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President of the Berkshire Association, RIGHT HON. The EARL OF RADN.O.R. Patron of the Bristol Association, HIS GRACE THE DUKE OF BEAU FORT. President of the South-Bucks Association, RIGHT HON. LORD GREN VILLE. Vice-Patrons of the Cambridge Association, RIGHT HON, LORD LYNDHURST, Lord High Chancellor. RIGHT HON. THE EARL OF HARD WIck E. Patron of the Chester and Cheshire Association, RIGHT HON. EARL GROSVENOR. Vice-President of Ditto, RIGHT HON. LORD COM BERMERE. Patron of the Collingham and Langford Association, RIGHT HON. THE EARL OF STAM For D. Vice-Patrons of the Kent Association: RIGHT HON. THE EARL OF ABEsto AVENNY. Rig HT HON. Thi E EARL of DARNLEY. RIGHT HON. VISCOUNT TORRINGTON. RIGHT HON. LORD HARRIS. RIGHT HON. LORD SONDES. Patron of the Devon and Exeter Association, RIGHT HON. LORD VISCOUNT EXMOUTH, G.C.B. Patron of the Pontefract Association, RIGHT HON. The EARL OF MExpoROUGH. Patron of the Preston Association, RIGHT HON. The EARL OF DER BY. President of the Sheffield Association, R1GHT HON. LORD WHA RN CLIFFE. Vice-President of the Suffolk Association, RIGHT lion. The EARL OF BRISTOL. Patrons of the Edinburgh Auxiliary : Right hon. The EARL OF A Bo YN e. RiGHT HON. The EARL of Elgi N. tright Hon. Th E. E.A.R.L OF GLASGOW. RIGHT HON. The EARL OF MORAY. RIGHT hon. THE EARL OF NORTHESK. RIGilt hion. The EARL OF ROSEBERY. RIGHT HON. LORD GRAY. Vice-Patrons of the Hibernian Auxiliary: RIGHT lion. LORD FARN ham. RIGHT HON. The EARL OF MOUNTNORRIS. RIGHT HON. AND RIGHT REV. THE LORD BISHOP OF KILDARE, RiG-lit HON. VISCOUNT DE WESCi.


(Having rendered very essential services to the Society.)

Rev. Thomas Tregenna Biddulph, M.A. Minister of St. James's, Bristol.
Rev. Edward Burn, M.A. Minister of St. Mary’s and St. James's, Birmingham.
Ven. Daniel Corrie, LL.B., Archdeacon of Calcutta.
Rev. Robert Cox, Minister of St. Leonard's, Bridgnorth.
Rev. John William Cunningham, M.A. Vicar of Harrow.
Rev. Henry Davies, Hon. E. I. Company’s Chaplain on the Bombay Establishment.
Rev. Fountain Elwin, Minister of Temple Church, Bristol.
Rev. John Langley, Wallingford, Berks.
Rev. Samuel Marsden, Principal Chaplain of New South-Wales.
Rev. William Marsh, M.A. Vicar of St. Peter's, Colchester.
Rev. t. Mortimer, M.A. Minister of St. Mark’s, Clerkenwell.
John Mortlock, Esq. Oxford Street.
Lieutenant-Colonel John Munro, late Resident at the Court of Travancore.
Rev. Robert Herbert Nixon, M.A. one of the Secretaries of the Hibernian Auxiliary.
Hon. and Rev. Gerard Thomas Noel, M.A. Curate of Richmond, Surrey.
Rev. Peter Roe, M.A. Kilkenny.
Rev. Richard Waldo Sibthorp, M.A. Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford.
Rev. Charles Simeon, M.A. Fellow of King's College, Cambridge.
Rev. Joseph Henderson Singer, D.D. F.T.C.D. one of the Secretaries of the Hibernian Auxiliary.
Rev. James Scholefield, M.A. Professor of Greek, and Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.
J. M. Strachan, Esq., late of Madras.

Rev. J. H. Stewart, M.A.
Rev. Thomas T. Thomason, M.A. Hon. E. I. Company's Chaplain, on the Bengal Establishment.
Rev. Marmaduke Thompson, M.A. late Ditto, on the Madras Establishment.
Rev. Dr. Thorpe, Chaplain of the Lock Hospital.
Rev. Daniel Wilson, M.A. Vicar of Islington.
Rev. Basil Woodd, M.A. Rector of Drayton Beauchamp, Bucks.

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Qholmondeley, Marquess

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. Berkshire. Romaine, Mrs. Bristol. Baring, Rev. George Bonville, Thomas, Esq. Bridges, Rev. Dr. Carpenter. Capt. R.N. Cave, Stephen, Esq. Cooke, Isaac, Esq. Foulks, Arthur, Esq. Green, Mrs. Martha Roberts, Captain Smyth, Mrs. Thorne, George, Esq. Buckinghamshire. Gambier, Lord Rumsey, James, Esq. Rumsey, Heury, Esq. Cambridgeshire. Jobson, Rev. Dr. Cheshire. Allix, Miss M. E. Allix, Miss C. A. Bott, M. Esq. Derbyshire. Bateman, Dr. Depomshire. Simcoe, Mrs. H. Losser. Blackbone, W. Esq. Kuight, S. Esq. Wilson, Rev. William Gloucestershire. Herbert, Rev. J. Hampshire. Dewar, D. B. Esq. Poore, G. C. Esq. . Rolleston. S. Esq. jun.

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Wilson, Rev. D. Winchester, Bishop of Windsor, Hon. Thomas Windsor, Hon. Frances Berkshire. Maberley, S. Esq. Radnor, Earl of Bristol. Cooke, Isaac, Esq. Powys, Hon. Misses

Young, Mrs. Jane Cambridgeshire. Farish, Rev. H. Fitzgerald, J. Esq. Lamb, Rev. John, B.1)

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Herefordshire. Jones, Rev. J. Southampton, Lady. Huntingdonshire. Mandeville, Wiscount Sparrow, Lady O. Kent. Cator, John, Esq. Gardner, Major Geary, Sir W. Bart.

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Scholefield, Rev. Protessor Claypon, B. Esq. jun.

Middleser, Batten, Mrs. Boswell, Rev. M. Harris, Quarles, £3.

Northumberland. Decies, Lady

Mason, William, Esq.

Cludde, William, Esq.
futtrell, Miss
Whitnore, T. Esq. M.P.

Chapman, Miss Hammett, James, Esq. Hooper, Lieut. Phelips, Rev. Robert

t. Hon. Sir G. H. Stephenson, Rev. J. A.

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Hardinge, Rev. Sir Chas. Haydon, Thomas, Esq.

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Broderick, Hon. Miss A.

Franks, Miss Eliz. Gray, William, Esq. Patten, William, Esq. Withers, Mrs.

WALES. Radnorshire. Lloyd, Rev. David SCOTLAN D. Cuninghame, W. Esq. IRELAND. Dublin. Armagh, Archdeacon of Corbet, Francis, Esq. Digby, Benjamin, Esq. Guinness, Arthur, Esq. Guinness, Benjamin, Esq. King, Right Hon. Henry La Touche, Rt. Hon. D. Lorton, Viscount Mountnorrifi, Barl of Northland, Viscount O'Donnell, Mrs.

Cork. Warren, Rev. Robert FOREIGN. Switzerland. Won Campagne, Mr. C. Calcutta. Ashe, Maj.Gen. St.George Balfour, F. Esq. Pallard, George, Esq. Burrell, Colonel Martindell, Sir Gabriel Newton, E. A. Esq. Turnbull, David, Esq. Madras. Arbuthnot& Co. Messrs. Rottler, Rev. Dr.

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At the Twenty-ninth Annual Meeting of the Church Missionary Society for Africa and the East, held in Freemasons' Hall, Great Queen Street, on Tuesday, May 5, 1829.

The Right Hon. LORD GAMBIER, Vice-Patron and President, in the Chair.

The Report of the Committee having been read by the Secretaries, and the Statement of the Accounts of the Twenty-ninth Year by the Treasurer,

On a Motion by the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Chester, seconded by the Rev.
Thomas Mortimer,

REsolved UN ANIMoUs LY, That the Report, an Abstract of which has been read, be printed, under the direction of the Committee; and that this Meeting desires to ascribe to the gracious Providence and blessing of God, that success which has attended the Society's Foreign Operations, as well as the large increase to its Income, which marked the close of the year just terminated.

On a Motion by the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Calcutta, seconded by the Rev. G. Hazlewood, Assistant Secretary of the Hibernian Auxiliary, Resolved UNANIMously, That the sincere thanks of the Meeting be given to the Rev. Dr. Singer, for his Sermon before the Society last evening; to the Noble President of the Society; the other Vice-Patrons, and Vice-Presidents; and to all those Friends whq, during the past year, have ererted themselves in its behalf; and that the following Gentlemen are appointed the Committee for the ensuing year, with power to fill up vacancies. (See List, after Vice-Presidents.)

On a Motion by the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Winchester, seconded by the Rev. R.W. Sibthorp, REsolved UN ANIMoUs LY, That the Society desires to render its special acknowledgments to Almighty God, for the signal blessing vouchsafed to the labours of the Society's Missionaries in Tinnevelly, and for the encouraging indications in the New-Zealand and North-West America Missions.

On a Motion by William Wilberforce, Esq., seconded by Matthew Gisborne, Esq. from Calcutta, REsolved UNANIMoUsly, That the Trials encountered from year to year, in carrying on the operations of the Society in its different Missions, and particularly during the last year in Northern India and in the Island of Antigua, should impress on the minds of its friends our entire dependence on Almighty God; who, while He exercises our faith and patience, encourages us to hope, that even adverse occurrences shall be overruled for the ultimate good of His Church.

On a Motion by the Rev. Joseph Fenn, seconded by the Hon. and Rev. Gerard Thomas Noel, Resolved UNANIMOUSLY, That the encouragements which it pleases God to vouchsafe to His Church in the present day, and the trials with which He permits it to be erercised, call on this Meeting again to urge on the friends of the Society the duty of earnest and unceasing player for those gracious influences of the Holy Spirit, whereby alone the object of this and every Christian Society can be attained. LAWS AND REGULATIONS

of The


I. THIS Institution shall be designated “The Church Missionary Society for Africa and the East;" and shall be conducted by Patrons, VicePatrons, a President,Vice-Presidents, a Committee, and such Officers as may be deemed necessary, all being Members of the Established Church.

II. The office of PATRONS of the Society shall be reserved for such Members of the Royal Family as may honour, it with their protection. WICE-PATRONS shall be appointed exclusively from among the Peers, Spiritual and Temporal. The PRESIDENT shall be such Peer or Commoner, and the WICE-PRESIDENTS such Commoners, as may be appointed thereto.


III. Annual Subscribers of One Guinea and upwards, and if Clergymen, Half-a-Guinea, with Collectors of Fifty-two Shillings and upwards per annum, shall be Members of the Society during the continuance of such Subscriptions or Collections. Benefactors of Ten Guineas or upwards, Clergymen making Congregational Collections to the amount of Twenty Guineas, and Executors paying to the amount of Fifty Pounds, shall be Members for Life. IV. Annual Subscribers of Five Guineas shall be Governors during the continuance of such Subscription; and Benefactors of Fifty Pounds and upwards shall be Governors for Life. W. Members and Governors of Associations who contribute the above sums shall be considered as Members and Governors of the Parent Society. WI. The Committee shall have the power of appointing such persons as have rendered essential services to the Society, either Members for Life, or Governors for Life.


VII. An Annual Meeting of the Members of the Society shall be held in London, on the First Tuesday in May; unless that day shall fall on the 7th of May, in which case the Annual Meeting shall be held, for that year, on Tuesday the 30th of April. To such Meeting, those Members of the Society shall be summoned by Letter who reside within ten miles of the Metropolis: when the Proceedings of the foregoing year shall be reported, the Accounts presented, and a Treesurer and Committee chosen.

VIII. A Special General Meeting of the Members of the Society, at which not less than Thirty shall constitute a Quorum, shall be called at any time, at the requisition of the General Commit.


tee; or by any Thirteen Members, on addressing a Letter to the Secretary, specifying the object of the Meeting. Ten days' notice shall be given in Three public Newspapers, of any such intended Meeting, and of the purpose for which it is called; which shall be deemed sufficient publicity. IX. None of the Rules of the Institution shall be repealed or altered, nor any new ones established, but at the Annual Meeting, or at a Special Meeting called for that purpose.

X. An Anniversary Sermon shall be preached at some Church in London, by a Clergyman appointed by the General Committee. An Annual Report of the Society shall be printed, for the use of its Members.


XI. The Committee shall consist of Twentyfour Lay Members of the Established Church; and of all such Clergymen as are Members of the Society. Eighteen Members shall be annually appointed from the Old Committee, and Six from the General Body.

XII. The COMMITTEE shall elect, at their First Meeting in every year, either from among themselves, or from the other Members of the Society (being Members of the Established Church) a Committee of Patronage, a Committee of Funds, a Committee of Correspondence, and a Committee of Accounts. Each of the said Committees shall keep Minutes of its Proceedings, and shall report the same to the General Committee.

XIII. The office of the Committee of Patronage is, to procure patronage and support to the Society; and to nominate, to the General Committee, proper persons, as Patrons, VicePatrons, and Vice-Presidents of the Society.

XIV. The office of the Committee of Funds is, to circulate information respecting the Insti. tution; to adopt proper means of augmenting the Subscriptions and Benefactions; to obtain Collections in Churches and Chapels; and to nominate, from time to time, to the General Committee, suitable persons to act as Agents for the Society in the principal Towns throughout the Empire.

XV. The office of the Committee of Correspondence is, to seek for proper Missionaries, to superintend their instruction, and to correspond with them when sent out.

XVI. The office of the Committee of Accounts is, to see that the Subscriptions are duly received, regulate the accounts, and undertake the charge of fitting out and conveying the Missionaries to their places of destination.

XVII. The General Committee shall receive the Reports of the other Committees, shall appoint the places where Missions shall be attempted, shall direct the scale upon which they shall be conducted, and shall superintend the affairs of the Society in general. XVIII. The General Committee shall meet on the Second Monday in every Month, and oftener if needful; the other Committees as often; and at such places as shall be by them agreed on : their Meetings to be always opened with reading a Form of Prayer composed for that purpose, or one or more suitable Prayers selected from the Liturgy. Five Members shall be necessary to compose a General Committee; and Three, each of the others. In case of equality of votes, the Chairman shall be entitled to a second or casting vote. XIX. The Patrons, Wice-Patrons, and President, Wice-Presidents, Treasurer, Secretaries, and Assistant Secretary, shall be considered erofficio Members of all Committees. XX. Governors, being Members of the Established Church, shall be entitled to attend and vote at all Meetings of the General Committee.

XXI. All Payments on account of the Society shall be signed by Three of the General Committee, in Committee, and the Secretary or Assistant Secretary.

XXII. The Committee shall have power to appoint such Officers and Assistants as they shall deem necessary for the well-conducting of the affairs of the Society, subject to the approbation of the next Annual Meeting.

XXIII. Five Auditors shall be appointed by the Committee, annually, for the purpose of auditing the Accounts of the Society; of whom, Three shall be chosen from the General Body. Three shall be a Quorum.

XXIV. The Life Subscriptions, or a sufficient part thereof, to be equal to the Subscriptions of the existing Members for Life, shall be placed in the Public Funds, in the names of Four of the General Committee; who, on their acceptance of the trust, shall sign a declaration of the nature of it, and that they will relinquish the same whenever called upon for that purpose by the General Committee.


XXW. In the appointment of Candidates for the Missionary Office, the following course shall be pursued:—The Committee of Correspondence having found a person supposed to be suitable, shall determine by ballot to nominate him to the General Committee. Previous to the day of nomination, each Member of the General Committee shall receive notice of such nomination. On the day of nomination, a report shall be made, by some Member of the Committee of Correspondence, of his qualifications; and the General Committee shall then proceed to ballot for him, unless any Member shall declare that he wishes for further information; in which case

[blocks in formation]

XXVIII. Each Candidate shall consider himself as engaged to go to any part of the world, and at any time, which the Committee shall choose; respect, however, being had to his personal circumstances, or to any previous stipulation made by him with the Society. As soon as he quits England, he shall keep a regular Journal of his studies and proceedings; a copy of which he shall send, as often as opportunity shall serve, to the Secretaries.

XXIX. Each Candidate, after due preparation, shall, if not admitted to Holy Orders, be appointed by the Committee to act as a Catechist. If admitted to Holy Orders, he shall be appointed a Missionary.

XXX. The Missionaries who go out under the direction of this Society shall be allowed to visit home, permission having been previously obtained from the General Committee; and after having laboured in the cause of the Society to the satisfaction of the Committee, at the Stations committed to their care, until age or infirmit prevent further exertion, suitable provision o be made to render their remaining days comfortable. The General Committee shall have the power to assist also, in particular cases, the dependent Relatives of those Missionaries, who, by devoting themselves to the service of the Society, are prevented from contributing to their support.

XXXI. A friendly intercourse shall be maintained with other Protestant Societies engaged in the same benevolent design of propagating the Gospel of Jcsus Christ.

XXXII. It is recommended to every Member of the Society to pray to Almighty God for a blessing upon his designs; under the full conviction, that, unless He “preventus, in all our doings, with His most gracious favour, and further us with His continual help," we cannot reasonably hope to meet with persons of a proper spirit and qualifications to be Missionaries, or expeet their endeavours to be crowned with success

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