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Sinclair.-Presented to Francis Nelson Esqr., the grandson of a Patriot, a Statesman, and a Soldier of the Revolution, one of those Washington most loved, etc.

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The upper margin of the title-page has been cut out and another piece of paper replaces it, on which is written the AUTOGRAPH OF GEORGE WASH



1040. WASHINGTON (GEORGE). A. L. S. 2 pages, quarto, with superscription. Mount Vernon, Oct. 29, 1799. To his nephew, Wm. Augustus Washington, and signed "Your affectionate uncle, Geo. Washington." The letter is of unusual interest.

This letter will be handed to you by Mr. Law. Lewis, to whom I have rented my Mill & Distillery, and who comes into your parts to see if he can procure (on reasonable terms) grain with which to keep them employed.

Two hundred gallons of Whiskey will be ready this day for your call, and the sooner it is taken the better as the demand for this article (in these parts) is brisk.


1041. WASHINGTON (GEORGE). Writings of.

Collected and Edited by Worthington Chauncey Ford. 14 vols., 8vo, threequarters green morocco, backs slightly faded.

New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1891

Letter Press Edition, limited to 750 copies.


WITH WASHINGTON ASSOCIATION INTEREST 1042. WASHINGTON FAMILY. Geographia Classica. Geography of the Ancients as contained in the Greek and Latin Classics. Exhibited in thirty-two maps, principally designed for the use of Schools, by Herman Moll. Small 4to, original half sheep, preserved in cloth jacket, and a straight-grain blue levant morocco solander case. London: Thomas Bowles, 1749

On the title-page is inscribed "B. Washington bought from the estate of Dr. Wm. Brown, decd." [also] "Richard Brown, 1759" and on flyleaf "Bushrod Washington."

Inserted is a certificate by Lawrence Washington relating to this volume.

1043. WATER-COLOR DRAWINGS. Princesse! par Ludovic Halevy: portrait, 5 plates, and numerous woodcuts, also 22 fine water-color drawings by Ulysse Roy painted on the margins. 4to, half brown levant morocco extra by Ruban, in protective covers. Paris, 1886

Only 50 copies printed in this size. The drawings are spirited and include many figures.

1044. WHARTON (GRACE and PHILIP). Wits and Beaux of Society, 2 vols.; Queens of Society, 2 vols. Numerous illustrations. 4 vols., 12mo, cloth (one cover damp-stained), gilt tops, uncut. Philadelphia, n.d.

From the F. R. Halsey estate.

1045. WHARTON (EDITH). Collected set of FIRST EDITIONS of the Works of. 25 volumes, 12mo and 8vo, uniformly bound in

three-quarters dark green morocco, gilt panel backs, original covers bound in, gilt tops, uncut (last 3 vols. in original cloth).

New York, v.d.


The set consists of the following:-The Decoration of Houses. Ogden Codman, Jr.), 1897; The Greater Inclination, 1899; The Touchstone, 1900; Crucial Instances, 1901; The Valley of Decision, 2 volumes, 1902; The Sanctuary, 1903; The Descent of Man, 1904; Italian Villas and Their Gardens, 1904; The House of Mirth, 1905; Italian Backgrounds, 1905; Madame de Treymes, 1907; The Fruit of The Tree, 1907; Artemis to Actaeon, 1909; The Hermit and The Wild Woman, 1908; A Motor Flight Through France, 1908; Tales of Men and Ghosts, 1910; Ethan Frome, 1911; The Reef, 1912; The Custom of The Country, 1913; A Village Romeo and Juliet. By Gottfried Keller. With an Introduction by Mrs. Wharton, 1914; Fighting France, From Dunkerque to Belfort, 1915; The Book of the Homeless. (Le Livre des Sans-Foyer). Edited by Edith Wharton. Original articles in Verse and Prose. This book was sold for the benefit of the American Hostels for Refugees and for the Children of Flanders Rescue Committee. The contributions by Mrs. Wharton include the Preface and "The Tryst, a poem, at page 41. The French poems, except M. Rostand's sonnet, were translated by Mrs. Wharton, 1916; Xingu and Other Stories, 1916; Summer, 1917.

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1046. WHARTON (GRACE and PHILIP). The Queens of Society, 2 vols., London, n.d.; The Wits and Beaux of Society, 2 vols., London, n.d.; The Literature of Society (By Grace Wharton), 2 vols., London, 1862. Illustrated by C. A. Doyle, H. K. Browne, and the Brothers Dalziel. 6 vols., 8vo, full russet calf, gilt backs, fillet borders on sides, gilt tops, uncut, by Riviere. London, v.d.

FIRST EDITIONS. Fine copies.

1047. WHARTON (GRACE and PHILIP). The Queens of Society; The Wits and Beaux of Society. Illustrated by Charles Altamont Doyle and the Brothers Dalziel; and FINELY EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED with a large number of portraits and other plates. Together, 4 vols., thick 8vo, full blue morocco, gold line borders on backs and sides, gold inside borders, gilt tops, uncut, by Morrell. London: James Hogg & Sons, n.d.

Choice copy.

1048. WHITE (GILBERT). The Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne; and a Garden Kalendar. Edited by R. Bowdler Sharpe. With an Introduction to the Garden Kalendar, by Rev. S. Reynolds Hole. Numerous illustrations by J. G. Keulemans, Herbert Railton, and Edmund J. Sullivan, mainly on India paper, also facsimile autograph letter of Gilbert White. 4 vols., 4to, full sage-green crushed levant morocco, panelled backs with floral inlays, elaborate doublures of old-rose levant, red levant, and white vellum, with coat-of-arms in colors, in centre of each, gilt tops, uncut, in cloth cases. Loudon S. T. Freemantle, 1900

LARGE PAPER EDITION. Limited to 160 numbered copies. Each copy is Autographed by the Editor and Artists, R. Bowdler Sharpe, Edmund Sullivan, J. G. Keulemans, and Herbert Railton.

Considered to be the finest edition of this celebrated book that has ever been issued.

1049. WHITE (HENRY KIRKE). Clifton Grove, a Sketch in Verse, with Other Poems. 12mo, full crushed crimson morocco, gilt fillets on back and sides, gilt top, uncut. London, 1803

FIRST EDITION. Fine copy. From the estate of F. R. Halsey. 1050. WHITMAN (WALT.). Original Autograph Manuscript of his article, "How I get around at 60." Written in ink on 11 octavo pages. Enclosed in cloth slip case.

1051. WHITMAN (WALT.). The Complete Writings of. 10 vols., 8vo, full crushed levant morocco, levant doublures.

New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons Paumanok Edition. One of 300 sets printed on Ruisdael Hand-made



1052. WHITNEY (GEFFREY). A Choice of Emblemes, and other Devises, for the moste parte gathered out of sundrie writers. Englished and Moralized and diverse newly devised.

blematic engravings on wood with ornamental borders, quarto, dark brown crushed levant morocco, panelled sides, gilt edges by THE CLUB BINDERY.

Imprinted at Leyden, in the House of Christopher

Plantyn, by Francis Raphelengius, 1586

In the Dictionary of National Biography it is stated that from this book Shakespeare gained his knowledge of the foreign emblematists of the sixteenth century. The book is dedicated to the Earl of Leicester and the second part contains poems in praise of Sir Philip Sidney and others.

1053. WHITTIER (JOHN GREENLEAF). Legends of New England (Poems). 12mo, full dark blue crushed levant, gilt, inside gold borders, uncut, by Bradstreet's.

Hartford, 1831

Fine copy of the RARE FIRST EDITION of the author's first volume of poems. With bookplate of H. S. Van Duzer. WHITTIER'S MOLL PITCHER IN ORIGINAL WRAPPERS 1054. WHITTIER (JOHN GREENLEAF). Moll Pitcher, A Poem (five line quotations). 8vo original wrappers, totally uncut. (Autograph of P. J. Stone on title, and last few leaves waterstained.) Boston: Carter and Hendee, 1832

A very good copy of an extremely rare item. The pet-book for the first edition collector. Only 4 copies have been sold in original wrappers, the last one in the Chamberlin sale, 1909.

In 1884 Whittier wrote: "I doubt whether any copy of Moll Pitcher is extant. It was a mere pamphlet and only a few copies printed." 1054A. WHITTIER (JOHN GREENLEAF). Poems written during the Progress of the Abolition Question in the United States. between the Years 1830 and 1838. Plate. 12mo, full crimson crushed levant, gilt, inside dentelle borders, gilt top, by Stikeman. Boston, 1837

FIRST EDITION. Rare. With bookplate of H. S. Van Duzer.

1055. WHYTE-MELVILLE (G. J.). Works. Edited by Sir Herbert Maxwell, Bart. Illustrated by Hugh Thomson and other prominent English artists; the frontispiece in colors. 24 vols., 8vo, full green levant morocco, gilt backs, borders of fillets and dots, with a panel of interlaced strap-work, corner and side ornaments of flowers and leaves, doublures and flys of crimson moire silk, gilt tops, uncut, by Riviere.

London: W. Thacker & Co., 1898

The very fine Limited Edition of Whyte-Melville's famous sporting novels, printed from type.

1056. WILDE (OSCAR). A Woman of No Importance. Square 8vo, full russet calf, gilt back, fillet borders on sides, gilt tops, uncut, by Riviere. London, 1894


1057. WILDE (OSCAR). The Writings of. Illustrated with photogravure portraits and other plates. 15 vols., 8vo, full crimson levant morocco, inlays of chrysanthemums on sides, doublures of blue levant, red silk flies, gilt tops, uncut.

New York: A. R. Keller & Co., 1907

ASTRAL EDITION, limited to 250 copies.

1058. WILDE (OSCAR). Harris (Frank). Oscar Wilde: His Life and Confessions. Portraits. 2 vols., 8vo, three-quarters blue morocco, gilt, gilt tops, uncut.

New York: Printed and Published by the Author, 1916 SPECIAL ISSUE PRINTED THROUGHOUT ON JAPANESE VELLUM, and inscribed by the author on fly-leaf: "Only six (6) copies have been made with this additional, hitherto unpublished material. Frank Harris, Aug. 1918, 29 Waverly Place, N. Y. City."

Letter from Lord all the question of Also a letter from

The hitherto unpublished material consists of a Alfred Douglas to Oscar Wilde which settles once for their relations; together with facsimile of the letter. Wilde to the author, writing after his imprisonment. 1059. WILKES (CHARLES). Narrative of the United States' Exploring Expedition, during the years 1838-1842. 8vo, cloth, uncut (binding worn). London, [1845]

Millard Fillmore's copy, with his autograph in two places.
From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

1060. WILSON (WOODROW). George Washington. Illustrated by Howard Pyle, Harry Fenn and others. 8vo, cloth, gilt top, uncut. New York, 1897

FIRST EDITION. From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

1061. WITHER (GEORGE). A Collection of Emblems, Ancient and Moderne, etc. Engraved title, portrait of Wither, and fine series of Emblems, all in brilliant impressions. Folio, full straight-grain morocco, gilt edges, by Bedford.

London: Printed by A. M. for John Grismond, and are to be sold at the signe of the Gunne in Ivie Lane, 1635

FIRST EDITION. Without the pointers to the woodcut dials at the end, as usual. The blank margins of some leaves at beginning and end have been very skillfully restored. The Rowfant copy, with Locker's largest Armorial bookplate. Folios Ee are wanting.

The White Doe of

1062. WORDSWORTH (WILLIAM). Rylstone; or, The Fate of the Nortons. A Poem. Engraved frontispiece. 4to, original boards, rebacked, uncut.

FIRST EDITION. From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

London, 1815

1063. WORDSWORTH (WILLIAM). Memorials of a Tour on the Continent, 1820. 8vo, original boards, paper label uncut, in a cloth case.

London: Printed for Longman, Hurst and Co., 1822 FIRST EDITION. Fine copy, with the advertisements, half title, etc. Scarce.

1064. WORDSWORTH (WILLIAM). The Poetical Works of William Wordsworth. 5 vols., 18mo, full calf (one cover stained). London, 1832

With the name of William Wallace on each title. From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

1065. WORDSWORTH (WILLIAM). The Complete Poetical Works of. Biographical sketch by Hamilton Wright Mabie. Illustrations in duplicate. Frontispieces hand-colored. 10 vols., 8vo, three-quarters crushed levant morocco.

Edition limited to 500 copies.

Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1910

1066. WRIGHT (THOMAS). Womankind in Western Europe, from the Earliest Times to the Seventeenth Century. With numerous colored plates and hundreds of woodcuts and illustra tions. Square 8vo, full blue morocco, gilt edges. London, 1869

FIRST EDITION. From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

1067. WYNNE (JAMES). Private Libraries of New York: illustrated by the insertion of 100 fine portraits, including many rare engravings, and India proofs. 2 vols., impl. 8vo, half brown levant morocco, gilt top, uncut edges. New York, 1860

Large paper copy, only 100 printed; the original book divided into two volumes.

Of the 50 libraries described by Dr. Wynne more than half have reached the auction rooms. The details relative to the Griswold and other groups of which no catalogue exists, establish many pedigrees of considerable importance.

1068. XAVIER (ST. FRANCIS). Epistolae Indicae et Japanicae de multarum gentium ad Christi fidem, per Societatem Iesu conversione. Item de Tartarorum potentia, moribus, et totius Asiae religione. Titles within ornamental borders. 2 vols. in one, 12mo, full brown levant morocco, back and sides ornamented with a rich Grolieresque design of interlacing bands of black and brown levant,

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