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540. KENTUCKY FEUD. A History of the Feud between the Hill and Evans Parties of Garrard County, Ky. By Lieut. J. J. Thompson. 8vo, original wrappers, uncut and unopened. Cincinnati, n. d. [1854]


541. KENTUCKY. Report of the Kentucky Commissioners to the late Peace Conference held at Washington City, made to the Legislature of Kentucky. 8vo, cloth. Frankfort, Ky., 1861

An interesting slavery item.

542. KIPLING (RUDYARD). From Sea to Sea, Letters of Travel. FIRST EDITION. 2 vols. 12mo, cloth (name erased from titles).

Published one year earlier than the English edition.

N. Y. 1899

Journals of Madam Knight and

543. KNIGHT (SARAH KEMBLE). Rev. Mr. Buckingham. From the Original Manuscripts. Written in 1704 and 1710. 12mo, half morocco, uncut. N. Y.: Wilder and Campbell, 1825

John Buckingham's Journal relates to the Naval Expedition against Port Royal, Canada, in 1710 and 1711, printed from the MS. for the first time. Important reference to the Indians. Madame Knight's Journal covers a Journey from Boston to New York in 1704.

544. LANG (JOHN D.) and TAYLOR (SAMUEL, JR.). Report of a visit to some of the Tribes of Indians located West of the Mississippi River. 8vo, original wrappers. N. Y. 1843

Very Scarce.

545. LAS CASAS (B. DE). Istoria 6 breuissima relatione della Distrutione dell' Indie Occidentali. Di Monsig. Reverendiss. Don Bartolomeo dalle Case, ó Casaus, Sivigliano Vescouo di Chiapa Cittá Regale nell' Indie. Conforme al svo vero originale Spagnuolo, giá stampato in Siuiglia. Con la traduttione in Italiano di Francesco Bersabita. Dedicata all' Amicitia. Small 4to, full green morocco. Venetia Presso Marco Ginammi, 1626

Fine copy. The first Italian translation of Las Casas' first and most celebrated tract. With the original Spanish in parallel columns. The real name of the translator was Giacomo Castellani. The Crane copy, one leaf damaged, brought $65.00.

546. LAS CASAS (B. DE). Istoria o breuissima relatione Della Distruttione dell' Indie Occidentali di Monsig. Reverendiss. Don Bartolomeo dalle Case, ó Casaus Siuig dell' Ordine de' Predicatori; & Vescouo di Chiapa, Citta Regale nell' Indie. Conforme al svovero originale Spagnuolo, gia stampato in Siuiglia. Tradotta in Italiano dell' Excell. Sig. Giacomo Castillani gia sotto nome di Francesco Bersabatia. Dedicata all' Amicitia. (Woodcut.) 4to, pp. 16, 150, full green levant morocco.

Vinetia: Presse Marco Ginammi, 1630

Not in Field and not in the extensive Crane collection. Second Italian translation of the celebrated first tract by Las Casas.

547. LAS CASAS (B. DE). Istoria o Breuissima Relatione Della Distruttione dell' Indie Occidentali di Monsig. Reverendiss. Don Bartolomeo dalle Case, ó casaus, Siuigliano dell' Ordine Italiano dall' Escell. Sig. Giacoma Castellani, gia sotto nome di Francesco Bersabite. Al Nicolo Persico. Small 4to, full green morocco, (8) 150 (2) pp. Venetia, 1643

The third Italian edition. Not in Field.

548. LATHROP (JOSEPH). A Sermon, on the Danger of the Times, from Infidelity and Immorality; and especially from a Lately Discovered Conspiracy against Religion and Government, delivered at West-Springfield. 24 pp. 12mo, sewn. Springfield, 1798

With inscription on half-title: "From Samuel Lyman Esq., Oct. 26,


549. LAWSON (JOHN). The History of Carolina. 12mo, contemporary morocco, gilt, portion of the original marbled paper wrappers bound in, gilt edges. Raleigh, 1860

Southern publication, issued just prior to the secession of South Carolina, and very seldom found in a Southern binding. This work was first issued in 1709.

550. [LESLIE (CHARLES).] A Short and Ease Method with the Deists. Wherein the Certainty of the Christian Religion Is demonstrated, by infallible Proof from Four Rules, which are Incompatible to any Imposture that ever yet has been, or that can possibly be. Eighth Edition. London, 1723. [Followed by] The Speech of Mr. John Checkley, upon his Tryal, At Boston in New-England, for Publishing The Short and Easy Method with the Deists. Second Edition. London, 1738. [Also] A Specimen Of a True Dissenting Catechism. 1 page. The three pieces in one vol. 8vo, old calf, neatly re


London, 1723-1738 Of the highest interest in connection with the liberty of the press in New-England. Checkley was prosecuted at the Inferior Court in Boston, in 1724, for publishing and selling this book, which was called, “a false and scandalous libel, tending to draw into dispute his present Majesty's title to the Crown, scandalizing the ministers, of the gospel established by law in this Province," etc. He was convicted, but appealed to the Superior Court, where, after a long speech in his own defence, the jury brought in a verdict against him. RARE IN COMPLETE FORM, as the three pieces were all published at different times.

551. L'ESTRANGE (ROGER). News from New England. Being a true and last account of the present bloody wars . . . on the Indians of New England. . . London, 1676. Small quarto, original cloth. Boston, 1850

Three lines o presentation inscription to Thaddeus William Harris on the fly-leaf, written by Drake.

552. LINCOLN (ABRAHAM). Das Leben von Abraham Lincoln. 12mo, stitched as issued, 16 pages. New Yorker Demokrat-Flugblatt No. 9 [New York, 1860].

EXTREMELY RARE. In none of the great Lincoln Collections sold in recent years. This is no translation. The first biography of Lincoln in a foreign language.

553. LINCOLN (ABRAHAM). A. D. S., 3 pp. 4to. Sangamon County, October Term, 1838. Legal document drawn by Lincoln, who appeared for the Plaintiff, Rhoda Hart. Mounted on silk.

554. LINCOLN (ABRAHAM). Obsequies of President Lincoln. An Oration delivered in Nevada City in 1865 by David Belden. 8vo, wrappers. Marysville, Cal., n. d. Very Scarce. Unknown to bibliographers of Lincoln. Not in Fish, Library of Congress, or Lambert.

555. [LINCOLN.] Album of Carte-de-Visite photographs of the Cabinet and Members of the 39th Congress, consisting of over 270 autographed original portraits collected by D. Stuart Dodge. In one volume, oblong 4to, full morocco, gilt edges, with clasps.

An unusual and valuable collection.

556. LINN (WILLIAM). The Blessings of America. A Sermon, preached in the Middle Dutch Church, on the Fourth July, 1791, being the Anniversary of the Independence of America. 39 pp. 12mo, sewn. N. Y. 1791

557. LONGFELLOW (H. W.). Saggi de Novellieri Italiani D'Ogni Secolo: Tratti da' Piu celebri scrittore, con brevi notizie intorno alla vita di Ciacheduno. Da H. W. Longfellow. 8vo, half morocco.


Boston, 1832

558. LONGFELLOW (HENRY WADSWORTH). The Poems of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Complete in one volume. 8vo, original paper covers, enclosed in a cloth protecting cover (stained).


Very rare. The Frank Maier Copy.

N. Y.: Harper & Brothers, 1846

559. LONGFELLOW (H. W.). Final Memorials of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Edited by Samuel Longfellow. Portraits. Large 8vo, boards, Boston, 1887 Large Paper copy of the FIRST EDITION. Only 300 printed. 560. LONGFELLOW (H. W.). Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, a Sketch of his Life, together with Longfellow's Chief Autobiographical Poems. By Charles Eliot Norton. Portrait on Japan paper. 8vo, cloth.

Boston and N. Y., 1907

One of 400 copies printed at the Riverside Press.

561. LONG ISLAND. In Assembly, Mar. 17, 1820. Amendments of the Senate to the amendments of the Assembly, to the bill relative to Marshes, Beaches, &c., in Queens County. 3 pp. 4to, sewed. n. p. [1820]

562. LONG ISLAND. Abstract of the Title of Augustus Van Mater, to a Farm or Tract of Land, lying on Newtown Creek, near the Penny Bridge, in the Town of Newtown, Queen's County, and State of New York. 8vo, wrappers.

N. Y. 1853

563. LONG ISLAND. Mandeville (G. Henry). Flushing. Past and Present. A Historical Sketch. Illustrated. 12mo, full crushed dark brown levant morocco, gilt edges.

Flushing, L. I., 1860 The above copy has ten, which are necesplates are very charming lithographs, Fine copy.

Sabin calls for three plates. sary for a complete copy. The mounted on green tinted paper.

564. LONG ISLAND. Jones Family of Long Island. The Original Manuseript, written by Charles B. Moore, of the New York Genealogical Society, on the Jones Family of Long Island, and the prominent families of Long Island, with which they were connected, including the Ffloyd-Onderdonk and other families. Folio. Circa 1880-1890

A most important and carefully compiled MS. believed to be complete, consisting of several hundred folio pages.

565. LONG ISLAND. Records of the Town of Smithtown, Long Island, N. Y., with other Ancient Documents of Historic Value. With Notes and Introduction by William S. Pelletreau. Maps and illustrations. 8vo, cloth.

n. p., 1898

566. LONG ISLAND. Tooker (W. W.). The Indian Place-Names on Long Island and Islands Adjacent, with their probable Significations. Edited with an Introduction by A. F. Chamberlain. 8vo, cloth. N. Y. 1911

567. LONG ISLAND. Werner (Charles J.). lating to Long Island. Portrait and illustrations. 100 copies printed.

Historical Miscellanies re-
8vo, cloth.
Huntington, L. I., 1917

568. LONG ISLAND. Abstract of Title of the Trustees of Union College to Two Farms of Land, known as the Hunter Farm and the Van Alst Farm, in Newtown, Queens Co. N. Y. 1861; Additional Deeds of Conveyance, etc. Deduction of Title, &c., in relation to Hunter and Green Point Trust in Union College. Schenectady, 1864. Together 2 pieces, wrappers.

569. LOUISIANA. Reflections on the Cession of Louisiana to the United States. By Sylvestris. 8vo, original blue paper wrappers, uncut, and unopened. Washington City, 1803

Very Scarce. Not in Sabin, and no copy in Brinley.


Examination and Review of a pamphlet printed and secretly circulated by M. E. Gorostiza . . . . and by him entitled "Correspondence between the Legation Extraordinary of Mexico and the Department of State of the United States. Respecting the Passage of the Sabine, by the Troops under the Command of General Gaines." 8vo, original wrappers, uncut and mainly unopened. Washington: Printed by Peter Force, 1837 LUTHER'S CATHECHISM IN THE LANGUAGE OF THE DELAWARE INDIANS

571. LUTHER (MARTIN). Lutheri Catechismus / Ofwersatt pa AmericanVirginiske Spraket. 12mo, full green morocco, gilt edges. Stockholm, 1696 RARE ORIGINAL ISSUE. This copy does not contain the engraved title, which is only found in a few copies. Brinley's copy did not have it. "This translation of Luther's Catechism into the language of the Virginia (or more correctly the Delaware) Indians was made by Thomas Campanius. . . . Acrelius remarks that the book was printed at the royal expense expressly for the conversion of the American heathen, and that five hundred copies were sent to New-Sweden."-MULLER.

Pages 133 to 160 contain a "Vocabularium Barbaro-Virgineorum.

572. MACINAC. The Myth Wawatam, or Alex. Henry Refuted; with some remarks upon the famous Old Fort Michillimackinac. Published from the notes of Henry McConnell, by H. Bedford-Jones. 12mo, cloth.

Santa Barbara, 1917

Very Scarce. A Few Copies printed for Private Distribution. 573. MCINTOSH (JOHN). The Origin of the North American Indians with a faithfull description of their manners and Customs both Civil and Military, their Religions, Languages, Dress and Ornaments. Illustrations. 12mo, half red morocco. New York, 1844

Fine copy.

574. M'LEOD (D.). A Brief Review of the Settlement of Upper Canada by the U. E. Loyalists and Scotch Highlanders, in 1783. ... Together with a brief sketch of the Campaigns of 1812, '13, '14. 12mo, original cloth, paper label (a little worn). Cleveland: Printed for the Author, 1841

Very Scarce. Laid down on inside of front cover is a woodcut portrait of the author, which does not appear to have hitherto been present in any of the few copies which have occurred for sale.

575. MCMASTER (GUY H.). N. Y. Including Notes of Old half morocco, gilt top.

History of the Settlement of Steuben County,
Pioneer Settlers and their Adventures.

The reprint of which 300 copies were made. Fine copy.

8vo, Bath, 1853

576. MANUSCRIPT. Persian Manuscript, written on 424 leaves of glazed paper, each page of text within a border. Text in red and black. 8vo, full red morocco, gilt.


577. MARINE RAILWAY. A Description of the American Marine Railway, as constructed at New York, by Mr. John Thomas. To which is annexed, the report of the Committee of Inventions of the Franklin Institute. Engraved plates. 8vo, sewn. Phila. 1827

578. MARYLAND. Wyeth (Joseph). An Answer to a Letter from Dr. Bray, Directed to such as have contributed towards the Propagating Christian Knowledge in the Plantations. Small 4to, half morocco, 19 pp., blank portion of last leaf mended, name on title. London, 1700

ORIGINAL EDITION OF A RARE WORK on Religious Liberty in Maryland, with mention of George Keith as a man of an unstable Mind.'' Important for early Maryland History.

579. MARYLAND. Laws of Maryland, made since M,DCC,LXIII, consisting of Acts of Assembly under the Proprietary Government, Resolves of Convention, the Declaration of Rights, the Constitution and form of Government, the Articles of Confederation, and Acts of Assembly since the Revolution.

Folio, original sheep, rebacked (lower corner of title torn and writing on one margin). Annapolis: Printed by Frederick Green, 1787 Scarce. Complete, with the leaf of Appendix. These Laws were edited by A. C. Hanson, and but one hundred copies were printed.

580. MARYLAND. Bozman (John Leeds). A Sketch of the History of Maryland, during the Three First Years after Its Settlement: to which is prefixed a copious introduction. Portrait. 8vo, calf, gilt back.


Baltimore, 1811 581. MATHER (COTTON). Memoirs of the Life of the late Reverend Increase Mather, D.D., who died August 23, 1723. With a Preface by the Rev. Edmund Calamy, D.D. With the Portrait of Increase Mather engraved by R. White (a very fine impression), inserted. 8vo, three-quarter levant morocco, gilt top.

London, 1725

Rare. The White portrait of Increase Mather was made originally during the middle of the life of Mather, but was struck off at irregular intervals through a period of many years with a change of his age as given under the engraving to correspond with the date, so that the likeness of fifty appears exactly as it did more than 30 years later when he was past eighty. The portrait did not appear in all the copies of an edition, sometimes only in one copy. It mostly appeared in presentation copies. A very interesting copy.

582. MATHER (COTTON). The Departure of Elijah Lamented; a sermon occasioned by the great and publick loss in the Decease of Cotton Mather, Senior Pastor of the North Church in Boston. By Thomas Prince. 26 pp. 8vo, calf, gilt back (corner of title mended).

Boston, 1728

583. MATHER (MOSES). The Visible Church, in Covenant with God; further illustrated; containing also a Brief Representation of some other Gospel-Doctrines, which affect the Controversy . . . 8vo, half brown morocco. New Haven, 1770

A defense of the "Half-way Covenant" against the Rev. Dr. Bellamy. Rare.

584. MATHER (MOSES). A Brief View of the Manner in which the Controversy about Terms of Communion in the visible church has been conducted in the present day. 8vo, half brown morocco. New Haven, 1772

The writings of the minor Mathers are rare.

585. MEXICAN WAR. Official List of Officers who marched with the Army under the Command of Major General Winfield Scott, from Puebla upon the City of Mexico, the Seventh, Eighth, Ninth and Tenth of August, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty-Seven, and who were engaged in the Battles of Mexico. Map. Oblong 4to, limp cloth, leather label. Mexico, 1848

FINE COPY. Very scarce. According to Haferkorn's Bibliography, this work is so rare that the Library of Congress has only been able to secure a photostatic copy.

586. MINNESOTA. Message of the Governor of Minnesota, to the Legislative Assembly, with accompanying Documents, delivered Jan. 13, 1852. 8vo, original wrappers. Saint Paul, 1852

Very Scarce. Contains the FIRST ANNUAL REPORT of the Board of Commissioners of Public Buildings of the Territory of Minnesota.

587. MINNESOTA. History of Morrison and Todd Counties, Minnesota, their People, Industries and Institutions. By Clara K. Fuller. With biographical sketches of representative citizens and genealogical records of many of the old families. Illustrated. 2 vols. imp. 8vo, half morocco, gilt edges.

Indianapolis, 1915

588. MISSISSIPPI. Manuscript Map. Pen and ink plan, with measurements of the land of Philip Affleck, on the Mississippi, adjoining Sir Bazel Keith's land; all the remainder of the land adjoining it being marked “vacant land.” Long narrow folio, 26 by 15 inches. About 1810

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