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498. [HUGHES (JEREMIAH).] A Brief Sketch of Maryland. Its Geography, Boundaries, History, Government, Legislation, Internal Improvements, etc. 18mo, original wrappers. Printed for the Publisher, 1845


499. HUMPHREYS (DAVID). The Miscellaneous Works of. Portrait and plate engraved by Maverick. 8vo, contemporary sheep. N. Y. 1804

Wegelin does not mention this edition.


500. HUNTER (COL. GEORGE). Reminiscences of an Old Timer. Recital of the Actual Events, Incidents, Trials, Hardships, Vicissitudes, Adventures, Perils, and Escapes of a Pioneer, Hunter, Miner and Scout of the Pacific North-West. Illustrations. 12mo, cloth. San Francisco, 1887

Scarce. Contains interesting accounts of Indian Fighting in California, Oregon, and Idaho.

501. HUNTER (JOSEPH). Collections concerning the Church or Congregations of Protestant Separatists formed at Scrooby. . . The founders of New-Plymouth. Frontispiece. 8vo, half morocco. London, 1854

This copy has the view.

502. HUNTINGTON (HELEN). Folk Songs from the Spanish. 12mo, vellum, gilt top, other edges uncut. N. Y. and London, 1900 Presentation copy from the author. Printed on handmade paper. 503. HUNTT (HENRY). A Visit to the Red Sulphur Springs of Virginia during the Summer of 1837, with observations on its Waters. Woodcut frontispiece. 8vo, original wrappers, uncut.

Contains also, notices of routes, etc.

Boston, 1839

504. HURD (DENA D.). A History and Genealogy of the Family of Hurd in the United States. Portraits and other illustrations. Royal 8vo, cloth, gilt top. N. Y.: Privately Printed, 1910


505. HUTCHINSON (THOMAS). The History of the Colony of Massachuset's Bay, from the First Settlement Thereof in 1628 until its Incorporation with the Colony of Plymouth, Province of Main, etc. by the Charter of King William and Queen Mary in 1691. SECOND EDITION:-(also) Vol. II., From 1691 to 1750. SECOND EDITION;-(and) Vol. III, From 1749 to 1774. Edited by John Hutchinson. 3 vols. London, 1765, 1768 and 1828;-(also) Collection of Original Papers Relative to the History of the Colony of Massachusets-Bay (published by Lieut.-Gov. Hutchinson to support and elucidate the principal facts in the first part of his History). Original Edition. Boston, 1769;-(also), Index of Persons and Places Mentioned in Hutchinson's Massachusetts. By J. W. Thornton, and somewhat corrected by C. L. Woodward, N. Y. 1879. Together 5 vols. 8vo, contemporary calf. The volume of 1828 in original boards, uncut, rebacked. The whole enclosed in half brown morocco slip-cases. London: 1765-1828, and Boston: 1769

Three volumes have the autograph of John Hutchinson, the editor of the third volume, on fly-leaf. Vol. 1 also a manuscript table of the ancestral descent of Governor Hutchinson.

FINE, PERFECT SET. These 5 volumes together form THE COMPLETE SERIES OF HUTCHINSON'S HISTORY, covering the period from 1628 to 1774. A VERY DESIRABLE COPY, including the BEST LONDON EDITION of the third volume with the 16 pp. of preface, which was omitted in the issue sent to America. The whole forming a work of permanent value, indispensable to any Americana collection.

This collection of papers was published by Lieut.-Gov. Hutchinson, "to support and elucidate the principal facts related in the first part of the History of Massachusetts Bay, and may serve as an Appendix to it.” "The author of that history was possessed of many other ancient and very curious original papers, which are irrecoverable lost by an unfortunate event sufficiently known.''

506. HUTCHINSON (THOMAS). The Speeches of Governor Hutchinson to the General Assembly of the Massachusetts Bay at the Session on the Sixth of January, 1773, with the Answers of His Majesty's Council and the House of Representatives respectively. 8vo, sewn.


Boston: Printed by Edes and Gill, 1773 507. ILLINOIS. Blanchard (Rufus). History of Illinois, to accompany an Historical Map of the State. Large folding map, and illustrations. 8vo, half leather.

Presentation copy from the author, with inscription.

Chicago, 1883

508. INDIANS. Chauncey (Charles). All Nations of the Earth blessed in Christ. A Sermon preached at Boston at the Ordination of the Rev. Mr. Joseph Bowman, to the Work of the Gospel-Ministry, More especially among the Mohawk-Indians, on the Western Border of New England. August 31, 1762. . . 8vo, half morocco, gilt top.

Boston: Printed and sold by John Draper, 1762 Evans 9088 (no copy located). Very rare.

509. INDIANS. A Treaty between the United States of America and the Delaware Tribe of Indians, concluded at Vincennes, the 18th day of August, 1804. 8 pp. 8vo, folded. Washington City, 1804 The Treaty was signed by William H. Harrison and Teta Buxica.

510. INDIANS. A Treaty between the United Piankeshaw Tribe of Indians. Concluded at Seventh Day of August, 1804. 5 pp. sewn.

States of America, and the Vincennes, on the Twenty Washington City, 1804


511. INDIANS. From Document No. 229 of the H. of R. . . taining Allegations of Fraud "in relation to the Settlement of the Claims of the Half-Breed Relatives of the Winnebagoe Indians," in which case the Commission of General Simon Cameron was set aside. 8vo, sewn.

Harrisburg, 1839 Scarce. A scathing exposé of the methods of Simon Cameron and others in their dealings with the Winnebago Indians and settlement of their claims.

512. INDIANS. A Spelling-Book in the Seneca Language: With English definitions. 8vo, sheets, uncut. Buffalo-Creek Reservation, Mission Press, 1842

Very Scarce. Not in Hearst.

513. INDIANS. A Collection of Hymns for the use of the Delaware Christian Indians of the Missions of the United Brethren in North America. Revised and abridged by A. Luckenbach. 16mo, sheep.

Bethlehem, 1847

514. INDIANS. Belden, The White Chief; or, Twelve Years among the Wild Indians of the Plains. From the Diaries and Manuscripts of George P. Belden. Edited by Gen. James S. Brisbin, U. S. A. Portraits and other illustrations. 8vo, cloth. Cinn. 1872

Printed on tinted paper.

515. INDIANS. Original Manuscript Catalogue of the Indian Tribes of America. By John B. Dunbar. 4to, old sheep (covers loose). n. p., n. d. A carefully compiled index of 87 pages with many references by this well-known Indian scholar.

516. INDIANS. A. L. S., 7 pp. folio. January 15, 1792. George Morgan to Samuel Adams, Lt. Gov. of Massachusetts.

Written by

A long and interesting letter, detailing the results of a military expedi tion against the Western Indians, announcing that it has terminatel in

the Disgrace I foretold in my letter dated the 1st of last May." "The late Campaign has increased the Difficulties in our Way to Peace by multiplying our Enemies, yet I say an honourable Peace is practicable if immediately attended to, without further effusion of Blood. I wish

such measures may be adopted as will produce it. Should we however, persist in aiming to chastise the Nations for defending their Lands, Lives & Liberties, the more absurdly we pursue the War, the more consistent will be our Conduct: and if they are united in their Councils, all our Efforts in an unjust War will be vain."

517. INDIANS. A Sketch of the Life of Okah Tubbee, alias, William Chubbee, Son of the Head Chief of the Choctaw Nations of Indians. By His Wife. 12mo, half morocco, original wrappers bound in. Springfield, 1848


518. INDIANS. Kelly (T. W.). Menana; A Romance of the Red Indians, in ten cantos, with notes. 8vo, original cloth. London, 1861

FIRST EDITION. Not in Field.

519. INDIAN ATROCITIES. Narratives of the Perils and Sufferings of Dr. Knight and John Slover, among the Indians, during the Revolutionary War. 12mo, wrappers, uncut and unopened. Cinn. 1867 One of 500 copies printed.

520. INDIAN CAPTIVITY. Narrative of the Captivity and sufferings of Ebenezer Fletcher of New-Ipswich, who was severely wounded and taken prisoner at the battle of Hubbardstan, Vt., in the year 1777, by the British and Indians, at the age of 16 years, after recovering in part made his escape from the enemy, and travelling through a dreary wilderness, followed by wolves, and beset by tories on his way, who threatened to take him back to the enemy, but made his escape from them all, and arrived safe home. Written by himself, etc. MS. and proof-sheets. Enclosed in a half blue morocco ship-case. 1827

The original MS. of the fourth edition, together with the complete text in printed form of the proof sheets. The printed book is extremely rare; only one copy seems to have been sold at auction in 40 years. This MS. is extremely desirable, the more so as it is accompanied by the proof sheets.

521. INDIAN CAPTIVITY. Narrative of the Captivity and Removes of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson, who was taken by the Indians at the Destruction of Lancaster, in 1676. Written by Herself. 18mo, old calf, neatly rebacked. Scarce issue. Not in Field. Lancaster, 1828

522. INDIAN CAPTIVITY. Fessenden (John). A Sermon preached at Deerfield, Mass., and in the hearing of several Indians of both sexes, supposed to be descendants of Eunice Williams, daughter of Rev. John Williams, First Minister of Deerfield, Mass. August 27, 1837. Published by request. 8vo, half morocco. Greenfield, Mass., 1837 Not in Sabin, Field, etc. Eunice Williams was carried as a captive of Indians into Canada. She acquired a relish for the savage mode and habits of living, and married an Indian. Extremely rare.

523. INDIAN CAPTIVITY. Richard White; or, One-Eyed Dick of Massachusetts. Frontispiece (Captivity with the Indians). 18mo, original cloth. Boston, 1841

This narrative contains: His shipwreck, his captivity, his residence in New York; his execution, etc.

524. INDIAN CAPTIVITY. Phelps (Noah). A History of the Copper Mines and Newgate Prison, at Granby, Conn.; also of the captivity of Daniel Hayes, of Granby, by the Indians in 1707. 8vo, half morocco, original wrappers preserved. Hartford, 1845

525. INDIAN CAPTIVITY. Williams (John). The Redeemed Captive Returning to Zion; or, a Faithful History of the Remarkable Occurrences in the Captivity and Deliverance of Mr. John Williams. Drawn up by himself. To which is added a Biographical Memoir of the Reverend Author, with an appendix and notes, by S. W. Williams. Portrait and frontispiece. 12mo, original cloth.

Northampton, 1853

526. INDIAN CAPTIVITY. Seaver (Jas. E.). Life of Mary Jemison: Deh-he-wä-mis. Fourth Edition, with Geographical and Explanatory Notes. 5 full-page illustrations, backed with linen. 12mo, half calf. N. Y. 1856

527. INDIAN CAPTIVITY. History of the Spirit Lake Massacre, and of
Miss Abigail Gardiner's Three Months' Captivity Among the Indians. Ac-
cording to her own account. 8vo, half morocco, original wrappers bound in.
The original edition.
New Britain, Conn., 1857
Narrative of My Captivity
Portrait and illustrations.
Toronto, 1872

528. INDIAN CAPTIVITY. Kelly (Fanny). Among the Sioux Indians. 12mo, half morocco.

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529. INDIAN CAPTIVITY. The true Narrative of the Five Years Suffering and Perilous Adventures by Miss Barber, Wife of the "Squatting Bear,' a celebrated Sioux Chief. Illustrated. 8vo, half red morocco, original wrappers bound in. Phila. [1886] Interesting and thrilling Indian Narrative. Every copy starts with

page 20.


LOTS 530-790

Boston, 1880

530. ILLINOIS. Law of the State of Illinois, authorizing the appointment of Commissioners in other states. 8vo, half morocco, original wrappers bound in. Springfield, 1856 531. INGERSOLL (ROBERT G.). The Gods and Other Lectures. Small 8vo, cloth. Peoria: Illinois, 1878 Inscribed by the author on fly-leaf: "Compliments of R. G. Ingersoll." 532. JAMES (HENRY). A Bundle of Letters (reprinted from the Parisian). Square 12mo, original wrappers. Very rare, in original wrappers. 533. JOHNSON (SAMUEL). Of Kings College, N. Y. A demonstration of the Reasonableness usefulness and great Duty of Prayer. 8vo, half N. Y.: W. Weyman, 1760 Sabin does not mention this work of the author but refers to Stevens' Nuggets 1555 where it is mentioned. For reproduction of title see Church 1033. The author was the first president of King's College, now Columbia College. At the end with separate pagination is a letter to a friend, relating to the same subject, dated Westchester, January 15, 1758. After this follows also with separate pagination: A Short Tract on Mysteries.


534. JOHNSTON (MARY). Lewis Rand. Illustrations by F. C. Yohn. Small 8vo, cloth, uncut. Boston, 1908 One of 500 copies of the First Edition, bound uncut. With the autograph of the Author on page next to the title.

535. JOLINE (ADRIAN H.). Meditations of an Autograph Collector. Portraits and facsimiles. 8vo, cloth, uncut. N. Y. 1902

Inserted is an A. L. S. of the Author regarding some autographs to be inlaid.

536. JOURNALS of Congress containing the Proceedings in the Year 1776. Vol. 2. 8vo, boards, canvas back, uncut. Phila. 1776

A copy of unusual interest, having on the title-page the autograph of Roger Sherman, delegate to the First Continental Congress and Signer of the Declaration of Independence.

537. KANSAS. The Prayer of Thaddeus Hyatt to James Buchanan, President of the United States, in behalf of Kansas, asking for a postponement of all the Land Sales in that Territory, and for other Relief. Together with correspondence and other Documents setting forth its deplorable destitution from Drought and Famine. 8vo, original wrappers. Washington, 1860

538. KEITH (ISAAC STOCKTON). The Providence of God, Ordering and Conducting the Affairs of Men. A Sermon preached in the Independent, or Congregational Church, Charleston, South Carolina, September 14, 1806. 8vo, sewn, uncut (foxed). Charleston: Printed by W. P. Young, n. d. [1806]

539. KEITH (ISAAC STOCKTON). Trust in God: Explained and Recommended in a Sermon, preached, with some special reference to the state of the Public Mind, in the Prospect of War, in the Independent, or Congregational Church, Charlestown, South Carolina, July 12, 1807. 8vo, sewn, unCharleston, 1807


"So far as the success of the war, with which we seem now to be threatened, we have certainly no cause to fear the result," etc.

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