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750. NEW YORK. The Constitution and Nominations of the Subscribers to the Tontine Coffee-House. 4to, sewn.

New York: Printed in the Year 1796

THE EXTREMELY RARE ORIGINAL EDITION of the Constitution of the first building to be used as a stock exchange.

In 1790 the Tontine Association was organized by the merchants of New York, with the object of providing suitable quarters for a com mercial centre or exchange. As an outcome of this action, the TONTINE COFFEE HOUSE, situated on the corner of Wall and Water streets, was begun in 1792, opened in 1794, and incorporated the same year. The shares were $200 each; and the privilege was given to each subscriber to name a person for each share held by him, during whose lifetime he or she was to be entitled to receive a pro-rata proportion of the net profits from the investment of the fund. It was also stipulated that when the number of nominees should be reduced to seven by dea the property was to be conveyed to the survivors in fee simple.

In accordance with this agreement, the property was divided in 1876, the surviving nominees being William Bayard, Gouverneur Kemble, Robert Benson, Jr., Daniel Hoffman, Horatio G. Stevens, Mrs. John A. King, and Mrs. William P. Campbell, and the amount received at auction in 1881, was $138,550.

In the present copy, many of the names have been ruled across in red ink, and a note at the end, dated Nov. 1, 1846, states that such shares have "fallen in, the parties being dead."


APPEARS, but one or two having occurred in many years. With the autograph of Robert C. Embree on title.

751. NEW YORK. An Index to the Illustrations in the Manuals of the Corporation of the City of New York, 1841-1870. Portrait of D. T. Valentine. 8vo, cloth.

New York: Society of Iconophiles, 1906

Limited to 250 copies.

752. NEW YORK. The Civic Ancestry of New York City and State. By Edward Seymour Wilde. Facsimiles, coats of arms, and other illustrations. 4to, boards, leather back.

New York: Published by the Author, 1913

Limited to an issue of 210 copies. All of the color blazons are painted by hand in most careful manner. Many historical questions hitherto unsolved are here set at rest. A number of the seals and blazons appear here for the first time in facsimile, and a number of the originals were destroyed in the fire at the State Capitol in 1911. With bookplate of Henry S. Van Duzer.

753. NORTH AMERICA. The History of. Edited by Guy Carleton Lee and Francis Newton Thorpe. Illustrated with a large number of Portraits, Maps, Views, and Facsimiles, mainly from original sources. Many of the plates are in several states. 20 vols., thick 8vo, handsomely bound in full olive green levant

morocco, with gold lines on backs and sides; on the front covers is inlayed in the national colors an allegorical device consisting of the eagle with outspread wings, bearing the coat-of-arms and the legend "E Pluribus Unum," and surmounted by a blazing sun inlaid in blue upon which the 13 stars are tooled in gold, representing the 13 original Colonies; doublures of brown levant, upon which is inlaid a panel of slate-colored levant, forming a frame (on the front doublures) to a beautiful colored aquarelle portrait of an American President (a different portrait in each volume); on the back doublures, the national emblems repeated in gold within floral tooling; flies of green watered silk, solid gold edges.

Philadelphia: Printed for Subscribers only, by George Barrie & Sons, (1903)

Edition of the Presidents, limited to one set for each President, this being the Ulysses S. Grant set, containing his Original Autograph Signature laid on flyleaf. Printed on Japanese vellum.

754. OCCULT. Paracelcus His Aurora, and Treasure of the Philosophers as also The Water-Stone of the Wise Men; Describing the matter of, and manner how to attain the universal Tincture. Faithfully Englished and Published by J. H. Oxon. 12mo, dark green crushed levant morocco, gilt edges and inside borders by The French Binders. London: Giles Calvert, 1659

Very beautiful copy of this curious volume of occult lore. At end is a catalogue of books issued by Calvert including Roger Williams' "Bloody Tenet of Persecution."

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755. OLDHAM (JOHN). Remains in Verse and Prose. Cut on title. 8vo, full brown crushed levant morocco, gilt edges by The French Binders. London: Jo. Hindmarsh, 1684

FIRST EDITION. In the publishers "Advertisement" he says "a Bookseller that disclaims Interest for a pretence will no more be believed nowadays, than a thorough paced Phanatick, that pretends he makes a journey to New England purely for conscience sake. " Preliminary poems to the author's memory are by Dryden, Flatman, T. Durfey and others.

756. ORIENTAL MANUSCRIPT. A Fine Arabic MS. of The Koran, beautifully written in neat regular characters with accents, on 300 leaves of native glazed paper (size 61⁄2 x 41⁄2 inches) in long lines, 15 to a full page; every page is enclosed within gold borders, and heightened with gold and colours, the chapter headings being written in white paint on gold panels; there are a great number of charming little marginal decorations in gold and colours, and two fine illuminated pages at the beginning of the book, forming a rich Oriental design, gorgeously executed in gold and colours. A very attractive manuscript, bound in native brown

morocco, with flap, the sides decorated with broad gold borders and ornaments. Probably XVIIth Century

With bookplate of Henry S. Van Duzer.

757. ORIENTAL MANUSCRIPT. The Loves of Leila and Meynoun, and The Gift of the Noble (Laila was Majnun, and Tiefatu Lakrar) a fine Persian Manuscript of these two renowned works of the celebrated Oriental Poet, Abd Alrahman Jami; beautifully written on 82 leaves of stout glazed paper (131⁄2 by 8 inches) in four columns of 21 lines; each page within line borders of gold and colours, and each column divided by double gold lines; with headings on every page inscribed in red and blue on gold. bordered and decorated panels; and two very choice pages with exquisite illuminated Oriental designs, each extending the width of the page and about 4 inches in height, and executed in the finest gold and colours. Bound in fine old native morocco, richly decorated on both sides with silver mosaics, and doublures of plain red leather. Probably XVIIth Century.

Jami, the last great Persian Poet (1414-1494) was one of the most fertile among the Persian Bards, and according to Goethe, combines all the excellencies of the earlier poets of his country. "Meinoun and Leila'’ ranks among the most interesting of his works; De Chezy published a French translation of it.

With bookplate of Henry S. Van Duzer.

758. ORIENTAL TALES. The Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night. 9 vols.; Tales from the Arabic, 3 vols.; Alaeddin and the Enchanted Lamp, 1 vol.; Translated by John Payne; The Thousand and One Quarters of an Hour. Edited by L. C. Smithers; The Persian Letters, from the original by Montesquieu. Illustrated with remarque proof etchings on Japan paper. 15 vols., 8vo, half crimson polished morocco, gilt tops, uncut.

London: Printed for Subscribers only, 1901

Cabool Edition, limited to 500 copies.


759. O'SHAUGHNESSY (ARTHUR W. E.). Poet. Author of "Epic of Women," "Music and Moonlight," etc. ORIGINAL AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT of his fine poem, "Music and Moonlight," being the title poem of the volume issued under that name. Comprising 29 pp., folio and 4to, and dated at end March, 73. Handsomely bound, with typed transcript inserted, in full levant morocco extra, lettered on side and back.

The original autograph manuscript of this lengthy and remarkable poem; it contains numerous alterations and corrections in the text, and is quite complete.

759A. OVID. P. Ovidii Metamorphosis culuculentissimis Raphaelis Regii enarrationibus. Title and a large number of illustrations and initials throughout the text engraved on wood and colored by hand. 10 preliminary leaves, and 156 leaves of text. Folio, full old English maroon straight-grained morocco, gold line borders and corner ornaments on sides, gilt back, gilt edges. [Colophon:] Impressium Venetiis Per Ioannem Thacuinum de Tridino, 1513

Fine copy of this rare edition. The woodcuts are very curious, and the fact that they are colored by hand makes this copy unique.

760. OVID. Publ Ovid De Tristibus; or Mournefull Elegies, in Five Bookes: Composed in his Banishment, Part at Sea, and Part at Tomos, a City of Pontus. Translated into English Verse by Zachary Catlin, Master of Arts. Small 8vo, light brown crushed levant, three line border on sides, richly tooled back, inside dentelles, gilt edges, by Rivière.

London: Printed by T. Cotes for John Bellamie, 1639

FIRST EDITION of Catlin's very fine Translation of Ovid's "Swan Song." Prefixed are some interesting Commendatory Poems in English and Latin by James Warwell, Henry White de Rougham, Robert Pament and others. HANDSOME COPY.

761. OVID. Les Metamorphoses d'Ovide, en Latin et Francois, divisées en XV livres, avec de nouvelles Explications Historiques, Morales & Politiques sur toutes les Fables chacune selon sur sujet; de la traduction de Mr. Pierre Du-Ryer, Parisien. Illustrated with the superb series of engraved vignettes to the various Fables, by Bouche, Bouttats, etc. Royal folio, old calf, rebacked with brown morocco, leather label.

Bruxelles: Chez Francois Fobbens, 1677

A fine copy of this desirable edition, with the plates in brilliant state.

762. PAGE (THOMAS NELSON), The Works of. With portrait signed by the author, and numerous illustrations in color. 18 vols., half vellum, board sides, uncut. New York: Scribner, 1906 Edition limited to 230 sets, printed on handmade paper.

763. PALMERINI (NICCOLO). Rafaello Morghen. 8vo, sheets, uncut.

Opere d'Intaglio del Cav.
Firenze, 1824

With many pencil notes by Mr. Halsey. From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

764. PARADES (IGNACIO DE). Promptuario Manual Mexicano, que a la verdad podra ser utilissimo a los Parrochos para la ensenanza; a los necessitados Indios para su instruccion; y los que aprenden la lengua para la expedicion. Frontispiece wanting. 4to, original limp vellum (somewhat wormed). Mexico, 1759


765. PARKER (SIR GILBERT), The Works of. With portrait signed by the author, and photogravure frontispieces signed by the artists. 21 vols., 8vo, boards, paper labels, gilt tops, uncut. New York: Scribner, 1913 Edition limited to 256 copies PRINTED ON JAPAN PAPER.

766. PARSONS (ARTHUR JEFFREY). Catalogue of the Gardiner Greene Hubbard Collection of Engravings presented to the Library of Congress. Portrait and reproductions. Thick imp. 8vo, half calf, uncut. Washington, 1905

Presentation copy from Herbert Putnam. From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

767. PASCHA (JEAN). La Peregrination Spirituelle vers la terre saincte, comme en Ierusalem, Bethlehem, au Iordan, etc., composee en langue Thyoise, et nouuellement translatee, par venerable Seigneur, Nicolas de Leuze dict de Fraxinis. Title and each page within a woodcut border, and 12 woodcuts representing scenes from the Passion of Christ. 4to, green levant, blind-tooled borders, doublures of red levant, gilt-tooled leaf-branches borders, gilt edges, by LORTIC, in a morocco-slip case.

Lovain: Iean Bogardt, 1566

A MOST CURIOUS AND INTERESTING VOLUME containing amongst the prayers and Spiritual Orations, a detailed and very complete Itinerary to Jerusalem for the use of Pilgrims journeying there. In a beautiful Lortic binding.

768. PAYNE (JOHN HOWARD). SIGNED AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT OF THE POEM "HOME SWEET HOME." 1p., 4to. Two stanzas, each of four lines, and each with the three-line chorus. Signed in full and dated, "John Howard Payne. Washington, June 4, 1849."

Exceedingly rare. Only a very few transcripts were made by the author himself, at different times, for presentation to his friends.

769. PAYNE-GALLWEY (SIR RALPH). The Fowler in Ireland; or, Notes on the Haunts and Habits of Wildfowl and Seafowl. With numerous illustrations. 8vo, cloth, uncut.

London, 1882

FIRST EDITION. From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

770. PEACOCK (THOMAS LOVE). Writings. Portrait in color and frontispieces by Herbert Railton. 10 vols. 8vo, buckram, London, 1891 One of 100 copies on Large Paper. From the estate of F. R. Halsey.



771. PEMBERTON (JOHN). The Ancient Testimony and Principles of the People called Quakers, Renewed, with Respect to

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