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288. AMERICAN REVOLUTION. The Representations of Governor Hutchinson and others, contained in certain Letters transmitted to England, and afterwards returned from thence, and laid before the General-Assembly of the Massachusetts-Bay. Together with the Resolves of the two Houses thereon. 8vo, stitched, uncut.

Boston, N. E.: Printed and Sold by Edes and Gill, in Queen-Street, 1773

FINE COPY, TOTALLY UNCUT, of the rarest of all the writings of Governor Hutchinson. These Representations relate to the famous letters which found their way back to Boston, through the medium of Benjamin Franklin, and the publication of which, by order of the General Court, did more perhaps to bring revolutionary matters to a crisis than anything which had

gone before, not excepting the “Boston Tea Party." 289. AMERICAN REVOLUTION. [Robinson (Matthew).] Considerations on the Measures Carrying on with Respect to the British Colonies in North America. 8vo, half morocco. London, Printed: Boston, Re-printed and Sold by Edes and Gill ... 1774

An arraignment of Lord North's policy. Probably the first American edition. 290. AMERICAN REVOLUTION. A Defence of the Resolutions and Address of the American Congress, in Reply to Taxation no Tyranny. By the the Author of Regulus. To which are added, General Remarks on the Leading Principles of that Work, etc. 8vo, stitched, 96 pp.

London: J. Williams [1775) A very rare pamphlet on the American Revolution. Pages 93 to 96 contain: A Chain of Deductions drawn from one clear principle of Common

Sense and Experience. The Authorship is nowhere disclosed. 291. AMERICAN REVOLUTION. West (Samuel). Sermon preached before the Honourable Council and the Honourable House of Representatives, of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay, in New England, May 29, 1776. Being the Anniversary for the Election of the Council for the Colony. 8vo, half morocco.

Boston: Printed by John Gill, in Queen Street, 1776 Has the rare half-title. This rare and important historical sermon was preached only five weeks before the Declaration of Independence and relates entirely to the controversy existing between Great Britain and the American colonies. It is the first of these annual sermons preached without the presence of the royal governor. With inscription on half-title: John

Foxcroft's “The Gift of Mayor Osgood.'' 292. AMERICAN REVOLUTION. Government and Liberty described; and Ecclesastical Tyranny exposed. By Isaac Backus. 12mo, stitched, UNCUT.

Massachusetts-State: Boston, n. d. [1778] Extremely rare revolutionary item. There seems to be only the copy in the John Carter Brown Library recorded. 293. AMERICAN REVOLUTION. State of Massachusetts Bay. An Act for. apportioning and assessing a tax of 2,776,695 Pounds Two shillings and two pence upon the several Towns and other places in this state . . . for defreying the public charges;


[Boston: Benjamin Edes & Sons, 1779] Very rare revolutionary tax act. 294. AMERICAN REVOLUTION. A Circular Letter from the Congress of the United States of America to their Constituents. 8vo, stitched.

Boston: By Order of the General Assembly of the State of Massachusetts Bay, 1779

Signed by John Jay as President of Congress. 295. AMERICAN REVOLUTION. A Full and Faithful Report of the Debates in both Houses of Parliament on Monday the 17th of February, and Friday the 21st of February, 1783, on the Articles of Peace. 8vo, half morocco (cracked).

London (1783] Very Scarce. A perfect copy, with half title, the second part, “Debates in the House of Lords’’ having separate pagination.


296. AMERICAN REVOLUTION. Stiles (Ezra). The United States Elevated to Glory and Honour. A Sermon Preached . before His Excellency Jonathan Trumbull, Esq. L.L.D. Governour and Commander in Chief, and the Honourable the General Assembly, of the State of Connecticut, convened at Hartford, at the Anniversary Election, May 8th, 1783. 8vo, stitched.

New Haven, 1783 The extremely rare first edition of an unusual, fine and important historical Revolutionary Sermon. 297. AMERICAN REVOLUTION. Stiles (Ezra). The United States eleFated to Glory and Honour. A Sermon preached before His Excellency Jonathan Trumbull, Governor and the Assembly of the Senate of ConLecticut, convened at Hartford, 1783 .. Second edition corrected. half morocco, gilt top.

Worcester, 1785 298. AMERICAN REVOLUTION. Broadside. Fragment of an Original Letter on the Slavery of the Negroes; Written in the Year 1776, by Thomas Day, Esq. Folio, edges untrimmed, folded and bound in half morocco.

(Colophon:] Philadelphia: Printed by Francis Baileu, at Yorick's Head, MDCCLXXXIV (1784]

EXCEEDINGLY SCARCE. This is the American printed issue of which we can locate but one copy.

The letter was written at the request of Colonel John Laurens (son of Henry Laurens), of whom the author gives a short biographical foot-note.

The present issue is printed in three columns of fine type, with an “Advertisement,” by the author, at top of first column. 299. AMERICAN REVOLUTION. Dwight (Timothy). Greenfield Hill; A Poem, in seven Parts. 8vo, old calf.

N. Y. 1794 FIRST EDITION. 300. AMERICAN REVOLUTION. Report of the Committee of Claims, on the Petition of John Wood. 8vo, half morocco.

N. p. [1803] Wood had advanced certain sums for the relief of American Prisoners in Canada during the Revolution. His claim was denied. 301. AMERICAN REVOLUTION. Memoirs of an American lady; with sketches of manners and Scenery in America, as they existed previous to the Revolution. By Mrs. Grant. 8vo, half blue morocco, gilt top. N. Y. 1809

First American edition. 302. AMERICAN REVOLUTION. Waldo (S. Putnam). Biographical Sketches of Distinguished American Naval Heroes in the War of the Revolution . . . Comprising Sketches of Com. Nicholas Biddle, Com. Paul Jones, Com. Edward Preble, and Com. Alexander Murray. Portrait and plate. 8vo, original sheep.

Hartford, 1823 303. AMERICAN STAGE. Murray (Lindley). Extract from the Writings of divers eminent authors representing the Evils and Pernicious Effects of Stage Plays, and other Vain Amusements. 8vo, half morocco. Phila. 1799

304. AMERICAN STAGE. Carey (Mathew). Desultory Reflections excited by the recent calamitous Fate of John Fullerton. Addressed to those who frequent the Theatre. 8vo, half morocco.

Phila. 1802 Rare. 305. AMERICAN STAGE. An Address from the session of the Second Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia to the people of the said Church on the Burning of the Theatre 'at Richmond, in Virginia. 8vo, half morocco.

Phila. 1812 306. AMERICAN STAGE. A Report of the very Singular and Interesting Divoree Case, Wallack vs. Wallack, recently decided in the Court of Chancery, New York, with Introductory Remarks by John Lomas. 8vo, half morocco.

N. Y. 1834

307. ANDRE (MAJOR). Report of the Select Committee on erecting a Monument, to the Memory of John Paulding, with an Address by the Mayor of the City of New York. 8vo, original boards, leather back.

N. Y.: William A. Davis, 1827 FIRST EDITION. Rare. John Paulding was one of the captors of André, and this little book is almost entirely about the latter's capture. 308. ANONYMOUS. Something in Answer to a Book Printed in 1678. Called The Hidden Things Brought to Light. With Robert Rich of Barbadoes his Name to it; And Printed for Francis Smith at the Elephant & Castle in Cornhill. Small 4to, half roan.

[London]: Printed in the Year 1679 309. ANTWOORDT op Sekeren Brief Evlaly, Vervatende de redenen waerom datmen met den Vyandt in green Conferentie behoort te treden, Door wien, ende met wat ordre de selve voor den dagh gebracht ende versocht is.

Small 4to, cloth, roan back.

Gedruckt in't Iaer MDCXXIX (1629] “Answer to a certain letter of Eulalius, containing reasons why one should not enter into Transactions with the Enemy and lastly that the Truce is in every way injurious to the country.'

Relates to the Truce with Spain, 1629-1630. 310. ARIZONA. The Resources of Arizona: Its Mineral, Farming and Grazing Lands; a brief summary of its Indian Tribes; early history; ancient ruins, etc. Compiled by Patrick Hamilton. 8vo, wrappers.

Prescott, Arizona, 1881 311. ASHE (THOMAS). Travels in America performed in 1806, for the purpose of exploring the rivers Alleghany, Monongahela, Ohio and Mississippi. 12mo, old contemporary calf.

Newburyport, 1808 This copy has the autograph of J. K. Paulding on title and his bookplate. 312. ASHENDENE PRESS. Proof and sample pages of books printed by hand at the Ashendene press, including some woodcuts and some with colored initials.

An interesting lot of 20 pieces. 313. AUDUBON (JOHN J.). Wild Turkey. Chromolithograph by J. Bien, N. Y. 1858, after the drawing by Audubon. Elephant folio, in mahogany frame.

The rarest of the Audubon atlas folio plates.

This and the following three lots were presented to Dr. Benjamin Franklin Bach by the artist's son. 314. AUDUBON (JOHN J.). Ruffed Grouse. Chromolithograph by J. Bien, N. Y. 1860, after the drawing by Audubon. Atlas folio, in mahogany frame.

Rare. 315. AUDUBON (JOHN J.). Belted Kingfisher, Baltimore Oriole, and Yellow-Breasted Chat. Chromolithographs after the drawings by Audubon, N. Y. 1860. 3 pieces, folio, in mahogany frames.

316. AUDUBON (JOHN J.). Bay-Breasted Warbler, and, Black and Yellow Warbler. Chromolithographs after the drawings by Audubon. 2 pieces, folio, in mahogany frames.

317. BACKUS (ISAAC). An Abridgment of the Church History of New England from 1602 to 1804. 8vo, half morocco.

Boston, 1804 318. BALZAC (HONORÉ DE). The Comedie Humaine. Prefaces by George Saintsbury. Ilustrations on Japan paper. 32 vols. 8vo, cloth, gilt tops, uncut.

Phila. 1899 319. BARNARD (EDWARD). A Sermon Preached before his Excellency Francis Barnard, Governor . of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New-England, May 28, 1766. Being the Anniversary for the Election of His Majesty's Council for said Province. 8vo, sewn, uncut and unopened.

Boston: Printed by Richard Draper, 1766 With the half-title. The author was Pastor of the First Church in Haverhill.

320. BAYLIES (FRANCIS). A Narrative of Major General Wool's Campaign on Mexico in the years 1846, 1847 and 1848. Portrait of Wool. 8vo, half morocco, original wrappers preserved.

Albany, 1851 With the portrait. 321. BEARDSLEY (AUBREY). The Dancing Faun, by Florence Farr. 12mo, cloth.

London and Boston, 1894 First EDITION. The Decoration of the title-page and the cover design on the binding are by Aubrey Beardsley. It is little knowrr, that this

Dancing Faun design is a caricature portrait of Whistler. 322. BEARDSLEY (AUBREY). The title-pages which he designed for the “Keynote Series." 20 plates. 8vo.

1894-1896 A set of the title-pages in proof issue, printed in colors. Rare. 323. BEARDSLEY (AUBREY). Ben Jonson's Volpone; or, The Foxe. With a critical essay on the author by Vincent O'Sullivan. Frontispiece, five initial letters and a cover design, illustrative and decorative, by Aubrey Beardsley. Together with a eulogy of the artist by Robert Ross. 4to, original cloth.

London, 1898 There were to have been twenty-four drawings to illustrate the text, but Beardsley did not live to complete them.

Original edition. Only one thousand copies printed. 324. BEARDSLEY (AUBREY). Aubrey Beardsley. By Robert Ross, with sixteen full-page Illustrations and a revised Iconography by Aymer Vallance. Illustrated. 8vo, decorated cloth.

London, 1909 Fine copy. With a list of Beardsley's Drawing® 325. BECKWORTH (JAMES P.). The Life and Adventures of James P. Beckwourth, Mountaineer, Scout, and Pioneer, and Chief of the Crow Nation of Indians. Written from his own dictation by T. D. Bonner. Portraits and illustrations. FIRST EDITION. 12mo, cloth.

N. Y. 1856 326. BIBLIOTHECA AMERICANA; or, a Chronological Catalogue of the most Curious and Interesting Books, Pamphlets, State Papers, etc., upon the subject of North and South America, from the Earliest Period to the Present, in Print and Manuscript. 4to, old sheep (hinges weak, and stamp on title).

London, 1789 327. BIERCE (AMBROSE). The Monk and the Hangman's Daughter. By Ambrose Bierce and Gustav Adolph Danziger. Illustrated by Theodor Hampe. 8F0, decorated cloth.

Chicago, 1892 Rare. Fine, clean copy of the First EDITION. 328. BIERCE (AMBROSE). Fantastic Fables. FIRST EDITION. 12mo, cloth.

N. Y. 1899 329. BIRKBECK (MORRIS). Letters from Illinois. Large folding map. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, half blue calf, gilt top, uncut.

London, 1818 330. BLACKBURNE (FRANCIS). A Critical Commentary on Archbishop Secker's Letter to the Right Honourable Horatio Walpole, concerning Bishops in America [including, the postscript, and extracts of two Notes from Philip Furneaux's Letters to Justice Blackstone). 8vo, half morocco.

Phila.: J. Dunlap, 1771 331, BLUNT (JOSEPH). A Historical Sketch of the Formation of the Confederacy, particularly with reference to the Provincial Limits and the Jurisdiction of the General Government over the Indian Tribes and the Public Territory. 8vo, original boards, uncut.

N. Y. 1825 Autograph presentation copy from author. Rare. 332. BOOKPLATES. A Catalogue of an exhibition of Angling Bookplates, forming the collection of Daniel B. Fearing, Newport, R. I. Large 8vo, original boards, uncut.

N. Y.: Privately printed, 1918 Very scarce, only a small number printed. With a proof of Fearing's bookplate as frontispiece.

333. BOOTH (EDWIN). Four Photographs of Edwin Booth, mounted on a heavy cardboard panel. Taken by Bradley & Rulofson, San Francisco.

Beneath one of the photographs Booth has written his name in ink. 334. BOSTON MASSACRE. Hancock (John). An Oration: Delivered March 5, 1774, at the Request of the Inhabitants of the Town of Boston, to Commemorate the Bloody Tragedy of the Fifth of March, 1770. The second edition, small quarto, 20 pages, original old paper wrappers, stitched.

Boston: Edes & Gill, 1774 This second edition is considerably rarer than the first. Evans locates only one copy of this issue. Samuel Adams, whose name occurs once or

twice in the Essay, is supposed to have shared in its authorship. 335. BOSTON MASSACRE. Orations delivered at the request of the Inhabitants of the Town of Boston to Commemorate the evening of the fifth of March, 1770, when a number of Citizens were killed by a party of British Troops, quartered among them, in a time of Peace. 12mo, original sheep.

Boston, 1807 The orations are by James Lowell, Benjamin Church, Dr. J. Warren (of Bunker Hill fame), Th. Dawes, Jr., John Hancock, and others. Fine

copy. 336. BRACKENRIDGE (H. H.). Law Miscellanies; containing an introduction to the study of the law; Notes on Blackstone's Commentaries, showing the variations of the Law of Pennsylvania from the law of England, and what acts of Assembly might require to be repealed or modified; observations on Smith's edition of the laws of Pennsylvania; strictures on decisions of the supreme court of the United States, and on certain acts of Congress, with some law cases, and a variety of other matters. 8vo, half morocco. Phila, 1814

Very rare. 337. BRACKENRIDGE (H. H.). Modern Chivalry, containing the adventures of a captain, and Teague O’Regan, his servant. By H. H. Brackenridge. 12mo, 2 vols. in 1, half morocco. Printed for and sold by S. Kollock & G. W. Metz, 1825. Wilmington, Del.

One of the earliest of American novels, and deals satirically with political events of the period. Volume 2 has the half-title only, as in every

copy. . 338. BRADFORD (ALDEN). History of Massachusetts, from 1764, to July, 1775;—From July, 1775, to 1789:-From 1790 to 1820. 3 vols. 8vo, half brown morocco.

Boston, 1822-29 FINE COPIES OF THE ORIGINAL EDITIONS OF BRADFORD'S HISTORY OF MASSACHUSETTS. 339. BRADFORD (WM. J. A.). Notes on the Northwest, or Valley of the Upper Mississippi. FIRST EDITION. 12mo, wrappers.


340. BROADSIDE. Whereas it has been thought expedient, for the Information of the Proprietors of Sundry Tracts of lands, situate in the Province of Nova Scotia, or Acadia, to make known the Tenor of the several Grants under which the said Lands are held, therefore the following Extracts are printed. 1 page, folio, tipped in a half morocco folder.

[Quebec: Printed by Brown & Gilmore, 1765 or 1766.] EXCESSIVELY RARE. A very important item for the history of the Canadian land grants.

The interest of this item aside from its historical importance is that it seems to be the earliest known English printing done at Quebec. Dionne mentions a catechism in French print in 1765, the next a French book, printed 1767. The first English printing he places at the year 1767, which is the Disney trial. In the list of Canadian books in the Public Library of Toronto, which was compiled by Miss Frances Stetson, the first book is a French item published in 1767, and the first English item recorded by

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