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Reaching New York, he took lodging at 15 Wall Street. Dined in company with General Gates and Baron Steuben, and "walked out in the evening round the Ramparts and up into the City." The following day he went in company with Mr. Chew and his Lady to view the City Hall, the Governor's House and other buildings. The City Hall stands in Wall Street in Centre between the two rivers. There is two pieces of painting there done by Trumbull, one of the President at the surrender of New York... the other of Gov. Clinton at the taking of Fort Washington.

The Journal extends over a period of 100 days and gives an uninterrupted narrative of his life in Charleston, S. C., Philadelphia, New York and many smaller places, and is written on 39 pages.

At the end is an account of what the writer calls his "Northern Expedition' which is figured up in Dollars, Silver Dollars, Pistoles, English and French Guineas, the total coming to about $600 for the entire trip.

On the six following pages is a List of Negro Slaves belonging to him, the value of which is supposed to be $13,400. The remaining pages are occupied with a Catalogue of his Library, taken August, 1794, with their costs. The books and pamphlets include the names of many American Works of great rarity to-day.

159. BRITISH CLASSICS. Comprising: The Tatler, 4 vols.; The Spectator, 8 vols. ; The Guardian, 2 vols.; The Rambler, 4 vols.; The Adventurer, 4 vols.; The Idler, 2 vols. Engraved titles and plates. 24 vols. 12mo, full maroon straight-grain morocco, gilt backs and sides, gilt edges.

London: Printed by C. Whittingham, 1803

Fine set. From the estate of F. R. Halsey, with bookplates.

160. BRITISH POETS (THE). With Memoirs, Critical Dissertations, and Explanatory Notes by the Rev. George Gilfillan. Numerous portraits. 48 vols. 8vo, full green morocco, gilt edges. Edinburgh, 1853-60

A fine set of this interesting series. From the F. R. Halsey estate, with bookplates.

161. [BRONTE (CHARLOTTE)]. Jane Eyre: An Autobiography. By Currer Bell. 3 vols. original cloth, uncut.

London, 1848

The SECOND EDITION, with the new preface in which first appeared her eulogistic dedication to Thackeray. INSERTED IS A 1 P. A. L. S. FROM THACKERAY TO W. S. WILLIAMS referring to the above:-"I am quite vexed that by some blundering of mine I sh'd have delayed answering Currer Bell's enormous compliment so long. I didn't know what to say in reply: it quite flustered and upset me-is it true I wonder?" etc., etc.; also a 3 PP. A. L. S. FROM CHARLOTTE BRONTË TO MISS ELLEN NUSSEY in which she writes in part, "As to being happy-I am under scenes and circumstances of excitement-but I suffer acute pain sometimes -mental pain—I mean. At the moment Mr. Thackeray presented himself I was thoroughly faint from inanition-having eaten nothing since a very slight breakfast-and it was then seven o'clock in the evening-excitement and exhaustion together made savage work of me that eveningwhat he thought of me I cannot tell. . (A small part of the last leaf has been cut out). Two remarkably interesting letters.

162. BRONTË (THE SISTERS). The Works of Charlotte, Emily and Anne Brontë. With illustrations by H. S. Greig and ornaments by F. C. Tilney. 12 vols. 12mo, buckram, uncut (some bindings stained). London, 1893

One of 250 copies on Large Paper. From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

163. BROOKS (SHIRLEY). The Gordian Knot. A story of Good and of Evil. With illustrations by John Tenniel. 8vo, full olive levant morocco, gilt back, gilt border on sides, gilt edges, bound with original wrappers as issued, doublures and flys of green moire silk, by Riviere. In slip case. London: Bentley, 1860

FINE COPY OF THE FIRST EDITION, WITH ORIGINAL DRAWING AND TRACING OF THE COVER DESIGN, also a tracing of the illustration " 'Margaret Spencer,'' all by John Tenniel. Accompanying the volume is a certification of the authenticity of the drawings, by Arthur E. Calkin, of Robert Riviere & Son.

164. BROWN (CARLETON). A Register of Middle English Religious & Didactic Verse. Part I. List of Manuscripts. Thick small 4to, boards, buckram back, uncut. Oxford, 1916

From the estate of F. R. Halsey.


Wieland; or,

The Transformation. An American Tale. 12mo, cloth, brown levant morocco back.

New York, 1798


166. [BROWNE (SIR THOMAS)]. A true and full copy of that which was most imperfectly and Surreptitiously printed before under the name of Religio Medici. Engraved title. Small 8vo, full calf antique, leather label.

[London] Printed for Andrew Crooke, 1645


RARE. Printed from the authorized edition.

167. BROWNE (SIR THOMAS). Hydriotaphia, Urne-Buriall, or, A Discourse of the Sepulchrall Urnes lately found in Norfolk. Together with The Garden of Cyrus, or The Quincunciall, Lozenge, or Net-work Plantations of the Ancients, Artificially, Naturally, Mystically Considered. By Thomas Browne D., of Physick. Copperplate frontispiece. Small 8vo, full brown morocco, gilt back and inside borders, gilt edges, by Lloyd, Wallis & Lloyd. London, 1658

FIRST EDITION. Fine copy, with the leaf of advertisements at end.

168. BROWNING (ELIZABETH BARRETT). Original Autograph Manuscript Poem in French, entitled: "After the Farce of Hamlet, the Epilogue by Elizabeth." 10 lines; Also on the same leaf, "To the Pet Storm on completing the second year of his happy

life. Hope End Dec. 28th, 1816," 10 lines. On the reverse of the page are "Lines on a Picture" in another hand.

A very early specimen of Mrs. Browning's original work.

169. BROWNING (ELIZABETH BARRETT). The Battle of Marathon. A Poem. 8vo, full brown levant morocco, gilt back and sides, gilt edges, by Riviere.

London: Printed for W. Lindsell, 1820

FIRST EDITION of one of the rarest books in modern English Literature. No copy has been offered at auction in this country in many years. Buxton-Forman, in his Bibliography of Mrs. Browning's Scarcer Books, says of this first book of the author's: "The known copies of this book are four in number, which, considering that the little poet was but some thirteen years of age when her Father had 50 copies printed for domestic use, it is not a bad sprinkling of survivors," etc.

Inserted is an A. L. S. of the Author, 2 pages, quarto, dated August 10th, 1818, which was the period when she was engaged in writing the above book. Letters as early as this are extremely rare.

170. [BROWNING (ELIZABETH BARRETT)]. An Essay on Mind, with other Poems. 12mo, original boards, paper label, uncut, protected with blue moire silk covers.

London: James Duncan, 1826

THE EXTREMELY RARE FIRST EDITION, especially so with the THREE HALFTITLES. This was written when the author was only 17 years of age. A


171. BROWNING (ELIZABETH BARRETT). The Runaway Slave at Pilgrim's Point. 8vo, full brown levant morocco, gilt back and sides, original covers bound in, by Riviere.

London: Edward Moxon, 1849

The VERY SCARCE FIRST EDITION. Inserted is a double page Manuscript in the handwriting of Mrs. Browning consisting of 2 poems, one beginning "Paint azure eyes, dark lashes hold in fee,' the other" "Tis chestnut full of ringlets not so full as fine." A fine and early specimen of the original work of this gifted author.


BROWNING (ELIZABETH BARRETT AND ROBERT). Two Poems. 8vo, full brown levant morocco, gilt back and sides, original wrappers bound in, by Riviere.

London: Chapman & Hall, 1854

The VERY SCARCE FIRST EDITION of which only a small number were made.



173. BROWNING (ROBERT). Bells and Pomegranates. Complete in Eight Parts. 8vo, contemporary half straight-grain morocco. In a full levant morocco slip-case, by Riviere.

London: Edward Moxon, 1841-46

FIRST EDITIONS OF ALL OF THE PARTS, including "A Blot on the 'Scutcheon. ROBERT BROWNING'S OWN COPY, with his autograph on the titlepage to Part I and a number of marginal markings in different parts of the volume. Part VI, "Colombe's Birthday," has a note in Browning's hand, reading "I made the alterations in this copy to suit some-I forget what-prejudiced stage representation: not that of Miss Varicot, which was carried into effect long afterwards. R. B. Fed. 10 '77." The above mentioned alterations appear on the margins of the play throughout, and are all in Browning's writing. A remarkably fine association item.


174. BROWNING (ROBERT). AN EXTREMELY FINE AND INTERESTING SERIES OF SIXTY-FIVE AUTOGRAPH LETTERS, mostly signed in full, but a few with initials, addressed to Mrs. FitzGerald of Shalstone between 1876 and 1889, covering upwards of two hundred and thirty-six pages.

A very charming, familiar correspondence, many of the letters written during visits to Scotland, Cambridge, Splugen, Asolo, Lans (Isere), Venice, St. Pierre de Chartreuse, St. Moritz, Oxford, etc. Full of kindly advice, many with references to Tennyson, Kingsley, and others, his own life and experiences, and descriptions of scenery he so keenly delighted in. It is difficult to describe these letters adequately, but a few extracts will show the variety of topics touched upon. In the first of the series he writes:

"What struck me so much in that life of Schopenhauer which you gave me was that doctrine which he considered his grand discovery, and which I had been persuaded of from my boyhood-and have based my whole life upon that the soul is above and behind the intellect which is merely its servant. . . The consequences of this doctrine were so momentous to me, so destructive of vanity on the one hand, or undue depression at failure on the other, that I am sure there must be references to and deductions from it throughout the whole of my works."'

In the next occurs the following reference to Kingsley's illness and death.

"I remember Kingsley came over and spent the previous day with our hosts, and walked with us all the afternoon. When next I saw him, at the Deanery, just before his death, I failed to recognise the strong fresh man who jumped up a hillock to pluck barberries for my wife, and when we inspected the ruins of an abbey in the neighbourhood lay down in the stone coffin embedded still in its earth there. He knew me, however."

On a visit to Cambridge he says:

"I have glanced at most of the rarities, Milton's Manuscripts and Bentley's, Newton's, Person's book. But I soon get fatigued with even such kind and more than attentive society as I have had here, being, in spite of appearance, very owl-like in my predilection for the study and the stall."

FROM THE PALASSO GIUSTINIANI RECANATI he sends the following piquant description of a social gathering:

"Meanwhile our pleasures here continue unexhausted. Our 'social enjoyments' which you refer to are curious enough. We had a dinner the other day, at which the only guests besides our own party were Don Carlos (the legitimate king of France as well as Spain), Princess of Montenegro (whose husband was murdered, and whose daughter, a nice young clever lady, would be the actual Prince were she but a boy), Prince and Pes. Iturbide, son of the Emperor, and adopted as such by his

successor Maximilian, all deposed and all as gay as grigs; and our party, two days ago, had deposed potentates of a sort in Pr. and Pcs. Metternich, son of him who called Italy a geographical expression. Don Carlos passed the evening here a day or two ago (our hostess 'received' every evening), and I took the opportunity of asking him, coi dovuti rigiardi, if he knew the secret of the 'Man in the Iron Mask,' known to be transmitted from sire to son by the Royal family of France.'

The concluding letter is dated Aug. 28, 1889, and gives his future address as Po. Rezzonico, Venice. The recipient has written on this letter: "R. B.'s last letter from London-one after from Asolo, Oct. 1889. Eheu," Browning died on Dec. 12th.

175. BROWNING (ROBERT). Dramatic Romances and Lyrics. Woodcut borders and initials by Charles Ricketts. 8vo, full lilac levant morocco, the front cover elaborately and handsomely decorated with a design of flowers, leaves, and sprays, gilt top, uncut, by Riviere. London: The Vale Press, 1899

Exhibited at the Paris Exposition of 1900.

176. BROWNING (ROBERT). Saul. With an Introductory Essay by Jenkin Lloyd Jones. Each page printed within a decorative woodcut border. 4to, full roan, uncut, in imitation of a Little Gidding binding.

Wausau, Wis.: The Philosopher Press, 1903

One of 300 copies. From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

177. BROWNING (ROBERT). The Works of. With Introductions by F. G. Kenyon. Photogravure portraits. 10 vols., 8vo, tree calf, gilt backs, leather labels, gilt tops, uncut.

London: Smith, Elder & Co., 1912

CENTENARY EDITION, limited to only 26 sets PRINTED THROUGHOUT ON IMPERIAL JAPANESE VELLUM. With a fine A. L. S. of Browning inserted in the first volume. Very choice set.

178. BRYANT (WILLIAM CULLEN). The White-Footed Deer and Other Poems. 12mo, original printed wrapper, uncut (back cover missing, text foxed). New York: I. S. Platt, 1844 THE EXCEEDINGLY SCARCE FIRST EDITION, in uncut condition and with the printed front wrapper.

179. BRYANT AND GAY. A Popular History of the United States. Profusely illustrated. 4 vols., royal 8vo, cloth (one cover damp-stained). New York, 1891

From the estate of F. R. Halsey.

180. BRYCE (JAMES). The American Commonwealth. vols., 8vo, cloth, uncut.

From the estate of F. R. Halsey.


London, 1893

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