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668. MATHER (COTTON). The Wonders of the Invisible World: Being an Account of the Tryals of Several Witches, lately Executed in New-England: And of several remarkable Curiosities therein Occurring. Small 4to, half calf.

Printed first, at Boston in New-England; and
Reprinted at London, for John Dunton, at the
Raven in the Poultry, 1693


There were three editions published in London, all bearing this same date, but this is the genuine First, and only complete London edition. There are several breaks in pagination, which is due no doubt to the Boston publisher sending portions of the copy to two or more printers in his desire to have the work appear in London as speedily as possible. This supposition is borne out by the fact that of seven errors which appear in the Boston edition only two are corrected.

A tall, wide and sound copy of this extraordinary work, with Bookplate of George Bancroft.


669. MATHER (COTTON). Durable Riches. Two Brief Discourses, Occasioned By the Impoverishing Blast of Heaven, which the Undertakings of Men both by Sea and Land have met withal. 16mo, unbound, half brown levant slip case.

Boston: Printed by John Allen, 1695

The excessively rare First Edition, of which ONLY A FEW COPIES ARE
KNOWN. There has been no sale of it since the Brinley copy, thirty-
nine years ago.
It is lacking in two of the most famous collections of
Mather books formed in this country.

670. MATHER (COTTON). The Everlasting Gospel. The Gospel of Justification By the Righteousness of God. As 'tis Held and Preach'd in the Churches of New England: Expressed in a Brief Discourse on that Important Article; Made in Boston in the Year 1699. 12mo, calf, gilt.

Boston: Printed by B. Green and J. Allen, 1700

Title neatly repaired, text water-stained. There are prefatory addresses by Increase Mather, John Higginson and Samuel Willard. Evans, 923.


671. MATHER (COTTON). The Sailours Companion and Counsellour. An Offer of Considerations for the Tribe of Zebulun; Awakening the Mariner, To Think and to Do, Those Things that may render his Voyage Prosperous. 16mo, unbound in half green levant slip case.

Boston in N. E.: Printed by B. Green, 1709

Excessively rare and the FIRST BOOK PUBLISHED IN AMERICA ADDRESSED TO SAILORS. Only one other copy has been offered at auction, the Brinley copy, which was sold in 1879. This is one of the very important Mathers and only two other copies of it can be traced.


672. MATHER (COTTON). Bonifacius. An Essay upon the Good, that is to be Devised and Designed by those who Desire to Answer the Great End of Life, and to Do Good While they Live. A Book offered first in General, unto all Christians, in a Personal Capacity, or in a Relative. Then more Particularly Unto Magis. trates, unto Ministers, unto Physicians, unto Lawyers, unto Scholemasters, etc. Small 8vo, original wooden boards covered with sheep.

Boston in New England: Printed by B. Green for Samuel Gerrish at his Shop in Corn Hill, 1710 AN EXCEEDINGLY RARE BOOK IN VERY UNUSUAL CONDITION. The original binding is protected by a dark blue crushed levant morocco slip case made by The French Binders.


673. MATHER (COTTON). Psalterium Americanum. The Book of Psalms, In a Translation Exactly conformed unto the Original; But all in Blank Verse, Fitted unto the Tunes commonly used in our Churches. Whereunto is added Some other Portions of the Sacred Scriptures. Small 8vo, original calf (worn). Boston, in N. E.: By S. Kneeland for B. Eliot, S. Gerrish,

D. Henchman and T. Edwards, 1718

A very early American Psalm Book and one of the most interesting of Cotton Mather's productions. Mather's Introduction occupies thirtyfive pages. The present is one of the earlier books with Kneeland's imprint, he having commenced business in 1718.

674. MATHER (COTTON). Parantator. Memoirs of Remarkables in the Life and the Death of the Ever-Memorable Dr. Increase Mather. Who Expired, August 23, 1723. Engraved portrait "Crescentius Mather," by I. Sturt. Small 8vo, original calf.

Boston: Printed by B. Green, for Nathaniel Belknap, 1724



Chapter xxxiv (pp. 233-239), entitled "Dead Abel, yet Speaking,” contains a list of Increase Mather's works arranged by dates. This list contains 88 titles, "without any mention of the Learned and Useful Praefaces, which the Publishers of many Books Obtained from him, as a Beautiful Porch unto them; and which Collected would make a considerable Volume." Has the leaf of Advertisement at end which speaks of any errata in the volume and further says: "My Young Printer the Nephew of him whose Name stands in the Title Page, tho' this be the First Book, that has entirely pass'd thro' his hand, has bid pretty fair towards the Exactness of that Honest and Careful Christian." Further of the few errors he says: "for these, tis I who am chiefly to be Blamed, who Examined the Sheets toe hastily and heedlesly."


675. MATHER (COTTON). Manuductio ad Ministerium: Directions for a Candidate of the Ministry. Wherein, First, a

Right Foundation is laid for his Future Improvements; etc. Small 8vo, full brown levant morocco, gilt back, gilt edges, by Bedford. Boston: Printed for Thomas Hancock, 1726

FINE COPY OF THE SECOND ISSUE OF THE FIRST EDITION. With the "Advertisement" on page 150, which does not appear in the first issue, announcing the forthcoming work by the same author, "Ratio Disciplinae Fratrum Novanglorum. Neither Sabin nor Evans notes this edition.

On pages 134 and 135 is a dissertation against tobacco, either for smoking or as snuff. "A very just Motto for the Snuff-box might be a leader to the coffin."

676. [MATHER (COTTON)]. A Token for Children.. By James Janeway. To which is added. A Token for the Children of New-England [by Cotton Mather]. 12mo, full green crushed levant morocco, Jansen style, gilt top, uncut.

Boston: Z. Fowle, 1771

An uncut copy of such an early book for children is VERY RARE.


677. MATHER (COTTON). Autograph Letter, signed, dated Boston, N. E., 30 day, 4 month, 1690; to the Reverend Mr. James Brown, minister of the Gospel, Glasgow. Folio, 2 pages.


A letter of the highest degree of importance relating entirely to affairs in New England. He speaks of the various revolutions that have only recently taken place and the unsettled condition of the "distressed colonies." He further states that they have "newly made an Expedition against Nova Scotia" and are also forming an EXPEDITION AGAINST CANADA which has been the seminary of our TROUBLES FROM THE INDIANS, and could place our Hope in God for ye Success!"' He also is sending him some books that he has just written and published remarking that they have little to recommend them "unless this-that they come from New England." A superb specimen in the finest condition.

678. MATHER (INCREASE). (The) First Princ (iples) of New-England, Concerning The Subject of Baptisme & Communion of Churches. Collected partly out of the Printed Books, but chiefly out of the Original Manuscripts of the First and chiefe Fathers in the New-England Churches... Published for the Benefit of those who are of the Rising Generation in New-England. By Increase Mather, Teacher of a Church in Boston in New-England. [To which is added, by way of a Postscript, specially paged, two letters, one from John Allin of Dedham, the other from the Rev. Jonathan Mitchel, Cambridge, dated, December 26, 1667.] pp. (8), 40, 7, last page (8) blank. Small 4to, rebound in half morocco,


Cambridge: Printed by Samuel Green, 1675

This is one of Mather's earlier publications.


the Charles Deane collection, sold in 1898, was catalogued as printed in 1673, but apparently lacked the preface.

The Preface is dated-"3d Month, 1671," and although Mr. Trumbull questions whether this is not a second impression, Mr. John L. Sibley, in his excellent work on the "Graduates of Harvard University," gives this issue as the first edition of the work.

679. MATHER (INCREASE). A Brief Relation of the State of New England, From the Beginning of that Plantation To this Present Year 1689. In a Letter to a Person of Quality. Small 4to, crimson, levant morocco extra, by Riviere.

London, Printed for Richard Baldwine, 1689

This is one of the "Andros Tracts,'' and seems to be extremely rare, even Brinley, with all his Mathers, lacking it, apparently. This copy contains a leaf of advertisement at end not called for in Sabin's collation, nor in that of the Carter-Brown catalogue.

The book contains the mention of Harvard College.

"And indeed New England, hath upon the best accounts which can be mentioned, out done all America.

"For there they have erected an University, which began in the year 1642, wherein things are managed pro more Academiarum in Anglia: Several persons of more than ordinary Learning; yea and many scores of able Ministers, of the Gospel, have there had their Education.

"There by the Statutes of the College, none is to be admittred, before he can write Latin in a pure Style, and translate any ordinary Greek author.

"It is customary with them, every Morning in the College Hall, to read a Chapter out of the Hebrew Bible, and at Night a Chapter out of the Greek Original,'' etc.

It is full of historical details connected with the Charters, Privileges, Trade, facilities for Ship-building for which purpose the writer claims for New England a foremost place in its bountiful supply of pine cedar, and oak trees, and other produce.

"All the Inhabitants from sixteen to sixty years in each town are . . . to bear Arms.

"In each Town and Village their Training-days, eight times every Year... that so they may be expert in War' so that their Prince "Will find whenever he shall please for to command and commissionate them, that they are able (by the blessing of God) to secure and enlarge his Dominions, and to bring their French Neighbours into an intire Subjection to the Crown of England."

After reciting the Colony's successes against the French in Cromwell's time, in the Capture of several Forts, which were restored by Charles II.— "Noways to the Honour or Interest of the English Nation"; it declares for the Prince of Orange "And to this day do keep the Country for our Present Sovereigns, King William and Queen Mary, against King Lewis and the Abdicated King James."

Mentions the Jacobite embassy in Sir E. Andros; and Petitions for his removal, and the restoration of their charters and privileges; concluding with an account of the State of the Church, mentioning Mather, Eliot, John Cotton; the Indian Converts (mentioning some by name); the towns of Natick, Boston, Mantucket, the Island of Martha, &c.

Has much to say about the Pequod (Indian) Wars 1637 and 1675. Reference is made (page 15) to the Eliot Indian Bible.

Pages 13-15 contain a letter from Abraham Kick, dated from the Hague, Feb. 1, 1639, addressed to the Princess of Orange (Queen of England) by way of Supplication for New England.

A very fine copy of this rare work, 72x54 inches.


680. MATHER (INCREASE). A Discourse Concerning the Maintenance Due to those That Preach the Gospel: In Which That Question Whether Tithes are by the Divine Law the Ministers Due Is Considered, And the Negative Proved. 12mo, unbound, in half red levant slip case.

Boston: N. E. Printed by B. Green, 1706

One of the rarest of the Mather books. The only copy sold in recent times was Bishop Hursts', sold in 1904, which lacked one leaf. Evans does not locate a copy and only two other perfect copies are known.


Now or Never is the Time
Several Ser-

for Men to make sure of Their Eternal Salvation.

mons. 16mo, old sheep.

Boston: Printed for Benjamin Eliot, 1713

An extremely rare little volume.

682. MAUPASSANT (GUY DE). Le Crime au Père Boniface. Conte. Small 4to, red levant morocco gilt, geometrically tooled, doublure of fillets and curved branches of leaves and dots, gilt edges, by Lortic.

Paris, 1887

French manuscript in Italic characters by V. Bouton, on vellum within borders of red with gold stars at corners. 74x5 inches. 14 leaves.

Title page in red, gold and blue letters, with initials throughout the volume in red and gold. One sepia vignette, and one tailpiece. With the Hoe bookplate.

683. MAUPASSANT (GUY DE). Souvenir. Conte. 8vo, red levant morocco gilt, geometrically tooled, doublures tooled in fillets and scroll ornaments, gilt edges, by Lortic.

Paris, 1887

Manuscript written in Italic characters by Victor Bouton upon vellum within borders of red with gold stars at the corners. 16 leaves. Title-page written in red, gold and blue letters, and the initial letters throughout the volume are in shaded gold and red: one pen-and-ink vignette.

With the Hoe bookplate.

684. MAUPASSANT (GUY DE). Nouvelles: Le Retour, La Ficelle, Marroca. Small 4to, red levant morocco, geometrically tooled, doublures of vellum, gilt-tooled, gilt edges, by Lortic.

Paris, 1894

A French manuscript written in Italic characters by Victor Bouton on vellum within borders of red with gold stars at the corners. 7x4 inches. 60 leaves.

Three title-pages in red, gold and blue letters, one title in red and gold letters, with chapter intial letters in three colors.

Portrait of De Maupassant, 3 pencil vignettes, and one pen-and-ink sketch at the end.

With the Hoe bookplate.

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