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56. BISHOP (G. A.). The poore mans Librarie. Rapsodiae G. A. Byshop of Exceter upon the first Epistle of S. Peter, read publickely in the Cathedrall Church of Sainte Paule, within the citie of London, 1560. Folio, half leather. Imprinted at London by John Daye [1571]

Title-page inlaid, several leaves missing.

57. BRETON (NICHOLAS). Fantasticks: Seruing for a perpetvall Prognostication. Descants of 1. The World; 2. The Earth; 3. Water, etc. Small 4to, full russia, blind tooling on back and sides.

London: Printed for Francis Williams, 1626 FINE COPY OF THE FIRST EDITION, with the preliminary and final blank leaves. The Thomas Jolley-Hoe copy, with bookplates, and the autograph of Thomas Jolley. The copy mentioned by Hazlitt.

58. [BRIDGES (ROBERT).] boards, uncut.

The Growth of Love. 12mo, original

One of four hundred copies.


Portland, Maine, 1894

Catalogue of the American Library of the late Mr. George Brinley, of Hartford, Conn. The five parts bound in 2 vols., with INDEX AND PRINTED PRICES. 8vo, half morocco, gilt tops, uncut, with the original wrappers bound in place. New York, 1878-93 Fine copy of this valuable catalogue, rarely found complete with the Index and Prices. The first two parts have also been priced in ink.

60. BROADSIDE. In Congress, July 4, 1776. A Declaration by the Representatives of the United States of America in General Congress Assembled. Large folio. Facsimile of the copy in the Library of the American Philosophical Society. About 600 copies; offered as one lot.


61. BROADSIDE PEACE CELEBRATION. In Assembly, Tuesday, December 2d, 1783, A. M. "The Report of the Committee, read November 29th, relative to the Preparations to be made for Public Demonstrations of Joy, was read for the second Time, and adopted, as follows, viz.

The Committee appointed to confer with Council concerning the Public Demonstrations of Joy it may now be proper to authorize in this State, upon the Definitive Treaty of Peace between The United States and Great Britain, beg leave to report, as the joint Opinion of that Board and your Committee

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Then follows a full description of the triumphal arch to be erected at the upper end of High or Market Street, between Sixth and Seventh Streets, appropriating for the purpose a sum not exceeding six hundred pounds, and rules to be observed by the populace on the occasion. The Report closes with the following sentence:

"Any Boys or others, who disturb the Citizens by throwing Squibs or Crackers, or otherwise, will be immediately apprehended and sent to the Work-house." 4to.


62. BROADSIDE, CONTINENTAL CONGRESS. Your Committee beg leave to Report,

That they consider the confederation as a compact between sovereignties for mutual good.

That the union under authority of that compact has a right to demand the services stipulated to be performed by each state expressed by the articles of the said compact.

That a delegate having taken his seat in Congress, has no right to withdraw himself from Congress without permission obtained, unless recalled by the state he represents. [June 16, 1786.] Folio.

63. BROADSIDE. CONTINENTAL CONGRESS. By the United States in Congress assembled. September 18, 1786. Report of the Committee to whom was referred a letter of the 12th, from the board of treasury on the subject of the payment of Federal taxes.

"Resolved, That as the annual requisitions of the United States in Congress assembled, were made by them in virtue of the powers of the confederation, and for the necessary purposes of government, the same are obligatory on the states as such, and ought to be discharged by them in the manner by the said requisitions directed, and in no other." Folio. Broadside.

The legislatures of the states of Rhode Island and New Jersey had passed acts making the paper currency of the states receivable on all arrears of taxes due to the United States, whereas the act of Congress required that payment be made in specie.

64. BROADSIDE. Statement of the Expenses of the Town of Boston, From May, 1801, to May, 1802. Oblong folio. Boston, June, 1802 65. BROADSIDE. Catalogue of the Members of Harvard College, Cambridge. 1 p. Folio. October, 1804


Brave Tennesseans!

CREEK WAR. General Orders. Sept. 24, 1813.

Your frontier is threatened with invasion by the savage foe! Already they advance towards your frontier,

I am commanded by his Excellency Gov. Blount, to call into the field, at the shortest possible day, two thousand men of the volunteer infantry and militia of my division.

The present crisis will try the patriotism of my division-Your country relies on it-Your general has the utmost confidence that the full number will appear at the day and place, well equipped and ready to meet the foe. The health of your general is restored. He will command in person. (Signed) ANDREW JACKSON, Maj. Gen. 2d Division, T. M.

1 p. 4to.

This is a call for the mobilization of 2,000 men, militia and volunteers, to repel a threatened invasion and attack to be made by the Creek Indians. Writing on lower margin.

67. BROADSIDE. CREEK WAR. General Orders. Division, Nashville, May 24, 1814.

Brave Tennesseans of the 2nd Division,

Headquarters, 2d

The Creek War, through the Divine aid of Providence, and the valor of the arms of those engaged in the campaign, in which you bore a conspicuous share, has been brought to a happy termination, Etc., etc.

1 p. 4to.

(Signed) ANDREW JACKSON, Major-General Com'd'g. 2d Division T. M.

This is an order calling for the Brigadier-Generals of the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 9th Brigades of the 2d division to furnish from each brigade by draft or voluntary enlistment, two hundred men, for six months, to perform garrison and police duty in the recently acquired territory.



69. BROADSIDE. Proclamation by Andrew Jackson, President of the United States, against Nullification.

Whereas, a Convention assembled in the State of South Carolina have passed an Ordinance, by which they declare "That the several acts and parts of acts of the Congress of the United States, are unauthorized by the Constitution of the United States, and violate the true meaning and intent thereof, and are null and void, and no law,'. ..


I, Andrew Jackson, President of the United States, have thought proper to issue this my Proclamation .

The laws of the United States must be executed. I have no discretionary power on the subject-my duty is emphatically pronounced in the Constitution. Those who told you that you might peaceably prevent their execution, deceived you Their object is disunion; but be not deceived by names; disunion by armed force, is TREASON. Printed on satin for presentation purposes. 4 columns on yellow satin, 18 x 31 in.

Washington, Dec. 10, 1832

RARE. The first attempt at secession from the Union, defeated by Andrew Jackson.


Proclamation by Andrew Jackson, President of the United States, against Nullification. Printed on a single sheet of paper, in 8 columns, 22 x 32 ins.

The same as above, but printed on paper.

70. BRONTE. Letters on Charlotte Brontë. By Mrs. Gaskell. Small 4to, original wrappers.

One of 25 copies privately printed.

71. BRONTE (CHARLOTTE). Saul, and other Poems. wrappers, uncut, in half morocco slip case.

[London, 1908]

12mo, original

London: Printed for Private Circulation, 1913 EXTREMELY SCARCE. The First Edition, of which only 30 copies were privately printed.

72. BROWN (HENRY COLLINS, Editor). Valentine's Manual of the City of New York for 1917-1918. With numerous views of New York, some in color. 12mo, cloth, gilt top. New York [1917]

No. 2 of New Series.

73. BROWNING (ELIZABETH BARRETT). The Seraphim, and other Poems. 12mo, original cloth, uncut. London, 1838


74. BROWNING (ELIZABETH BARRETT). Poems. 2 vols. 12mo, original cloth, uncut. London: Edward Moxon, 1844

Fine copy of the very scarce First Edition.

75. BROWNING (ELIZABETH BARRETT). Last Poems. FIRST EDITION, London, 1862; Prometheus Bound and other Poems. Introduction by Alice Meynell, 1896; The Battle of Marathon. Privately Printed, 1891. 3 vols. 12mo and 8vo, cloth, uncut.

v.p., v.d.

76. BROWNING (ROBERT). Gold Hair: A Legend of Pornic. 15pp., 12mo, blue paper wrappers, uncut, in morocco case. [London] 1864 THE VERY RARE FIRST EDITION, of which but a few copies were privately issued for Browning's use. The poem was included later in the same year in "Dramatis Personae."

77. BROWNING (ROBERT). La Saisiaz, 1878; Dramatic Idyls, Both Series, 1879-80; Handbook to Robert Browning's Works (Mrs. Orr), London, 1886. 4 vols. 12mo, original cloth. London, v.d.

ALL FIRST EDITIONS, except the last.

78. BROWNING (ROBERT). Prince Hohenstiel-Schwangau, 1871; Fifine at the Fair, 1872; The Red Cotton Night-Cap Country, 1873; The Inn Album, 1875; La Saisiaz, 1878; Parleyings with Certain People, 1887. 6 vols. 12mo, original cloth. London, v.d. FIRST EDITIONS.

79. BRYANT (William Cullen). Voices of Nature. FIRST EDITION. 12mo, original paper covers. With illustrations. New York, 1865

80. BUCHANAN (GEORGE). Rerum Scoticarum Historia. Folio, old half calf (cover loose).

Edinburgi Apud Alexandrum Arbuthnetum Typographum Regium Anno M. D. LXXXII, 1582 VERY RARE. With the blank leaf Mm vi, which is included in the numbering of the folios. Old manuscript notes on title and margins.

81. BURNS (ROBERT). A stipple engraved portrait by C. Tiebout. Supposed to be the portrait used in the first New York edition of Burns.

82. BYRON (GEORGE GORDON-LORD). The Works of. Poetry, Letters, and Journals. Profusely illustrated. 13 vols., 8vo, cloth, gilt tops, uncut. London and New York, 1903

The last and best edition. Edited by E. H. Coleridge and Rowland E. Prothero.

83. CAESAR. C. Iulii Caesaris Rerum ab se Gestarum Commentarii. Thick small 12mo, original limp vellum.

Apud Seb. Gryphuim Lugduni, 1546 With many contemporary manuscript notes on margins and fly leaves.

84. CAMPBELL (THOMAS). A. L. S., 1 P. 4to. May 5, 1835. To Captain Lagondie (hole repaired in text).

85. CANADA. Lescarbot (Marc). Histoire de la Nouvelle France Contenant, les navigations, découvertes, & habitations faites par les Francois és Indes Occidentale & Nouvelle-France soux l'avoeu & authorité de noz Rois Tres-Chretiens, & les diverses fortunes d'iceux en l'execution de ces choses, depuis cent ans jusques a hui. En quoy est comprise l'Histoire Morale, Naturele & Geographique de ladite province: Avec les Tables & Figures d'icelle. 12mo, three parts bound in 2 vols., half morocco (rubbed).

Paris, 1609

A good copy except that it lacks two of the maps. This very important and reliable work on the early French settlements in Canada is divided into three books: The first gives an account of the voyages of Verrazano, Laudonniere, Courgues, and Villegagnon; the second contains the voyages of Cartier, Roberval, De Monts, Poutrincourt, and the first voyages of Champlain; and the third contains an interesting description of the manners and customs of the Indians.

With the Marshall bookplate.

86. CANADA DOCUMENT. Edict of the Council of State Suspending the Collection of Duties at French Ports on goods destined for the French Colonies in America. Contemporary Copy. 12 pages manuscript, 4to, signed Phelypeaux and dated Feb. 15, 1720.

87. CARACCIOLUS (ROBERTUS). Sermones Quadragesimales, de Adventu et de timore De cum quibusdam aliis annexis. Thick 4to, brown levant morocco, tooled arabesque borders, gilt gauffred edges, by F. Bedford. [Colophon to second part:] Impressi in civitate Venetiarum, per Franciscum de Hailbrun, 1479

Three parts in one volume, together 426 unnumbered leaves, one being blank. Three initials are illuminated in gold and color, many other painted in red and blue. There are many notes in a contemporary hand throughout the volume in the handwriting of Melanchthon, according to a pencil note by Mr. Hoe, whose copy it was. 88. CARRINGTON (HENRY B.). Battles of the American Revolution. 1775-1781. Historical and Military Criticism, with Topographical Illustration. With numerous maps and plans. 8vo, cloth (worn). New York, 1876

On the fly leaf is an autograph inscription by the author, stating that he finished the work at Tarrytown in conference with Washington Irving, July 4, 1876.

89. CARTARI (VINCENT). Imagines Deorum Qui Ab Antiquis Colebantur: In quibus simulacra, ritus, caerimoniae magnaq. ex parte veterum religio explicatur. Small 4to, old calf (much worn).

Lugduni, apud Stephanum Michaelem, 1581

90. CATALOGUE of an Exhibition of Books, Broadsides, Autographs, etc., illustrative of the History and Progress of Printing and Bookselling in England, 1477-1800. 2 copies, 1912; Grolier Club list of Publications and Exhibition Catalogues, 1884-1916, New York, 1916. 3 vols. 8vo and small 4to, original wrappers.

91. CATALOGUE. De Luxe Catalogue of the Art and Literary Treasures collected by the late General Brayton Ives. Imp. 8vo, parchment boards. New York, 1915

One of 350 numbered copies.

92. CHARLESTON, S. C. View. St. Phillip's Church at Charleston, S. C. Front elevation. A steel engraving. June, 1753. From Gentleman's Maga



93. CHRISTIAN EMBLEMS. Emblemata, Chrestienes et Morales Par Zacharias Heyns. Four parts in one volume. Engraved titles, portrait and beautiful copper-plates. 4to, full vellum.

Rotterdam: By Pieter van Waesberge, 1625

Very fine copy, with the plates in very brilliant state.

94. CICERO (M. T.). Somnium Scipionis Ex Ciceronis Libro de Republica Excerptum. Folio, original vellum, some blank leaves at the beginning and end torn on the edges, but text intact.

[Colophon:] Venetiis impressa sunt per Joannem Rubeu de Vercellis anno a natali christiano. 1490

95. CICERO. Title: Marci Tullij Ciceronis Consulis Romani . . . Officiorum liber incipit. Colophon: (L 7vo.): Habes amate lector tres libros Officiorum Tullij denuo satis laboriose emedatos; vigiliqz diligentia Baccalarij Martini Herbipolensis; Liptzensis Civis ibi a novo impressos; . . . Millesimoquingentesimo quarto. . . (device below).

TERENCE. Title: Publij Terentij Comedie qy sedulo p, Paulum Malleolu recognite: Annotateqz. In officina Baccalarij wolf gangi Monacen nuper Impressi. Colophon: Arte et industria Baccalarij Wolfgangi Monacensis, concivis Liptzen. xiij. die Mensis Aprilis. Anno domi supra millesimuquingetesimu quarto.

JUVENAL. Title: Liber Satyraru Junij Juvenalis poete lepidissimi. Colophon: Habes amate Lector textuz Junij Juvenalis vigiliqz diligentia Baccalarij Martinij Herbipolensis: Lipsensis civis; ibidez ano uo pressum. Millesimo quingentesimoquarto. Septimo ydus mensis Augusti finitum. The three bound together in one vol. A portion of the blank margin cut off title of No. 1, and one tear in a leaf of No. 2. Folio, original boards, pigskin back, stamped with ornaments, clasps.

Leipzig (1) Martin (Landsberg), 1504; (2) Wolfg. (Stockel),
13 Apl. 1504; (3) Martin (Landsberg) 7 id, Aug. 1504
RARE EDITIONS. Not one of the three is in the British Museum.
A fine large copy with full margins, some having uncut edges.
Numerous contemporary manuscript notes in all three volumes.

96. CIVIL WAR. Manuscript Map of the Country between Corinth, the Confederate base, and Pittsburg Landing, showing the location of the batteries. [March, 1862.]

An Important Civil War Item.

97. CIVIL WAR. Major-General N. P. Banks. General Orders No. 184. Appointing Banks to Command of the Department of the Gulf. 12mo. Nov. 8, 1862; (also) Proclamation by General Banks on assuming command. Svo. 2 pieces. New Orleans, Dec. 16, 1862

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