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Dependence on God thro' every Stage of Life, lxxi. 2. 3.
God the Confidence of the Aged, lxxi. 1. 2. pt. 2.
Refignation in Sickness, xxxix. 3. pt. 3.
Refignation under Abfence from public Worship, xlii.
God our Support in Sickness and Death, xxxviii. xc. 3.5

cxxxviii. 5. cxliv. 5: Hope in Death of a joyful Resurrection, xvi. 1. pt. 2.

3. pt. 2. xvii. 2. Ixxxix. 3. pt. 2, Hope of future Happiness, lxxiii. 3. 6. xc. 7. cxvi. 4.4

pt. 2.


The repenting Suppliant intreating Forgiveness, xxv. 1. 3.

lii cxxx. Penitence and Hope in divine Mercy, lxix. 1. cxix. 1.

pt. 4. pt. 11. 3 pt. 12. Defiring to be delivered from secret and presumptuous Sin,

xix. I. pt. 3• The Happiness of those whose Sins are forgiven, xxxii. God speaking Salvation to the humble Penitent, xxxv. 5. The Frailty of human Life remark’d, and divine Mercy

implor'd, xxxix. True Repentance the best Sacrifice, li. 1. pt. 2 :.


The Character of a Man approved of God, xv. xxiv.

2. 3. 4 The Safety and Happiness of the Righteous, iv, 2. 5.

xcvi. Peace and Joy the Fruits of right Conduct, xxxii. 1. Integrity and Piety the Support of good Men, iv. 9. The Happiness of a virtuous Life, cxix. 2. pt. 1. 3. pt. 1. God's Care of his Saints, xxxiv. 3. xxxv. 1. God the-Safeguard of his People; cxxv. God the Guide of the Meek and Humble, xxv. I. pt. 2.

2. 3.

Success and Prosperity from God alone, cxxvii.
The Righteous safe in the worst of Times, xi. 2. 3.
The final Prosperity of the Righteous, cvi. 2.
The happy Man and Family Blessings, cxxvii.


Perfection no where to be found but in the Path of true Re

ligion, cxix. 4. pt. 2. Obedience to God due from all, xxii. 2. Encouragement to trutt and love God, xxxiv. 2. 4. pt. 1. Exhortation to Peace and Holiness, xxiv. I. pt. 2.

3 pt. 2. 4: pt. 2. Religious Education recommended, lxxviii. Watchfulness over the Tongue, xxxix. 3. pt. 3. The charitable Man blessed, xxxvii. i. pt. 2. xli. cxii. Brotherly Love, cxxxiii. cxli. Peace and Prosperity the Portion of a penitent and reformed

People, lxxxv. 1. 2. pt. 3. A good King the Care of Heaven, xxi. The different End of the Righteous and the Wicked, i.

xxvii. God regards not the Wicked, but favors the Righteous, The Sinner's Portion and Saint's Hope, xvii. 2. The fatal Prefumption of the Wicked, and Happiness of

the Righteous, xciv.
No Reason to envy Sinners, xxxvii. 1, xlix. lv, 2.
The Mystery of Providence unfolded, Ixxiii. 4. pt. i.
Exhortation to trust in God, not in Wealth or Fraud, Ixii.
Riches can save no Man from Death, xlix.
Rebels against the supreme Sovereign admonished, Ixvi. 4.

A Warning to delaying Sinners, xcv. 5.
A Warning to venal and corrupt Magiftrates, Ixxxii.
The Warnings of God to his people, Lxxxi.
Signs of approaching Judgments, xii.
The ungoverned Tongue reproved, cxl.
Hypocrify exposed, 1. 1. pt. 2. 2. pt. 2. 3. 4.6.
Idolatry reproved, cxv. cxxxv.
The Frailty and Shortness of human Life, xc.

V. 3


LORD'S DAY. Delight in public Worship and Confidence in God, xxiña

lxiii. 4. 5. xcii. 2. * Public Prayer and Praise, Ixv. 3. cxxxiv. The Happiness of pious Worshippers, Ixxxiv..


Invitation to praise God, xcv. 2.
A Psalm before Prayer, xcv. 3.
Hosanna,, cxviii. 4.


Prayer and Praise, jii, 1, v. 2. xix. 4. Ixiii. 3.
God's Word most excellent,, xix. 5. pt. 2.
Delight in God's Worship, cxxii, 1. 2. 3.


Chrift's Death, Resurrection, and. Afcenfion, ii. 3. Si

xvi. 2. pt. 2.
God's Goodness in the Mission of Christ, viii. 4 5.
Christ's Sufferings and Exaltation, xxii. 3.
Christ's Obedience and Death, lxix. 2. 3.
The Kingdom of Christ, lxxii. 2. pt. J. pt. 2.,-
The Covenant made with Christ, lxxxix. 3.
Chrift exalted and Multitudes converted, cx, 1. 2.
Hosanna, cxviii. 3: 4:

Β Α Ρ Τ Ι S M.

Thanks for the Knowledge of God, xcvi. 4. cxi. 2.
Thanks for the Gospel, xcviii. 3.
Praise to God, and Communion with his Church, cvi. 1. 3.
Rejoicing in the Ways of God, cxxxviii. 6.
Children to be educated in the Knowledge of God, lxxviii. 3.

. Praise to God as the Author of our Being, cxxxix. 9,

Ο R DI Ν. Α Τ Ι Ο Ν..

At the Ordination of a Minister, cxxxii. 1.
Gospel Worship and Order, xlviii. 3.
Praise to God, and Communion with his People, cvi. 1. 3.
Jews and Gentiles united in the Christian Church, .lxxxvii..
God the Protector of his Church, cv. 3. CXXXV. 3:



lxxxvii. 2. cxxxii. 2.


For F UNE R A L. A Funeral Psalm, Ixxix. 5. Patience under Amiction our reasonable Duty, xlvi. 4. Preparation for Death, xc. 4. pt. 2. God eternal, Man mortal, xc. 4. pt. 1. Human Frailty, and God's tender Regard to it, cif. 5.

cii. 3.

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PUBLIC HUMILIATION. National Sins confessed and lamented, liïi. Sinful Nations chastised for their Reformation, cvii. 2. pt. 5

3. pt. 5 Prayer heard, and the Righteous saved, x. 2. For a Day of Prayer in Time of War, xx, xliv. xlvi. In a Time of unsuccessful War, 'lx. Prayer for Protection from an invading Enemy, cxliv. 4. In a Time of public Distress and Danger, lxxxv. 3.

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PUBLIC THANKSGIVING. National Prosperity gratefully acknowledged, lxvii. cxliv.

The Return of Prosperity rejoiced in, lxxxv. 2. 3. Thanksgiving for Peace, xlvi. 1. pt. 2.-3. pt. 2. 5. xlviii. 2. Thanks for Protection in Time of War, xviii. 3. xxxiii. 4. pt, 2.

for Success, xlvii, 2.

for Deliverance from an invading Enemy, cxxiv. The Prayer of Loyalty, Ixi. A good King the Care of Heaven, xxi. Power and Government from God alone, 1xxv. 2. A Prayer for the Prince of Wales, lxxii.

The BEGINNING of a NEW YEAR. For New Year's Day, xc. 8. The Providence of God in the Seasons of the Year, lxv.

:50 cxxxvi, 6,


God's Goodness in the Million of. Chrift, viii. 4. cxi,

3. pt. 2.
The Kingdom of Chrift, lxxii. z.
The first and second Advent, xcvi. 3.
The Messiah King for ever, cx. 1,

iü. 1. 2. xix. 4. lxiii. 3. pt. 2. 4. cxli, 4,

iv. 1. 3. 4. 8. xvii. 1. Ixviii, 2. 7. cxxix, 4. pt.- 3.



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