Extremism and the Psychology of Uncertainty

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Michael A. Hogg, Danielle L. Blaylock
Wiley, 7 set 2011 - 336 pagine
Extremism and the Psychology of Uncertainty showcases cutting-edge scientific research on the extent to which uncertainty may lead to extremism. Contributions come from leading international scholars who focus on a wide variety of forms, facets and manifestations of extremist behavior.
  • Systematically integrates and explores the growing diversity of social psychological perspectives on the uncertainty extremism relationship
  • Showcases contemporary cutting edge scientific research from leading international scholars
  • Offers a broad perspective on extremism and focuses on a wide variety of different forms, facets and manifestations
  • Accessible to social and behavioral scientists, policy makers and those with a genuine interest in understanding the psychology of extremism

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Informazioni sull'autore (2011)

Michael A. Hogg is Professor of Social Psychology at Claremont Graduate University.

Danielle L. Blaylock is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Queen's University, Belfast, and the University of St Andrew's.

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