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880. SAINT PHILIP NERI. Life of: portrait and 44 brilliant copper-plate engravings by Lucius Ciamb's, &c. 4to parchItaly, Saec. XVI


Apart from the pictured details of incidents in the life of the Saint, the engravings show many details of architecture, furniture, &c. The sale of the library for the benefit of the poor (plate 3), the St. Anthony scene (10), the casting out of evil spirits (24), and other important adventures, are very interesting.

881. SAINT-PIERRE (BERNARDIN DE). Paul et Virginie. Numerous engravings, proofs on India paper. Royal 8vo, full dark blue morocco, gold-tooled sides, back and inside borders, gilt top, uncut. Boston: Houghton Mifflin et Cie, 1906

One of 280 copies printed at the Riverside Press.

882. SALAMAN (MALCOLM C.). Old English Colour-Prints. Edited by Charles Holme. Illustrated with 40 reproductions in color. Royal 8vo, full crimson levant morocco, back and sides richly ornamented in gold, the latter with arms and emblems, by Riviere. London, 1909

A handsome copy.

883. SALTER (T. F.). The Angler's Guide, being a complete practical treatise on Angling, containing the whole art of Trolling, Bottom and Float-Fishing, Fly-Fishing, and Trimmer-Angling, for Sea, River, and Pond Fish. Illustrated with 56 copper-plate and wood engravings. 8vo, original boards, (worn) paper label, uncut. London, 1815

THIRD EDITION, with very considerable additions. Mr. Halsey has noted on the inside cover, that the woodcuts of this edition "contain no 'crosslines.'" From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

884. SANDEAU (JULES). Un Debut dans le Magistrature. Illustrated with a fine portrait of the Author and 12 very beautiful little etchings by Deville. 12mo, light green crushed levant with ten-line mitred gold borders with Myrtle Sprays at Corners, finely tooled back, inside borders, marbled edges gilt, original wrappers bound in, by LORTIC. Paris: Calmann Levy, 1887

FIRST EDITION. One of 25 Copies on Imperial Japan Paper in an Exquisite Lortic Binding. With the Hoe bookplate.

885. [SANDERS (DANIEL C.)]. A History of the Indian Wars, with the First Settlers of the United States, particularly, in New England. Written in Vermont. 18mo, full crushed dark maroon morocco, gilt inside borders, gilt top. Montpelier, 1812

A WORK OF THE EXTREMEST RARITY. Published anonymously, without preface, it was known to but few that the author was the Rev. Daniel Clarke Sanders, President of the University of Vermont. Immediately

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after its appearance some person (evidently a personal enemy of the author and said to have been Prof. John Hoogh) published an acrimonious critique upon the book. Such was the effect of the article upon either Mr. Sanders or the publishers, that the work was suppressed. So nearly complete was its absolute extinction, that even the biographers of the author had forgotten the work, making no mention of it in their memoirs of him. Fine copy.


886. SANNAZARO (JACOPO). Arcadia, Sonnetti e Canzoni. 2 vols. in one, small 8vo, original Aldine Binding of smooth brown morocco, gold tooled compartments on sides, with gilt fleurons at angles, gilt edges.

Impresso in Vinegia nelle case delle Heredi d'Aldo Romano, et Andrea Socero, 1534

Beautiful Copy with the Four Aldine Anchor Devices at beginning and end of each book ornamented with burnished gold, and with the initial letters to each chapter also in gold. FROM THE LIBRARY OF THE FAMOUS BIBLIOPHILE JEAN GROLIER, TREASURER OF FRANCE UNDER KING FRANCIS THE FIRST. In the Centre Panel of the Forecover is lettered the title of the Book "Arcadia del Sannazaro. Sonetti e Canzoni del ditto" at the lower edge of the cover in one line, "Jo. Grolierii et Amicorum is stamped." On the lower cover in the centre panel is Grolier's Famous Device "PORTIO MEA DOMINE SIT IN TERRA VIVENTIUM." Of Special Interest as a Grolier Volume on account of Sannazars having been one of the Collector's favorite Poets judging from Le Roux de Lincy's Inventory of Grolier's Library in which many different Editions of the Arcadia, Sonnets and Works are described.

In the Grolier Club's "Researches on Grolier" the Pedigree of the Volume is given as follows:

"In the collection of John Dent, 1825. -Beckford sale (Hamilton Palace Libraries), 1883, Part III, No. 1730: £125 to Quaritch.-Reproduced in Morgand and Fatout's catalogue, Vol. I, p. 794, No. 4447Owned in 1904 by Edouard Rahir, a Paris dealer. Present ownership unrecorded.''


887. SCHLIEMANN (DR. HENRY). Tiryns: The Prehistoric Palace of the Kings of Tiryns. The Results of the latest Excavations. 188 woodcuts, 24 plates in chromo-lithography, 1 map, and 4 plans. Royal 8vo, gilt cloth, gilt top. New York, 1885

888. SCOLLARD (CLINTON). Pictures in Song. 16mo, cloth, gilt top, uncut. New York, 1884

FIRST EDITION. This copy has been inscribed by the author with a couplet "Age and Youth." From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

889. SCOTT (SIR WALTER). A COLLECTED SET OF FIRST EDITIONS OF THE WAVERLEY NOVELS. Consisting of: Waverley, 3 vols., 1814; Guy Mannering, 3 vols., 1815; The Antiquary, 3 vols., 1816; Tales of My Landlord, First Series, 4 vols., 1816; Rob Roy, 3 vols., 1818; Tales of My Landlord, Second Series, 4 vols., 1818;

Tales of My Landlord, Third Series, 4 vols., 1819; Ivanhoe, 3 vols, 1820; The Abbot, 3 vols., 1820; The Monastery, 3 vols., 1820; Kenilworth, 3 vols., 1821; Fortunes of Nigel, 3 vols., 1822; Deveril of the Peak, 4 vols., 1822; The Pirate, 3 vols., 1822; Quentin Durward, 3 vols., 1823; Redgauntlet, 3 vols., 1824; St. Ronan's Well, 3 vols., 1824; Tales of the Crusaders, 4 vols., 1825; Woodstock, 3 vols., 1826; Chronicles of the Canongate, First Series, 2 vols., 1827; Chronicles of the Canongate, Second Series, 3 vols., 1828; Anne of Geierstein, 3 vols., 1829; Tales of My Landlord, Fourth Series, 4 vols., 1832. 74 vols., crown 8vo, half red levant morocco, gilt tops. Edinburgh, 1814-1832

A VERY FINE CLEAN SET, all the volumes being FIRST EDITIONS. The title-page of the first volume of "Waverley" has had a name cut from the centre, which defacement has been repaired. With bookplate of Henry S. Van Duzer.

890. SCOTT (SIR WALTER). The Lady of the Lake. Illus trated by numerous engravings on wood from drawings of Birkett Foster and John Gilbert. 8vo. Luxuriously bound in blue levant morocco, the front cover almost entirely covered with inlays of vari-colored moroccos forming a design of the Scottish Arms and Banners, embellished with 28 sapphires and amethysts, set within solid gold mounts; borders of blue morocco, upon which is lettered in gold the stanza beginning with:

"When last among its banks I wandered

Through groves that had begun to shed,"

the back cover with a somewhat similar design and center-piece of crossed swords and shield, inlaid in vari-colored moroccos, with borders of blue morocco upon which is lettered in gold the stanza beginning with:

"The mighty minstrel breathes no longer."

gilt back with small inlays of red morocco, gilt edges gauffered to a floral pattern, the petals painted in green and red; the front doublure of green and blue morocco, with small purple and red inlays surrounding a superb portrait miniature of Sir Walter Scott, painted by Miss E. B. Currie, within a solid gold setting and a border formed of 12 emeralds, topazes, etc.; the back doublure of blue and green morocco, with purple and red inlays and a center design showing Sir Walter's monogram inlaid in red and blue morocco, surrounded by 8 emeralds, etc.; flies of brown silk decorated with thistles, by Sangorski & Sutcliffe. In blue morocco case. Edinburgh, 1853

891. SCOTT (SIR WALTER). The Waverley Novels. Extensively illustrated with hundreds of full-page and vignette engravings on wood, and with colored frontispieces, portraits, and views. 51 vols., imperial 8vo, full autumn-leaf levant, the sides and

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