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FIFTH EDITION, revised and largely rewritten. From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

946. STRICKLAND (AGNES). Lives of the Queens of England from the Norman Conquest. Compiled from Official Records and other Authentic Documents, Private as well as public. Preceded by a Biographical Introduction by John Foster Kirk. Illustrated with numerous plates in Two STATES, many being in colors. 16 vols., 8vo, full green morocco, gilt, gold edges.


947. SUCKLING (SIR JOHN). The Discontented Colonell. Ornamental rule and device on title. Small 4to, full claret calf, gilt and blind tooled back and sides, gilt edges.

London: Printed by E. G. for Francis Eagles-field, [1640] FIRST EDITION. RARE. This is the first sketch of "Brennoralt" first published in 1646.

948. SUCKLING (SIR JOHN). A Letter sent by Sir Iohn Svckling from France, deploring his sad Estate and flight: VVith a discoverie of the plot and conspiracie, intended By him and his adherents against England. [By William Norris.] Small 4to, full green levant morocco, gilt fillet borders on back and sides, inside dentelles, by Riviere (pages soiled).

Imprinted at London, 1641

One of two editions [probably the first] printed in the same year. Dated "From Paris, Iune 16, 1641." Four leaves without signature marks. With the Hoe bookplate.

949. SURTEES (R. S.). Jorrock's Jaunts and Jollities; or the Hunting, Shooting, Racing, Driving, Eccentric, and Extravagant Exploits of that renowned Sporting Citizen, Mr. John Jorrocks. With 12 illustrations by Phiz. 8vo, original green cloth. London: W. Spiers, 1838

Van Duzer.

With bookplate of Henry S.

950. SURTEES (R. S.). Hawbuck Grange; or, the Sporting Adventures of Thomas Scott, Esq. With 8 illustrations by Phiz.

FIRST EDITION. 8vo, cloth. London, 1847.

VERY SCARCE. With bookplate of H. S. Van Duzer.

951. SURTEES (R. S.). Sporting Novels, as under. All first editions. With the very fine and humorous series of colored plates and woodcuts, by John Leech and H. K. Browne. 6 vols., 8vo, with original cloth covers. London, 1853-88

This set comprises: Mr. Sponge's Sporting Tour, 1853; Handley Cross, 1854; Ask Mamma, 1858; Plain or Ringlets, 1860; Mr. Facey Rumford's Hounds, 1865; Hillingdon Hall, 1888.

Mr. Sponge's Sporting Tour-the correct cut is on page 230, not 229, and there is an extra woodcut on page 182, also 4 engraved initials not included in the list of woodcuts, all by Leech.

ALL FIRST EDITIONS, in fine condition throughout, with brilliant impressions of Leech's designs. The set has over 300 of John Leech's best sketches on wood and over 100 hand-colored steel engravings by the same artist. With bookplate of Henry S. Van Duzer.

952. [SWIFT (JONATHAN)]. Travels into several Remote Nations of the World. In Four Parts. By Lemuel Gulliver, First a Surgeon, and then a Captain of several Ships. Engraved portrait and maps. 2 vols., 8vo, full crimson levant morocco, goldtooled backs and inside borders, gilt edges, by Lloyd, Wallis & Lloyd.

London: Printed for Benj. Motte, 1726

FIRST EDITION, with separate pagination of each part. Very fine tall



953. [SWIFT, (JONATHAN); and POPE, (ALEXANDER).] Epistolæ Obscurorum Virorum ad Dn. M. Ortuinum Gratium. Nova et accurata editio. 12mo, old calf, enclosed in a levant moFrankfort: 1643

rocco case.

The fame of this copy rests on its having belonged to England's greatest Satirists, Alexander Pope and Jonathan Swift. The following inscriptions appear on the fly-leaf:

"Ex libris Tho. Monson.

"Nunc Alex. Pope." (in Pope's handwriting).

"Nunc Jonath. Swift." (in Swift's handwriting).

"Bought this at Dean Swift's auction.

Ed Lisle."'

This is probably the greatest volume in existence in its relation to satirical literature. The "Letters of Obscure Men," of which this is the well-known edition of 1643, was the greatest satire of the 16th Century and having also belonged to the two greatest English Satirists makes this volume unique. From the collection of Charles B. Foote, with the bookplate engraved by French.

954. [SWIFT (JONATHAN)]. A Tale of a Tub. Written for the Universal Improvement of Mankind. To which is added, An Account of a Battel between the Antient and Modern Books in St. James's Library. 8vo, full brown levant morocco, gilt back and inside borders, edges gilt on the rough, by Worsfold.

London: Printed for John Nutt, 1704

FIRST EDITION. With the preliminary leaf containing "Treatises writ by the same Author."'

955. SWIFT (JONATHAN). Works.

With copious Notes

New York, 1863

and Additions, and a Memoir of the Author, by Thomas Roscoe. 6 vols., 12mo, half green morocco.

From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

956. TABARIN. Les Justes Plaintes du Sieur Tabarin. Sur les Troubles et Divisions de ce temps. Vignette. 16mo, full light blue crushed morocco, gilt back in compartments, triple fillet borders, gilt inside borders, gilt edges on the rough, by TrautzBauzonnet. n.p., 1621 [Reprint: Paris 1850]

One of 62 copies printed.

957. TANDON (MONS. MOQUIN). The World of the Sea. Translated and enlarged by the Rev. H. Martyn Hart. Profusely illustrated, some plates in color. Royal 8vo, full calf (rubbed), gilt edges. London, n.d.

From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

958. TAPIA ZENTENO (CARLOS DE). lengua Mexicana. 4to, original limp vellum.

Arte novissima de
Mexico, 1753

VERY RARE. With the fine coat of arms at the head of the dedicatory letter, engraved by Antonio Moreno. On the fly leaves and margin of title are inscriptions in contemporary hands.

959. TATE (NAHUM). Poems by Several Hands, and on Several Occasions. Collected by N. Tate. 8vo, full maroon levant morocco, backs and sides lavishly ornamented with floral and leaf sprays; green inlaid borders, and panelled sides of green and ivory morocco inlays, with pointille tooling; compartments on back similarly inlaid, gilt edges, by Riviere. In slip case.

London: Printed for J. Hindmarsh, 1685

While the First Edition of Tate's Poems appeared in 1677, this is the FIRST EDITION of this Collection, consisting of Poems by Cowley, Earl of Roscommon, Earl of Rochester, translations from Ovid, Martial, Hor. ace, etc. A very fine copy.

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960. TENNIEL (JOHN). Various Poems and Stories taken from 'Once a Week," 1859-1864. Illustrated by John Tenniel, with his original drawings. 8vo, full crimson levant morocco, gilt back, gilt fillet borders, gilt edges, by Riviere. [London, 1859-64]

This unusual collection contains 23 ORIGINAL PENCIL DRAWINGS, and 19 TRACINGS BY JOHN TENNIEL, of his illustrations to the several stories and poems making up the volume. The drawings and leaves have been mounted where necessary in Riviere's best manner. There is also laid in the certification of the genuineness of the drawings, by Arthur E. Calkin, of Robert Riviere and Son.


961. TENNIEL (JOHN). Touches of Nature. By Eminent Artists and Authors. Woodcut illustrations. 4to, full green levant morocco, gilt back, gilt panelled sides, gilt edges, by Riviere. In slip case. London: Alexander Strahan, 1867

WITH AN ORIGINAL PENCIL DRAWING BY JOHN TENNIEL of his illustration to "The Way in the Wood" by Isa Craig. Accompanying the volume is a certification of the genuineness of the drawing, by Arthur E. Calkin, of Robert Riviere & Son.

962. TENNYSON (ALFRED, LORD). Poems, Chiefly Lyrical, 12mo, full blue crushed levant morocco, gilt tops, uncut, by Riviere. London: Effingham Wilson, 1830

EXTREMELY FINE COPY OF THIS RARE VOLUME containing the first publication of "Mariana." The publisher's advertisements and the original covers are bound up at the end.

963. TENNYSON (ALFRED, LORD). Poems. Engraved portrait. 2 vols., 12mo, original boards uncut, with protecting jackets of green watered silk. London: Moxon, 1842

First collected edition and first publication of some of the poet's most beautiful lyrics, including "The May Queen, "Claribel, of Fair Women."


A Dream

TENNYSON (ALFRED, LORD). The Princess; A Med

ley. Crown 8vo, original green cloth, uncut.

London: Edward Moxon, 1847

FIRST EDITION, with the 8 pages of advertisements at beginning of volume.

PRESENTATION COPY from Tennyson to Sir Robert Peel, England's famous statesman, with Tennyson's autograph inscription on half-title.

965. TENNYSON (ALFRED, LORD). AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT of his poem, "The Eagle, "2 stanzas of three lines each, signed "A. Tennyson, May 14, '49." 1 p., 8vo. Framed and glazed, with portrait.

966. TENNYSON (ALFRED, LORD). In Memoriam. 12mo, full blue levant morocco, ornamented on sides with funeral urn and palm branches, doublures and flys of deep orange China silk, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. London: Edward Moxon, 1850

FIRST EDITION, in a handsome binding. The earliest issue, containing at p. 2, line 13, "And gazing on the sullen tree," which was altered to "And gazing on thee, sullen tree," also at p. 198, line 3, where is printed, "To make old baseness picturesque,'' later altered "To make old bareness picturesque." These errors only appear IN EARLY COPIES OF THE


967. THACKERAY (W. M.). The Yellowplush Correspondence, small 8vo, original boards, cloth back. In a half brown levant morocco slip-case. Phila. E. L. Carey & A. Hart, 1838

THE FIRST COLLECTED EDITION of any of Thackeray's writings that appeared in England or America, and antedates the second publication (Paris Sketch Book) by two years. Every copy of this work commences with the title-page, then a page with the caption, the reverse of which

is marked page 14.

The work is perfect, the space having been

left for an intended preface or introduction, which never appeared.
scarce. With bookplate of H. S. Van Duzer.



968. THACKERAY (W. M.). The Loving Ballad of Lord Bateman. Illustrated by George Cruikshank. 16mo, original cloth enclosed in a green levant morocco case.

London: Charles Tilt, 1839

PRESENTATION COPY OF THE FIRST EDITION FROM THE ILLUSTRATOR with the following inscription "To Miss Phillips with the Compliments and regards of George Cruikshank, December 31, 1849." This is enriched by a magnificent full page original Drawing in Ink by William Makepeace Thackeray of Lord Bateman with the text in his autograph which is entirely UNPUBLISHED. It contains also the following original drawings by George Cruikshank:

I. The first draft of the Title Page with the sketch of Lord Bateman adopted in the first plate.

II. The first sketch of the Cover Design.

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969. THACKERAY (W. M.). The Anti-Corn Law Circular, Numbers 8, 10, 11, 18 and 39; Anti-Bread Tax Tracts for the People, Numbers 1 and 2; Excerpt from Henry Cole's "Fifty Years of Public Work." Bound together in 1 volume, folio, half crimson levant morocco, by Riviere.

v.p., 1839-84

Nos. (1) and (4) of the above are known to Thackeray collectors, although they are very scarce. No. (5) however is not generally known, although from its having two woodcuts, and a literary article as well, its importance really exceeds that of the other two.

Nos. (2) and (3): are "attributed" to Thackeray; and they bear much resemblance in style, to that in his articles contributed to the "Constitutional." It is, no doubt, the absence of any woodcut, which has prevented their absolute ascription to him.


970. THACKERAY (W. M.). Heads of the People or Portraits of the English. Drawn by Kenny Meadows, engraved by Arrin Smith. 2 vols., 8vo, original cloth uncut, in morocco case. London: Robert Tyas, 1840-1841

FIRST EDITION. In this copy has been inserted an original drawing by John Leech for a projected titlepage. It contains 18 sketches of heads, with peacock and large central head of a man with spectacles and is signed "J. Leech delt." Also inserted is a contemporary copy, for the use of one of the parties concerned of the agreement between the publisher Tyas, John Orrin Smith the wood engraver and J. T. G. Vizetelly for the publication of the work.

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