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272. COLORED PLATES. [Atkinson (J. A.)] Picturesque Representations of the Dress and Manners of the English, with descriptive text. Illustrated with 50 finely colored plates. Royal 8vo, half olive levant morocco, gilt top, uncut.

London: Printed for James Goodwin, n.d.

Fine copy.

273. COLORED PLATES. Itinerant Traders of London, in their ordinary Costume, with notices of the Remarkable places given in the Background. A series of thirty-one etchings, colored by hand, with descriptive text. 4to, three-quarter brown levant, gilt, top edges gilt, uncut.

n.p., n.d.


COLORED PLATES. The Alphabet Annotated and Hints upon Slip-Slop by an Old Etonian. Illustrated and etched by George W. Terry. 4to, original ornamented paper cover, 4to, uncut, in cloth portfolio. London: Ackermann, n.d.

275. [COMBE (WILLIAM)]. The Life of Napoleon. A Hudibrastic Poem in Fifteen Cantos. Embellished with 30 colored engravings by George Cruikshank. Royal 8vo, half red levant morocco, emblematic tooled back, gilt edges, by Tout.

London: Printed for T. Tegg, 1815

FIRST EDITION. Very scarce.

276. [COMBE (WILLIAM)]. The Three Tours of Doctor Syntax: I. In Search of the Picturesque; II. In Search of Consolation; III. In Search of a Wife. With the fine series of colored backs, gilt plates by Rowlandson. 3 vols., small 12mo, full russet calf, gilt edges, by Riviere. London: Ackermann, 1823-1828



277. COMENIUS (JOAN AMOS). Janua Linguarum Reserata: The Entry-Doore of Languages unlocked or a seed plot of all Arts and Tongues containing a ready way to learne the Latin and English Tongue; together with a portral to the Janua. Formerly translated by Th. Horn, now reviewed and enlarged both in the Latin and English by Joh. Robotham. Small 8vo, full crimson crushed levant morocco, inside borders, gilt edges by The French Binders.

London: R. Young and T. Slater at the Swan in
Duck Lane, 1641

The Founder of Pennsylvania's Copy with his fine Jacobean Bookplate. The "Janua Linguarum" was one of the most widely disseminated Educational Works of the Seventeenth Century, being translated into every European Language. On title-page is the fine contemporary Autograph

of "EDWARD NICHOLAS," Secretary of the Admiralty in 1625 and Secretary of State to Charles I and Charles II. The Inscription on the Bookplate reads "William Penn Esq. proprietor of Pennsylvania. 1703."

278. CONSTANTINOPLE in 1828. A Residence of Sixteen Months in the Turkish Capital and Provinces. Second Edition, to which is added an Appendix. Frontispiece in colors. 2 vols., 8vo, half brown polished morocco, gilt, gilt tops. London, 1829

EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of 46 fine steel engravings of scenes in the Ottoman empire.

279. CONSTITUTION. The Constitution or Frame of Government, for the United States of America. As reported by the Convention of Delegates, from the United States, begun and held at Philadelphia, on the first Monday of May, 1787, and continued by Adjournments to the seventeenth Day of September following. Which they resolved, should be laid before the United States in Congress Assembled; and afterwards be submitted to a Convention of Delegates, chosen in each State, by the People thereof, under the recommendation of its Legislature, for their Assent and Ratification. Together with the resolutions of the General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, for calling said Convention, agreeable to the recommendation of Congress. Small 8vo, full red morocco, UNCUT. Printed at Boston: By Adams and Nourse, 1787

FINE, UNCUT COPY. VERY RARE. Apparently but two or three copies ever offered at auction.

280. COOKE (M. C.). Handbook of British Fungi. With full descriptions of all the Species, and illustrations of the Genera. 2 vols., London, 1871; also, The same, with descriptions of all the species [of Hymenomycetes], Second and revised edition, London, 1883. 3 vols., 8vo, full morocco. London, v.d.

The first two volumes are interleaved and are replete with manuscript notes, both on the interleaves and text as well. The last volume has many notes in the text. Bound in, are several A. L's. S. of the author relating to Fungi. With the bookplate of Freeman C. S. Roper. From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

COOK'S VOYAGES. Reis Naar de Zuidpoor en rondom de Weereld, met der Schepen de Resolution en de Adventure in de jaren 1772, 1773, 1774 en 1775, en beschreven door James Cook, etc. Door den Herr P. L. Paris. Illustrated with a finely engraved frontispiece of a spirited scene in the Antarctic, portraits of Captain Cook and Omai, a native. Small 4to, full brown levant morocco, Jansen style, inside dentelles, gilt edges, some uncut, by The French Binders (some margins damp stained).

Te Utrecht en Amsterdam, Bij G. T. Paddenborn en Zoon, en M. Schalekamp, 1793


282. COOPER (JAMES FENIMORE). ORIGINAL AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT of his celebrated novel, "Afloat and Ashore," Chapters 16-24, 26-30, inclusive. Written in ink on folio sheets, and enclosed in 8 half dark green morocco cases. 1844

Original Manuscripts of Cooper are exceedingly rare.

283. CORTES (HERNANDO). Ferdinandi Cortesii. Von dem Newen Hispanien, so im Meer gegem Nidergang. Zwo gantz lustige vnnd fruchtreiche Historien. Folio, half morocco.

Augsburg: P. Vilhart, 1550

A German translation from the Latin of the Second and Third Letters of Cortes; made by Sixtus Birck, a noted philologist, and Andreas Deither, both of the Augsburg Gymnasium. To these are added extracts from Peter Martyr, Oviedo, and a number of documents not found in any of the Spanish or Latin editions, referring to the Indians, Amazons and the expedition of Pizarro. See Harrisse, 297, for an extended note.

Not in Church.

284. COSTUME. XVIIIme. Siecle. Institutions, Usages et Costumes. France, 1700-1789, par Paul Lacroix, with 21 fine colored plates and 350 woodcuts. Folio, red morocco, extra, gilt edges. Paris, 1875

One of the very few copies printed on India paper with the finest possible impressions of the plates, and on larger paper than the ordinary



285. COSTUME PLATES. A Series of 74 fine Water-Color Drawings and plates of Costumes of Italy, France, Switzerland, and the East. In an oblong folio album, bound in straight-grain morocco, gilt.

The workmanship of these drawings is exceptionally fine. Some of them are signed "Gatta,'' 1803-1826. The series of Official costumes of Turkey and Syria are particularly interesting.

286. COSWAY BINDINGS. Scott (Charles N.). The Age of Marie Antoinette. 12mo, full blue levant morocco, the sides handsomely decorated with a deep border in a conventional leaf design, the front cover containing a miniature on ivory of Marie Antoinette, by Miss Currie, surrounded with fleurs de lis in gilt, gilt tops, uncut, by Riviere. London, 1889


287. COTTON (JOHN). AN ABSTRACT OR THE LAWES OF NEW ENGLAND, as they are now established. Small quarto, half green morocco, gilt edges by Riviere.

London: Printed for F. Coules and W. Ley, 1641

THE FIRST PRINTED COLLECTION OF NEW ENGLAND LAWS. The code set forth in the present "Abstract" was drawn up by the Rev. John Cotton, presented to the General Court but by it rejected. Withal the volume is without doubt one of the most interesting items of New England Americana extant. It may be noted that the Church copy was also cut into, as in fact is every other of the few copies known. One item of the code provides that "such as are fainthearted men, are not to be pressed or forc'd against their wills to go forth to wars.

288. COUSIN (CHAS.). Racontars Illustrés d'un Vieux Collectionneur: illustrated by 42 plates, many in gold, silver and color, and a large number of facsimiles, woodcuts, etc.; large 4to, half red levant morocco, gilt top. Paris, 1887

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Japan paper copy. The illustrations of bookbindings are beautifully executed. Many of the examples are now in American collections.

289. [COVERDALE (MILES)]. Certain most godly, fruitful, and comfortable letters of such true Saintes and holy Martyrs of God, as in the late bloodye persecution here within this Realme gaue their lyues for the defence of Christes holy gospel written in the tyme of theyre affliccion and cruell imprysonment. Title within ornamental border. Printed in Black Letter. Small 4to, old polished calf, gilt tooling.

Imprinted at London by Iohn Day, 1564

THE VERY RARE FIRST EDITION. The Preface is by Miles Coverdale. Ritson does not notice the verses by Laurence Saunders and John Careles found in the book (pp. 215 and 634-640). The "certayne godly verses' which Saunders sent to his "prison fellowes of the Marshalsea," consist only of fourteen long lines in rhyming couplets. The "sweet and heavenly exercise," by Careles, is in 28 4-line stanzas, and a little further on are some verses which he wrote in Mistress Jane Glascock's book. The entire title, with ornamental border, is in splendid manuscript facsimile.

290. COWLEY (ABRAHAM). Ode, Upon The Blessed Restoration and Returne of his Sacred Majestie, Charles the Second. Engraved portrait in the style of Gaywood (cut close and mounted). Small 4to, full red levant morocco, Jansen style, some top edges uncut, gilt edges, by The French Binders (a few lines clipped at foot).

London: Printed for Henry Herringman, 1660

FIRST EDITION of this scarce Restoration Poem.

291. [COX (NICHOLAS)]. The Gentleman's Recreation, in Four Parts; (viz.), Hunting, Hawking, Fowling, Fishing. Collected from ancient and modern Authors Forrein and Domestick, and rectified by the Experience of the most Skilfull Artists of these times. Illustrated with Sculptures. Frontispiece and numerous folding plates on copper. Small 8vo, full calf, the sides and back gold-tooled with sporting emblems, inside borders tooled with arrows, gilt edges, by Lloyd.

London, 1674


FIRST EDITION. Sir William Bass's copy, with his bookplate. Very fine copy. Contains the additional leaf of advertisements of Books sold by Maurice Atkins and Nicholas Cox." Also the Postscript and Imprimatur.

292. CRANE (STEPHEN). Collected set of FIRST EDITIONS of the Works of. 17 volumes, uniformly bound in three-quarters red levant, gold-tooled backs, gilt tops, original cloth covers bound in, uncut. v.p., v.d.

The set consists of the following:-The Black Riders and Other Lines, 1895; The Red Badge of Courage, 1896; George's Mother, 1896; The Little Regiment, 1896; Maggie: A Girl of the Streets, 1896; A Souvenir and a Medley, Seven Poems and a Sketch by Crane. The Roycroft Monthly, May, 1896, 1896; The Third Violet, 1897; The Open Boat, 1898; The Lanthorn Book, 1898; Active Service, 1899; The Monster, 1899; War is Kind, 1899; Wounds in the Rain, 1899; Whilomville Stories, 1900; Great Battles of The World, 1901; Last Words, 1902; The O'Ruddy, (With Robert Barr), 1903.

293. CRUIKSHANK (GEORGE). Fairburn (Senrs.) Dashing Song Book for 1813. Embellished with the Dash-away Clown in Harlequin and the Red Dwarf. Colored frontispiece and vignette by George Cruikshank. The frontispiece is entitled "Grim Joey dashing Little Boney into the Jaws of the Russian Bear." Small 8vo, three-quarters blue morocco, gilt top.

London: John Fairburn, Blackfriars, [1813]

FIRST EDITION. Of great rarity.


294. CRUIKSHANK (GEORGE). The Meteor; or, Monthly Censor: A Critical, Satirical, and Literary Magazine. Illustrated with 24 full-page and folding colored etchings by George Cruikshank, and with woodcuts by the same artist. Vol. I, complete, bound from the original parts (6 numbers), original boards, EN


London: Printed by W. Lewis, &c., and sold by
T. Hughes, 1813-1814


OF THE MOST EXTREME RARITY, only one perfect complete copy being known, and this copy is probably UNIQUE in this fine UNCUT STATE. Issued in monthly parts, it ran from November, 1813, to July, 1814, with the exception of June, 1814. The first six numbers from the first volume. All the etchings and woodcuts are by George Cruikshank.

This copy contains THE ORIGINAL WRAPPER for Part One; a most rare Advertisement leaf announcing the publication of Part One; and all the numbers of Vol. One, with the full number of Etchings; also the very rare contents leaves bearing woodcuts, afterwards omitted on republication.

PERHAPS THE SCARCEST OF ALL CRUIKSHANK PUBLICATIONS. Only one copy of the complete work is known, that in the Douglas collection.

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