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LOTS 1-251

1. ABORIGINAL TRIBES (of North America, New South Wales, Van Dieman's Land and British Guiana). Copies or Extracts of Reports and Documents ordered printed by the House of Commons. Folio, sewn. [London], 1834

More than half the volume, or nearly 150 pages, relate to the Canadian Indians.

2. ADAIR (JAMES). The History of the American Indians; particularly those Nations adjoining to the Mississippi, East and West Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina and Virginia; Containing an Account of their Origin, Language, Manners, Religion and Civil Customs . . . . a Complete Indian System . with an Appendix, containing a Description of the Floridas, and the Mississippi Lands. Fine copperplate map. 4to, half morocco, gilt back. London, 1775

FINE COPY OF THE RARE ORIGINAL EDITION. With AUTOGRAPH ON TITLE, of THOMAS CAMPBELL, the Poet. Contains a description of the Floridas and the Mississippi Lands, with their productions. The author was a Trader with the Indians, and resided in their country for 40 years.

3. ESOP AND GAY. The Fables of Aesop. With a Life of the Author. Embellished with 112 plates by William Blake, Stothard, Landseer, Wilson, Audinet, etc. 2 vols., London, 1793; [also] Gay (John). Fables. With a Life of the Author. Embellished with 70 plates. 2 vols. London, 1793. Together, 4 vols. royal 8vo, full polished calf, gilt backs, gilt edges, by Morrell.


London: Printed for John Stockdale, 1793

A VERY FINE, TALL COPY, with brilliant impressions of the plates.

4. AINSWORTH (WILLIAM HARRISON). The Tower of London. Historical Romance. Illustrations by George Cruikshank. 8vo, full polished calf, gilt top, uncut, by Tout. London, 1840

FINE COPY OF THE FIRST EDITION, with an A. L. S. of the author inserted.

5. ALASKA. On the Remains of later Pre-Historic Man obtained from Caves in the Catherina Archipeligo, Alaska Territory, etc. By W. H. Dall. Illustrated. 4to, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut, original wrappers bound in. Washington, 1878


6. ALBANY CONVENTION of 1754. Proceedings of Commissioners on Indian Affairs from Six Provinces met at Albany, Anno 1754. Portraits. Folio, full crimson levant morocco, the back and sides decorated with Indian heads and other emblematic tooling, gilt top, uncut, by Macdonald. New York, 1914

The foundation of this book is "Manuscripts of Sir William Johnson," which has been inlaid from 8vo to folio size. The Extra Illustrations consist of 30 fine portraits and 75 Autograph Letters and Documents of Members of the Convention, and noted characters connected with Indian affairs of the Colonies, including several Colonial Governors. Included are: Appointment of Paulus, alias Tarachyodus, to be Lieutenant of Indians, signed by Gov. W. Shirley, fine A. L. S. by Benjamin Franklin, A. L. S. by Gov. Horatio Sharpe, New York Documents and Autograph Letters, signed by Philip Schuyler, 1748, Cornelius Cuyler, Peter Winne, Sybrant G. Van Schaick, Jacob C. Ten Eyck, Richard Peters, John Worthington, Samuel Welles, John Chambers, John Penn, Elisha Williams, Sir William Johnson, James Alexander, Philip Livingston, Henry Sherburne, Thomas Pownall, William Pitkin, and others.


7. ALDINE POETS. A Fine and Complete Set, of First Issues throughout, having all the half-titles. Engraved portrait frontispieces. 53 vols. 12mo, handsomely bound in half red levant morocco, gilt edges, by Rivière.

London: William Pickering, 1830-1845

FIRST ISSUES of every volume throughout, exceedingly difficult to procure in this state, the Chaucer, Churchill and several others being exeessively rare.

The following is a list of the set, which will be useful to collectors: Thomson, 2 vols. (1830); Collins (1830); White (1830); Cowper, 3 vols. (1830-31); Howard (1831); Wyatt (1831); Beattie (1831); Pope, 3 vols. (1831); Goldsmith (1831); Milton, 3 vols. (1832); Shakespeare (1832); Dryden, 5 vols. (1832-33); Parnell (1833); Swift, 3 vols. (183334); Young, 2 vols. (1834); Akenside (1835); Butler, 2 vols (1835); Prior, 2 vols. (1835); Falconer (1836); Gray (1836); Spencer, 5 vols. (1839); Burns, 3 vols. (1839); Churchill, 3 vols. (1844); Chaucer, 6 vols. (1845).

[The edition of Burns, in 3 vols. (1839), supersedes the one in 2 vols. (1830).]

8. ALEMAN (MATHEO). The Rogue; or, The Life of Guzman de Alfarache. Folio, old calf (back broken).

London: Printed for Edward Blount, 1623

FIRST ENGLISH TRANSLATION, by James Mabbe. Contains commendatory verses by Ben Jonson, John Fletcher, Leonard Digges, Edward Burton and W. Browne. It has the genuine blank leaf at p. 87, as well as the original end-papers, on one of which is written "Sum ex libris H. Holland, May 17, 1653." Fine copy.

Philad March 12.17544

I wrote to you about a Month finie,


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9. ALKEN COLORED PLATES. 'Down the Road' or Reminiscences of a Gentleman Coachman. By C. T. S. Birch Reynardson. Illustrated with 12 BRILLIANTLY COLORED PLATES AFTER HENRY ALKEN. 8vo, half brown levant morocco, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. FIRST EDITION. Very fine copy. London, 1875

10. ALLEN (ETHAN). A Narrative of the Captivity of Col. Ethan Allen, from the time of his being taken by the British, near Montreal, on the 25th day of September, in the year 1775, to the time of his exchange, on the 6th day of May, 1778. Containing his Voyages and Travels. Written by himself. 12mo, half red morocco, gilt top. Albany, 1814

Scarce. Contains also biographical sketches of Ethan Allen, Gen. Greene, Gen. Putnam.

11. ALLEN (ETHAN). Memoir of Ethan Allen; containing the most interestaing Incidents connected with his Private and Public Career. By Hugh Moore. 12mo, cloth (worn, and pp. somewhat spotted). Plattsburgh, 1834

Scarce edition.

12. ALLEN (E. L.). A Thrilling Sketch of the Life of the Distinguished Chief Okah Tubbee, alias, Wm. Chubbee, Son of the Head Chief, Mosholeh Tubbee, of the Choctaw Nation, of Indiana. 12mo, boards, with original blue wrappers bound as issued. New York, 1848

VERY SCARCE. Field remarks: "This is the first part of a narrative which was intended to have been completed in several numbers but which is not known to have survived the first." Not in Sabin.

13. ALPS. Peaks, Passes and Glaciers. A Series of Excursions by Members of the Alpine Club. Edited by John Ball, 1859; Second Series, Edited by Edward Shirley Kennedy, 2 vols. 1862. Illustrated with maps, colored plates and woodcuts. 3 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1859-1862


14. AMERICAN ANTIQUARIAN and Oriental Journal (The). Vol. XXVI. Jan.-Nov. 1904. Edited by Stephen D. Peet. 8vo, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut. Chicago, 1904

15. AMERICAN BOOK PRICES CURRENT. A Record of Books, Manuscripts, and Autographs sold at Auction. Compiled by Luther S. Livingston. From 1895 to 1913. 20 vols. 8vo, cloth, gilt tops. New York, 1895-1913

A complete set to 1913.

16. AMERICAN ETHNOLOGY. Tsimshian Texts. By Frank Roas, 1902; Physiological and Medical Observations. By Ales Hrdlicka, 1908; Antiquities of Central and South-Eastern Missouri. By Gerard Fowke, 1910. Illustrations. 3 vols. 8vo and royal 8vo, cloth. Washington, v. d.

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