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The first collected edition. The separate plays had all appeared in quarto, but the Lyrics here appear for the first time.

624. LINCOLN (ABRAHAM). Complete Works of. Edited by John G. Nicolay and John Hay. With a General Introduction by Richard Watson Gilder, and Special Articles by other Eminent Persons. New and Enlarged Edition. Profusely illustrated with photogravure and engraved portraits, &c. 12 vols., large 8vo, full maroon levant morocco, the sides and backs decorated with gold tooling and inlays, inside borders, gilt tops, uncut.

New York: Francis D. Tandy Co., 1905

GETTYSBURG EDITION DE LUXE, limited to 700 numbered and registered



625. LIVRE D'HEURES. Office de la Vierge. (In French and Latin. With the Calendar.) PRINTED ON VELLUM, in black and red, the initials being illuminated by hand. Embellished with numerous borders, and WITH 16 LARGE AND 30 SMALL MINIATURES, executed in brilliant colors heightened with gold. Small 8vo, old red morocco, gilt edges. Protected in brown levant solander case, back richly gold-tooled. Paris: Hardouyn, 1516

EXCESSIVELY RARE, there being only two other copies of this edition known, one of which is in the British Museum. Collated, perfect. The miniatures are exceedingly curious.

626. LOCKE (JOHN). Posthumous Works, viz., Of the Conduct of the Understanding. A Discourse of Miracles. Memoirs relating to the Life of Anthony, first Earl of Shaftsbury. His New Method of a Common-Place Book, etc. 8vo, newly bound in full brown levant morocco, gilt, gilt edges, by Ramage.

London: Printed by W. B. for A. and J. Churchill at the Black Swan in Pater-Noster-Row, 1706


627. LONGUS. Daphnis et Chloé. Traduction D'Amyot. Précédée d'une preface par Alexandre Dumas Fils. Narrow 8vo, full dark blue crushed levant morocco, gilt line borders, gilt back, gilt inside borders, gilt edges, with the original vellum wrappers bound in, by The Club Bindery.

London: Chiswick Press, 1878

One of 15 numbered copies printed on Japan paper.



Imprimé a Paris G. Verard (1496). Ve-


Rommant de le Rose.

rards device on title. 150 folios, double columns, 41 lines to a full page. Folio. Superb and unique copy, printed on vellum, in very fine state, with 88 superb, original miniatures, very finely executed in gold and colors. The miniatures are beautiful and most interesting examples of the illuminative art of the 15th Century. It is also a really magnificent specimen of typography, one of the finest of the 15th Century productions and also the finest edition of this famous Romance ever produced. Superbly bound in crimson crushed levant morocco by LORTIC, tooled to a Clovis Eve design. with crowned emblems of France, blue morocco doublures beauti fully tooled and yellow silk fly leaves, gilt gauffred edge. Enclosed in case.

An illuminated manuscript of this Romance of a later period circa 1530 was recently sold at Sotheby's for upwards of £2000.

628. LOUVET DE COUVRAY (J. B.). Les Aventures du Chevalier de Faublas. Illustrated with engravings on India paper after the designs of Marillier, Blanchard, etc. 4 vols., 12mo, half maroon morocco, gilt tops, uncut. Bruxelles, 1869

Fine copy. From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

629. LOUVET DE COUVRAY (J. B.). The Amours of the Chevalier de Faublas. Founded on Historical Facts, Interspersed with Most Remarkable Narratives. A Literal Unexpurgated Translation from the Paris Edition of 1821. With numerous beautiful engravings etched by Louis Monzies from drawings by Paul Avril. The plates in three states, all proofs, on plate paper, Japan vellum, and colored by hand. 4 vols. 8vo, full purple crushed levant morocco, the sides and backs gold-tooled with conventional floral sprays bearing red poppies inlaid, doublures of rose levant within purple borders bearing similar gold tooling, flies of salmon colored moire silk, leather joints, gilt tops, uncut, by the Ave Bindery. London: Privately printed for Société des Bibliophiles, 1898

ASTRAL EDITION, limited to fifty-two numbered copies.

630. LOUYS (PIERRE). Aphrodite. Moeurs Antiques. With the superb series of spirited illustrations by A. Calbert. Narrow 12mo, full black morocco, gilt back, gilt panelled sides, gilt edges, original wrappers bound as issued.


Paris, 1896

631. LOUYS (PIERRE). Aphrodite. Translated into English by Sydney Reynolds. With the superb series of spirited illus trations. Narrow 12mo, full black morocco, gilt back, gilt panelled sides, gilt edges, original wrappers bound as issued.

Paris, 1900

Fine copy. Scarce.

632. LOVE. An Essay upon the Art of Love, containing an Exact Anatomy of Love, and all the other Passions which attend it. 16mo, full blue levant morocco, Jansen style, gilt edges, by The French Binders. Without place. Printed MDCCII

FINE COPY OF THIS CURIOUS AND INTERESTING VOLUME, written "in the Sweet Retirement of a Country Life."

633. LOVER (SAMUEL). The Collected Writings of. Profusely illustrated with Etchings in Two STATES, on Japan vellum and on plate paper, many of the latter being colored by hand. 10 vols., 8vo, full brown levant morocco, the sides and backs ornamented with blue inlays within gold tooling, doublures of blue levant, silk flies, gilt tops, uncut.

New York: J. F. Taylor & Co., 1901

EDITION DE LUXE, limited to 26 registered copies.


Class Poem. 8vo, full

634. LOWELL (JAMES RUSSELL). brown crushed levant morocco, gilt tooled back, sides and inside borders, original brown wrappers bound in, gilt edges, by David. [Cambridge Press: Metcalf, Torry and Ballou] 1838


PRESENTATION COPY OF THE RARE FIRST EDITION, with inscription in Lowell's hand on front cover, Professor Channing, with the author's respects."

There is also inserted, an A. N. S., signed with initials, from Lowell to George W. Smalley, accepting an invitation. With the Hoe bookplate.

635. LOWELL (JAMES RUSSELL). Conversations on some of the Old Poets. 12mo, full blue levant morocco, gilt back, gilt edges, by Riviere. Cambridge: Published by John Owen, 1845

A VERY FINE COPY OF THE FIRST EDITION. Inserted is an A. N. S. by Lowell, signed with his initials, to Mr. Smalley, London Correspondent of the N. Y. Times. Asking him to dine.


636. [LOWELL (JAMES RUSSELL)]. A Fable for Critics. 12mo, full green levant morocco, gilt back, gilt panelled sides, gilt top. New York: Putnam, 1848

Fine copy of the FIRST EDITION, second issue, with the 6pp. rhymed note, and the addition of the line "A Vocal and Musical Medley" on title.

Inserted is a 1pp. A. N. S., by Lowell, signed with his initials, to Mr. Smalley, the London Correspondent of the N. Y. Times. "If you haven't one already, you may like this,'' etc.

637. LOWELL (JAMES RUSSELL). The Complete Writings of. With portraits, facsimiles, and other illustrations, the

plates being proofs on India paper and some colored on plate paper. 16 volumes, 8vo, full green crushed French levant morocco, the sides and backs gold-tooled in a Grolieresque design, doublures of crimson levant within green levant borders and similarly tooled. flies of crimson ribbed silk, gilt tops, uncut, by Riverside Bindery Cambridge: Riverside Press, 191

EDITION DE LUXE, limited to 1000 copies. This copy in a special bird ing, with a fine A. L. S. of the author inserted in the first volume.




Though so at a vewe,
Yet all that I tolde you,
Is true, I upholde you:
Now cease to aske why?
For I can not lye.

Too Good, to be

Herein is shewed by way of Dialogue, the wonderful maners of the people of Mauqsun (i.e., Nusquam), with other talke not friuolous. Printed by H. Bynneman, dwelling in Thames streat, neere unto Baynards Castell. Anno Domini 1580. The Second part and Knitting up of the Boke entituled Too good to be True, Wherein is continued the discourse of the wonderfull Lawes, commendable customes, strange manners of the people of Mauqsun, Newely penned and published. Printed by Henry Binneman. Anno Domini 1581. BOTH PARTS PRINTED IN BLACK LETTER, 2 vols. in one. Small 4to, crimson crushed levant extra, back finely tooled with Vase Ornaments, inside dentelle borders, gilt edges by Bedford. London, 1580-81

First Edition of Each Part. The First is dedicated to SIR CHRISTOPHER HATTON, the second to SIR WILLIAM CECIL. Their Arms are on the back of each Title Page.

EXCEEDINGLY RARE. Written in the style and spirit of Sir Thomas More's Utopia.


LOTS 639-861

639. MABERLY (J.). The Print Collector. An Introduction o the knowledge necessary for forming a collection of Ancient Prints. Edited, with Notes, etc., by Robert Hoe, Jr. Illustrated with etchings and engravings. 4to, sheets, uncut, in half parchnent covers. New York, 1880

One of 50 copies on Large Whatman paper. From the estate of F. R. Halsey.


640. MACKAY (CHARLES, Editor). The Home Affections pourtrayed by the Poets. Illustrated with 100 engravings drawn by eminent artists and engraved by the Brothers Dalziel. Square 8vo, full light blue levant morocco, pointille panelled back, sides handsomely ornamented with interlaced strap-work and hearts entwined, the latter containing inlaid roses and leaves on pointille backgrounds, doublures and flys of red China silk, gilt edges, by Riviere. In slip case. London, 1858

FIRST EDITION. At page 103 is inserted an original pencil drawing of the woodcut appearing on that page, as well as a pencil tracing of the same, and at page 135 is a pencil tracing of the woodcut appearing there. All of these tracings and drawings were executed by John Tenniel, as attested by a letter from Arthur E. Calkin of Riviere and Son, laid in.

641. MACKENZIE (HENRY). The Man of Feeling. Portrait frontispiece in color and illustrations. 8vo, buckram, uncut. London, 1893

One of 100 copies on Large Paper. From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

642. MACROBIUS. In Somnium Scipionis, lib. II. Saturnaliorum, lib. VII. Ruled with red ink throughout. With a small woodcut map of the ancient world at p. 145, and woodcut diagrams. 8vo, full red levant morocco, gilt fillet back and sides, gilt edges, by Bradstreet. Lugduni: S. Gryphius, 1559

With the bookplate of H. W. Poor.

643. MAGNA CHARTA, cum statutis, tum antiquis, tum recentibus, maximopere, animo tenendis nunc demum ad unum, tipis

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