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5 pretty floral headings in gold and colors. 8vo, contemporary Persian lacquered binding painted to a beautiful design of roses and other flowers, with birds reposing on them, doubtless in red lacquered paper, red morocco back. Saec. XVIII

A beautiful Persian manuscript and binding, both in the finest condition.

653. [MANLEY (MRS. DE LA RIVIERE)]. Secret Memoirs and Manners of several Persons of Quality of Both Sexes. From the New Atlantis, an Island in the Mediterranean. 4 vols., 12mo, original calf, rebacked. London, 1720

Scarce. From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

MARGARET OF NAVARRE. Life of Margaret d'Angouleme, from numerous unpublished sources. By M. W. Freer; portraits. 2 vols. 8vo, half levant morocco estra, gilt top, uncut edges. Cleveland, 1895

Special edition of 750 copies.

655. MARGARET OF NAVARRE. The Heptameron: newly translated by George Saintsbury: 20 illustrations by Freudenberg. 2 vols., 8vo, half brown levant morocco, gilt tops. London, 1901

656. MARIUS-MICHEL. La Relieure Francaise depuis l'invention de l'imprimerie jusqu'a la fin du XVIIIe siecle. Illustrated with etched frontispiece by Hedouin; 22 heliogravure plates; and 12 plates in color loosely laid in. Imp. 8vo, original wrappers,


Paris: Damascene Morgand and Charles Fatout, 1880

FIRST EDITION. Japan paper copy. From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

657. MARIUS-MICHEL. La Reliure Francaise, Commerciale et Industrielle depuis l'invention de l'imprimerie jusqu'a nos jours. Illustrated with 23 plates, of which three are in color, besides text illustrations. Imp. 8vo, original wrappers, uncut.

Paris: Damascene Morgand and Charles Fatout, 1881 FIRST EDITION. Japan paper copy. From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

658. MARMOTTAN (PAUL). Le Peintre Louis Boilly (17611845). Beautifully illustrated with 72 plates and figures. Folio, boards, morocco back, uncut. Paris, 1913

FIRST EDITION. One of 500 copies. From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

659. MARRYAT (CAPT. FREDERICK). Collected Set of FIRST EDITIONS of his works. Together, 78 vols., crown 8vo and 8vo, original cloth bindings, each volume enclosed in cloth jacket. and half morocco slip case, with gilt backs.

v.p., v.d.

A very fine Collected set of Marryat FIRST EDITIONS. Many of the works are of great rarity, and it would be very difficult to duplicate this set. The volumes are as follows:

The Pirate and the Three Cutters, 1836; Poor Jack, 1840; Japhet in Search of a Father, 3 vols., 1836; Monsieur Violet, 3 vols., 1843; Valerie, 2 vols., 1849; The Pacha of Many Tales, 3 vols., 1835; Jacob Faithful, 3 vols., 1834; A Code of Signals, 1818; Perceval Keene, 3 vols., 1842; Newton Forster, 3 vols., 1832; The King's Own, 3 vols., 1830; Snarleyow, the Dog Fiend, 3 vols., 1837; Olla Podrida, 3 vols., 1840; Diary in America, Two Series, 6 vols., 1839; Masterman Ready, 3 vols., 1841-2; Outward Bound, 3 vols., 1838; The Old Commodore, 3 vols., 1837; Jack Ashore, 3 vols., 1840; Rattlin the Reefer, 3 vols., 1836; The Phantom Ship, 3 vols., 1839; Joseph Rushbrook, 3 vols., 1841; Mr. Midshipman Easy, 3 vols., 1836; The Privateersman, 2 vols., 1846; The Settlers in Canada, 2 vols., 1844; The Little Savage, 2 vols., 1848-9; The Children of the New Forest, 2 vols., (1847); The Mission, 2 vols., 1845; The Naval Officer, 3 vols., 1829; Life of Frederick Marryat, by Hannay, with A. L. S. inserted, 1889; The Floral Telegraph, 1836; The Diary of a Blasé, 1836.

660. MARTIAL. Sales Epigrammatum: Being the Choicest Disticks of Martials Fourteen Books of Epigrams; And of all the Chief Latine Poets that have writ in these Two last Centuries. Together with Cato's Morality. Made English by James Wright. Small 8vo, full crimson levant morocco, gilt back and inside borders, gilt edges. London, 1663

Fine copy.

661. MARTIAL (M.). Valerii Martialis Epigrammata. Frontispiece on copper. 8vo, full russia, gold tooling on back and sides, inside borders, leather joints, gilt edges, by Roger Payne (rehinged). Londini: Tonson, 1716

Fine and characteristic example.

662. MARTYR (PETER). De Rebus Oceanicis et Novo Orbe, Decades Petri Martyris ab Angeleria Mediolanensis. Item eiusdem de Babylonica Legatione, Libri III. Et item De Rebus Aethiopicis, Indicis, Lusitanicis & Hispanicis, etc. Thick small 8vo, vellum. Coloniae, 1574

Rare. This edition, like that of 1516, has only three Decades. 663. MARTYR (PETER). The Historie of the West-Indies, Containing the Actes and Adventures of the Spaniards, which have conquered and peopled those Countries, inriched with varietie of pleasant relation of the Manners, Ceremonies, Lawes, Gouernments, and Warres of the Indians. Published in Latin by Mr. Hakluyt, and translated into English by M. Lok. Gent. Three preliminary leaves, including title and "To the Reader," and Text, 318 leaves. Small 4to, full green morocco, elaborately tooled in gilt, green edges (small stain on top margins).

London: Printed for Andrew Hebb, and are to be sold at the signe of the Bell in Pauls Church-yard, n.d. [1597]

"There is no little discrepancy in the views of bibliographers regarding the date of issue of this edition. White Kennett makes it the first complete English edition, placing it under the date of 1597."-Field.

Sabin says that its date is uncertain, but states that it is the same as his Nos. 1563-64—“De Nouo Orbe," etc., published in 1612, with a new title page, and from the fact that the "Epistola Dedicatoria" is not usually found with it, he places the date at even later than 1628. In cataloguing the Menzie copy (which was the same issue as the present), he places the date as (1597),'' and states that it is the "RAREST OF THE ENGLISH VERSIONS OF PETER MARTYR."

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664. MARVELL (ANDREW). Miscellaneous Poems, by Andrew Marvell, Esq., Late Member of the Honourable House of Commons. With rare octagon portrait of Marvell. Small folio, full green crushed levant morocco, gilt edges, Jansen style, inside borders by The French Binders.

London: Printed for Robert Boulter at the
Turk's Head in Cornhill, 1681

This, the First Edition of Marvell's Poems, was edited by Mary Marvell, and is an excessively scarce volume, particularly difficult to procure with the fine portrait. In her preface the poet's widow? certifies to the genuineness of all the pieces here printed. A FINE, TALL COPY.

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665. MARVELL (ANDREW). The Works of Andrew Marvell, Esq. . . . consisting of Poems on several Occasions, Latin and English.. to which are added, Some Explanatory Notes to the State Poems, and several Letters never before Printed. Fine portrait of Marvell, by J. Clark. 2 vols., small 8vo, full red straightgrain morocco, gilt tops, uncut, by Stikeman.

London: Printed for E. Curll, 1726


666. MASSINGER (PHILIP) and FIELD (NATHANIEL). The Fatal Dowry: a Tragedy. As it hath beene often Acted at the Private House in Blackefryers, by his Majesties Servants. Written by P. M. and N. F. Sm. 4to, dark blue crushed levant morocco, inside gilt borders, gilt edges by Riviere. London, 1632

FIRST EDITION. Very Rare. The Hoe copy is the only other one that has appeared at auction in recent years. Fine copy.


667. MATHER (AZARIAH). Good Rulers a Choice Blessing. A Sermon Preached before the General Assembly of the Colony of Connecticut, May 13, 1725. 12mo, sewed, uncut in half morocco slip case.

New London: Printed by T. Green, 1725

One of the rarest New-London imprints; NO COPY IS RECORDED IN "AUCTION PRICES."'

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