A treatise on diet

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Pagina 287 - but you may thank Dr. Robinson for curing you. I wished to send you a journey with some object of interest in view ; I knew it would be of service to you : in going, you had Dr. Robinson and his wonderful cures in contemplation ; and in returning, you were equally engaged in thinking of scolding me.
Pagina 132 - Stewpan, a pint of boiling water or milk1, — pour this by degrees to the Oatmeal you have mixed, — return it into the Stewpan, — set it on the fire, — and let it boil for five minutes, — stirring it all the time to prevent the Oatmeal from burning at the bottom of the Stewpan, — skim and strain it through a Hair Sieve.
Pagina 152 - I endeavoured to convince him, that the bodily strength furnished by the beer could only be in proportion to the solid part of the barley dissolved in the water of which the beer was composed ; that there was a larger portion of flour in a penny loaf, and that, consequently, if he ate this loaf, and drank a pint of water with it, he would derive more strength from it than from a pint of beer.
Pagina iii - Hunter's pithy remark is quoted, "some physiologists will have it, that the stomach is a mill, others, that it is a fermenting vat, others, again, that it is a stew-pan; but, in my view of the matter, it is neither a mill, a fermenting vat nor a stew-pan ; but a stomach, gentlemen, a stomach.
Pagina 201 - The dyspeptic should carefully attend to the first feeling of satiety. There is a moment when the relish given by the appetite ceases : a single mouthful taken after this, oppresses a weak stomach. If he eats slowly, and carefully attends to this feeling, he will never overload the stomach.
Pagina 163 - The sea fish, destined for crimping, are usually struck on the head when caught, which, it is said, protracts the term of this capability; and the muscles which retain this property longest are those about the head. Many transverse sections of the muscles being made, and the fish immersed in cold water, the contractions called crimping take place in about five minutes ; but if the mass be large, it often requires thirty minutes to complete the process.
Pagina 65 - That the fact of individuals having occasionally lived for a few weeks or months under these circumstances only proves that nutrition may take place to some extent without chyle being formed. In my experiments...
Pagina 153 - In course of time, it also became the practice to call for a pint or tankard of three-threads, meaning a third of ale, beer, and two-penny ; and thus the publican had the trouble to go to three casks, and turn three cocks, for a pint of liquor.
Pagina 204 - ... they are either returned, or they pass through the alimentary canal almost unchanged. On the other hand, the gratification which attends a favourite meal is, in itself, a specific stimulus to the organs of digestion, especially in weak and debilitated habits.
Pagina 209 - The first inspiration produced a sort of numbness and loss of feeling in the chest and about the pectoral muscles. After the second...

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