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218. CARLYLE (THOMAS). The Complete Works of Carlyle; with an Index. Portrait. 34 vols., 8vo, full polished calf, gilt (a few joints cracked). London, v.d.

The best Library Edition, published by Chapman and Hall.

219. CARMAN (BLISS). The Kinship of Nature. Frontispiece portrait of the author, with his autograph signature. 8vo, three-quarters red morocco, gilt back and top, uncut.

Boston, 1904 FIRST EDITION, with lengthy signed inscription in the author's handwriting on fly-leaf.

220. CAROCHI (HORACIO). Compendio del arte de la lengua Mexicana, dispuesto con brevedad, claridad, y propriedad por el P. Ignacio de Paredes. Frontispiece wanting. Title within ornamental border. Small 4to, original vellum, leather thong ties. Mexico: Bibliotheca Mexicana, 1759

A VERY SCARCE EDITION OF THIS CELEBRATED GRAMMAR. On the front fly-leaf are numerous manuscript notes in several old hands.


221. CAROLINA. The Humble Address of the Right Honourable the Lords Spiritual and Temporal In Parliament Assembled presented to Her Majesty on Wednesday, March 13, 1705, RELATING TO THE PROVINCE OF CAROLINA, And the Petition therein Mentioned. With Her Majesty's most Gracious Answer Thereunto. Folio, half red morocco, by Pratt. London: Charles Bell, 1705

Not mentioned by Sabin, Winsor or any bibliographer and believed to be the only copy known. It was not in the Church, Ives, Menzies, Barlow, Brinley, Rice or any of the sales held during the last fifty years. The petition claims that the settlers in Carolina have been deprived of their just rights and that it is to the detriment of the Province, and "that the ruin of the said Colony would be to the great Disadvantage of the Trade of the Kingdom, to the apparent Prejudice of Her Majesty's Customs, and the great benefit of the French, who watch all Opportunities to Improve their own Settlements in those Parts of America. It is signed by Joseph Boone, Chris. Fowler, Thomas Gould, M. Perry, Thomas Byfeld and other early settlers in the Carolinas.


222. CASTANEDA (HERNAN LOPES DE). The First Booke of the Historie of the Discouerie and Conquest of the East Indias, enterprised by the Portingales, in their daungerous Nauigations, in the time of King Don Iohn, the second of that name. Set foorth in the Portingale, and now translated into English, by Nicolas] Litchfield]. Title within ornamental woodcut border. Small 4to, full olive levant morocco, gilt, gilt edges, by Leighton. Imprinted at London, by Thomas East, 1582

FIRST ENGLISH TRANSLATION. Dedicated to Sir Francis Drake. Printed in Black Letter. Name of E. Williams on margin of title. Sound and clean copy with the leaf numbered 164 at the end containing the Colophon and vignette. The Halsey copy.

223. CASTELU (ANTONIO VESQUEZ). Arte de Lengva Mexicana. Corregido segun su original por el Br. D. Antonio de Olmedo y Torre. Title within ornamental border; arms on title. Small 4to, original vellum.

n.p., n.d. Con licencia en la Puebla, por Diego Fernandez de Leon, y por su original en la imprenta de F. X. de Morales y Salazar, 1726. On the fly-leaves are many inscriptions in contemporary hands. VERY RARE.

224. CASTIGLIONE (BALDASSAR). Il Cortegiano, or, The Courtier. Written by Conte Baldassar Castiglione, and a new version of the same into English. Together with several of his celebrated pieces, as well Latin as Italian, both in Prose and Verse, to which is prefixed the Life of the Author. By A. P. Castiglione. Portrait of the Author engraved by Vertue. 4to, full russet levant morocco, panelled sides with ornamentation, richly tooled back and inside border, gilt edges, by Riviere.

London, Printed by W. Bowyer, 1727

SCARCE EDITION. The original text and English translation are printed in parallel columns. With the Hoe bookplate.

225. CAVALLERIIS (JO. BAPT.). Ecclesiae Militantis Triumphi. 32 plates, colored by hand. Rome, 1585; [alsol Ecclesiae Anglicanae Trophaea. 36 plates, colored by hand. Rome, 1584. In one volume, folio, old vellum. Rome, 1585-84

A VERY UNUSUAL SPECIMEN OF THIS SCARCE WORK, RARELY FOUND IN THIS STATE, WITH THE TITLES AND ALL THE PLATES COLORED, possibly by a contemporary hand. On the fly-leaf is the name of "Caroli Vslenghi" in an ancient hand, and on the title-page is the inscription "Ex libris Bibliotheq T. Dorsteg Urbis.''

226. CAXTON (WILLIAM). The Cronycles of Englonde, with the dedes of Popes and Emperours, and also the descripcyon of Englond. Black letter, title wanting and supplied in facsimile, printed in double columns, 44 lines to a full page, wood-cuts, including Caxton's large device on verso of folio 163, and W. De Worde's device on last page. Text commences on folio iiii, table and other preliminary 11. supplied in MS., folio 163 torn and had three holes, some 11. stained and wormed slightly; in several cases the word "pope" has been erased or partly obliterated, old mottled calf (joints cracked).

[Colophon] London in Fletestrete at the sygne of the sonne by me Wynkyn de Worde, the yere of oure Lorde God M. CCCCC and XX [1520]

This Chronicle, the first edition of which was issued by Caxton in 1480, differs but little from the "Chronicles of Brute," one of the most popular of the 15th and 16th century books.

This 1520 edition by W. de Worde is of the Utmost Rarity. Very few 18th and 19th century bibliographers seem to have seen a copy and references to it in the bibliography of English printing are of the most meagre description. Not more than three copies have appeared in the sales room during the past twenty-five years, and of these only the William Morris copy approached the present one in degree of completeness and fineness of condition.

227 CAXTON (WILLIAM). The Life of Mayster Wyllyam Caxton, of the Weald of Kent; The First Printer in England. In which is given An Account of the Rise and Progress of the Art of Prynting in England, during his Time, till 1499. Collected by John Lewis. Portrait of Caxton by Bagford. 8vo, half morocco, uncut, by Faulkner, with his ticket. London, 1737

The first life of Caxton by the eminent bibliographer and student John Lewis. Only 150 copies were printed and the book has always been very rare. All later writers have drawn on it for material.

228. CENTURY DICTIONARY (THE). An Encyclopedic Lexicon. 6 vols. in 24 parts; Century Dictionary of Names, 4 parts; Century Gallery of 100 portraits. Together 31 parts, 4to, cloth. New York, n.d.

From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

229. CERVANTES (MIGUEL DE). Don Quixote de la Mancha. Translated from the Spanish by Charles Jarvis. Illustrated by Tony Johannot. 3 vols, royal 8vo, full mottled calf, gilt backs, fillet borders on sides, gilt tops, uncut, by Riviere.

London: J. J. Dubochet & Co., 1837-1839 Fine copy of the Jarvis translation with the Johannot illustrations.

230. CERVANTES (MIGUEL DE). The History of the Valorous and Witty Knight-errant Don Quixote of the Manchia by Miguel De Cervantes. Translated by Thomas Shelton. The illustrations by Daniel Vierge, with an introduction by Royal Cortissoz. 4 vols., large 8vo, with an additional volume of extra plates, proofs before letters of the full page illustrations.

New York: Charles Scribners Sons, 1906

A limited edition of 140 copies on Imperial Japan paper, of which this copy is No. 71.

In the original paper covers, gilt top, uncut, in paper slip-case, as issued. With bookplate of H. S. Van Duzer.


231. CHAMPLAIN. Voyages et Descouvertures faites en la Nouvelle France, depuis l'Annee 1615, jusques a la fin de l'Anne 1618. Par le Sieur de Champlain, Cappitaine ordinaire pour le Roy en la Mer du Ponant. Ou sont descrits les Moeurs, Coustumes, Habits, Facons de Guerroyer, Chasses, Festins, et Enterremens de

divers peuples Sauvages, et de plusieurs choses Remarquables qui luy sont arrivees audit pais, avec une description de la Beaute, Fertilite et Temperature d'iceluy. Very fine engraved title, folding plate of the French attacking the Iroquois Fort, folding plate of an Indian Deer Hunt and 4 full page plates depicting the Costumes and Ceremonies of the Indians. Small 8vo, crimson levant extra, gilt edges, by Lortic. Paris: Claude Collet, 1619

Champlain's third Work, in which he describes the events from 1615 to 1619. It describes his Introduction of the Recollet Fathers as Missionaries to the Indians, his Exploration of the Ottawa, Lakes Nipissing, Huron and Ontario, the Attack on the Iroquois Fort in New York; his Winter among the Hurons; with his incomparable Essay on the Hurons and other neighbouring Tribes. It also has Brule's Narrative of his experiences among the Savages on the Southern Borders of New York near the Pennsylvania line, and that of the events which occurred in the settlement at Quebec and much other Historical matter. With the E. N. Crane bookplate.


232. CHAPMAN (GEORGE). A Relation of the Second Voyage to Guiana. Performed and written in the yeare 1596. By LAWRENCE KEYMIS, Gent. Device on title and large Woodcut of Raleigh's Arms on back of it. Small 4to, old brown morocco, gilt edges. Imprinted at London by Thomas Dawson, 1596

A BOOK OF EXCESSIVE RARITY, not more than four copies of which have occurred for sale during the last twenty years. The Author of this Relation was a Sea-Captain who accompanied Sir Walter Raleigh in his Voyage up the Orinoco in 1595. Raleigh being unable to go himself the next year, sent Keymis to continue the Explorations. He was imprisoned with Raleigh in the Tower in 1603, and was frequently examined in hopes of convicting his Leader. It is called the SECOND VOYAGE" because Raleigh's the actual FIRST VOYAGE, made in 1595, was not published until this same year.

On the back of G2 Keymis gives a long list of the "Names of those worthie Spaniardes that have fought to discover and conquere Guiana: Extracted out of the Writings of Juan de Castellanos who compiled the Booke intituled 'Primera Parte de las Elegias de Varones Illustres de Indias.'"' Amongst these are the names of many well known Spanish Adventurers. Each is accompanied by a brief but most interesting Biographical Notice.

MORE THAN ANY OTHER VOLUME OF VALUE AND IMPORTANCE, AMONGST THE EARLIEST ENGLISH BOOKS RELATING TO AMERICA, THIS BOOK IS OF THE VERY GREATEST LITERARY INTEREST ON ACCOUNT OF ITS CONTAINING AN ELIZABETHAN POEM, AND OTHER VERSES, OF SOMEWHAT EXTRAORDINARY MERIT. Facing the Commencement of the Narration is a one-page Latin Poem written by Lawrence Keymis in honor of THOMAS HARIOT, Raleigh's Surveyor of Virginia and Author of the "Brief and True Report." Preceding this is a very spirited six-page poem by GEORGE CHAPMAN WHICH IS HIS THIRD PRINTED PRODUCTION. Some of the lines read

"Riches, and Conquest, and Renowne I sing,
Riches with honour, Conquest without bloud,
Enough to seat the Monarchie of Earth

Like to Jove's Eagle, on Eliza's hand," etc., etc.

The closing lines of this "Carmen Epicum de Guiana'


"Where New Britania, humblie kneeles to heaven
The World to her, and both at her blest feete,
In whom the Circles of all Empire meet.'

233. CHAPMAN (GEORGE). The Conspiracie and Tragedy of Charles, Dvke of Byron, Marshall of France. Acted lately in two Playes, at the Blacke-Friers, and other publique Stages. Ornament at top of first title. 2 vols. in one. Small 4to, full red levant morocco, gilt back, gilt fillets on sides, gilt edges, by Riviere. London: Printed by N. O. for Thomas Thorpe, 1625

G. C.

SECOND EDITION, with title-page to each part. These pieces are both founded on history and their plots may be seen in Mezeray, D'Avila, and other historians on the reign of Henry IV. of France. As originally writ ten, they were objected to by the French Ambassadors, and certain incidents were consequently omitted.

234. [CHAPMAN (GEORGE)]. Bussy D'Amboise: A Tragedie: As it hath been often Acted with great Applause. Being much corrected and amended by the Author before his death. Ornament on title. Small 4to, full red levant morocco, gilt back, gilt edges, by Riviere.

London: Printed by A. N. for Robert Lunne, 1641

FOURTH EDITION, with the final leaf of Epilogue.

235. CHARLES II. His Highness' Speech to the Parliament in the Painted Chamber, at their Dissolution, Upon Monday, the 22d of January, 1654. Published to prevent Mistakes, and false Copies. Small 4to, full sprinkled calf, gilt top.

London: Printed by Henry Hills, 1654

FIRST EDITION. Very scarce. The Halsey copy.

236. CHARLES II. Court Beauties of the Reign of Charles II. With Memoirs by Mrs. Jameson. Splendidly illustrated from the Originals in the Royal Gallery at Windsor, by Sir Peter Lely and others, engraved in the highest style of art by Thompson, Wright, Scriven, B. Holl, Wagstaff, and T. A. Deane. All the plates being proofs before letters. Imperial 4to, finely bound in full purple levant morocco, the sides and back ornamented with gold tooling and red floral inlays; doublures of green levant within purple levant borders bearing gold lines and circular corner inlays of green morocco, flies of green watered silk, solid gold edges. London: John Camden Hotten, n.d.

237. [CHATTO (W. A.)]. The Angler's Souvenir. By P. Fisher, assisted by several eminent piscatory characters. With illustrations by Beckwith and Topham. 12mo, cloth, uncut.

London, 1835

The present copy is printed on thick paper, and has the illustrations on India paper. Scarce in this state. From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

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