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At Ludlow Castle,


On Michaelmasse night, before the RIGHT HONORABLE,

JOHN Earle of Bridgewater, Vicount BRACKLY, Lord Præfident of WALES, And one of His MALESTIES moft honorable Privie Counsell.

Eheu quid volui mifero mihi ! floribus austrum



Printed for HVMPHREY ROBINSON, at the figne of the Three Pidgeons in Pauls Church-yard. 1637.

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1168. MILTON (JOHN). Justa Edouardo King Naufrago, ab Amicis moerentibus. Small 4to, full dark blue morocco, gilt back, gilt panelled sides, gilt edges, by Clarke and Bedford.

Cantabrigiæ: Apud Thomam Buck, & Rogerum Daniel, 1638


The first part of this collection of verses by various writers on the death of Edward King, who was drowned while crossing the Irish Sea in 1637, contains 23 poems in Latin and Greek; and the second part (which has a separate title) has 13 English Poems, the last of which is the exquisite "Lycidas," signed with Milton's initials. As originally printed, the signature E comprised only four leaves, but it being discovered that an additional set of Latin verses by M. Honywood, and others by Guil, Brearley and Ch. Bainbrigg had been omitted, they were printed on an extra sheet of two leaves (the first marked E4) and inserted between E3 and the original E4.

THE PRESENT COPY IS A MATCHLESS ONE, measuring 7 1/6 x 5 5/16 inches, the printing being exceptionally brilliant.

Without Lycidas'' we might possibly never have had Gray's "Elegy.' We should certainly never have had "Adonais." The Lancelot Holland copy, with bookplate.

1169. MILTON (JOHN). The Reason of Church-government Urg'd against Prelaty. By Mr. John Milton. In two Books. Ornament and ornamental rules on title. Small 4to, full brown levant morocco, gilt ornament on sides, gilt edges, by Rivière.

London: Printed by E. G. for Iohn Rothwell, 1641 FIRST EDITION. Rare. A very fine, choice copy.

1170. MILTON (JOHN). Of Reformation touching ChvrchDiscipline in England: And the Cavses that hitherto have hindred it. Two Bookes, written to a Friend. Ornament on title. Small 4to, full brown levant morocco, Jansen style, gilt edges, by Rivière. Printed, for Thomas Underhill, 1641 FIRST EDITION. RARE. THIS IS THE FIRST OF MILTON'S PROSE WORKS. It was preceded only by "Comus,' 1637, and "Lycidas,' "' 1638. It was the first of Milton's contributions to the dispute between Joseph Hall, Bishop of Exet his son Robert, and Archbishop Ussher, on the one side, and the five ministers whose united initials formed the name Smeetymnuus, on the other side.


The present copy is an exceptionally large one, measuring 7 x 5% inches, with an unusually broad lateral margin, on some leaves measuring 2 inches, and with some lower margins UNCUT. It also has the leaf of Errata, which is usually wanting.

1171. MILTON (JOHN). A Reply to the Answer (printed by his Majesties Command at Oxford) to a printed Booke Intituled Observations upon some of his Maiesties late Answers and Expresses. Title within ornamental border, and device on title. Small 4to, full sprinkled calf (some of the lower lines have been cut away). London: Printed for Matthew Walbancke, 1642 FIRST EDITION. A rare early work of Milton, printed a quarter of a century before "Paradise Lost."

1172. MILTON (JOHN). Areopagitica; A Speech of Mr. John Milton For the Liberty of Vnlicenc'd Printing, To the Parliament of England. Small 4to, ORIGINAL BOARDS, in wine color levant morocco solander case, by Sangorski and Sutcliffe.

London: Printed in the Yeare, 1644 THE EXCESSIVELY RARE FIRST EDITION, and an UNUSUALLY LARGE COPY, measuring 75/16 x 5 13/16, the Church copy being only 7 x 5% inches in size.

This work, by far the best known of Milton's prose writings, was published in November, 1644. It was a protest against an ordinance of Parliament passed the 14th of the preceding June, with which it was proposed to crush him.

The volume shows the stitching holes on the inner margin, showing that the piece was issued as a stitched tract, and the board covers are undoubtedly the original binding of the book.

THE RARE FIRST EDITION, IN ORIGINAL BINDING 1173. MILTON (JOHN). Poems of Mr. John Milton, both Engish and Latin, Compos'd at several times. Printed by his true copies. The Songs were set in Musick by Mr. Henry Lawes Gentleman of the Kings Chappell, and are of his Maiesties Private Musick. With a very brilliant impression of the rare portrait of Milton by W. Marshall. Small 8vo, ORIGINAL CALF, in brown levant morocco solander case, by Rivière.

London: Printed by Ruth Raworth for Humphrey Moseley, 1645

THE EXTREMELY RARE FIRST EDITION, IN ORIGINAL BINDING. The portrait, a very brilliant impression, is, according to Granger the FIRST PRINT OF


By reason of a careless folding of the sheets, the pagination is sometimes cut into, but the present copy is without that blemish, and is an exceptionally crisp copy. The fly-leaves and title contain the names of various former owners.

1174. MILTON (JOHN). Tetrachordon: Expositions upon the foure chief places in Scripture, which treat of Mariage or nullities in Mariage. Small 4to, full dark red levant morocco, gilt back, gilt fillet borders on sides, gilt edges, by Macdonald.

London: Printed in the yeare 1645 FINE COPY OF THE VERY RARE FIRST EDITION. Privately printed. 1175. MILTON (JOHN). EIKONOKA AE THE In Answer To a Book Intitul'd ΕΙΚΩΝ ΒΑΣΙΛΙΚΗ, the Portrature of his Sacred Majesty in his Solitudes and Sufferings. The Author I. M. Title printed in red and black. Small 4to, ORIGINAL CALF, in half brown morocco slip-case. London: Printed by Matthew Simmons, 1649


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1176. MILTON (JOHN). Considerations touching the likeliest means to remove Hirelings out of the Church. Wherein is also discoure'd of Tithes, Church-fees, Church-revenues; and whether any maintenance of ministers can be settl'd by law. Small 12mo, original calf, gilt back.


1177. MILTON (JOHN). Paradise lost. A Poem in Ten Books. The Author John Milton. 8vo, full dark blue levant morocco, gilt back, gilt and blind panelled sides, with corner ornaments, gilt edges, by Rivière. London: Printed by S. Simmons, 1669

FIRST EDITION, with the Sixth title-page (usually termed the Seventh). This edition has the preliminary leaves, with the errata corrected in last line but one, and with the 5 line note "The Printer to the Reader." A BEAUTIFUL COPY.

1178. MILTON (JOHN). The History of Britain, That part especially now call'd England. From the first Traditional Beginning, continu'd to the Norman Conqvest. Collected out of the antientest and best Authours thereof by John Milton. With the brilliant portrait of Milton by Faithorne (remargined). Small 4to, full mottled calf, gilt fillet border on sides, gilt edges, by Rivière. London: Printed by J. M. for James Allestry, 1670

THE EXTREMELY RARE FIRST EDITION, with the correct title-page. It was issued again the following year, using the unsold sheets, but the date on the title changed to 1671. A superb copy. Not in Huth.

1179. MILTON (JOHN). Paradise Regain’d. IV Books. To which is added Samson Agonistes. calf, some lower edges UNCUT.

A Poem. In 8vo, original

London: Printed by J. M. for John Starkey, 1671

FIRST EDITION, and EXTREMELY RARE IN SUCH CRISP ORIGINAL STATE. With the leaf of License preceding title; the separate title to “Samson Agonistes''; and the leaf of Errata at the end. The Daniel-Huth copy, with bookplate of the latter.

1180. MILTON (JOHN). Paradise Lost. A Poem in Twelve Books. The Author John Milton. With brilliant impression of the portrait of Milton by W. Dolle. 8vo, full crimson levant morocco, Jansen style, gilt top, by Stikeman.

London: Printed by S. Simmons, 1674

SECOND EDITION, "Revised and Augmented by the same Author." Rare. This edition was not in Huth.

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1181. MILTON (JOHN). Literæ Pseudo-Senatus Anglicani Cromwellii Reliquorumque Perduellium nomine ac jussu conscriptæ a Joanne Miltono. Ornamental device on title. Small 8vo, original calf. In half morocco slip case. Impressæ Anno 1676

THE EXTREMELY RARE FIRST EDITION. Very fine copy. Two editions of this work were published in this year, and there is no way of determining which was the earlier. Milton's nephew, Edward Phillips translated the work, and it was published in 1694 under the title of "Letters of State.''

1182. MILTON (JOHN). Paradise Lost. A Poem in Twelve Books. The Author John Milton. With a fine portrait of the author by W. Dolle. 8vo, full olive-brown levant morocco, Jansen style, gilt edges, by Rivière. London: Printed by S. Simmons, 1678

THIRD EDITION. An immaculate copy. Has the contemporary name on title of Richardi Hebson. This edition was revised and augmented by Milton.

1183. MILTON (JOHN). Mr. John Milton's Character of the Long Parliament and Assembly of Divines. In MDCXLI. Omitted in his other Works, and never before Printed, And very seasonable for these times. Ornament on title. Small 4to, full brown levant morocco, gilt and blind tooled sides, gilt edges, by Rivière. London: Printed for Henry Brome, 1681

FIRST EDITION. Extremely Rare, and a large copy, measuring 77/16 x 57/16 inches. The Church copy measures only 6 15/16 x 5 7/16 inches. There was no copy of this work in the extensive Hagen collection.

This work consists of matter originally written as part of the third book of the author's "History of Britain," 1670, and omitted in that as well as in all of the early editions for the reason given by the publisher in his preface "To the Reader."

1184. MILTON (JOHN). Comus. A Mask. With 30 illustrations by Pickersgill, Corbould, Birket Foster, Harrison Weir, etc., engraved by the Brothers Dalziel. Small 4to, full polished calf, gilt back, gilt edges, by Rivière. Original blue and gold covers bound in. THE FIRST ILLUSTRATED EDITION. London, 1858


1185. MINIATURE BOOK. Schloss's English Bijou Almanac for 1841. Poetically illustrated by the Hon. Mrs. Norton. Illustrated with portraits on Napoleon, Mrs. Norton, J. S. Knowles, etc. Size 13/16 x 9/16 inches, full green roan, gilt edges, in original London (1841)

roan case.

Very Rare.

1186. MIRROUR FOR MAGISTRATES. A Myrrovr for Magistrates. Wherein maye be seen by example of other, with howe greuous plages vices are punished; and howe frayle and unstable worldly prosperity is founde, even of those whom fortune seemeth most highly to fauour. Anno. 1563. Title within a fine architectural woodcut border. Printed in Gothic type. Small 4to, full olive levant morocco, doublures of the same, marbled flys, gilt edges, by The Club Bindery. Imprinted at London by Thomas Marshe, 1563


A FINE COPY OF THE SECOND EDITION. Contains the leaf of "Faultes escaped in Printing. The editor was William Baldwin and the basis of the work was Lydgate's "Fall of Princes."

1187. MIRROUR FOR MAGISTRATES. The Seconde part of the Mirrour for Magistrates, conteining the falles of the infortunate Princes of this Lande. From the Conquest of Cæsar, vnto the comyng of Duke William the Conquerour. Title within a fine architectural border. Small 4to, full old wine color morocco, gilt back, fillet border on sides, with rosettes, gilt edges, by Rivière.

Imprinted by Richard Webster, 1578

THE FIRST (Blennerhassett) EDITION, and only separate edition of this part. The legends are twelve in number and were written entirely by Thomas Blennerhassett. Very Rare.

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