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views and plans for a public building in a park; Map and views of the Black River Falls; Maps of the landed estates acquired by the Frenchmen and situated on the river, and on the eastern shore of Lake Ontario; Plans for an Opera House, Court room, Pavilion, Observation Tower, etc., etc. Several of the sketches bear strong resemblances to Castle Garden, City Hall, and other New York buildings.

The drawings ARE MAINLY IN COLOR, and are extremely well executed.

19. EDEN (RICHARD). The History of Trauayle in the VVest and East Indies, and other countryes lying eyther way, towardes the fruitfull and ryche Moluccaes. VVith a discourse of the Northwest passage. Gathered in parte, and done into Englyshe by Richarde Eden. Newly set in order, augmented, and finished by Richarde VVilles. Small 4to, half red calf. Imprinted at London by Richard Iugge, 1577

Printed in Black Letter, with Roman headlines. The larger portion of this, like the work of 1555, is occupied with Peter Martyr's "Decades" and Oriedo's "" "History of the West Indies," but this contains much important material as "Captain Furbisher's passage by the Northwest," "Ferd. Cortesius Conquest of Mexico," etc., not included in the earlier publication. On the fly-leaf is the inscription: "Given to me by Sr. Frederic Eden," and on the title are the old autographs of Martin James, and Edw. Donovan. With the bookplate of Lord Auckland.

20. FRANCISCUS (ERASMUS). Neu-polirter Geschicht Kunst und Sitten-Spiegel auslandischer Volcker furnemlich Der Sineser, Japaner, Indostaner, Javaner, Malabaren. . . . Mexicaner, Brasilianer. . . und theils anderer Nationen mehr: welcher in sechs Buchen. Illustrated with numerous fine engraved plates. Thick folio, original vellum. Nurnberg, 1670

Fine copy.
Several of the plates are of American interest; cere-
monies over the dead as practised in Florida and Virginia; hunting in
Mexico; the American Spider, etc., etc.

21. FROBISHER (MARTIN). De Martini Forbisseri Angli Navigatione in Regiones Occidentis et Septentrionis Narratio historica, Ex Gallico sermone in Latinum translata per D. Joan. Tho. Freigivm. Folding plate. Small 8vo, full vellum. [Colophon:] Noribergae Imprimebatur, in officina Catharinae Gerlachin, & Haeredum Iohannis Montani, 1580

FINE COPY OF THE FIRST LATIN EDITION OF HIS SECOND VOYAGE in 1577. It is translated from Chippin's French version of George Best's discourse. The plate represents Frobisher in a canoe, throwing darts at wild fowl, and the Greenlanders in their costume. Sabin remarks that this edition "'is not easily found, AND SCARCELY EVER WITH THE PLATE.''


HOLGUIN (GONZALES). Vocabulario de laulengua general de todo el Peru llamada Quichua, o del Inca. Small 4to, cloth, morocco back (lacks title, some leaves defective, portions of others supplied in manuscript).

[Lima], 1608

23. HORAE Beatae Mariae Virginis; Septem Psalmi poenitentiales; Horae Sanctae Crucis et Sancti Spiritus; Officium mortuorum; cum calendario. MANUSCRIPT ON VELLUM, written in elegant Gothic characters in red and black, with the Calendar in gold, blue and red, executed in the North of France Towards the middle of the 15th Century. 143 leaves (1812x53⁄4 inches). EMBELLISHED WITH 14 FINE LARGE MINIATURES heightened with gold, 3 miniature historiated initials, hundreds of large and small illuminated ornamental initials, and each page enclosed in elegant borders of ivy leaves, ornamental leaves, fruits, flowers, etc., painted in gold and colors; those of the calendar having small rectangular miniatures in the lateral sides representing the occupations of the months and the signs of the zodiac, and the ones surrounding the large miniatures introducing circular small miniatures representing scenes from the life of Christ and the Virgin, all of fine execution. 4to, late 16th Century French binding in calf, panelled sides, with centre and corner ornaments of arabesques, gilt edges (cracked). Saec., XV

A fine manuscript probably executed for the use of Paris, however for a person connected also with Rouen and Amiens. In fact the Hymn at Matin and the Antiphon after the Psalms are of the Paris use, but the lessons and the Capitulum at Lauds are of the Rouen use. Moreover the Calendar (full) has in gold, besides the usual festivities, Gensvefa (Paris), Vincent, Eligius, St. Len and St. Giles, St. Denis, St. Martin and St. Clement; and the Litany invokes St. Firmin (Amiens), St. Hilarius, St. Maglorius (Brittany), St. Lupus (Troyes).

The large miniatures, which are of very good execution, represent: 1. The six days of the Creation. 2. The Annunciation. 3. The meeting of the Virgin with St. Elizabeth. 4. The Nativity. 5. The announcement of the birth of Jesus to the Shepherds. 6. The adoration of the three Wise Kings. 7. The presentation of the infant Jesus to the Temple. 8. The flight into Egypt. 9. The Coronation of the Virgin. 10. King David in prayer. 11. The Crucifixion. 12. The descent of the Holy Ghost. 13. A burial. 14. The Virgin with the Child enthroned, on one side two angels playing musical instruments.

24. JAFFE (FRANZ). Die Bischofliche Klosterkirche zu Curlea de Arges in Tumanien. Handsomely illustrated with numerous fine architectural and other plates, some in color, besides half-tones in the text. Folio, cloth, each leaf mounted on linen guards. Berlin, 1912

25. LAS CASAS (BARTHOLOME DE). Breuissima relacion de la destruycion de las Indias; Aqui se Contienen treynta proposiciones; Aqui se Contienen vna Disputa; Este es vn Tratado que el Obispo de la Ciudad Real de Chiapa don Fray Bartholome de las Casas, o Casaus, compuso por comission del Consejo Real de las Indias; Entre los Remedios qve Don Fray Bartholome de las Casas . . . refirio por madado del Emperador Rey. The 5 Treatises in one volume. Small 4to, old sheep.

Seville: Sebastian Trugillo, 1552 This collection contains Las Casas' 1st, 3d, 5th, 6th, and 7th, Treatises. Good copy.

26. LE GOBIEN (CHARLES). Histoire des Isles Marianes, Nouvellement converties a la Religion Chrestienne; & de la mort glorieuse des premiers Missionnaires qui y ont preche la Foy. 2 maps. 12mo, original calf (name pasted on title).

A Paris: Chez Nicolas Pepie, 1700

FIRST EDITION. The errata appears in manuscript on the inside of back


27. LEON (MARTIN DE). Camino del Cielo en langua Mexicana con todos los requisitos necessarios para consegui reste fin. 4to, original limp vellum (title and a few leaves damaged, wormed, and stained). Mesico: Diego Lopez Davalos, 1611

VERY RARE, and unknown to most bibliographers. Leon was born in Spain and was very learned and eloquent in the Mexican language.

28. MACANAZ (MELCHIOR RAPHAEL DE). Defensa critica de la Inquisicion contra los principales enemigos, que la han perseguido y persiguen injustamente. En la qual se notan las heregias y scismas que han causado los que se apartaron de la verdadere religion y de la verdadera yglesia . . . Confundense con sus proprias razones a los que hereges Calvinistas, Lutheranos y otros y no poco catholicos. Manuscript on paper of the first half of the 18th Century. 380 leaves. 2 parts in one vol. Folio, contemporary Spanish binding in vellum. Saec., XVIII

This work, by Melchior Rafael de Macanaz, general fiscal officer of the Inquisition, was written in 1736, and seems to be still unpublished. It is the most eloquent and fervent apology of the Inquisition, and it is not only written against the Calvinist and Lutheran writers, but also against the moderate Catholics, not excluding King Philip V. himself, who, as well known, was contrary to the autos de fe. In corroboration of his opinions the author quotes several theological, canonical and political works, the titles of which are written in the margins. It contains also the defense of the Inquisition of Goa, MEXICO, LIMA, etc. A well written and legible manuscript.


MISSALE Gallicanum. MANUSCRIPT ON VELLUM written in bold Gothic characters, in red and black, double columns, with neumes shaped musical notes, executed by a Norman English scribe, at the beginning of the 13th Century. 139 leaves (122x82 inches). With a painted miniature (5x3 inches) representing Christ on the Cross, with the Virgin and St. John at the sides, at the beginning of the Canon; also 4 large illuminated scroll initials, and numerous others in red and blue, with pen ornaments. Folio, brown morocco. Imperfect at the beginning and at the end.

Saec., XIII

This missal was probably used in England, as at the bottom of one leaf appears the mass for the festivity of St. Edmund, written by a hand of the first half of the 15th century.

30. MOCQUET (JEAN). Voyages en Afrique, Asie, Indes Orientales & Occidentales. Devisez en six livres, & enrichiz de Figures. Engraved vignette on title and 9 engraved plates. 8vo, full red levant morocco, Jansen style, gilt edges, by Trautz-Bauzonnet. A Paris: Chez Iean de Hevqveville, 1617

A very fine copy of the rare SECOND EDITION, which includes the voyage of the author in Guiana, and the conquest of Cumana.

31. MORGA (A. DE). Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas dirigido a Don Cristoval Gomez de Sandoval y Rojas, Duque de Cea, por el Doctor Antonio de Morga, Alcalde del Crimen, de la real Audiencia de la Nueva Espana. Elaborate engraved title-page. 4to, new russet levant morocco, blind tooling, with old brass clasps.

En Mexico: en casa de Geronymo Babi, Ano 1609

VERY FINE COPY OF THE RARE FIRST EDITION. Includes notices of different parts of America, etc. Neither Brunet nor Ebert had ever seen it, as they both state it to be in folio.

32. MORISOT (C. B.).

Relations veritables et cvrievses de l'isle de Madagascar, et dv Bresil. Auec l'Historie de la derniere Guerre faite au Bresil, entre les Portugais & les Hollandois. Trois Relations l'Egypte, & une du Royaume de Perse. 2 maps. 4to, original calf. A Paris: Chez Avgvstin Covrbe, 1651

This collection, but little known and insufficiently described by bibliog raphers, is due to Augustin Courbe of Paris, who caused it to be edited by M. Morisot after some material which he had received in part from the celebrated brothers Dupuy, to whom the work is dedicated. The various portions of the work have separate pagination, and are sometimes found alone. With the bookplate of the Bibliotheque de Rosny.

33. NAVARETTE (FERNANDEZ). Tratados Historicos, Politicos, y Religiosos de la Monarchia de China; de los Viages y Navigaciones que hizo el Autor, a la Nueva Espana, a Mexico, las Philipinas, Macasar, Charamandel, Golocondar, etc. Title with in ornamental border; arms on title and following leaf. Folio, original limp vellum.

En Madrid: En la Imprenta Real. Por Iuan Garcia Infancon, 1676

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FINE COPY OF THE FIRST EDITION. RARE. With the bookplate of the Bibliotheca Sobolewskiana.

34. PARAKLETIKON. Greek manuscript on vellum executed in the first half of the 13th Century. Written in black and red in very small minuscule characters, with some titles in gold. 346 leaves. Some of the margins illustrated with small figures painted in gold and colors, and toward the end a large miniature. With the five ornamented headpieces in gold and colors. 8vo, old binding in wooden boards, covered with stamped calf. A few leaves missing; the large miniature and the small ones mainly rubbed, and several

of these latter cut off from the margins, sometimes impairing the text. Saec. XIII

The contents of this manuscript correspond in some way with the Hours of the Virgin and of other Saints of the Latin Church.

35. PAULUS (S.). Epistolae, cum glossa marginali et interlineari. Manuscript on vellum, written in caroline characters, executed in Italy in the 12th Century. 155 leaves (1034x62 inches). With 11 ornamental initials, several of small size, painted in blue, red, green and yellow, the first in the shape of a dragon. Small folio, morocco, with clasps. Saec. XII

The arrangement of the text is that of the Vulgate, including also Paul's Epistle to the Hebrews. The marginal commentary is that of St. Ambrose.


Send-Brieff, An die Burgermeister und Rath der Stadt Danzig, aus London neulich geschreiben und aus diesen Landen denen obgesetzten zugesandt. Small 4to, boards,


In Amsterdam: Gedrucht bey Christoff Cunraden, Anno 1675 EXCESSIVELY RARE. One of the first tracts written by William Penn. On the title-page is written in an old hand "An Epistle to the Burgomaster of the State of Dantzick." The tract is dated at the end, "London den 3. des 12 Monats, 1674.

This piece is not in Sabin, and we can find no trace of any previous sale of it.

37. PENNSYLVANIA. Umstandige Geographische Beschreibung Der zu allerletzt erfundenen Provintz Pensylvaniae, in denen End-Grantzen Americae. By Melchiorem Adamum Pastorium. Double-page map of Pennsylvania and West Jersey. Franckfurt und Leipzig, 1704; Continuatio Der Beschreibung der Landschafft Pensylvaniae. Beschreiben von Gabriel Thomas. Franckfurt und Leipzig, 1702; Curieuse Nachricht von Pensylvania in Norden America. Franckfurt und Leipzig, 1702. In one volume, 12mo, full stamped sheep, leather label. Franckfurt & Leipzig, 1704-2

AN EXCEEDINGLY SCARCE VOLUME, rarely found with these three pieces together. The map of Pennsylvania and West Jersey is in unusually good condition.

38. PEREZ (MANUEL). Cathecismo Romano, traducido en Castellano, y Mexicano. Title within ornamental border. Small 4to, contemporary vellum (slightly wormed). Mexico, 1723


39. PETRUS PICTAVIENSIS. Genealogia Christi. ROLLED MANUSCRIPT ON VELLUM (measuring 11 feet and 7 inches in length and 75% inches in width), written in Gothic characters red and

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