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908. HORE. Royal Book of Hours. Printed on vellum, within metal borders, illuminated initials and miniatures. 8vo, contemporary boards, covered with velvet, weak in hinges.

(Printed by Verard, printer at the Court of France, during the reigns of Louis XII. and Francois I., 1503)

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ONLY ONE OTHER COPY OF THIS GEM IS KNOWN. It was described by Morgand in "Bulletin de la Librairie, Vol. IX. p. 779, No. 40842, was sold in 1901, and is quoted by Bohatta in his book on Horæ," following the Bulletin. No other bibliographer, including even MacFarlane, Director of the Calcutta National Museum, in his monumental work on Verard and his books knew of the existence of this book.

The book contains 110 leaves, is quite perfect, and in an exceptional state of preservation. The blackness of the ink and sharpness of lines in the cuts show that this copy was one of the earliest impressions. Every leaf is ornamented by a delightful border of small cuts made on soft metal. There are 19 full-page woodcuts covered with illuminations by hand, and 37 small cuts on metal in the text, also illuminated in gold and colors, and woodcut printer's device of Verard, consisting of the arms of France crowned and supported by angels, a heart with his monogram flanked by birds underneath the lilies of France, motto on margins.

The large cuts include on verso of leaf 1 that of Verard himself kneeling in prayer to the Holy Trinity and the Virgin; 2. The Anatomical Man; 3. The Grail; 4. Martyrdom of St. John; 5. Root of Jesse; 6. The Annunciation; 7. The Visitation of Elizabeth; 8. The Crucifixion; 9. Pentecost; 10. Visitation; 11. The Nativity; 12. Shepherds; 13. The Magi; 14. Presentation in the Temple; 15. Flight into Egypt; 16. Death of the Virgin; 17. Bathsheba and David; 18. Dives and Lazarus; 19. Adoration of the Trinity.

The small cuts in the text represent the Deity, Christ and the Virgin, Saints, Evangelists and incidents of the Passion. The borders contain representations of Sibyls, Prophets, Evangelists, etc., and scenes for the Life and Passion of Christ, the intervening spaces being filled in with passages from Scripture and Prayers in Latin and French. The last six leaves following Verard's device are in the nature of an Appendix, and contain the penitential psalms translated into French.

The Almanac is calculated from 1503 to 1521 in the usual way of printers of Books of Hours. They began their calculations from the year in which the book was printed, and this is the only means to identify the date.

Verard, Kerver, Simon Vostre, and Pigouchet were four Paris printers, the first three very prominent, who competed with MSS. Books of Hours, by printing most sumptuously illustrated ones, usually on vellum and hand decorated wholly or in parts. As the price for MSS. was enormous and ladies of the Court often might have to wait years for the devotional books ordered to be finished, the custom sprang up of buying ready made books, and by 1530 had entirely killed the production of the illuminated MSS. Hora were printed in very limited editions, 100-200 copies, but were constantly reprinted in editions which varied immensely in character and style of decorations. Verard and Vostre produced the finest "Hora." Verard's "Horæ are usually divided into two classes, "Grandes Heures Royales' and "Petites Heures Royales.''

PRINTED "HORÆ" ON VELLUM, WITH WOODCUTS 909. HORE BEATE MARIE VIRGINIS. Les presentes heures a lusiage de Tou, au long sans reqrir avec les figures de lapocalipse; la vie de Tobie, les hystoires de Judic: les accides de l'home; le triuphe de Cesar: les miracles Nostre Dame; et plusiers

aultres hystoires. Finely printed in Gothic letters on vellum, the initial letters in gold and colors. Adorned with 18 large woodcuts and several hundred smaller woodcuts in the borders, illustrating Bible History, the Dance of Death, etc., besides many grotesques and ornaments. 8vo, bound in contemporary Lyonese calf, elaborately covered with gold tooling of a floral device, and with the name of the original owner in gold in the centre, "Francoyse Minelle." With clasps.

Ont este faictes a Paris, pour Simon Vostre (Almanach 15131530)

A VERY BEAUTIFUL HORE, printed on vellum, and in a charming contemporary French binding.

The first page is occupied by the large device of Simon Vostre, with the title below, with "Almanach for XVIII years" (1513-1530) on the verso. The 18 large illustrations are finer than in the other issues by this publisher. One of these, "The Angels appearing to the Shepherds'' (signed with the letter G.) is by Geoffrey Tory, and two others, "The Adoration of the Magi," and "The Circumcision," are supposed to be by him.


910. HORN BOOK. Horn Book on Ivory, with handle. Size 5 1/16 x 211⁄2 inches. Encased in a silk-lined morocco case.

A NICE SPECIMEN OF HORN BOOK ON IVORY, in almost perfect condition; slight repairs having been made with silver wire and band.


911. HORN BOOK. Of solid hammered brass, with loop at the top, size 55% x 32 inches. Encased in a plush lined full mottled calf case, lettered on back, the sides and edges, handsomely and elaborately blind-tooled in the 18th century style. 1729

THIS EXTREMELY RARE AND BEAUTIFUL HORN BOOK was made for use at St. Paul's Infant School, 1729, as indicated by the original engraved inscription on the verso, and was used by children of the nobility. It is a remarkably handsome specimen of hammered brass work, in an equally remarkable state of preservation.

912. HORN-BOOK. History of the Horn-Book. By Andrew W. Tuer. Profusely illustrated. With reproductions of Horn-Books in pockets. 2 vols. 4to, vellum, gilt tops, uncut. London, 1896

Fine copy.


913. HOURS IN GREEK. ΩΡΑΙ ΤΗΣ ΑΕΙΠΑΟΕΝΟΥ ΜΑΡΙΑΣ. Horæ in laudem beatissimæ Virginis Mariæ secundum consuetudinem Romanæ ecclesiæ. Greek type. Printed in red and black. Printer's device on last leaf. Small 16mo, old calf.

Parisiis: In officina Christiani Wecheli, 1538 EXTREMELY RARE. Not in Brunet, Deschamps, Ebert, Graesse, or Hoff


914. HOWARD (SIR ROBERT). Poems, viz. 1. A Panegyrick to the King. 2, Songs and Sonnets. 3, The Blind Lady, a Comedy. 4, The Book of Virgil. 5, Statius his Achilleis, with Annotations. 6, A Pannegyrick to General Monck. Ornament on title. Small 8vo, full brown levant morocco, fillet paneled back, sides ornamented with a curious panel of inlaid olive morocco, with leaf designs extending over the edges of the panel, circles and spray in pointille tooling, gilt edges, titles in gilt on both sides, by Rivière. In slipLondon: Printed for Henry Herringman, 1660 FIRST EDITION. A nice copy, except that inner margin of title has been restored. In a fine specimen of binding by Rivière.


915. HOWELL (JAMES). Instructions and Directions For Forren Travell. Shewing by what cours, and in what compas of time, one may take an exact Survey of the Kingdomes, and States of Christendome, and arrive to the practical knowledg of the Languages, to good purpose. With a new Appendix for Travelling into Turkey and the Levant parts. Engraved frontispiece by Hollar, and brilliant portrait of Charles I. Small 8vo, full sprinkled calf, gilt back, gilt fillet border on sides, with rosettes, gilt edges, by Wood.

London: Printed by W. W. for Humphrey Moseley, 1650

Fine copy.

916. HOWELLS (WILLIAM D.). Poems of Two Friends. 12mo, original cloth. Columbus, 1860 FIRST EDITION OF HOWELLS' FIRST BOOK. Very fine clean copy. Scarce.

917. HOWELLS (WILLIAM D.). The Albany Depot. Illustrated. 18mo, original cloth. New York, 1892


918. HULSIUS (LEVINUS). Zwolffte Schiffahrt Oder Kurtze Beschreibung der Newen Schiffahrt gegen Nord Often ober die Amerische Insels in Chinam und Japponiam von einem Engellender Heinrich Hudson newlich erfunden. Beneben einem Discursz an Ihr Kon. Maj. in Spanien wegen des funfften Theils der Welt. Terra Australis incognita genandt Auch kurtze Beschreibung der Lander der Samojeden und Tingoesen in der Tartaren gelegen. In Hochteutscher Sprach beschreiben durch M. Gothardum Arthusen von Dantzig. Copper-plate engraving on title; three maps, and four plates, with a separate title to the maps and plates. Small 4to, half dark red levant morocco, gilt edges.

Gedrucht zu Oppenheim bei Hieronymo Gallern In Vorlegung Levini Hulsii Wittib. 1614

FIRST ISSUE OF THE FIRST EDITION of the account of Henry Hudson's Voyage in search of a North-West Passage, and is a translation of Part X. of De Bry's "Small Voyages. The designating "point" of the first issue is the plate of the "Samoyeds worshipping their idols' being on Kiiii, as in the present copy.

The work is rarely found perfect, with all the plates and maps. The present copy is quite perfect, and is the Barlow copy, with bookplate.

918A. HUNGARIAN BINDING. Mynsingeri (Joachim). Singularum Obseruationum Judicij Imperatis. Folio, white calf. Basle, 1563

The importance of this volume IS THE BINDING OF WHICH THIS IS THE


This volume was bought directly by Mr. Jones from the library of the Archbishop of Gran, in Hungary. It is bound in white calf (ass skin), and the decoration gives it its rarity. The calf is blind-tooled, over it is pasted designs on paper embossed by dies stamped before the paper is applied on the covers.

It is rare as a Hungarian specimen, but most rare in its design.

One corner of the binding was opened by Mr. Jones to reveal the lining with printed sheets, as an example of how a large number of rare early books were discovered. Many Caxtons were found in bindings.

919. HUNT (LEIGH). A Illustrated by Richard Doyle. edges.


Jar of Honey from Mount Hybla. 8vo, original decorated boards, gilt London: Smith, Elder, and Co., 1848

920. HURSTONE (J. P.). The Piccadilly Ambulator; or, Old Q: Containing Memoirs of the private life of that Ever-Green Votary of Venus; Throughout which are interspersed Anecdotes of the most noted Fashionables, his Contemporaries. Brilliant colored frontispiece in Vol. 1; engraved portrait in sepia in Vol. 2, with an etched portrait dated 1811, added. 2 vols. 12mo, original printed boards, London, 1808 FIRST EDITION of this curious and humorous work, probably in unique condition, being almost as fresh as when issued.


921. HURTADO DE MENDOZA (DIEGO). Histoire Plaisante Facetieuse et Recreative du Lazare de Tormes. 12mo, old vellum, leather label. A Anvers: Chez Guislain Iansens, 1594 RARE. Fine copy. This work is regarded as having important Shakespearean interest. For a discussion of it, see Ticknor, Salva, Brunet.

922. HUTTON (RICHARD H.). Sir Walter Scott. 12mo, full polished calf, gilt back, gilt top, uncut, by Larkins.

London: Macmillan and Co., 1878 FIRST EDITION. EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of 36 very fine portraits of contemporaries, including engraved scenes from the Waverley Novels, inlaid to size where necessary. Fine copy.


923. ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPT. Office de la B. Hevrevse Vierge Marie. Manuscript of 172 pages, written in Roman character, in red and black, initials in red, blue and gold, with a half title, entirely executed in gold, with dull and burnished gold border. There are 7 exquisite miniatures, in brilliant colorings, and the same number of floral headbands and initials. 24mo, bound in full

old French olive morocco, gilt edges, doublures and flys of salmon China silk.

Paris, 1656

A BEAUTIFUL SPECIMEN OF 17TH CENTURY WORK, executed by N. Jarry entirely on vellum, each page ruled in gold, which has preserved its brilliancy throughout. The name of the artist appears in two places, on the half title, and at the end. The cut-out arms of "Claremont" appear laid down on the inside cover.

There are 11 volumes of Jarry's work known, seven of which are credited to Baron Rothschild; the other four, of which this is one, being in America. Jarry received from Louis XIV the brevet "d'ecrivain et de poteur de la musique du roi.”


924. INGELAND (THOMAS). A pretie and Mery new Enterlude; called the Disobedient Child. Compiled by Thomas Ingeland late Student at Cambridge. Title within woodcut border. Small 4to, full green morocco, with the Bridgewater arms impressed on sides, gilt edges.

Imprinted at London in Fletestrete, beneath the Conduit by Thomas Colwell, n. d. (circa 1565)


The present copy has the title restored, affecting the border and two words of the text; a few other leaves have margins restored, but three of which have the text slightly affected.

This is one of the rare "Interludes" which ante-dated the Elizabethan drama, and was of the species known as the "domestic" drama which were produced by Heywood and others. With the Bridgewater bookplate.

925. INGRAHAM (J. H.). Captain Kyd; or, The Wizard of the Sea. A Romance. 2 vols. 12mo, original cloth, paper labels (one) damaged), uncut. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1839 FINE COPY OF THE FIRST EDITION.


926. INTRATIONUM EXCELLENTISSIMUS LIBER. [Book of Legal Writs.] Large woodcut with the Royal arms; ornamental initials, and printer's woodcut device on last page. Printed in Black Letter. Folio, full black levant morocco, Jansen style, gilt inside border, gilt edges, by Rivière.

Colophon: Impressum correctum, emendatum, & non minimo. labore reuisum London in vico vulgariter nucupato Fletestrete in officina ere ac impensis honesti viri Ricardi Pynson Regis Impressoris, 1510

A MAGNIFICENT COPY OF THIS MASTERPIECE OF PYNSON's, ranking with the Boccaccio of 1494; and the Morton Missal of 1500 AS THE FINEST


The present copy has the title, printed in red and black, preceded by a genuine blank, ON WHICH THE BLACK PRINTED PORTION OF THE TITLE HAS OFFSET; 9 unnumbered leaves; 185 numbered leaves, the verso of the last

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