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818. HAYWARD (SIR JOHN). The First Part of the Life and raigne of King Henrie the IIII. Extending to the end of the first yeare of his raigne. Written by I. H. Ornaments on title. Small 4to, full mottled calf, gilt back, gilt panelled sides, with corner ornaments, gilt edges, by Bedford.

Imprinted at London by Iohn Wolfe, 1599 FIRST EDITION. Fine copy. There was another edition issued the same year, with a printer's device on the title instead of the ornaments, the collation agreeing with this issue. In this copy the name "Henry" is frequently spelled "Henrie."'

819. HAYWARD (SIR JOHN). The First Part of the Life and Raigne of King Henrie the IIII. Extending to the end of the first yeare of his raigne. Woodcut ornament on title. Small 4to, full maroon levant morocco, gilt ornaments on sides, with the arms of Henry IV. on front cover, by Sangorski and Sutcliffe.

Imprinted at London by John Wolfe, 1599



820. HEARN (LAFCADIO). AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT, SIGNED, of "The Scenes of Cable's Romances.' Written on 31 octavo sheets of yellow paper, in purple ink, and illustrated with 4 photographs of drawings of "'Sieur George's Lodging Place"; "The Heritage of 'Tite Poulette"; "The House of Madame Delphine"; and "Cafe des Exiles." Inlaid to small folio, and bound in full brown levant morocco, title on back and sides in gold, gilt edges, by Rivière.

AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPTS OF LAFCADIO HEARN ARE EXTREMELY RARE. The present one is particularly desirable, associating as it does, that other interesting writer of New Orleans life, George W. Cable.

It is interesting to note the remarkable cleanness of this manuscript, there being scarcely a correction in the whole paper, which is quite in contrast with the manuscripts of some of the English novelists, thus showing the ease and facility with which Hearn wrote.

The photographic illustrations have been laid down on the manuscript by Hearn himself, thereby increasing the personal association of the piece, a finishing touch, as it were, to this FIRST MANUSCRIPT OF ITS AUTHOR.

821. HEARN (LAFCADIO). One of Cleopatra's Nights and other Fantastic Romances. By Theophile Gautier. Translated by Lafcadio Hearn. Frontispiece. 8vo, original cloth, gilt top.

New York, 1882


822. HEARN (LAFCADIO). Stray Leaves from Strange Literature. Stories reconstructed from the Anvari-Soheili, Baital Pachisi, Mahabharata, Pantchatantra, Gulistan, Talmud, Kalewala, etc. 12mo, original cloth. Boston, 1884

FIRST EDITION. Extremely Scarce.

823. HEARN (LAFCADIO). La Cuisine Creole. A Collection of Culinary Recipes from leading Chefs and noted Creole Housewives, who have made New Orleans famous for its Cuisine. Square 12mo, original cloth. New York (1885)

FIRST EDITION, with the one-page Introduction.

824. HEARN (LAFCADIO). "Gombo Zhebes." Little Dictionary of Creole Proverbs selected from Six Creole Dialects. Translated into French and into English, with Notes, complete Index to Subjects, and some brief Remarks upon the Creole Idioms of Louisiana. Square 8vo, original cloth. New York, 1885


825. HEARN (LAFCADIO). Chita: A Memory of Last Island. 12mo, original cloth. New York, 1889


826. HEARN (LAFCADIO). Two Years in the French West Indies. Illustrated. 12mo, original cloth. New York, 1890


827. HEARN (LAFCADIO). Youma. The Story of a West Indian Slave. Frontispiece. 12mo, original figured cloth, paper labels, uncut. New York, 1890


828. HEARN (LAFCADIO). The Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard. By Anatole France. The Translation and Introduction by Lafcadio Hearn. 8vo, original cloth, paper label, uncut.

New York, 1890 THE EXTREMELY SCARCE FIRST EDITION. One of only 20 copies issued in cloth for presentation purposes.

829. HEARN (LAFCADIO). "Out of the East" Reveries and Studies in New Japan. 12mo, original cloth, yellow top, uncut. FIRST EDITION. Boston, 1895

830. HEARN (LAFCADIO). Kokoro. Hints and Echoes of Japanese Inner Life. Vignette on title. 12mo, original cloth, gilt top. Boston, 1896


831. HEARN (LAFCADIO). Gleanings in Buddha-Fields. Studies of Hand and Soul in the Far East. 12mo, original cloth, gilt top, uncut. Boston, 1897


WITH AUTOGRAPH LETTER BY HEARN 832. HEARN (LAFCADIO). In Ghostly Japan. Illustrated. 12mo, original cloth, gilt top, uncut.


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Boston, 1899 The frontispiece, entitled "The Mountain of Skulls,' is probably one of his remarkable productions. Laid in is a full-page Autograph Letter, Signed, to his Publishers.

833. HEARN (LAFCADIO). A Japanese Miscellany. Illustrated. 12mo, original cloth, gilt top, uncut. Boston, 1901


834. HEARN (LAFCADIO). Kotto. Being Sundry Curios, with sundry Cobwebs. Illustrated by Genjiro Yeto. 12mo, original cloth, gilt top, uncut. New York, 1902


835. HEARN (LAFCADIO). Japan: An Attempt at Interpretation. Frontispiece in colors. 12mo, original cloth.


New York, 1904

836. HEARN (LAFCADIO). Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of Strange Things. Frontispiece. 12mo, original decorated cloth, uncut and unopened.


Boston, 1904

837. HEARN (LAFCADIO). The Romance of the Milky Way. 12mo, original cloth, yellow top, uncut.

Boston, 1905

FIRST EDITION. The last product of his gifted pen. 838. HEARN (LAFCADIO). Letters from the Raven; Being Correspondence of Lafcadio Hearn, with Henry Watkin. similes. 12mo, original cloth and boards, gilt top, uncut.



New York, 1907 839. HEARN (LAFCADIO). Lafcadio Hearn in Japan. By Yone Noguchi. With Mrs. Lafcadio Hearn's Reminiscences. Frontispiece by Shoshu Saito, with Sketches by Genjiro Kataoka and Mr. Hearn himself. 12mo, limp cloth, sewn Japanese style, with cover. Yokohama and London, 1910


840. HEARN (LAFCADIO). Leaves from the Diary of an Impressionist. Early Writings by Lafcadio Hearn. With an Introduction by Ferris Greenslet. 12mo, original boards, cloth back, paper label, uncut. Boston, 1911

FIRST EDITION. Limited issue from the Riverside Press.

841. HEARN (LAFCADIO). Fantastics and other Fancies. Edited by Charles Woodward Hutson. 12mo, original boards, cloth back, paper label, uncut and unopened. Boston, 1914

FIRST EDITION. One of 550 copies from the Riverside Press.

842. HEARN (LAFCADIO). Japanese Lyrics. Translated by Lafcadio Hearn. 12mo, original limp boards, uncut. Boston, 1915


843. HEARN (LAFCADIO). Japanese Fairy Tales: The Goblin Spider; The Boy Who Drew Cats; The Old Woman who Lost her Dumplings; Chin Chin Kobakama. All illustrated in color. Printed on Japanese crepe paper. 4 vols. 12mo and 16mo, original pictorial wrappers, bound together in Japanese cloth. Tokyo, n. d.


844. HEARNE (SAMUEL). A Journey from Prince of Wales's Fort, in Hudson's Bay, to the Northern Ocean. Undertaken by Order of the Hudson's Bay Company for the Discovery of Copper Mines, a North West Passage, etc., In the Years 1769-1772. Illustrated with 9 maps and plates. 8vo, half green straight-grain moDublin, 1796


This was the first of a long series of Arctic Voyages and Travels. Its publication is due to the celebrated navigator La Perouse who captured Fort Albany, Hudson's Bay, and found the MS. of Hearne. Scarce.

845. HENLEY (W. E.). A Book of Verses. Vignette on title. 16mo, original limp boards, uncut. London, 1888


846. HENLEY (W. E.). The Song of the Sword and other Verses. 12mo, original cloth, gilt top, uncut.


London, 1892

FIRST ENGRAVED VIEW OF NIAGARA FALLS 847. HENNEPIN (FATHER LEWIS). A New Discovery of a Vast Country in America, extending above Four Thousand Miles between New France and New Mexico with a Description of the Great Lakes, Cataracts, Rivers, Plants and Animals; also the Manners, Customs and Languages of the Several Native Indians, etc. With a Continuation giving an account of the attempts of the Sieur De la Salle upon the mines of St. Barbe, etc. The Taking of Quebec by the English . . . to which is added Several New Discoveries in North America not Publish'd in the French Edition. Engraved title, folding maps and plates. 8vo, full dark red levant morocco, gilt back, gilt fillet border on sides, gilt edges, by Lloyd, Wallis and Lloyd. London: Printed for M. Bentley, etc., 1698 THE FIRST EDITION IN ENGLISH. An exceptionally choice, clean copy. The plates include the first engraved view of Niagara Falls; death of La Salle; taking of Quebec by the English, etc.

848. HENRY IV. England and Flanders. Pouvoir donne par Jean Duc de Bourgogne a huit deputes pour assister aux conferences qui devoient le tenir avec les deputes d'Angleterrs aux lieux dont ils conviendroient ensemble pour trouver les moyens de retablir la liberte de Commerce entre l'Angleterre et la Flandre. On Vellum. Large 4to. Paris, le 8 Octobre 1405

A VERY IMPORTANT HISTORICAL RECORD, in a splendid state of preservation, and with very fine impression in red wax of the great Seal of John, Duke of Burgundy, attached. The size of the seal is 334 in. dia.

849. HENRY VIII. Sallust. 8vo, old calf, ornamented in blind tooling, with full crest of Henry VIII. on side panel. [Paris]

This edition is not mentioned by Dibdin, but is supposed to be the second, the first having been published in 1504.

Henry VIII bindings are very rare. The covering of this volume is a curious example of early stamped binding. It is impressed on one side with the Tudor rose, surrounded by a scroll, supported by two angels, with a two-line inscription. On the opposite side is a shield, charged with a plain cross, also bearing the royal arms of France and England. On the seventh page will be found an illuminated royal list.

The book has been illuminated by a later hand. The binding is by "G. G." court binder to Henry VIII.

850. HERBERT (GEORGE). The Temple. Sacred Poems and Private Ejaculations. Small 8vo, full dark brown levant morocco, gilt back, gilt and blind tooled sides, gilt edges, by Bedford.

Cambridge: Printed by Thom. Buck and Roger Daniel, 1633 THE EXCESSIVELY RARE FIRST EDITION, and according to Mr. Livingston in "The Bibliophile” THE EARLIER ISSUE of the two printed this year, one as above, WITH DATE, the other, without date. A copy of the present issue was offered in the McKee sale with the words "Private Circulation' "" on the title-page, hence it is supposed THAT THIS DATED ISSUE WAS A SPECIAL


851. HERIOT (GEORGE). Travels through the Canadas, containing a Description of the Picturesque Scenery on some of the Rivers and Lakes; with an Account of the Productions, Commerce, and Inhabitants of those Provinces. To which is subjoined a comparative view of the Manners and Customs of several of the Indian Nations of North and South America. Illustrated with a map and numerous engravings from drawings made at the several places by the author. 4to, half green morocco. London, 1807

TINTED COPY. Devoted largely to the American Indians; with a vocabulary of the Algonquin language. The plates included in the work are: views of Quebec, Montreal, Niagara, etc., also 2 large folding tinted views of Canadian dances and 2 large folding tinted plates showing the Encampment and Costumes of the Domiciliated Indians.

A RARE WORK, both text and plates being in fine condition.


852. HERMES TRISMEGISTUS. Argvmentvm Marsilii Ficini Florentini in libru Mercvr ii Trismegisti ad cosmvm medicem patriæ patrem. 8vo, full olive levant morocco, gilt back, gilt edges, in morocco solander case, by Wallis.

Colophon: Frah Rhol. Tarvisanvs. Gerar. de Lisa Scriptori. mei copiam fecit. vy ipse cæteris maiorem copiam faceret. Tarvisii. M. CCCC. LXXI. Novemb.

A VERY FINE SPECIMEN FROM THE FIRST PRESS IN TREVISO, BY THE FIRST PRINTER, GERARDUS LISA. Printed in beautiful type, his earliest Roman, which he did not use later than the printing of this book.

Lisa introduced printing in Treviso in the autumn of 1471.

This is an unusually fine specimen having the original pin-holes.

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