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162. BRADY (N.). and TATE (N.). A New Version of the Psalms of David, Fitted to the Tunes used in Churches. 8vo, old olive calf, gilt back and sides (rubbed), gilt edges. London, 1757 Bound in at the end is: "A Companion to the Altar." London, 1774.


BROADSIDE SONGS. 25 pieces. New York and Philadelphia, v.d.

164. BRONTE (CHARLOTTE). Jane Eyre: An Autobiography. By Currer Bell. 3 vols. 12mo, original cloth, uncut (a little shaken, and name in each volume at head of the first chapter). London, 1848 THIRD EDITION, with the new preface in which Charlotte Bronte states that her claim to the title of novelist rests on this one work alone. This edition is dedicated to Thackeray.

165. BROOKE (RUPERT). "1914.'' inal wrappers.


Five Sonnets. Small 18mo, orig-
London, 1915

166. [BROWNE (THOMAS).] The Parson's Horn-Book. Illustrated with engraved plates. 8vo, cloth, uncut. Dublin, 1831 SECOND EDITION, and the only edition mentioned by Halkett and Laing.

167. BROWNING (ELIZABETH BARRETT.) Poems before Congress, London, 1860; The Greek Christian Poets and the English Poets. London, 1863. 2 vols. 12mo, cloth, uncut. London, 1860-63


168. BRYANT (WILLIAM CULLEN). The Embargo; or, Sketches of the Times. A Satire. The Second Edition, corrected and enlarged, together with the Spanish Revolution, and other Poems. 12mo, sewn.

Boston: Printed for the Author, 1809 THE EXTREMELY RARE SECOND EDITION, with the leaf of "Advertisement" before the Preface. Good copy. Accompanying the above is a facsimile of the title of the First Edition, showing the variation in its make-up.


Illustrations of the Corporal

& Spiritual Works of Mercy, By a Sister of The Religious Order of Our Lady of Mercy. With Descriptive Anecdotes. Engraved title and outline plates by Freebairn. Oblong 4to, original boards. London, 1840

From the Library of William Cullen Bryant, with his leather name label on front cover.

170. BURROUGHS (JOHN). A.L.S. 2 pp. 8vo, Esopus, April 27, 1878, correcting an observation on the Indigo bird in Thoreau's Journal; Autograph signature of Mark Twain, dated, 1867. 2 pieces.

171. BURTON (RICHARD F.). 8vo, cloth.


Etruscan Bologna: A Study. Illustrated.
London, 1876

172. CALDECOTT, and others. Ride a-Cock Horse; The Mad Dog. Illustrations in color by Caldecott. FIRST EDITIONS; A Book of Christmas Verse (Beeching). Illustrated by Walter Crane. FIRST EDITION, London, 1895; Catoninetales (Brown). Illustrated by W. J. Linton. One of 330 copies, London, 1891; and one other. 5 vols., various sizes and bindings.

173. CAMPBELL (THOMAS). Life of Mrs. Siddons. 2 vols. 8vo, half green morocco, gilt tops. London, 1834

FIRST EDITIONS. With 6 plates inserted.


174. CAMUS (JOHN PETER, Bishop of Belley). Admirable Events. London, 1639; also, Certain Moral Relations, selected out of the two Books written thereof in French. London, 1639. Small 4to, half calf (one leaf damaged). London, 1639


175. CAREME (M. A.). Le Maître d'Hotel Français. Large folding plate, linen-backed. Vol. I only, 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut.

Paris, 1822

On the verso of the half-title is the autograph of the author, and on the half-title and fly-leaf is the author's presentation inscription. 176. CARROLL (LEWIS). The Wonderful Postage Stamp Case. Colored illustrations; Eight or Nine Wise Words about Letter-Writing. Oxford, 1890. 2 pieces. 24mo.

Very Scarce.

177. CHANCELLOR (E. BERESFORD). The History of the Squares of London, Topographical and Historical. With 36 illustrations. Small 4to, cloth, gilt top, uncut. London, 1907 178. CHAP BOOK. The Lotus. 14 Numbers (irregular) from December 1895 to July 1896. Illustrations.. 8vo. Kansas City, Mo., 1895-6 Juvenilia of George Creel, William Griffith, W. A. White and other western writers.

179. CHESTERTON (G. K.). Twelve Types. 12mo, cloth, uncut.

London, 1902

With autograph on fly-leaf of Mary St. Leger Harrison, "Lucas Malet."'

180. CIBBER (COLLEY). A Letter from Mr. Cibber to Mr. Pope, inquiring into the Motives that might induce him in his Satyrical Works, to be so frequently fond of Mr. Cibber's name. Svo, in board covers (name on title). London, 1742


181. CLEMENS (S. L.). Mark Twain's Seventieth Birthday. Record of a Dinner given in his honor, with photograph reproductions of more than 100 authors of imaginative literature who were present, together with Addresses by Mark Twain, W. D. Howells, Henry Van Dyke, and others. Full-page and text portraits. Folio, stitched. New York, 1905

Scarce. The pamphlet showing the arrangement of places at the tables, is laid in.

182. CLEMENS (S. L.). The Innocents Abroad. London: Hotten, n.d.; Personal Recollection of Joan of Arc. London, 1896; Merry Tales. FIRST EDITION. New York, 1892; One Hundred Choice Selections, Phila. 1877. 4 vols. 12mo, cloth and paper.

183. COLORED COSTUME PLATES. Picturesque Representations of the Dress and Manners of the Russians. Illustrated with 64 beautifully colored plates. Royal 8vo, full calf, gilt and blind tooled borders. London, 1814

Fine copy.

184. COLORED PLATES. Fairburn's Brilliant Songster; or, Universal Vocalist. Third collection. With Toasts and Sentiments. Folding humorous colored frontispiece and vignette on title. 12mo, contains pp. 169-240 and Index, original fancy wrapper with title label on front cover.

Very Scarce.

Lond., n. d. [abt. 1820]

185. COLORED PLATES. Russia: or, Miscellaneous Observations on the Past and Present State of that Country and its Inhabitants. By Robert Pinkerton. Illustrated with 8 colored plates of costumes, games, etc., of the Russians. Royal 8vo, half calf, uncut. London, 1833



COLORED PLATES. The Natural History of British Butterflies. By James Duncan. Illustrated with 34 beautifully colored plates. 16mo, full blue calf, gilt edges (stain on title). Edinburgh, 1835 FIRST EDITION. Nice copy.

187. COLORED PLATES. Fancy Dresses Described; or, What to Wear at Fancy Balls. By Ardern Holt. Illustrated with full-page colored costume plates. 12mo, cloth. London, [1887]


188. [COMBE (WILLIAM).] The Tour of Doctor Syntax. In Search of the Picturesque. A Poem. Engraved title, with vignette, and 4 colored plates by Rowlandson. Royal 8vo, half calf, uncut. London, 1813 THIRD EDITION. A very tall and clean copy, but lacking most of the plates. A valuable copy to complete.

189. CRISIS (THE). Numbers 1-6. Pp. 1-48, with continuous pagination. 6 numbers, 12mo, sewn, some lower edges uncut.

London, printed: Hartford, re-printed by Eben Watson, 1775

A FINE AND COMPLETE COPY OF THE EXCESSIVELY RARE HARTFORD EDITION. Evans locates but a single copy of this edition, that in the New York Public Library. The Hartford Edition did not extend beyond the sixth number.

This work contains a remarkable collection of papers attacking the ministry and the British Government in terms of the greatest severity. Bartlett, in referring to it says: "One can hardly believe that in time of war, a publication of such a character would be tolerated.''

190. CRUIKSHANK (GEORGE). Fairy Library. 24 plates. London, 1885; Facetiae and Miscellanies. By William Hone. Illustrations by Cruikshank, London, 1827. The Real or Constitutional House that Jack Built. London, 1819. 3 vols. 8vo, various bindings.

191. DAVIDSON (JOHN). Plays. Frontispiece by Aubrey Beardsley containing caricatures of Sir Augustus Harris, Oscar Wilde, and Henry Harland. Small 4to, buckram (one signature rumpled).

London and Chicago, 1894

FIRST EDITION. One of 500 copies.

192. DESIGNS for Gold and Silversmiths, London, 1836; Gothic Furniture in the Style of the 15th Century. London, 1835. Illustrated with engraved plates. 2 vols. 4to, half roan and cloth (plates of one volume foxed).

193. D'ESTE (SIR AUGUSTUS). Papers elucidating the Claims of Sir Augustus d'Este. With Genealogical trees. Svo, cloth, paper label on side. N.p., 1831 Scarce. This is the account of the legitimacy case of a natural son of the Duke of Sussex, who displeased his father, George III. by an illegal marriage. Inserted, is the autograph of Sir Augustus Frederick d'Este.

194. DETAILLE (EDOUARD). Types et Uniformes, L'Armée Française. Beautifully illustrated with full-page drawings by Detaille, in chromotypogravure, besides numerous woodcuts in the text. 2 vols. folio, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. Paris, 1885-1889


195. DEVIL-WORSHIP in France (Waite), London, 1896; The History of the Devil (Defoe), London, 1777; The American Siberia (Powell), Chicago, I. d. 3 vols., various sizes and bindings.

196. DICKENS (CHARLES). Leaflet: "Charles Dickens, Esq., on the late Execution." To the Editor of the Times. 1p. small 4to. Nov. 13, no year VERY RARE. Not in the Coggeshall collection. This leaflet, circa 1850, is an account of an execution which he witnessed at Horsemonger-lane gaol, and a protest against a repetition of such scenes as he saw there.

197. DICKENS (CHARLES). Leaflet. The Decision of the Master of the Rolls March 26. [1859] of the Suit of Bradbury and Evans against Dickens and Wills. 1p. 8vo. [London, 1859] VERY RARE. Not in the Coggeshall collection. The suit was brought by Bradbury and Evans to prevent Dickens from advertising that "Household Words' would be discontinued. The decision of the Master of the Rolls was, that Dickens might advertise such discontinuance, by inserting the words "by him" after the word "discontinued." Attached to the leaflet is an impression of the advertisement of "All the Year Round," with the words "by him" printed on the margin, and a note to the printer to make the above correction.

198. DICKENS (CHARLES). Speeches Literary and Social. Now FIRST COLLECTED. Portrait on front cover. 12mo, original printed paper covers. London: John Camden Hotten, [1870] With the advertisements in the back, and the slip announcing as ready Charles Dickens: The Story of his Life."

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199. DOBSON (AUSTIN). Proverbs in Porcelain and other Verses. Second Edition. 12mo, cloth, uncut. London, 1878

Autograph presentation copy from Frederick Locker to Mrs. Frederick Campbell. The volume is dedicated to Mr. Locker.

200. DOUGLAS (ROBERT B.). Sophie Arnould, Actress and Wit. Illustrated with 7 charming etchings by A. Lalauze. Royal 8vo, cloth, uncut. Paris, 1898

One of 500 copies on Japan paper.

201. DOYLE (RICHARD). Manners and Customs of ye Englysshe, drawn from ye Quick. Together with some extracts from Mr. Pips, his Diary. Contributed by Percival Leigh. Humorous illustrations by Doyle. 2 vols. oblong 4to, original blue boards, gilt edges. London, 1849

FIRST EDITION. With bookplate of Harry Eikins Widener.

202. DREISER (THEODORE). The Financier. New York, 1912; The Titan. London, 1915; Plays of the Natural and the Supernatural. York, 1916. 3 vols. 12mo, cloth and boards.


203. DRURY LANE THEATRE. The Original Deed of Sale of the Rents of Two Shillings and Sixpence for every Night of Performance, with Privilege of Admission for 103 Years from the 25th Dec. 1791. With engraved view of the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. Large folio, on vellum. June 19, 1793 Signed by Albany Wallis, Richard Ford and Thomas Hammersley. The Deed of Sale is to Richard Sheldon.

An interesting piece, with the association of Richard Brinsley Sheridan, who is mentioned in the Deed.

204. EGAN (PIERCE). The Life of an Actor. Dedicated to Edmund Kean, Esq. The Poetical Descriptions by T. Greenwood. Embellished with 27 colored plates designed and engraved by Theodore Lane and several woodcuts by Thompson. Royal 8vo, full sprinkled calf, gilt, gilt edges.

London, 1825 Choice copy of the FIRST EDITION. Scarce. The colored plates are unusually clean.

205. [ELGIN (LORD).] Lettre du Chev. Antonio Canova; et Deux Memoires lus a l'Institut Royal de France sur les Ouvrages de Sculpture dans la Collection de Mylord Comte d'Elgin. Par le Chev. E. Q. Visconti. 8vo, original wrappers, uncut. Londres, 1816

Autograph presentation copy from Lord Elgin, with inscription on fly-leaf "With Lord Elgin's Compliments."'

206. ELZEVIR PRESS. Justini historiarum ex Trogo Pompeio Lib. XLIV, cum notis Isaaci Vissii. Engraved title. 12mo, olive morocco extra, line sides, richly gilt back, broad inside borders, gilt edges (scratch on front cover). Amstelodami: ex officina Elzeviriana, 1656

Very fine tall copy.

207. EMERSON (R. W.). A Bibliography of Ralph Waldo Emerson. By George W. Cooke. Portrait. 8vo, cloth, uncut. Boston, 1908

Limited to 530 copies.

208. ENGLISH GARNER (AN). 7 vols. 8vo, cloth.

Westminster [Lond.], 1903

Comprises: Voyages and Travels mainly during the 16th and 17th Centuries; Stuart Tracts; Later Stuart Tracts; Social England illustrated; Tudor Tracts; Critical Essays and Literary Fragments.

209. ETCHINGS. Etchings of Bath. A Series of 24 plates by Fred E. Ellison. With descriptive letterpress. 4to, cloth, calf back, gilt top, uncut. London, 1888


FABLIAUX OU CONTES. Fables et Romans du XIIe et du XIIIe

Siècle. Traduits ou extraits par Lagrand D'Aussy. Troisième Édition, considérablement augmentée. Illustrated with numerous fine and spirited copperplate engravings. 5 vols, 8vo, half calf (covers loose, slightly foxed).

Paris, 1829

The plates in this edition are particularly fine.

211. FARMER (JOHN S., Editor). A Satyricall Dialogue; or, a sharplyeinvective conference betweene Allexander the Great and that truely womanhater Diogynes. [By William Goddard.] Ocupyed from a unique copy in the British Museum. Small 4to, boards, morocco back, uncut.

London: Privately printed, 1897

Printed for subscribers only.

212. FENELON. Les Aventures de Telemaque, suivies des Aventures d'Aristonous precedées d'un Essai sur la Vie et les Ouvrages de Fenelon, Par Jules Janin. Illustrations on India paper by Tony Johannot, Wattier, Daubigny, and others, with an additional portrait of the author, on India paper inserted. Royal 8vo, half calf, gilt edges (some pp. foxed).

Paris: Ernest Bourdin, n. d.



213. FIELD (EUGENE). Original Manuscript Title of "A Little Book of Western Verse, entirely in Field's hand, in his characteristic engrossing style; Original Draft of the first verse of "Over the Hills and Far Away, 1p. 8vo, with an A. L. S. 4pp. of Mrs. Field, transmitting this fragment to Mrs. Saunders for the "Field Club." 3 pieces. Preserved in covers.

This original draft of "Over the Hills," etc., bears practically no resemblance to the completed poem, a printed copy of which is also included in the collection.

214. FIELD (EUGENE). Swinburne (A. C.). Laus Veneris, and other Poems and Ballads. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1871

EUGENE FIELD'S COPY, with his early printed bookplate. Field's autograph appears in three places: on title, and on pages 99 and 199. On pages 3, 20, 171, and 302 are comments written in pencil.

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