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689. SHAKESPEARE (WILLIAM). Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: A Tragedy. As it is now Acted by His Majesty's Servants. 12mo, half polished red morocco (a few water-stains).

London, 1750 Not mentioned in Jaggard's Bibliography of Shakespeare. 690. SHAKESPEARE (WILLIAM). King Henry the Eighth. With the Coronation of Anne Bullen. Written by Shakespear. With Alterations. Frontispiece. 12mo, half polished red morocco.

London, 1762

A curious adaption for the stage of the day, acted at the Drury Lane Theatre.

691. SHAKESPEARE. Miscellaneous Pieces of Antient English Poesie. Viz. The Troublesome Raigne of King John, Written by Shakespeare, Extant in no Edition of his Writings, etc. 12mo, full brown morocco, gilt, gilt top. London: Robert Horsefield, 1764 Scarce. Robert Southey's copy, with his autograph


on the title-page.


692. SHAKESPEARE (WILLIAM). Twelfth Night;/or,/what you will:/ a/Comedy./in/Five Acts./. ... Written by/William Shakespeare./. . . . . As performed at the/Theatre in Boston./with notes critical and illustrative./Boston:/Printed for David West, No. 36, Marlborough-/Street, and John West, No. 75, Cornhill./[1794] 8vo, stitched, uncut, sign. A-E in sixes.

Excessively rare. No copy recorded in auction Prices current, nor in any of the bibliographies consulted. Not in Jaggard. It was printed in May or the latter part of April. It was first played on May the fifth 1794 in Boston. The play was edited by the performers, all the songs are left out and other little changes are made. It contains the cast of the first performance.

693. SHAKESPEARE. Razor with bone handle, bearing portrait busts of Admiral Preble, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Shakespeare. On one side is the American eagle, with 13 stars and motto "E Pluribus Unum." Made by Noble & O'Donnell, Sixth Ave., N. Y.

Although this razor doubtlessly was made in honor of Admiral Preble, it is more interesting, perhaps, as an item of Shakespeariana, as American relics of such early date are most unusual.

694. SHANACHIE (THE). An Illustrated Irish Miscellany. Six Numbers, quarto, as issued, in the original wrappers; enclosed in a cloth protecting Dublin, 1906-7


Fine copy, unopened. All that was issued.

Literary contributions by Bernard Shaw, A.E., Lord Dunsany, Padraic Colum, John M. Synge, Lady Gregory, John Eglinton, W. B. Yeats, Jane Barlow, Seumas O'Sullivan, etc., etc.

Art contributions by Jack B. Yeats, Hugh Thomson, William Orpen, George Morrow, etc., etc.

INSERTED IS AN A. L. S. OF BERNARD SHAW, 1 p. 8vo,. 19th February, 1906, from 10 Adelphi Terrace W.C., on printed notepaper, RELATING TO HIS STORY IN No. 1.

"... At the end I have altered the position of the author's name, which looks like part of the story as it stands. I wish also to have the word London 188 (whatever the date is the tale was written in the year in which it appeared in “Time') to shew that the story is an old exploit of mine. This insertion of the date will save the trouble of an editorial note. I have no copy of the original version; so I cannot supply the date myself...-G. Bernard Shaw."

695. SHAW (GEORGE BERNARD). This is the Preachment on Going to Church. 12mo, parchment binding. East Aurora, 1896 FIRST EDITION. This is the extremely rare issue on Japan vellum, of which only 26 copies were printed; signed with the initials of E. Hubbard. There are water colors on the margins.

696. SHAW (BERNARD). The Common Sense of Municipal Trading. By Bernard Shaw. FIRST EDITION. 12mo, original cloth. Westminster: Archibald Constable & Co., Ltd., 1904

697. SHAW (G. BERNARD). The Sanity of Art: An Exposure of the Current Nonsense about Artists being Degenerate. FIRST EDITION. 12mo, original paper covers.

London, 1908

698. SHAW (G. BERNARD). Der Amateursozialist. Roman. Aus dem Englischen übersetzt von Wilhelm Cremer. 8vo, original boards, paper label. FIRST GERMAN EDITION. Berlin, 1908 699. SHAW (G. BERNARD). Misalliance: The Dark Lady of the Sonnets: Fanny's First Play. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, original cloth, gilt top, uncut.

London, 1914 700. SHAW (G. BERNARD). Autograph Manuscript. 4 full pages of his "Love Among the Artists, ,"containing over 1,000 words. Bound up with a portrait in pamphlet form, large quarto size.

A fine specimen of Shaw's original work, showing his numerous corrections and changes.

701. SHERBURNE (JOHN HENRY). The Suppressed History of the Administration of John Adams (1797 to 1801), as Printed and Suppressed in 1802. By John Wood. Now republished with an appendix and notes by John Henry Sherburne. Portrait. 8vo, half morocco. Phila. 1846

Not in Sabin. The best edition.

702. SLAVERY. An Address to the People of North Carolina on the Evils of Slavery. By the Friends of Liberty and Equality. 24mo, half red morocco. William Swain, Printer. Greensborough, N. C., 1830


703. SMITH (CAPTAIN JOHN). The True Travels, Adventures and Observations of Captaine John Smith, in Furope, Asia, Africke, and America. (Also) The General History of Virginia, New-England and the Summer Isles. Portrait, map and 3 plates. 2 vols. 8vo, half morocco, uncut.

Rare in uncut state.

Richmond, Va., 1819 704. SMITH (CAPTAIN JOHN). A True Relation of Virginia. By Captain John Smith. With an Introduction and Notes by Charles Deane. Small quarto, three-quarter levant morocco, gilt top. Only 280 copies printed. Presentation copy from the Hough. With map and facsimile.

Boston, 1866 editor to F. B.

705. SMITH (M.). A Geographical View of the British Possessions in North America, comprehending Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, New Britain, Lower and Upper Canada.. with an Appendix containing a Concise History of the War in Canada. 16mo, original sheep (worn, and pp. soiled). Baltimore, 1814

706. SONGSTER. Hickok (J. H.). The Social Lyrist: A Collection of Sentimental, Patriotic, and Pious Songs, Set to Music, Arranged for One, Two, and Three Voices. With Notes. 24mo, old cloth.

707. SOUTHOLD, L. I. Southold Town Records, Notes added by J. Wickham Case. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth.

Harrisburg, Pa., 1840 copied and explanatory [New York], 1882-1884

708. SPANISH-AMEPICAN WAR. 9 broadside ballads by Juan A. Alix, dated Santiago, 1903-04.

An interesting collection of songs founded on Spanish-American war incidents.

709. STAMP ACT. Political Debates. 12mo, stitched.

A Paris: Chez J. W. Imprimeur, 1766 EXTREMELY RARE. This was, of course, not printed in Paris. It contains Pitt's famous Speech "Upon the whole, I will beg leave to tell the House what is really my opinion. It is, that the Stamp Act be Repealed absolutely Totally, and Immediately.”

710. STEINER (BERNARD C.). The Life and Correspondence of James McHenry, Secretary of War under Washington and Adams. Portraits. Large 8vo, cloth, uncut. Cleveland, 1907

711. STEVENS (BENJAMIN). A Sermon preached at Boston, Before the Great and General Court or Assembly of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New-England, May 27, 1761. 73 pp. 8vo, sewn, uncut (small piece missing from top margin of half-title).

Boston, 1761

712. STEVENS (ISAAC I.). Address on the Northwest, before the American Geographical and Statistical Society, delivered at New York, December 2, 1858. 8vo, original wrappers. Washington, 1858

A very scarce and exceedingly important address. Stevens was superintendent of Indian affairs, and crossed the Rocky Mountains to conclude a treaty of friendship with the Blackfeet Indians.

713. STEVENSON (ROBERT LOUIS). Island Nights' Entertainments consisting of The Beach of Falesa, The Bottle Imp, The Isle of Voices. With Illustrations by Gordon Browne and W. Hatherell. 8vo, original cloth.


London, 1893 714. STEVENSON (ROBERT LOUIS). Hamilton (Clayton). On the Trail of Stevenson. Illustrations. 8vo, boards, buckram back, uncut. The Second issue, boards, uncut. Together 2 vols.


Garden City, New York, 1915 A very fine copy of the rare suppressed issue; not more than 50 copies in existence. The book was suppressed on account of small portions of 2 chapters relating to his love affairs. These portions were omitted in the second issue. The book is accompanied by a fine copy of the second issue, which is also important for the Collector of Stevensoniana, as it contains an hitherto unpublished portrait of Stevenson and a chronological outline of his life not in the suppressed issue.

715. STEVENSON (ROBERT LOUIS). Original Photograph Of Robert Louis Stevenson with the Hawaiian King Kalakaua. Small quarto. Framed and glazed.

Framed with the above is a check signed by Stevenson. Original photographs like the above are extremely difficult to obtain.

716. STEWART (HON. AND REV. C.). A Short View of the Present State of the Eastern Townships in the Province of Lower Canada, with Hints for their Improvement. Large folding map. 8vo, newly bound by Rivière in half morocco, extra. London, 1817

Gagnon, Vol. II, page 283. Extremely rare.

717. STOBO (MAJOR ROBERT). Memoirs of Major Robert Stobo, of the Virginia Regiment. Folding plan. 16mo, cloth. Pittsburgh, 1854

718. STOWE (HARRIET BEECHER). Uncle Tom's Cabin; or, Life among the Lowly. By Harriet Beecher Stowe. 2 vols. 8vo, half red morocco, gilt top, cloth cover of Vol. 2, bound in.


Boston, 1852

719. STOWE (HARRIET BEECHER). Uncle Tom's Cabin: or Negro Life in the United States of America. Third edition. With forty illustrations (by Gilbert). 8vo, half blue levant morocco, gilt edges. London, 1852

Fine copy.


The Oregon Question. Substance of a Lecture before the Mercantile Library Association, Jan. 22, 1845. Folding map. 8vo, original wrappers.

Boston, 1845 Containing the

721. SUBMARINE. Diving With and Without Armor. Submarine Exploits of J. B. Green, the celebrated Submarine Diver. 8vo, sewn.

Buffalo, 1859

Boston, 1791

722. SULLIVAN (JAMES). Observations upon the Government of the United States of America. 8vo, unbound.

Rare. Relating to the Constitution.


723. SYMONS (ARTHUR). Days and Nights. 8vo, cloth. London, 1889 FIRST EDITION. Presentation copy from the author, with a four-line poem in his handwriting:

"You praise in me the verse that brings

A Savour only life can give:

This book is what I thought of things
Before I had begun to live.”

724. SYMONS (ARTHUR). Amoris Victima. By Arthur Symons. 8vo, original cloth. London: Leonard Smithers, 1897

FIRST EDITION. Only 425 copies printed.

725. SYMONS (ARTHUR). EDITION. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth.


FIRST EDITION. 8vo, cloth.

Poems by Arthur Symons. Portrait. FIRST
London: William Heinemann, 1902

The Fool of the World and other Poems.
London: William Heineman, 1906

727. SYMONS (ARTHUR). William Blake. Large 8vo, buckram.
FIRST EDITION. Crisp copy.

London, 1907 728. SYMONS (ARTHUR). Knave of Hearts. 1894-1908. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, cloth. London: William Heineman, 1913 Contemplations of the State of Man in this


Life, and that which is to come. 12mo, half morocco.

Boston: Printed by T. Fleet, 1723

Evans does not mention this item. 730. TENNESSEE COMPANY. Printed Indenture covering a grant of land by the Legislature of the State of Georgia to Zachariah Cox, Matthias Maher, and their associates, denominated the Tennessee Company. wrappers.

A very fine copy of this scarce piece.


[Phila. 1800]

731. TEXAS. Broadside: GLORIOUS NEWS FROM TEXAS. Houston!! Triumphant!!! Total Defeat of the Mexican Army: Santa Anna, and all his Officers shot. Printed in double columns. Narrow folio. [1836]

AN EXTREMELY RARE BROADSIDE, Metropolitan Extra, Monday Morning, May 16, 1835 [1836], containing the news just received by steamboat "Levant," and Gen. Gaines' report of extracts from the New Orleans Bee, etc.

732. TEXAS. The Texan Revolution. Republished, with additions, from the Northampton (Mass.) Gazette, to which is added a Letter from Washington on the Annexation of Texas, and the late outrage in California. By Probus [David L. Childs]. 8vo, sewed, uncut.

[Wash. 1842]

733. THACKERAY (W. M.). The History of Pendennis. His Fortune and Misfortunes, his friends and his greatest enemies. 8vo, seven original parts (slightly worn). In a cloth folder, the whole enclosed in a cloth case, lettered. N. Y.: Harper & Brothers, n. d. The first American edition in original parts. Much rarer than the English editions.

734. THOREAU (HENRY D.). The Maine Woods. cloth.

Boston, 1864

735. TREMENHEEVE (HUGH S.). Notes on Public Subjects, made during a Tour in the United States and in Canada. 8vo, cloth, uncut. Fine copy.

London, 1852

736. TRINITY CHURCH. Anneke Jans and Trinity Church; The Trinity Church Title; A Word for Trinity Church, and other pamphlets on same subject. 14 pieces. 8vo, wrappers and sewn.

v. p., 1846-1857

737. TROUP (ROBERT). A Letter to the Hon. Brockholst Livingston, Esq. on the Lake Canal Policy of the State of New York. With a Supplement and Additional Documents. 8vo, original wrappers, uncut (small tear in covers).

Albany, 1822

738. TRUMBULL (BENJAMIN). A General History of the United States of America; from the Discovery in 1492 to 1792. Vol. 1 (all published). 8vo, boards, paper label, uncut (worn).

Boston, 1810

739. [TRUMBULL (JOHN).] An Essay on the Use and Advantages of the Fine Arts. Delivered at the Public Commencement, in New-Haven, September 12th, 1770. 16 pp. 8vo, half morocco.

New-Haven: Printed by T. and S. Green [1770]

The author of this anonymous Essay seems to have been unknown to Sabin. Evans credits it to John Trumbull, the author of "M'Fingal.'' But two copies are noted by Evans, both in libraries.

Trumbull graduated from Yale in 1767, and became a Tutor there in 1771, the year following the delivery of this essay.

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740. TRUMBULL (JOHN). The Poetical Works of Collection of Poems on various Subjects written before and during the Revolutionary War. Portrait engraved by Maverick. 2 vols. in one, original boards, rebacked, uncut. Hartford, 1820

Fine copy of the First Edition, in original state. 741. UNIVERSAL Classics Library. Illustrated with photogravures on Japan paper hand-painted reproductions, and portraits. 30 vols. silk cloth, gilt tops, uncut. Washington, n. d.

742. VAN HORNE (THOMAS B.). History of the Army of the Cumberland; its Organization, Campaigns, and Battles, written at the request of Major General George H. Thomas. With Atlas of Maps. 3 vols. 8vo, half morocco (slightly rubbed).

Cinn. 1875

743. VIRGINIA. To the Freeholders of the Districts of Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince-William. 8vo, sewn, uncut and unopened. n. p., n. d. [1795]

Issued without title. An interesting political pamphlet of this period, dealing mainly with Mr. Lee's attitude and vote. 744. VIRGINIA. An Address to the Citizens of the District of York, in Virginia. By their Representative, John Page, of Rosewell. 8vo, sewn. [Phila. 1797]


Sabin had evidently not seen the copy cited by him, as he states pages. This copy has 40 pages. The address was begun in 1794, and a P. S. states that the author was called off from writing the preceding address by an order to march a detachment of the militia to join the army ordered against all insurgents," etc.

745. WAFER (LIONEL). A New Voyage and Description of the Isthmus of America. Giving an Account of the Author's Abode there, &c. Folding map and 3 folding copper-plate views of Indian customs. SECOND EDITION. With the Natural History of those Parts, by a Fellow of the Royal Society; and Davis's Expedition to the Gold Mines, in 1702. 8vo, old calf. London: James Knapton, 1704

One of the earliest and most interesting books upon Panama, containing the rare map. Very scarce. A most valuable book in reference to the Panama region. Wafer was a surgeon in Dampier's expedition across the Isthmus, and was left among the Indians on being disabled by a wound. During his sojourn he gained this valued information regarding their life and habits.

746. WALDO (S. PUTNAM). The Life and Character of Stephen Decatur. Frontispiece and three plates (one torn). FIRST EDITION. 12mo, half morocco.

The frontispiece contains portraits of Bainbridge, Porter, and Macdonough.

Middletown, 1822 Lawrence, Decatur,

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