Select Orations of Cicero

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Harper & brothers, 1841 - 518 pagine

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Pagina 50 - ... judices, ut a nullius umquam me tempore aut commodo aut otium meum abstraxerit aut voluptas avocarjt aut denique somnus retardant ? Quare quis tandem me reprehendat aut quis mihi jure succenseat, si quantum ceteris ad suas res obeundas...
Pagina 461 - ... the proscribed, whereupon Catiline entered the dwelling of the unfortunate man, exhausted upon his person all the refinements of cruelty and insult, and having at last put an end to his existence, carried his bloody head in triumph through the streets of Rome, and brought it to Sylla as he sat on his tribunal in the forum. When this was done, the murderer washed his hands in the lustral water at the door of Apollo's temple, which stood in the immediate vicinity.
Pagina xxiii - He deplored his faU in the most desponding and lamentable terms. He complained of false friends, of an ungrateful country, of the utter ruin of all his worldly prospects. .His friends were forced to admonish him sometimes to rouse his courage, and remember his former character. Nay, to such an extent was this feeling carried, that Atticus even wrote him word, of a report having reached the Roman capital, that his affliction had disordered his senses.
Pagina 217 - Quinc. 19.), he was summoned (evocabatur) three times, with an interval of ten days between each summons, by the voice of a herald, or by letters, or by the edict of the praetor ; and if he still did not appear (se rum sisteret), the prosecutor was put in possession of his effects (in bona ejvs miltebatur).
Pagina 412 - For a long time before the day of election, the candidates endeavoured to gain the favour of the people by every popular art, by going round to their houses, shaking hands with those whom they met, saluting every one by name, &c. This last was esteemed a...
Pagina 199 - The Saturnalia or festival of Saturn, was the most celebrated in the Roman Calendar. It took place in the month of December, beginning on the .7th and lasting for several days. At first it was for one day, afterward for three, (which was the case in Cicero's time,) and by the order of Caligula for five days. During its continuance, all orders were devoted to mirth and feasting, friends sent presents to one another, and the slaves were entertained, and even waited upon by their masters.
Pagina 211 - Lectisternium took place, couches being spread for the gods, as if about to feast, and their statues being taken down from their pedestals and placed upon these couches around the altars, which were loaded with the richest dishes.
Pagina 177 - On each couch there were commonly three. They lay with the upper part of the body reclined on the left arm, the head a little raised, the back supported by cushions (pulvini, v. -t//0, and the limbs stretched out at full length, or a little bent...

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