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1261A. NUREMBERG CHRONICLE. Schedel. (Hartman). Chronicon Nurembergensis. Registrum huius operis libri cronicarum cu figuris et ymagibus ab inicio mudi. Numerous woodcuts by Pleydenwurff and Wolgemut. Thick folio, new brown pigskin, back stamped in compartments, sides elaborately stamped with a double broad border, rose ornaments in corners, the centre panelled and stamped in a unique design, roses occupying the centre of each space. On the front cover is stamped "Cronicorum Liber”; and on the back cover is stamped, "A. Koberger Norimbergæ.'

Colophon: . . . hunc librum dominus Anthonius koberger Nuremberge impressit. Adhibitis tame viris mathematicis pingendiq arte peritissimis. Michaele wolgemut et wilhelmo Pleydenwurff, quaru solerti acuratissimaq animadversione tum ciuitatum illustrium vivorum figure inserte sunt. Consummatu autem duodecima mensis Julii. Anno salutis nre 1493

A SUPERB COPY OF THE NUREMBERG CHRONICLE, in immaculate condition. Printed in Gothic character, 20 unnumbered leaves; ccc numbered; 5 unnumbered leaves for the "Sarmacia, without signatures or catchwords. The woodcuts, of which there are upwards of 2,000, include large views of cities, genealogical trees, heads of celebrated personages, a large woodcut representing the dance of death, maps, etc. The portrait and biography of Pope Joan are intact, and the copy is in uncolored state, except for a few painted capitals at the end. The three blank leaves, 259, 260 and 261 are present. This beautiful copy measures 161⁄2 x 11% inches.


1262. ORTELIUS (ABRAHAM). Theatro d'Abrahamo Ortelio ridotto in forma piccola. Augmentato (sic) di molte carte nuove nelle quali sono brevemente descritti tutti li Paesi al presente conosciuti. Tradotto in Lingua Italiana da Giov. Paulet. Engraved coat of arms of the Count of Boussu and the Map of the World; 106 full-page engraved maps, each described on the page opposite the map; at the end is a large folding map of Switzerland, most extraordinarily drawn by Aeg. Tschudo-France is on the East and Italy on the North-engraved by John Bussemecher. Oblong 8vo, in full vellum, original Plantin binding, double fillets on the sides, with corner floreated ornaments, and oval ornament in centre of sides, in gold, modern green silk ties, in green levant morocco solander case.

In Anversa: N'ella stamparia Plantiniana A la spese di Philippo Gallo, 1593

FIRST EDITION of the Pocket Atlas of Ortelius for Italians. A very scarce book, especially in the original binding. No copy in the British Museum, nor New York Public Library. The FOLDING MAP OF SWITZERLAND



Plantin had previously printed the Ortelius Pocket Atlas both in Latin and French. For the Italian Edition, Gallo, as he says in a Preface, procured additional new maps of Switzerland and of some of the Italian provinces. On f. 59 is a map of Switzerland drawn by Aeg. Tuschudo in which the directions are reversed. Perhaps for the convenience of

Italians passing into Northern Europe through Switzerland the publisher added another map of Switzerland in very large dimensions (size 11% x 8% inches) drawn by the same Tschudo, engraved by Bussemecher, and curiously enough it was drawn in the same reversed way as that on p. 59, and was therefore useless. For this reason it was probably cancelled, for none of the Bibliographers, including Sabin 57701 and Mr. Phillips in his detailed Catalogue of Maps, Lib. of Cong., mention it.

If this map has now come to light it is DUE TO THE FACT THAT THE ABOVE DESCRIBED VOLUME IS IN ORIGINAL BINDING, so that the map which is hidden between the blank leaves escaped destruction.

Plantin bindings are very rare.

RARE WORK ON EGYPTIAN HIEROGLYPHICS 1263. ORUS APOLLO NILIACUS. In Greek and Latin. Ori Apolonis Niliaci, de sacris Notis & sculpturis libri duo, vbi ad fidem vetusti codicis manuscripti restituta sunt loca permulta, corrupta ante ac deplorata. Quibus accessit uersio recens, per Io. Mercerum Uticesem concinnata, & observationes non infrugiferae. Illustrated with numerous emblematic woodcuts, brilliant impressions. Small 8vo, bound in fine old red English morocco, gilt fillet borders, canary edges. Parisiis: Apud Iacobum Keruer, 1551

A FINE AND PERFECT COPY OF THIS RARE WORK on the Signification of the Hieroglyphics of the Ancient Egyptians, and the symbols in which they transmitted their Secret Mysteries.

1264. OSSIAN. The Poems of Ossian. Translated by James Macpherson. Engraved frontispieces. 2 vols. 16mo, half Russia (corner of one title cut away). Glasgow, 1824

1265. OXFORD ACT (The). A Poem. (Description of Jubilee at Oxford University, 1693). Ornament on title. Small 4to, half old calf. London: Printed for Randal Taylor, 1693

FIRST AND ONLY EDITION. Extremely Rare. Not in Hazlitt or Bibliotheca Anglo Poetica; Hoe nor Huth. The only copy mentioned by Lowndes is one in the British Museum.

1266. PALENGENIUS (MARCELLUS STELLATUS). Zodiacus Vitae. Printer's device on title. Printed in italics throughout. Small 8vo, full sprinkled calf.

Londoni: Apud Thomam Marsh, 1575

A BOOK OF GREAT RARITY AND INTEREST. The first 29 initial letters form an acrostic "Marcellus Palingenius Stellatus." In 1565 this work was translated into English by Googe, and published.

This curious book is a general satire upon human life, etc., containing many bitter sarcasms against the Pope and Cardinals of Rome, for which the author, after his death, was pronounced a heretic, and his body was taken up and committed to flames.

See Drake "Shakespeare and his Times," also, Capell's "Collection of Shakespeareana. Not in Gordon Duff's Cat. Ryland's library; Sayle, or Hazlitt.

A FAMOUS SHAKESPEAREAN ROMANCE ON CHIVALRY 1267. PALMERIN D'ANGLETERRE. La premier (et le second) livre du preux, vaillant et tresvictorieux Chevalier Palmerin D'Angleterre, filz du Roy dom Edouard. Traduit de Castillan en Francois par maistre Jaques Vincent, du Crest Arnauld en

Dauphine. Device on titles, ornamental woodcut initials. Vol. 1. (4) 300 pp. Vol. 2. (4) 254 pp. 1 blank leaf. 2 vols. in one, folio, full crimson levant morocco, Jansen style, gilt over marbled edges, by Chambolle-Duru. Lyons: Par Thibauld Payen, 1553


FIRST FRENCH EDITION and is a very correct translation. Extremely Rare in such fine condition. This is one of the most celebrated Romances of Chivalry, published in many languages.. Drake, in his 'Shakespeare and his Time" and Sidney Lee in his Shakespeare studies speak about Palmerin of England in relation to Shakespeare. Hazlitt quotes Cervantes "Master Nicholas, if you think good, this and Amadis de Gaule may be preserved from the fire, and let all the rest, without further search or regard, perish.''

Although both titles are dated 1553, as a matter of fact the first part was printed at the end of 1552, as is recorded in the privilege on the back of the title-page. Anthony Munday published this work together with Palmerin d'Olivia, in 1602-1609, in 3 parts, but the poet Robert Southey says in his edition of Palmerin, that Munday actually translated only the beginning of Palmerin, the rest being done by others, and that it is really a compilation and not a translation. It was reprinted in 1639 in 2 volumes, without "Palmerin d'Oliva" (in the present collection).

Who wrote Palmerin of England and in what language is not known with certainty. It is variously attributed to Louis Hurtado and F. de Moraes, i. e. respectively to Spanish and Portuguese sources. The earliest known Spanish version was discovered by Salva in 1840-1850 and exists in two very imperfect copies, Salva and the British Museum, that of Toledo, 1547-1548. Portuguese extant version is of much later date.

Both Brunet IV, p. 331, and Deschamps devote much space to Palmerin, and special monographs were written by Mendez (M. O.) in Lisbon 1860 and by Pascuel de Gayangos, Madrid, 1862.

From the library of Maurice Hewlett, with bookplate.


With the

1268. PARLIAMENT. The Parlament of Women. merry Lawes by them newly enacted. To live in more Ease, Pompe, Pride, and wantonesse : but especially that they might have superiority and domineere over their husbands: with a new way found out by them to cure any old or new Cuckolds, and how both parties may recover their credit and honestie againe. Woodcut on title. Small 8vo, old calf, red leather label on back, with title. London: Printed by J. O. and are to be sold by J. Wright the Younger, 1640

FIRST EDITION. EXCESSIVELY RARE. This was, no doubt, the earliest appearance of this curious piece. It was licensed to John Okes, 18 June, 1640. No OTHER COPY OF THIS EDITION IS KNOWN. The Huth copy, with bookplate.


1269. PARROT (HENRY). Laquei ridiculosi: or, Springes for Woodcocks. By H. P. Woodcut on title, and ornamental headpieces. Small square 8vo, ORIGINAL VELLUM.

London: Printed for Iohn Busby, 1613


The words "Caueat Emptor" sometimes occur on the title-page in place of the author's initials. Several of the satiric squibs here published

collectively made their appearance in the Epigrams printed in 1608, also in The More the Merrier,'' 1608, and "The Mastive," 1615. A few of Sir John Harington's may also be traced in this volume. It is divided into two books, containing 224 in the first and 215 in the second, ending with some English and Latin concluding lines.

A most interesting association copy, being formerly in the libraries of Horace Walpole; Edward Vernon Utterson, and Huth, with bookplates of all three.

1270. [PARSONS (ROBERT).] A Briefe Discourse containing certaine reasons Why Catholikes refuse to goe to Church. Written by a learned and vertuous man, to a friend of his in England. Woodcut frontispiece of Christ preaching on the mount, repeated at the end, also woodcut on verso of title, likewise repeated. Small 8vo, full brown levant morocco, gilt ornament on sides, gilt edges, by Rivière. Printed at Doway, 1601

RARE. The work is dedicated to Queen Elizabeth by John Howlett. The First Edition of this work, Doway, 1580 imprint, was printed at London by Will. Carter, who was executed for treason in 1584.

1271. PARSONS (ROBERT). Leicester's Common-Wealth. Conceived, spoken and published with most earnest protestation of dutifull good-will and affection towards this Realme. Whereunto is added, Leicesters-Ghost. Brilliant portrait of the Earl of Leicester by William Marshall. Small 8vo, original calf, in half morocco slip-case. London: Printed Anno Dom. 1641


This work was written by Parsons, the Jesuit, from materials with which he is said to have been furnished by Lord Burghley. It was first published abroad in 8vo, in 1584, under the title of "A Dialogue between a Scholar, a Gentleman, and a Lawyer," and was previously handled about in England under the name of "Parsons' Black Book."


1272. PARTRIDGE (JOHN). The worthie Hystorie of the moste Noble and valiaunt Knight Plasidas, otherwise called Eustas, who was martyred for the Prosession of Jesus Christ. Gathered in English verse by Iohn Partridge, in the yere of our Lord. 1566. Printed in Gothic type. .Title within ornamental woodcut border. Small 8vo, full old crushed green morocco, gilt ornaments on back, fillet borders on sides, gilt edges, by Hayday.

Imprinted at London, by Henrye Denham, for Thomas Hacket, n. d. (1566)

THE EXCESSIVELY RARE FIRST EDITION, of which ONLY TWO OTHER COPIES ARE KNOWN, one in Malone's collection and the other in the Pepysian library. Dedicated to Arthur Dwabene, Merchant Adventurer. Collier has reviewed this small volume at some length in his "Bibl. Cat." ii, 117-20. The Corser-Huth copy, with bookplate of the latter.


The worthie Hyftorie of the moûte Moble and valiaunt Knight Plafidas, otherwife called Eustas, who was martyred for the Profeffion of Jefus Chult.

Gathered in English verse by John
Partridge in the yere of
our Lord.1566.

JMPRINTED at London, by Henrye

Denham, for Thomas
Backet : and are to bé
folde at his Shoppe

in Lumbarde


[NUMBER 1272]

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