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759A. OVID. P. Ovidii Metamorphosis culuculentissimis Raphaelis Regii enarrationibus. Title and a large number of illustrations and initials throughout the text engraved on wood and colored by hand. 10 preliminary leaves, and 156 leaves of text. Folio, full old English maroon straight-grained morocco, gold line borders and corner ornaments on sides, gilt back, gilt edges. [Colophon:] Impressium Venetiis Per Ioannem

Thacuinum de Tridino, 1513 Fine copy of this rare edition. The woodcuts are very curious, and the fact that they are colored by hand makes this copy unique.

760. OVID. Publ Ovid De Tristibus; or Mournefull Elegies, in Five Bookes : Composed in his Banishment, Part at Sea, and Part at Tomos, a City of Pontus. Translated into English Verse by Zachary Catlin, Master of Arts. Small 8vo, light brown crushed levant, three line border on sides, richly tooled back, inside dentelles, gilt edges, by Rivière.

London: Printed by T. Cotes for John Bellamie, 1639 FIRST EDITION of Catlin's very fine Translation of Ovid's “Swan

Prefixed are some interesting Commendatory Poems in English and Latin by James Warwell, Henry White de Rougham, Robert Pament and others. HANDSOME COPY.


761. OVID. Les Metamorphoses d'Ovide, en Latin et Francois, divisées en XV livres, avec de nouvelles Explications Historiques, Morales & Politiques sur toutes les Fables chacune selon sur sujet; de la traduction de Mr. Pierre Du-Ryer, Parisien. Illustrated with the superb series of engraved vignettes to the various Fables, by Bouche, Bouttats, etc. Royal folio, old calf, rebacked with brown morocco, leather label.

Bruxelles : Chez Francois Fobbens, 1677 A fine copy of this desirable edition, with the plates in brilliant state.

762. PAGE (THOMAS NELSON), The Works of. With portrait signed by the author, and numerous illustrations in color. 18 vols., half vellum, board sides, uncut. New York: Scribner, 1906

Edition limited to 230 sets, printed on handmade paper.

763. PALMERINI (NICCOLO). Opere d'Intaglio del Cav. Rafaello Morghen. 8vo, sheets, uncut.

Firenze, 1824 With many pencil notes by Mr. Halsey. From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

764. PARADES (IGNACIO DE). Promptuario Manual Mexicano, que a la verdad podra ser utilissimo a los Parrochos para la ensenanza; a los necessitados Indios para su instruccion; y los que aprenden la lengua para la expedicion. Frontispiece wanting. 4to, original limp vellum (somewhat wormed). Mexico, 1759


765. PARKER (SIR GILBERT), The Works of. With portrait signed by the author, and photogravure frontispieces signed by the artists. 21 vols., 8vo, boards, paper labels, gilt tops, uncut.

New York: Scribner, 1913 Edition limited to 256 copies PRINTED ON JAPAN PAPER.

766. PARSONS (ARTHUR JEFFREY). Catalogue of the Gardiner Greene Hubbard Collection of Engravings presented to the Library of Congress. Portrait and reproductions. Thick imp. 8vo, half calf, uncut.

Washington, 1905 Presentation copy from Herbert Putnam. From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

767. PASCHA (JEAN). La Peregrination Spirituelle vers la terre saincte, comme en Ierusalem, Bethlehem, au Iordan, etc., composee en langue Thyoise, et nouuellement translatee, par venerable Seigneur, Nicolas de Leuze dict de Fraxinis. Title and each page within a woodcut border, and 12 woodcuts representing scenes from the Passion of Christ. 4to, green levant, blind-tooled borders, doublures of red levant, gilt-tooled leaf-branches borders, gilt edges, by LORTIC, in a morocco-slip case.

Lovain : Iean Bogardt, 1566 A MOST CURIOUS AND INTERESTING VOLUME containing amongst the pray. ers and Spiritual Orations, a detailed and very complete Itinerary to Jerusalem for the use of Pilgrims journeying there. In a beautiful Lortic binding.

768. PAYNE (JOHN HOWARD). SIGNED AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT OF THE POEM “HOME SWEET HOME." 1p., 4to. Two stanzas, each of four lines, and each with the three-line chorus. Signed in full and dated, “John Howard Payne. Washington, June 4, 1849."

Exceedingly rare. Only a very few transcripts were made by the author himself, at different times, for presentation to his friends.

769. PAYNE-GALL WEY (SIR RALPH). The Fowler in Ireland; or, Notes on the Haunts and Habits of Wildfowl and Seafowl. With numerous illustrations. 8vo, cloth, uncut.

London, 1882 FIRST EDITION. From the estate of F. R. Halsey. 770. PEACOCK (THOMAS LOVE). Writings. Portrait in color and frontispieces by Herbert Railton. 10 vols. 8vo, buckram, uncut.

London, 1891 One of 100 copies on Large Paper. From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

THE QUAKERS IN THE REVOLUTION 771. PEMBERTON (JOHN). The Ancient Testimony and Principles of the People called Quakers, Renewed, with Respect to

the King and the Government; and Touching the Commotions now prevailing in these and other parts of America, Addressed to the People in General. “Signed in and on behalf of a meeting of the Representatives of our Religious Society, in Pennsylvania and New Jersey; held at Philadelphia, the 20th day of the first month, 1776.—John Pemberton, Clerk.” 4to, marbled boards.

Philadelphia, 1776 THE FIRST OFFICIAL PUBLIC TESTIMONIAL OF THE SOCIETY OF FRIENDS IN OPPOSITION TO THE ACTS OF CONGRESS, addressed to the people in general. An Important Revolutionary Item. Evans cites but two known copies. While Sabin mentions the broadside form only.

An address of great historical importance, as it contains the resolve of the Convention of Quakers, who opposed any armed conflict with Great Britain. This meeting was swayed in its opinions and actions by James Pemberton, one of the most prominent men of the day, whose activity at this time, together with his secret actions against the interest of the Continental Congress placed him under suspicion, and led to his arrest and exile. EXCESSIVELY RARE.

A GREAT RARITY IN THE ORIGINAL BINDING 772. PENHALLOW (SAMUEL). The History of the Wars of New England. With the Eastern Indians; or, a Narrative of their continued Perfidy and Cruelty from the 10th of August, 1703 to ... 1726. Small 8vo, in the original panel sheep binding.

Boston: Printed by T. Fleet, 1726 A beautiful copy of this book, classed by Sabin and other American bibliographers as one of the rarest of New England imprints, and of the utmost importance. This copy contains the rare leaf of “Advertisement" at the end and measures 612x3 15 /16 inches.

The author, who at the time of his death was Chief Justice of the Province of New Hampshire, was esteemed the highest authority on the Indian wars of that period.

773. (PENN (RICHARD).] Maxims and Hints for an Angler, and Miseries of Fishing. Illustrated by drawings on stone, on India paper (foxed). 12mo, cloth, uncut.

London, 1833 FIRST EDITION. Scarce in this state, with India proof impressions of the plates by Seymour. From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

774. [PENN (WILLIAM).] England's Present Interest Discovered With Honour to the Prince and Safety to the People. Small 4to, full brown calf, Jansen style, gilt edges.

Printed in the Year 1675 A FINE COPY OF THE VERY RARE FIRST EDITION, with the Errata printed at the foot of the last page. There were two editions issued this year, the second having Penn's name on the title-page and the errata corrected.

775. PENNELL (JOSEPH). Modern Illustration. Profusely illustrated. 8vo, limp Japan paper covers, uncut. London, 1895

One of 125 copies on Japanese vellum. From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

776. PERCY (SHOLTO AND REUBEN). The Percy Anecdotes. Engraved titles and portraits. 20 vols. 16mo, cloth.

London: George Berger, n.d. From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

777. PEREZ (MANUEL). Farol Indiano, y guia de curas de Indios; [also] Arte de el Idioma Mexicano. 2 vols. in one. 4to, original limp vellum, with one thong fastener intact.

Mexico: Francisco de Rivera Calderon, 1713 FINE CRISP COPIES OF THESE TWO RARE WORKS. An illegible stamp of a library is on the first title margin.

778. PEROTTUS (NICOLAUS). Cornucopiæ. Colophon: Elplicit præclaru opus Nicolai Perrotti Eruditissime irri Cornucopiæ: seu Cometariorque linguæ Latinæ : Impressum Venetiis, per Bernardinum de Coris de Cremona. MCCCCXCII. Die XXV. Maii. Folio, old boards, leather covered, with blind, stamped ornaments.

Venice: B. de Coris, 1492 The famous Venice edition of the Cornucopia. We can trace only one other copy in America.

779. PERRAULT (CHARLES). Histoire de Peau D'Ane. Printed in red and black, with frontispiece, woodcut designs and ornamental initials by Lucien Pissarro. 8vo, full levant morocco, gilt backs and covers, gilt top, uncut, with original covers bound in.

London: Eragny Press, 1902 One of 230 copies printed.

780. PERSIAN MANUSCRIPT. Pilpay. Anwari Suhaili: & Paraphrase of the Fables of Pilpay. 4to, old red morocco, corner and center ornaments, Persian style.

Madras, 1812 A beautifully written Manuscript, transcribed from the original in the Library of Tippoo Sultan, by order of Watkin Cunliffe, in 1812. A Manuscript note by Duncan Forbes of King's College, inserted. With the bookplate of Henry B. H. Beaufoy.

The binding is a typical specimen of the best form of Oriental workmanship and is in perfect condition.

ILLUSTRATED WITH BEAUTIFUL ETCHINGS 781. PETRONIUS. Introduction et Fragments par Jerome Doucet. With 8 very original designs by Louis Fournier etquisitely etched by Xavier Lesuer. 8vo, russet levant with large Mosaic centre Panels of Arabesque Scrolls in light brown, red and maroon levant, brown satin linings and flyleaves, gilt top, uncut, original wrappers bound in, by René Kieffer, Paris.

Librairie des Amateurs, 1902 One of 25 Copies on Japan with the Fine etchings in three states and tints. One of the most Remarkable specimens of the French Etcher's Art Produced in recent years. In a beautiful and appropriate Binding.

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