.; The Facetious Nights of Straparola. 3 vols. (vol 3 missing). Illustrated. Together 6 vols. 8vo, gilt cloth, gilt tops, uncut.

London, 1898

Limited Edition, printed on Venetian deckel-edge paper. 571. PENN (WILLIAM). An Account of W. Penn's Travails in Holland and Germany. Anno MDCLXXVII. For the Service of the Gospel of Christ, by way of Journal. Containing also Divers Letters and Epistles writ to several Great and Eminent Persons whilst there. 12mo, original sheep (some headlines cut into). London, 1694


572. PENNSYLVANIA MAGAZINE, or, American Monthly Museum, 1775. Maps and plates (one wanting). 8vo, sheep.

Philadelphia: R. Aitken, [1775] The maps include: Harbor and Town of Boston; City of Boston; Gen. Gage's line on Boston Neck; Map of the present seat of war on the borders of Canada; City of Quebec, etc.

573. PERRIN DU LAC (F. M.). Travels through the Two Louisianas, and among the Savage Nations of the Missouri; also, in the United States, along the Ohio, and the adjacent Provinces, in 1801, 1802, and 1803. Translated from the French. 8vo, half calf. London, 1807

FIRST ENGLISH EDITION. Contains a sketch of the manners, customs, character, and the civil and religious ceremonies of the people of the western countries.

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