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WHEN a disposition appears in any place to assist the designs of the Society by establishing an Association in its support, a Meeting of persons favourable to such n measure should be called. The friends who meet for this purpose should form . themselves into a “Church Missionary Association, in aid of the Church Missionary Society for Africa and the East;” and should proceed to appoint a Committee and proper Officers.

In large Towns, comprehending several Parishes, it may be expedient to appoint a President, Vice-Presidents, a Treasurer, and a Secretary; with a pretty numerous Committee, composed of persons from the different parishes.

In ParochialAssociations, a Treasurer, a Secretary, and a smallerCommittee, under the Presidency of the Clergyman, may be best suited to conduct the business.

It may sometimes be found expedient to form Associations in Separate Congregations in the same Parish, rather than one Association in the parish at large; and in this case also, a Treasurer, Secretary, and Committee, under the Presideney of the Clergyman, will suffice to accomplish the object.

In a Poluntary Union of Friends, whether the members of the same family, the children of a school, or persons connected by affinity or friendship, such arrangements may be made as may prove most convenient to themselves.

In this manner, benevolent persons, willing to assist the designs of the Society, from the domestic circle to the largest town, may unite for a purpose most beneficial to their own minds, while it expresses a due regard to the glory of God in the salvation of the Heathen, and a proper sense of their own infinite obligations to Divine Mercy.


I. Annual Members of this Association shall be, all persons subscribing annually One Guinea or upward, or, if Clergymen, Half-a-Guinea ; and also such Persons as shall collect in its behalf One Shilling or upward per week. II. Life Members shall be Benefactors of Ten Guineas or upward, or, if Clergymen, such as shall contribute Congregational Collections to the amount of Twenty Guineas, and Executors paying bequests of Fifty Pounds. III. Annual Governors shall be Subscribers of Five Guineas per Annum. IV. Life Governors shall be Benefactors of Fifty Pounds. V. Members will be entitled to receive the Reports of this Association, and also the Annual Reports of the Parent Society, and to vote at all their General Meetings; but Collectors of One Shilling and upward per week will further receive a Copy of each Monthly Number of the Missionary Register.—Governors will be entitled to receive the Reports; and, if Members of the Established Church, to vote at all Committee and General Meetings of both the Association and the Parent Society.—Clergymen will have the same privilege as Governors. VI. The business of the Association shall be under the management of a Patron, a President, Vice-Presidents, a Treasurer, Secretaries, Governors, and a Committee not exceeding Lay Members of the Established Church, and of all Clergymen who are Members of this Association. The Committee to meet on the — in the months of January, April, July, and October, at o'clock; Five Members being competent to act. VII. The object of the Committee shall be, to call forth the zeal of welldisposed Persons, and particularly those of the Established Church, in support of the Church Missionary Society; and to recommend proper persons who may offer themselves as Missionaries to the Parent Society—to disperse as widely as possible Missionary Information—to promote the formation of Branch Associations—and to procure Collections and other Contributions. VIII. The whole of the Funds so obtained, after deducting incidental expenses only, shall be remitted to the Church Missionary Society in aid of its designs. IX. A General Meeting shall be held annually, on such day in the month of as shall be found expedient (of which due notice shall be given), when a Report of the Proceedings of the Association shall be presented.



Paoceedings of the Society, containing Twenty-six Sermons and Reports. 14 vols. 8vo. (All the later Volumes may be had: the early ones are mostly out of print.) The Spirit of British Missions. 8vo. price 3s.6d. GRotius on the Truth of Christianity, in Arabic; abridged from Pococke's Version by Professor Macbride, and printed at the Clarendon Press. 8vo. price 2s. Ostervald on Christianity, in Arabic. 8vo. price 2s. The British System of Education, in Arabic, by Prof. Macbride, 12mo, price 6d. or 5s, a doz. The Way of Truth and Life, in Persian. 18mo: price 6d. or 5s. F. dozen. The First Ten Years' Quarterly Papers of the Society, with an Introductory Sketch of the History and Present State of the Society. 8vo. extra boards, price 3s.6d.

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Christian Researches in the Mediterranean, from 1815 to 1820, in furtherance of the objects of the Society, by the Rev. W. Jowett, M. A.; with an Appendix, containing the Journal of the Rev. James Connor, chiefly in Syria and Palestine. 8vo, with Maps. 3d Edition: 10s. bds.

Christian Researches in Syria and the Holy Land, in 1823 and 1824, by the Rev. W. Jowett; with an Appendix, containing the Journal of Mr. Joseph Greaves, on a Visit to the Regency of Tunis. 8vo. with Maps. Price 10s. boards.

The Gospel of St. John, in Maltese and Italian. Crown 8vo. price 2s.

Trattato sulle Sacre Scritture, in cui si sciolgono le difficoltà che si oppongono alla lettura generale, ed all'uso commune della Sacre Biblia. Seconda Edizione, aumentata. 18mo. price 6d. or 5s. per dozen.

Trattato sulla Redenzione del Genere Umano per Via di Gesù Cristo. 18mo. Price 6d. or 5s. per dozen.

For the Publications issued from the Press in Malta, see the Report, p. 57.

CEYLON. From the Mission Press at Cotta. Cingalese Grammar, Part I. the Accidence; by the Rev. Samuel Lambrick, Senior Missionary of the Society in Ceylon. 8vo. stitched, price 3s.-Part II, the Syntax; and Part III. containing Observations on the Structure and Prosody of the Language, together with an Appendix on the Grammar of the High-Language, will follow. A Vocabulary of Colloquial Cingalese, chiefly intended as a Praxis to the Accidence; by the same. 8vo, stitched, price 2s. NORTH INDIA. From the Calcutta Mission Press. Missionary Intelligence; issued Monthly. 8vo. Milner's Expository Di se on the C ion Service. 12mo. Sermon on Confirmation ; with a Catechism concerning Baptism, Confirmation, and the Lord's Supper : by the Rev. Deocar Schmid. 12mo. Ellerton's Dialogues on the Book of Genesis, in Bengalee. Small Catechism, on the Ten Commandments, in Nagree: by the Rev. W. Bowley. Catechism, on the Elementary Principles of Christianity; by the same. The Parables of Our Lord, in Hindoostanee; by the late Rev. H. Martyn. Beauties of History, in Bengalee; by Lieut. Stewart. The Morning and Evening Prayer, and Litany. The History of j lee. Bengalee Spelling-Book; by Rev. J. A. Jetter. Bengalee First Book. Oordoo Spelling-Book: Persian Character. History o: in Hindoostanee. Poem on Regeneration, in Hindoostanee. Sin no Trifle, in Sanscrit. Dialogues between a Mother and her Daughter, in Bengalee. Mental Reflections, and Inquiry after Salvation, in Bengalee. The True Advice, in Bengalee. Catechism of the True Religion, in Bengalee; by the Rev. J. T. Reichardt. Beauties of Scripture, in Hindee; Nagree Character.

From the Madras Mission Press.

The Story Book, containing Anecdotes for Children; in Tamul; by Rev. B. Schmid. 12mo.
Tamul and English Exercises, on Sellon's Scripture History; by the Rev. James Hough. 8vo.
Interpretation of a Heavenly Prophecy (Dan. ii.), in English and Tamul; by the same. 8vo.
The same, in Tamul only. 8vo.
Conversation between a Catholic and a Protestant on the Worshipping of Images; in English;

by the same. 8vo. The same, in Tamul. 8vo.
The Indian Pilgrim; translated into Tamul, by Mr. Smalley and Rev. C. T. E. Rhenius. 8vo.
A Selection from the Proverbs of Solomon, in Tamul ; by Rev. G. T. Bärenbruck. 12mo.
Short Doctrinal Catechism, in Tamul; by Rev. C.T.E. Rhenius. 16mo.
Ditto, with Scripture Proofs at length, in Tamul; by the same. 8vo.
Scripture History Catechism, in Tamul; by the same. 12mo.
The Warning, by the same; in Tamul. 16mo., and in Teloogoo. 8vo.
On Death, in Tamul; by the same. 12mo.
A Paraphrase of the Sermon on the Mount, in Tamul; by the same. 8vo.
The Way of Prayer—an Exposition of the Lord's Prayer, in Tamul; by the same. 8vo.
School Instruction—an Exhortation to Parents to send their Children to School ; in Tamul ;

by Rev. B. Schmid. 16mo. Doctrinal Catechism, in Tamul; by Rev. G. T. Bärenbruck. 12mo. Moral Sentences from the Hindoo Veda; with Explanations, by the same ; in Tamul. Selections of Scripture Passages, in Tamul. 8vo. Subjects for Consideration, by Mr. Smalley; in English and Tamul. 8vo.; in Tamul only. 16mo. On Prophecy, in Tamul; by Rev. J. Hough. 8vo. Principles of Christianity; in Tamul. 8vo.

AUSTRALASIA. Memoir of Mowhee, a Young New Zealander; by the Rev. Basil Woodd, M.A. 12mo, with a Portrait. §. 8d. or 6s. per dozen. Grammar and Vocabulary of the Language of New Zealand: compiled under the direction of Professor Lee. 12mo, price 3s.6d.


I give and bequeath the sum of unto the Treasurer for the time being of a voluntary Society meeting in or near London, commonly called or known by the Name of “The Church Missionary Society for Africa and the East :” the same to be paid within months nert after my decease, out of such part only of my Personal Estate as shall not consist of Mortgages or Chattels Real, in Trust, to be applied to the uses and purposes of that Society; and for which the receipt of such Treasurer shall be a sufficient discharge.

*...* Devises of land, or of money charged on land, or secured on mortgage of lands or tenements, or to be laid out in lands or tenements, are void; but money or stock may be given by Will, if not directed to be laid out in land.

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