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276. ROSSETTI (CHRISTINA). Speaking Likenesses. With illustrations by Arthur Hughes. 12mo, cloth, gilt edges.

London, 1874

FIRST EDITION. With bookplate of T. Tileston Wells.

277. ROUNDELL (MRS. CHARLES). Cowdray: The History of a Great English House. With illustrations from drawings in the British Museum, and from sketches by the late Anthony Salvin. 4to, cloth, uncut. London, 1884


278. ROWE (NICHOLAS). Jane Shore. A Tragedy. 2 plates. Small 8vo, half morocco, gilt top. London, 1776 play-bill, Jane

Bell's Edition. Extra-Illustrated with Drury Lane Shore," 1814; portrait of Mrs. Siddons as Jane Shore; and three other portraits.

279. RUSKIN (JOHN). Notes on some of the Principal Pictures of Sir John Everett Millais, exhibited at the Grosvenor Gallery, 1886. With a Preface and Original and Selected Criticisms. With other Comments. Royal 8vo, original wrappers, uncut and unopened. London: William Reeves, [1886]


280. SCHOOLCRAFT (HENRY R.). Summary Narrative of an Exploratory Expedition to the Sources of the Mississippi River in 1820: Resumed and completed by the Discovery of its Origin in Itasca Lake, in 1832. With Appendixes. 8vo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1855

The Appendixes occupy nearly one-half the book, and consist of the original report on the Copper Mines of Lake Superior, and observations on the Geology of the Lake Basins, and the source of the Mississippi, together with all the official reports and scientific papers of both expeditions.

281. SEX in Education (Clarke), Boston, 1873; Nehushtan: A Romance of Rome, Rule and Ruin (Roe), St. Louis, 1894; Celebrated Pianists of the Past and Present Time (Ehrlich), Leipzig, 1894, and others. 10 vols. various sizes and bindings.

282. SHAKESPEARE. The History of King Lear, Acted at the Queen's Theatre. Revived with alterations. By N. Tate Small 4to, half morocco. London, 1712

283. SHARP (JOHN). A Sermon Preached at Trinity Church, in America, August 13, 1706. At the Funeral of the Right Honourable Katherine Lady Cornbury. 12mo, old calf (covers loose). London, [1706]

Scarce. Bound in with the above are nearly 30 additional sermons, issued in the 17th and 18th centuries, many preached before the Queen. 284. SHELLEY (PERCY B.). he Wandering Jew. A Poem. Edited by Bertram Dobell. 8vo, half levant morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Zaehnsdorf. London, 1887

One of 500 copies.

285. SMITH (PAMELA COLMAN). Annancy Stories. pictured boards.

Illustrated. 4to, New York, 1899 The Introduction is by Thomas Nelson Page, and there is laid in, THE ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT of this Introduction, 2pp. 4to, signed.

286. SONG BOOK. The Red, White, and Blue Monster Song Book. Edited by J. Diprose. 12mo, half green morocco. London, n. d.

287. SYMONDS (J. A.). The Escorial. A Prize Poem, Recited in the Theatre, Oxford, June 20, 1860. 12mo, original wrappers. Oxford, 1860


288. THACKERAY. Taylor (Theodore). Thackeray the Humourist and the Man of Letters. The Story of his Life, including a selection from his characteristic Speeches, now for the First Time gathered together. Photograph from life and original illustrations. 8vo, cloth. London: Hotten, 1864 FIRST EDITION. With 8 original etchings by Thackeray laid in.

289. THACKERAY. Barnard (Frederick). A Series of Character Sketches from Thackeray, from original drawings by Frederick Barnard. 6 plates on India paper. Folio, loose in board portfolio. London, 1886 290. THACKERAY (WILLIAM M.). The Bibliography of Thackeray. A Bibliographical List arranged in Chronological Order of the published writings in prose and verse and his Letters and Drawings. A companion and supplement to the Edition de Luxe. Imp. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, n. d.

291. THACKERAY (WILLIAM M.). The Tremendous Adventures of Major Gahagan. FIRST EDITION. London, 1855; Notes of a Journey from Cornhill to Cairo. London, 1846. 2 vols. 12mo, cloth and paper.

292. THOMPSON (FRANCIS). Health and Holiness. A Study of the Relations between Brother Ass, the Body, and his Rider, the Soul. 12mo, cloth, uncut. London, 1905


293. THOREAU (H. D.). A Bibliography of Henry David Thoreau. By Francis H. Allen. Portrait and facsimile. 8vo, cloth, uncut. Bost. 1908 Limited to 530 copies.

294. TIMBS (JOHN). Curiosities of London, exhibiting the most rare and remarkable objects of interest in the Metropolis. With nearly Sixty Years' Personal Recollections. Engraved title and full-page plates. Thick royal 8vo, half calf, gilt back. London: Virtue & Co., n. d.

295. TIME WORKS WONDERS (Jerrold), Bubbles of the Day (Jerrold), The Good Genius that turned everything into Gold (Mayhew). Cruikshank illustrations. FIRST EDITION. London, 1847; Justice (Galsworthy), N. Y., 1910; Eugene Delacroix (Silvestre), Paris, 1864. 5 vols. 12mo and 16mo, various bindings.

296. UPHAM (CHARLES W.). Salem Witchcraft; with an Account of Salem Village and a History of Opinions on Witchcraft and Kindred Subjeets. Illustrated. FIRST EDITION. 2 vols. Svo, cloth, gilt tops, uncut. Boston, 1867

297. UZANNE (OCTAVE). Les Quais de Paris. Etudes Physiologiques sur les Bouquinistes et Bouquineurs. Etched frontispiece and vignette by Heidbrinck, and numerous illustrations by Emile Mas. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. Paris: Maison Quantin, 1896

One of 500 copies.


VACHON (MARIUS). L'Art pendant la Guerre de 1870-1871. Strasbourg. Les Musées, les Bibliotheques et la Cathédrale. Royal 8vo, boards, calf back, uncut. Paris, 1882

Autograph presentation copy from the author to Anatole de Montaiglon. Inventory of French Art and Books destroyed by the Huns at Strasburg in the Franco-Prussian War.

299. VAUGHAN (HENRY). Silex Scintillans. Sacred Poems and Private Ejaculations. 12mo, purple morocco, gilt edges.

Lond.: Pickering, 1847 300. VERLAINE (PAUL). Elégies. 12mo, original wrappers, uncut. Paris, 1893



301. VIRGIL. Egloge Virgilii Neoterici: hoc est: Baptistae Mantuani Carmelitae. Title within ornamental border. Small 4to, sewn.

[Colophon]: Lipsiae in aedibus Valentini Shumar Anno domini Millesimo quingetesimo desimoseptimo.

The present copy bears throughout marginal and interlinear notes in a contemporary hand, many of the lines being ruled under or through in red. Such a profusion of notes and careful marking would rather indicate this to be an edited copy.

Memories of Fifty Years. With an InPortraits and facsimiles. 12mo, cloth, gilt New York, 1889 FIRST EDITION. With cut signature of Lester Wallack inserted. Autograph presentation copy from Charles E. Wallack to Rufus King.

302. WALLACK (LESTER). troduction by Laurence Hutton. top, uncut.

303. WALPOLE (HORACE). Notes on the Poems of Alexander Pope. Contributed by Sir William A. Fraser, from the copy in his possession. 8vo, boards, paper label, uncut. London, 1876

One of 300 copies printed at the Chiswick Press.

304. WESTCOTT (THOMPSON). Names of Persons who took the Oath of Allegiance to the State of Pennsylvania, between the Years 1777 and 1789, with a History of the "Test Laws" of Pennsylvania. 8vo, half brown morocco, uncut (name on title and two leaves mended). Philadelphia, 1865

One of 250 copies.

305. WHARTON (GRACE and PHILIP). The Wits and Beaux of Society; The Queens of Society. With New Prefaces by J. H. McCarthy. Illustrations by H. K. Browne, James Godwin, and C. A. Doyle. 4 vols. 4to, folded sheets, uncut. London, 1890 One of 50 Large Paper copies in sheets, suitable for extra-illustration.

306. WHISTLER (J. A. MCNEILL). "Notes"-"Harmonies"—"Nocturnes."' Small 4to, original brown paper wrappers, uncut and unopened. Chelsea, May, 1884


307. WHISTLER (J. A. MCNEILL). The International Society of Sculptors, Painters and Gravers. Memorial Exhibition of the Works of the late J. McNeill Whistler. Square Svo, original_wrappers.

London: Ballantyne Press, 1905

308. WHISTLER (J. A. McNEILL). Eden versus Whistler. The Baronet and the Butterfly. A Valentine with a Verdict. Small 4to, boards, uncut. Paris: L. H. May, n. d.


Ravenna. Recited in

309. WILDE (OSCAR). Newdigate Prize Poem. the Theatre, Oxford, June 26, 1878. 12mo, original wrappers. Oxford, 1878


310. [WILDE (OSCAR).] "Pat." A humorous illustrated Weekly. Colored caricatures and humorous illustrations. Numbers 1-112 [all issued]. [Dublin, 1881-1883]

Contains a number of caricatures and burlesque poems on Oscar Wilde and Sarah Bernhardt. Inserted is an A. L. S. of W. P. Swan, announcing the discontinuance of "Pat" to be succeeded by "The Diamond."

311. WILDE (OSCAR). Shakespearean Show-Book. With original contributions, Illustrations, and Music from well-known authors, artists and composers, given gratuitously for the Chelsea Hospital for Women. Oblong 12mo, original ornamental limp boards (one cover cracked). London, 1884 Contains "Under the Balcony," a poem by Oscar Wilde, with his signature in facsimile. There is also a Sonnet on Shakespeare, by Robert Browning; poems by Tennyson, and a number of interesting drawings by Cruikshank, Caldecott, Crane, and others.

312. WILDE (OSCAR). Lord Arthur Saville's Crime and other Stories: (The Sphinx without a Secret; The Canterville Coast; The Model Millionaire). 12mo, original boards, uncut (soiled and shaken). London, 1891 The exceedingly scarce First Edition. The edition often sold as the first, is, like this one, printed by T. and T. Clark, Edinburgh, but bearing the imprint of Dodd, Mead and Co.

313. WILDE (OSCAR). Salome. A Tragedy in One Act: Translated from the French of Oscar Wilde. Pictured by Aubrey Beardsley (with two additional plates, hitherto suppressed). Small 4to, cloth, uncut.

London: Melmoth and Co., 1904

Scarce. One of 250 copies.

314. WILDE (OSCAR). The Harlot's House. Small 4to, original blue wrappers, uncut. Privately printed, 1905

315. WILSON (ALEXANDER), and BONAPARTE (CHARLES L.). American Ornithology; or, the Natural History of the Birds of the United States. Portrait and engraved titles. 4 vols. 16mo, cloth, paper labels, uncut and unopened. Edinburgh, 1831

Being vols. 68-71 of Constable's Miscellany.

316. WILSON (THOMAS). The Correct Method of German and French Waltzing: Containing Instructions for performing all the Movements and Attitudes in that truly fashionable species of Dancing. Second Edition. Engraved folding frontispiece, plates, and music. 12mo, original boards, uncut (back worn). London, 1817


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