The Alpine guide, Parte 1

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Longmans, Green and Company, 1866

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Pagina 209 - Cramont a part of his day's journey to St. Maurice, should start very early, and direct that the mules, if he take any, should, from where he left them, be sent across the pasturages, to chalets which lie in his way to the village of La Balme.
Pagina 12 - Barricades — a narrow defile, where defences of the valley were formerly erected, and which was often the scene of desperate conflicts — the road is carried along a shelf of rock above the river, and has been cut out of the precipices which darken and overhang the ravine, and offers an almost impregnable barrier to the passage of the valley.
Pagina 57 - A Treatise on Hannibal's Passage of the Alps, in which his Route is traced over the Little Mont Cenis.
Pagina 12 - ... an almost impregnable barrier to the passage of the valley. Above the Barricades the road, or rather path, lies amidst the debris of the mountains which bound the valley, and offer a scene of wild desolation.
Pagina 178 - In little more than two hours the chalets in this basin are reached, and in another hour it is traversed. Beyond it the road winds steeply down through a forest, and at length emerges to cross a torrent and enter the village of Muraille, where another bridge over a deep ravine leads to the hamlet of Massure, thence traversing a brow on the mountain side, the road descends to the village of St. Foi, in the Val Isère. The approach to St. Foi is strikingly fine, for one of the most beautiful mountains...
Pagina 11 - Venadio is nearly eight leagues. In ascending the valley, the first hamlet is that of St. Martino ; soon after passing it the Stura appears in its deep course in the valley ; and beyond it, rising abruptly amidst some pinnacled rocks and precipices, lies the village of Hocca Sparviera.
Pagina 57 - A Criticism of Mr. Ellis's new theory concerning the Route of Hannibal, with some Remarks on the Hypothesis of M. Replat. By William John Law. Upham and Beet, 46 New Bond Street, 1855. Mr. Ellis's Observations on Mr. Law'?
Pagina xxv - Carte topographique militaire des Alpes. comprenant le Piémont , la Savoye , le Comté de Nice, le Valláis, le Duché de Gènes, le Milanais et partie des Etats limitrophes.
Pagina 209 - Maurice, should start very early, and direct that the mules be sent across the pasturages to chalets which lie in his way to La Balme. He will thus gain time in 'ascending the valley, though the descent to the hamlet of Eleva, down a steep and rugged path over loose stones, is fatiguing.
Pagina xxii - A Relation of a Journey to the Glaciers in the Dutchy of Savoy: translated from the French of MT Bourrit ... By C. and F. Davy. Norwich: Printed by Richard Beatniffe. 1775. 8° 'Doctor Samuel Johnson, London'.

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